And This Is Why …

It was the story I had not seen that raised my hackles late last night.  It was buried somewhere among stories of the PA18 election, Rex Tillerson’s firing, Stormy Daniels, Devin Nunes and of course, the ringleader Trump.  It was reported by NBC News and ABC News, but there were no ‘Breaking News’ alerts.  I found it on my friend Scottie’s blog post, then went in search of.  The story?

Gun-Trained Teacher Accidentally Discharges Firearm in Calif. Classroom, Injuring Student

Even that was wrong … THREE students were reportedly injured.  By a teacher.  A ‘gun-trained’ teacher.  A ‘reserve police officer’.  And as if there weren’t already enough irony there, the class in which this happened was “Administration of Justice”.  Still want to put guns in teacher’s hands, Wayne LaPierre, Betsy DeVos and Donald Trump?  Still think it’s the best way to ‘protect’ our children?  Think again!!!! Now, the facts of the matter …

Dennis Alexander

  • Dennis Alexander, a reserve police officer, was pointing the gun at the ceiling Tuesday to make sure it was not loaded when it discharged inside his classroom at Seaside High School in the coastal community of Seaside, California. Alexander was not authorized to have a gun on campus.
  • Alexander was teaching a gun safety lesson in an administration of justice class and was about to show the students how to disarm someone when the gun fired.
  • While none of the three children sustained serious injuries, one student did have bullet fragments in his neck, as authorities believe the bullet ricocheted off the ceiling.
  • The class proceeded until the bell rang signaling the end of class. Nobody called for a nurse or paramedics.

Fermin Gonzales, age 17, was one of the three injured students.  His parents were not notified of the incident by the school, but only found out when Fermin, at the end of class, left school and called his mother from a relative’s house.  His parents took him to the hospital where he was treated and released.

Details of the other two injured students are not available at this time … I’ve searched all over. Even now, 24 hours after the fact, there is very little in the media about this incident.  WHY? Police arrived at the school three hours later, and then only after Ms. Gonzales had contacted them.  The school, apparently, had no plans to launch an investigation.  Alexander was placed on administrative leave from his teaching job and he was also placed on administrative leave at the Sand City Police Department, according to both school and police officials.

The school district sent a letter to parents saying its human resources department, the high school administrators and the Seaside Police Department “immediately [emphasis added] began investigating the incident, including interviewing students in the class.” It said counseling was made available to students and that it could not release any other details “due to the nature of this personnel incident.”

It is fortunate that there were no serious injuries.  This time.  What about next time?  And the time after that?  And Alexander was trained in the use and safety of firearms!!!  What about Ms. Jones, who never in her life held a gun in her hand until the school district told her she must.  What about Mr. Peacock who has a terrible temper and now has a gun in his pocket?  Wake up, NRA!!!  Wake up America!!!  Teachers packing heat will eventually lead to student deaths.  There is no other possible outcome!

And it doesn’t stop there.**  There was another incident yesterday, even less reported than the one above, for I have found very few references to it.  In Alexandria, Virginia, a school resource officer — a five-year veteran of the Alexandria Police Department — accidentally discharged his weapon while inside George Washington Middle School. No one, including the officer, was injured.  Presumably the old media adage “if it bleeds, it leads” applies here, and since nobody bled, the media doesn’t find it that interesting.

Two days prior, Trump tweeted:

“Highly trained expert teachers will be allowed to conceal carry, subject to State Law. Armed guards OK, deterrent!…….”

Both of the shooters above were “highly trained experts”, and look what happened. I really do not care about 2nd Amendment rights … I care about lives, especially the lives of our children.  If the U.S. Congress has a single shred of humanity, if they care one whit about our children, they will pass strict gun regulations, not take the coward’s way out and put the onus on the teachers.  Nope, Donald Trump and Congress … this monkey is on your backs.  Do something right for a change!

** Additional information

55 thoughts on “And This Is Why …

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  2. Tillerson was right – tRump is an effing moron. All this because gun manufacturers want more sales and the NRA want more power. They manipulated the culture and the 2nd Amendment for their own purposes and neither has been held accountable for the inevitable result.

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  3. Dear Jill,

    This idea to arm teachers is a horrible idea. Using a gun against a mass shooter with an AR 15 is not a deterrent. There were people with guns on the school property who did nada at the Parkland H.S.

    The chances of accidents/ incidents happening with a gun in the room is too high.

    I would like to see more effort put towards not bullying at school, putting in doors and windows that are bullet proof as well as enhanced background checks and the banning of assault weapons.
    This arming of teachers is fools gold and counter-productive.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I very much agree with you. Contrary to what the NRA preaches, more guns do NOT make us safer, nor will they protect our children. But isn’t it a shame that we have come to the place where we even consider such moves? Isn’t it sad to think that we need bulletproof windows and doors in schools? And what about playgrounds? Will we eventually need bulletproof bubbles over the playgrounds, or else keep children inside at all times? I just see this as a very sad and untenable state of affairs and until we abolish the NRA, ban automatic weapons, and pass laws that limit the types of weapons and who can own them, it can only get worse. The Olde West returneth. 😥

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  4. Jill, introducing more guns on school grounds, unless they are in trained security professionals hands, is a recipe for a greater number of unintended consequences – accidents, mishandling, loss of the gun, or guns finding their way into the hands of a stressed out, depressed or emotional person. Plus, this does not address shootings at other gatherings or the bigger problem in what happens everyday – suicides is the leading cause in almost every state and account for 2/3 of our gun deaths. And, the homicides and accidental shootings are commonplace.

    Even if some guns are not taken away, all guns need to be better regulated than they are and the majority of Americans agree on this. Background checks on every transaction, elongated waiting periods and tracking of data by the CDC should be givens (the latter is not funded by Congress since the late 1990s). Finger printed triggers for safety would reduce the 2,000 or so accidental shootings by kids. Plus, we need to take measures on mental health benefits and more counsellors and psychologists in schools. I personally would ban bump stocks and assault weapons, but if we set that aside, Congress could act on these other measures and would be supported by the majority of Americans. The NRA is passionate, but they do not represent the significant majority of gun owners. The NRA could have been a key leader in gun safety, but chose to backburner that mission to promote sales.

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    • You make excellent points. One point you bring up, as I have also done from time to time, is about the large number of suicides commuted with guns. Do you notice that it gets very little attention? Do people just chalk it up to “oh well, if he really wanted to kill himself he would have found a way”? Have we, as a society, become so unfeeling, uncaring?

      Yes, my friend, there are so many steps that could be taken to save lives without depriving people of gun ownership, yet the NRA and thus the majority in Congress, refuse to even consider sensible measures. One of my UK readers, in response to this post via email, said that he was glad he lived on a different island than us. Who can blame him?

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      • True. Routinely, roughly 20,000 out of the roughly 30,000 annual gun deaths are suicide. This is why waiting periods are crucial. And, houses with guns have a much higher rate of suicide than those without. But, it cannot be the gun as we are told by the vocal few.

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  5. We got three stories about the first incident on the news feed. Probably because the young man’s parents were starting to be verbal about it. I hadn’t heard about the second one. Our church had a dialog night about the school shootings earlier this week. The anger, the fear, the weariness (in particular) that was amassed in that room was so palpable.

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    • It is wearying. It is wearing us down, which is likely the goal of those in power (which includes the NRA). Their hope, I’m sure, is that we will move on to other things, just throw our hands up and say, “whatever”. We cannot let that happen. The proliferation of firearms in the hands of civilians is out of control. If we don’t do something soon, we will become a nation that nobody in their right mind would want to visit. Heck, we may already be there.

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  6. Hello Jill. Thank you for the shot out. I agree with you & your post. Here is more information on the second shooting you mentioned.
    We have to keep demanding as you have that regardless of the second amendment that our governments enact strict gun control measures. I just read this , which made my skin crawl and caused me to swear a bit: This is what we are up against. Keep up the pressure, it may save students lives. Heck it could be anyone of us that is saved from gun violence. Hugs

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    • Thanks Scottie! And thank you for the additional info! Yes, that article makes me sick, makes me shudder with disgust. I have heard more than once, people say that it is their ‘God-given’ right to own any type of gun. HUH??? I am very non-religious, but I am still fairly certain that neither the Bible, nor the Quran, nor the Torah mention guns. Sheesh. That people will put their guns ahead of their own children … words fail me. 😥

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  7. Jillybean, I’ve worked in industry over the last 40-50 years and the number of predominately men workers, met over that time. The incident of missing finger, via band saws etc. They are all potentially dangerous tools. Education is the best medicine. Not banning. What we do with potentially dangerous tools, is learn to use them properly. Nobody talks about banning cars, even though they kill and maim thousands globally. Morality, cannot be taught. You are either moral or not. Mostly it comes down to empathy. The psychotropic drugs prescribed these days … they are a potential powder keg, of very disturbed people? Cheers Jamie

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    • @hirundine608. I disagree with you. We regulate cars far more than we do weapons which are designed to kill. Cars have a function that has nothing to do with killing and harm. Fire arms are designed to kill or harm. A secondary use is target practice, which is done to get better at hitting your target which is something you want to kill. We regulate and have restrictions for every right so we dang sure can have restrictions on firearms. We have to seriously get our priorities as a country / people / society and decided if the right to life is important to us. If the right to live overrides the right to unlimited firearms in the general public. No civilian needs a firearm designed after the military weaponry, which the assault weapon is. The AR-15 has no other use than causing death and harm. It is not a hunting weapon. The damage it does to bodies, tissues and organs is far different than a handgun or rifle. The speed of the bullet destroys organs, not just pierced them. Despite the link I gave above to the religious nut who demanded we have the same weapons as civilians as the military to take on the government, it is illegal for civilians to own military grade weapons. We have more firearms in the general public than all other countries combined. We have an addiction problem caused by the NRA and other groups spreading fear that can only be overcome by their solution which is guns. Listen to the NRA TV and you will be convinced that the entire world is out to get you right now and the only thing between you and death and harm is your large supply of guns. One last thing. We in this country have bullets designed for the purpose of killing law enforcement personnel. Why do we sell the public armor piercing bullets? Deer are not wearing flak jackets. But police do. Banning such bullets is only common sense. Hugs

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    • Now Jamie, you know I am going to argue this one, right? There are requirements one must meet in order to operate a car. One must pass a written test in order to prove he/she knows and understands the rules/laws. And then, one must pass an actual skills test to prove that he/she is actually capable of such things as turning a corner without making dog meat out of a pedestrian; squeeze into a tight parking space; yield at the appropriate point in an intersection; and keep the bloomin’ 2,000 pounds of steel on the road. To buy a gun, all one has to do, basically, is be able to walk into the gun shop and have either a credit card or cash. PLUS … I can see, even with my vision, a car coming at me. I cannot see that gun you have hidden in your waistband or pocket that you can whip out in a millisecond. AND … guns have the sole purpose of harming either an animal or a human. Cars primary purpose is to transport people from point A to point B, not to kill and maim. Yes, I will step down from my soapbox now. Cheers, my friend!


    • There’s no reason whatever that we can’t have it both ways: protect the rights of people to bear arms for self-protection and hunting while at the same time we have stiffer protections against the sale of weapons of war bought and used by private persons. The Second Amendment, after all, protects the rights of the militia to bear arms, not teachers and kids and nutters.

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