They Have Killed My Country and Murdered My God

This post by my young friend, Anam, needs no introduction from me, for her words say it all.

Fade Into Oblivion

They have killed my country and murdered my God
and called it collateral damage.
They have buried my homeland
under their bombs and the cries of its residents.
The women of my country are their playthings
And the men are prisoners of war.
My house has collapsed in on itself
burying its inhabitants under six feet of rubble
like a grave.
Colonisation, The Occupation, Ceasefire.
I can’t hear my own thoughts
Maybe that’s what they want to do
Overwhelm you with external destruction and voice
So you have no idea who you are
They blaspheme my God and place of worship
call Him a liar
spit upon His shrine
challenge His authority
believe they are better off without Him.
My country has become their playground
Paradise on Earth, now even worse than Hell.
I think the dead are luckier
They can’t see their beautiful land littered
with bullet shells, bombs…

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18 thoughts on “They Have Killed My Country and Murdered My God

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    • It does, but I think what bothers me most is that so many people are able to turn a blind eye to it, that they cannot even be bothered to care. Granted, we cannot fix it, but as humans, how can we not at least care??? Sigh.

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      • I think we’re so numb to the violence because we’ve been exposed to so much of it in the entertainment world. Is there a point where our brains begin to not understand the difference between fiction and reality? Like Trump!

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        • Your point is excellent and probably spot on! We become inured to it. Rather like Trump, if you think about it. At first, we were horrified by his constant lies and arrogance, but now, we log on in the morning, or pick up the newspaper and shrug our shoulders … “oh well, so what else is new?” The same, I suppose, with the humanitarian crises in the Middle East … we are inured to the violence. What galls me, though, is to hear someone say, “oh well, it isn’t here, so why should I care?” And I DO hear people say that, and it makes me want to shake them. But you are right, we may not really think of it as any different than a Hollywood film, or we may just be so inured to it that it isn’t real. Sigh. 🐺

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          • I’ve heard a few people say they don’t really care about medical insurance as long as they have their’s. I wonder where THAT sentiment comes from. Our self-centeredness in this country is so appalling. How do we make changes for the better in that. I struggle with that constantly…

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            • Exactly!!! That was who so many were against ACA (Obamacare), because they already had employer-sponsored health insurance, so they didn’t give a whit if the rest of the country did or not. I call it the ‘me-istic’ philosophy: I’ve got mine, let them get theirs.

              How do we change that? I wish I had an answer. I thought we were turning it around, but it was only an illusion. And now, with even many of the churches, those very institutions that are supposed to teach kindness and compassion, turning toward bigotry and even white supremacy … I think we are headed in the wrong direction. I think the only way we can even begin to turn it around is by always showing compassion, by speaking out about atrocities and crimes against humanity. We need to remind people about things going on outside their comfortable little worlds. It isn’t enough, but … we do what we can.

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