Jolly Almost-Spring Monday!!! 🌺

Good Monday morn, my friends.  I hope you all had a fine weekend, good weather and did something fun.  Spring is on its way … no, it isn’t in the air yet, at least not where I live, for the air is still cold and shadowed by clouds.  But there are signs.  The first was these tiny crocuses  that sprung up in my postage-stamp front yard.  We also saw some lovely daffodils growing in front of a restaurant on Sunday, and I thought it would be a great idea to gently dig them from the ground and relocate them to my own yard, but a kick in the posterior from Miss Goose convinced me otherwise.  Then the second sign of spring … ants!  One of the Significant Seven had, unbeknownst to me, tossed its cookies in the hallway floor, and by the time I noticed it, there was a trail of ants going to and fro!  And the third sign came Friday when I gave the outside of my refrigerator a good cleaning, bleach and all!  Bye-bye old drawings, photos, receipts, coupons and scraps of paper, cute fridge magnets, et al … just a pristine, bright white fridge now!  And so, spring is on its way.  Remember that when the work week starts to wear on your good zen!

I may have spent all my energy on the fridge project, for I did not feel up to baking this morning, so you’ll just have to settle for what I could find in the pantry to go with your coffee this morning.  So, grab a cuppa and relax for a few, for I have something awesome for you this morning! I am taking a brief departure from my usual jokes, funny stories, etc., because I thought these pics and this man’s talent were worth an entire post.  I hope you’ll agree!

With spring on its way, as I noted above, one would not think I would be featuring, of all things, S-N-O-W this morning, right?  But I came across something that I found truly amazing and I just had to share it with you guys!  Think of it as my last tribute to winter, if you wish.

Meet Simon Beck …Simon BeckSimon Beck is an artist, though his medium is not paint or clay.  His medium is snow. The world’s first snow artist, Beck first began his work 2004.  At the time he was a freelance orienteer map maker and wanted a form of exercise that didn’t hurt his troubled feet.  Living in the French Alps, the snow presented a natural canvas, though Beck, prior to that moment, didn’t consider himself much of an artist.  “I only do snow drawings.  I wouldn’t take paint brushes and paint a picture if I didn’t have good snow. Lots of people are much better at a painting than I am.”

Les Arcs Ski Resort in the French Alps

His drawings are created by running in snowshoes across freshly laid snow. Each image takes him up to 11 hours to make and covers an area about 100m x 100m, requiring him to travel up to 25 miles as he marks out the pattern.Beck produces about 30 snow drawings every winter in the northern hemisphere, mostly in the Alps. He started out doing it for fun and now it is his main occupation. “When you have a blank piece of paper you draw on it. So drawing on a blank snowfall seemed like a natural thing to do.”

The drawings are made using only a compass, and by counting paces. “Normally you want to start in the middle but of course you can’t start in the middle because you have to get there somehow. If it is a star you have to walk in a straight line to the middle, then take a compass bearing, and then work out the other bearings.”Simon wears snowshoes, and by running in them makes a path. He cannot step outside the path since this will disturb the fresh snow. “It is actually quite a puzzle to work out the best way of doing it. Usually you will do a way which is passably good, but you will know you could have done it a slightly quicker way. Once you have been going about an hour you get quite a network of tracks going through the area of the drawing and you can get from A to B quite easily. You will always end up backtracking because you get hungry to go back to the start to get your food.”

Just last month, Beck transformed Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota, into a snow art installation for The Great Northern, an annual 10-day winter celebration in Minneapolis and Saint Paul.There is only so much I can include in a single post, so if you’re interested in seeing more of Mr. Beck’s art or learning more of his technique, here are a couple of links:

Snow Art Showcases Beauty of Winter – Simon Beck

Simon Beck’s astonishing landscape and snow art illustrates the cold beauty of mathematics – in pictures

The Story Behind Simon Beck’s Stunning Snow Art

Tsunami memorial design on the reservoir at Arc2000 in Savoie, France

I hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures.  Have a wonderful week, and remember that spring is definitely on the way! 🌷  Remember to share a smile today … your smiles are far too gorgeous to keep hidden!  Love and hugs from Filosofa!


21 thoughts on “Jolly Almost-Spring Monday!!! 🌺

    • Yes, they say that some of them take him as long as 11 hours! I cannot imagine walking through the snow for 11 straight hours, and then in a day or so, all that hard work is gone! It is amazing to see, thought, isn’t it? He has recently started doing the same thing in sand, on beaches.

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    • Thanks! I was so astounded when I happened across it! Next winter, I think I will buy myself a pair of snowshoes! Oh … by the way … just last year he started doing the same thing in sand! You might want to check it out … you could try it! Hugs!!!

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  1. Fascinating. Artists open the world to us. By the way, WordPress is screwing up again and I am not receiving emails when you post! But I will check each morning because I know you have important things to say! Have a great week!

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