Keep Your Eye On The … ?????

There is very little news today that doesn’t carry the name ‘Trump’.  It makes it very difficult to concentrate, to focus, to find anything ELSE in the news! Trump had a very busy week firing people last week, spent most of the weekend spewing garbage through his tweeting thumbs, and put down virtually every individual or group he could think of who wasn’t 100% in his camp.  Let us recap …

He fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, basically for two reasons: 1) last year Tillerson astutely called Trump a ‘moron’, and 2) Tillerson spoke out against Russia, saying that a nerve agent used on a former Russian spy in Britain last week “clearly came from Russia”, and that Russia is “an irresponsible force of instability in the world, acting with open disregard for the sovereignty of other states and the life of their citizens.”  The moral of this story:  Never speak the truth if you work for a liar.

He fired Assistant FBI Director Andrew McCabe, basically for three reasons:  1) when Trump asked McCabe who he voted for in 2016, McCabe said he did not vote; 2) McCabe’s wife ran for State Senate in Virginia in 2015 and as part of her campaign funding received funds from a group affiliated with former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, who happens to be a friend of Hillary Clinton; 3) McCabe was involved in the Russian/Trump investigation from the start, and Trump hopes his firing will discredit McGabe’s ultimate testimony.  No obstruction of justice here, right?

One of Trump’s many attorneys (he just hired another yesterday) called for Rod Rosenstein to end the Russian investigation, prompting many to fear that there would be an effort to fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump went on a tweetstorm the entire weekend, thrashing James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and most of all, Robert Mueller.  He referred, as he has many times before, to the investigation as a ‘witch hunt’ and claimed the team was heavily partisan (Mueller himself is a republican – there goes that argument, Donnie-boy).  And of course, he couldn’t have a proper tweet-storm without blaming Hillary Clinton, so he did.

And then there was Cambridge Analytica, which I am not even going to tackle this evening, other than to mention that it is a whole new section of the spiderweb that ought to bring about the downfall of the regime!  But it won’t.

It’s old, folks.  Even though he was obviously on a triple dose of steroids last week and over the weekend, he keeps singing the same ol’ song, and it isn’t even a pretty song.  It’s got no rhythm, just a convolution of percussion sounds that eventually wear on the eardrums as well as the psyche.

Oh … and in case you missed it …

Y’know what else is getting old?  Another impending government shutdown is scheduled to take place at midnight on Friday if our illustrious Congress doesn’t get their collective butts in gear and pass a spending bill.  Yawn.  I could write this script, but I’ll let you remain in suspense for the next few days.  Meanwhile, let’s chat for just a minute about that spending bill.

The spending bill is for a massive $1.3 trillion.  Let me show you $1,300,000,000,000.  I am unclear where that money is going to come from, since they reduced revenues by cutting taxes on all those who could actually afford to pay taxes!  Since the bill is bouncing around in the House at the moment, I do not know all of the provisions, but here is part of what I do know.

It includes $80 billion in new military spending and $63 billion in domestic spending (anybody see a problem with that ratio?). Democrats and republicans are still arguing over whether it should include funding for Planned Parenthood.  It is likely to expand the right to conceal carry across state borders.  It will not include monies for the long-planned railway under the Hudson River, mainly because Trump said he would veto any bill that included it.  It is not likely to include ACA (Obamacare) subsidies.  It is unlikely to contain a much-needed overhaul of sexual harassment policies.  It will almost certainly re-authorize CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) for six years.  $1.6 billion for Trump’s damn border wall is still under discussion in the House.

And that’s just about all any outside of Congress seem to know for the moment.  The House must vote on it, then send it to the Senate, where they will debate and likely disagree with at least some portion, then it will go back to the House, back to the Senate, and then everybody has to be in full agreement in a final vote by midnight Friday night.  Mitch McConnell and other congressional leaders seem fairly confident, but … after the last few fiascos??? I’m not.  Funny, isn’t it, how little attention the spending bill has had in the media the last several days.

Oh, and another thing you may have missed …

Sexual predator Harvey Weinstein’s company has filed for bankruptcy AND, more importantly, has cancelled all non-disclosure agreements.  This means that company employees are now free to tell of any form of sexual misconduct they have witnessed while employed by the company.  Score one for justice!

One final tidbit …

Vladimir Putin won the election in Russia and will serve {yawn} another six years.  Are we surprised?  Not when he disqualified his chief contender!  Look for him to abolish elections in Russia before 2024, as there is already talk of it.

I would like to see somebody stifle Trump’s urges to rant and rail at everything and everyone.  Apparently all the adults in the White House were on hiatus over the weekend. It is painfully obvious to those of us who think at least a few hours a day that Trump has much to hide, much to fear from the results of Mueller’s investigation, for he is acting as guilty as the kid with chocolate all over his mouth saying, “Who me?  I didn’t eat no cookies …”  There is danger in his unhinged state, but it would be a mistake for us to focus exclusively on his child-like antics and take our eyes off the ball.  I fear that is what the media is doing, and it is certainly an easy trap to fall into.  Stay tuned and I will tell you all about his new lawyer … how the heck many lawyers does one man need, anyway?

56 thoughts on “Keep Your Eye On The … ?????

    • I hope everyone who possibly can turns out for one of the marches in their area. Unfortunately, we are expecting up to a foot of snow on Saturday! Thumbs up 👍🏽 to you and your wife!!!


  1. Here’s some news that would damage the Great Ego…In the UK we’re more concerned over The Weather (of course, we’re British) the Russians and the forthcoming marriage of Harry to (everyone’s favourite) Meghan!…The wedding cake was announced today.
    (Guess, apart from Putin V, who has not been invited to The Wedding? Here’s a clue- silly hair piece)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Speaking of weather, we now have some six inches of white fluffy stuff in our yard, and there is more of the white, fluffy stuff falling out of the sky as I write this. First day of spring??? BAH HUMBUG! And I hear you had a nice dose of sunshine and blue skies for your first day of spring. Ah well, Mother Nature is punishing us for allowing a storm into the White House, so I guess we can expect no less.

      Ah yes, they are indeed a fun couple! Even I find myself reading the articles in The Guardian or BBC about them. And I heard a month or so that he wasn’t going to be invited, and I was glad. He would likely cast a pall on the entire wedding. Can’t you see him now, taking credit, probably saying it was he who had introduced them? His own son, meanwhile, is getting a divorce because … wait for it … he had an affair! What a shocker!!! A chip off the ol’ block, eh?

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  2. Yes, it’s worrisome that Trump is dominating the news. The Mueller investigation is such a pivotal and consequential issue that a great many people all over the world are both captivated by the process and emotionally invested in the outcome. It’s yet another sign of the very troubled times we’re living in, I guess.

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    • Indeed it is. And it isn’t only here, though we are currently the most obnoxious and blatant example. The concern I have is that all his bombast of the past few days is a smokescreen, hiding … ??? … ??? Who knows what?

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    • Good point! It feeds his ego. He reminds me of a small child who will misbehave to get its parent’s attention … doesn’t matter that they are yelling at him … even negative attention beats being ignored.


  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Indeed … quite the incredible week!! I’m spent, tired and exhausted! Mostly I am sad for the country that I knew … even if, when and how this FIDIOT is gone, the damage will be too great.Wondering if America will return to it’s supposed state of greatness!!

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