If You Give A Man An Amendment …

If you give a man an amendment …

He’s going to want a gun.

When you give him the gun, he’ll probably ask you for some gunpowder.

And once he has the gunpowder all loaded, it’s a cinch he will want to shoot the gun.

And once he has shot the gun, he will need to re-load it.  Since this will become tedious, he will want a better gun.

When you give him a pistol, he will no doubt want bullets.

When he has bullets, he will load the gun and once again want to shoot something.

But once he has shot the paper full of holes, he will be bored and he will want an even bigger gun.

Now, he has the biggest and best, so you can guess what’s next … he’s going to want to shoot something.

And once he has shot his gun and has killed many people, he will want justice, though he gave none to his victims.

But even though you give him justice …

There will be more men …

more guns …

more murders …

until all that is left …

are the men with guns.

Apologies to Laura Joffe Numeroff, author of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie, the inspiration for this post.

26 thoughts on “If You Give A Man An Amendment …

        • Heh heh … from what I’m hearing, I’m not sure he has many left even now! Y’know, there is a difference between a ‘friend’ and a person who will ride your coattails for what you can give them. He’s thinking about bringing Rob Porter (the wife-abuser) back, because with his staff leaving in droves, he is lonely. 😀 Poor little Donnie, eh?

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  1. It is taken from the famous proverb ‘ give a man an inch and he will take a hard ‘ and this was on the lips of all hard-hearted employers who wished to keep all profits that they made for themselves. The snag is that the saying is true for many human activities and often paraphrased in the similar saying ‘the more they have the more they want ‘ . It is a side of human nature we must all guard against, killing and destruction becomes easier the more we do it.
    ‘ It is greater to give than to receive ‘ , this should be our aspiration .

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    • Yes, I read that at one point it was used by those who were against all social welfare programs to portray people as being basically lazy and not worth helping, for by doing so it would create a situation whereby people would just take more and more rather than doing for themselves. It was a b.s. argument then, and it still is. I certainly agree with you … “It is better to give than received” is a much better motto, but one that would horrify some people.


    • It’s more along the lines of we give up our rights by abusing them, by failing to accept the responsibilities that accompany them. We either earn our rights by being responsible, else we lose them. My opinion, anyway, for whatever it’s worth. 😉


    • We had one for 8 years, until this present one, and change did happen, but at a snail’s pace, for the rest fought hard against change that would actually benefit us ‘common people’. And then this one came along and with a few swipes of a pen, undid almost all the change. One step forward and two steps back. Sigh.

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