Snippets of Ridiculosity …

Being once again plagued by that mind-bounce phenomenon, I decided on just a few snippets for this afternoon’s post.

‘Sheriff Joe’ is back in the news

What would I do for humour if it weren’t for the likes of good ol’ former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio?  This man deserves to be an Idiot of the Week!  Oh wait … I gave him that honour back in October 2016!   Well, folks, let me assure you that he is no less an idiot today than he was then!

You knew that he was convicted last year of criminal contempt, and then pardoned by his soul-mate, Donald Trump, right?  And then, emboldened by the fact that Trump liked him well enough to grant him a presidential pardon, he decided to run in November for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Senator Jeff Flake.

Last week, hot on the campaign trail, Arpaio addressed a group of supporters (wait – he has supporters???) at the Western Conservative Conference in Phoenix.  And he made them a promise … a promise to follow up on his tired old argument about whether President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is the real deal, or a fake.  Seriously, folks, this fool wants to be elected to the U.S. Senate just so he can continue to bash a former president???  He claims to have “scientific evidence” that will prove once and for all that President Obama was not born in the U.S.  Even Trump admitted that he knew Obama was born in Hawaii!  Perhaps Arpaio does not realize, since there is a lot of water between Arizona and Hawaii, that Hawaii is actually a part of the United States?

Here is a 2-minute clip … notice his audience?  Does anything stand out here?

I sincerely hope that the people of Arizona have better sense than to elect this fool, because I have a very real problem with paying a hefty salary to a man who is going to waste time on this garbage instead of doing the job of a legislator.  We have enough clowns in the congressional circus – we don’t need to add another.

And now that I’ve told you about an idiot with zero common sense, let me take you to the opposite end of that spectrum …

A most honourable judge …

Judge Mary Ann Driscoll of West Roxbury District Court deserves, in my book, two thumbs up.  Yesterday, she ruled that 13 people who were charged with civil disobedience were doing only what was necessary to protect the environment.  The case was brought by Spectra Energy, who was building a pipeline that would run for 5 miles right through their Boston neighborhood, and they, along with nearly 200 others, protested by sitting in holes drilled by Spectra, and other actions in the attempt to stop the construction of the pipeline.  The judge decided it was necessary for the protestors to engage in civil disobedience in order to block the construction of Spectra Energy’s high-pressure fracked gas pipeline and acquitted the activists of civil infractions.  A baby step?  Certainly, but it sends, I think, a big message that I hope will be followed by more, similar messages.

After having the protestors arrested, Spectra did complete the construction of the pipeline.  By their own admission, they do not have a safety plan in case of a disaster.  In this Trumpian era, when environmental concerns are being, not only placed on the back burner, but ridiculed and ignored, it is encouraging to see the courts stepping up to the plate.


The headline read: “Republicans propose a balanced budget amendment after voting for trillion dollar legislation”Wait a minute.  They cut revenue by more than $1 trillion by giving a ridiculous tax cut to all the wealthy people in the land, then they passed a $1.3 trillion spending bill, and now they want to balance the budget???  Have none of these fools ever taken Econ 101???  I think I should go address Congress and explain to them the concept of limited resources!

In truth, I’m sure even the Bozos on Capitol Hill are aware that there is no way in heck to balance the budget at this point, but … there are those mid-terms coming up in November, and since they already have more than a few strikes against them, the republicans must figure it would make them look good to at least be able to say they are working toward a balanced budget.  I’m quite curious to see how they fudge the numbers to even make it look like it could work.  Creative Accounting 101.  In my world, it would get a prison sentence.

And so, friends, that wraps up my snippets for today.  I’m sure I could find more, but I do have laundry to do.  Have a good Wednesday evening!

39 thoughts on “Snippets of Ridiculosity …

  1. Dear Jill,
    Balancing the budget had better include reforming the 2017 GOP tax bill which could ill afford. This GOP concept is simply a pretext before these guys meddle in social security, medicare, medicaid benefits. They are fooling no one as they proceed to act in favor of welfare for the rich at the expense of providing a safety net for those who fall on tough times.

    Judge Mary Ann Driscoll and all the US justices deserve our thanks for being a reliable check on this president and his cronies. They have been the one saving grace during this tumultuous time since January 2017.

    Mr. Arpaio continues in the tradition of all racists, haters, etc. In addition, he has the award of a presidential pardon for being antagonistic to the “rule of law.” But he just loves the president which is all one needs to do to get along in this administration.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • They know they cannot balance the budget under the current circumstances. They only think they can pull the wool over the eyes of their loyal followers and make them believe that it is the democrats standing in the way of their noble goals before the mid-terms. Grrrrr …

      Arpaio is, or at least should be, a laughingstock! Did you notice that there were only about 20 in his ‘crowd’, and that they were mostly old, white males? What does that tell you?


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  2. I wish someone would tell Arpaio to stay retired and quit acting the clown. That was some crowd. They probably went to be entertained. It must be dull there. I could tell by the smile on Ryan’s face he’s still foot kissing. —- Suzanne

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    • Same here. He should not have been pardoned, but since he was, wouldn’t you think he would be satisfied to have gotten out of prison time and just tucked in his tail and gone home? But nooooooo … not Arpaio the Great! Frankly, I wish … well, never mind … best I bite my tongue on that one. 😉


  3. The GOP is assisting a Russian Federation in its ongoing attack against the government of the United States. This is a fact and more evidence of it emerges daily. I suspect the House and Senate majority will attempt to balance the budget by dismantling social security and Medicare but the larger question is this: why are people who have so flagrantly violated their oath of office still in power?

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    • You’re right … that is the ONLY question that has any relevance. Why? Because of greed … this is a nation that places more value on material things than on humanitarian causes, so we voted into office the wealthy, thinking that somehow they would see to it that we had more, that we wouldn’t be burdened by taking care of the poor and the infirm, that we would be given relief from taxes that keep us from being able to drive a BMW. And in the process, we filled our government with people who are laughing at us, whose only concerns are their own bank accounts and investment portfolios, and we are powerless to make them sit up and take notice of us. Until November. And even then, I fear the combined efforts of this administration and Putin’s will impede a fair election. But hey … Trump has “made America ‘great’ again”, so what else matters, right? 👿

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  4. i was trying to show respect for an old timer at a book talk of mine last month. his aim was to challenge my preference for sensible gun laws, and i had no problem with hearing him defend 2A. but when he got on about Obama’s b.c., o dear god help me. something about a book that exists proving it’s a fraud but all the copies are bought up and he can’t remember the title… back away slowly, back away….

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    • Indeed … back away very slowly and don’t look him directly in the eye … I’m glad you came out of that one all in one piece! Isn’t it amazing how these ridiculous rumours and disinformation still abound? And you and I both know why … because President Barack Obama had dark skin. With his demeanor and dignity, if he had been white, he would have been every bit as popular as President John F. Kennedy. Isn’t it a damn shame that in reality this nation is still back in the 1800s?


  5. Let’s see if my arithmetic is correct? Spend $1.3 billion = (-$1.3 billion). Give away $1 billion in tax cuts = (-$1 billion). (-$1.3 billion) + (-$1biĺlion) = (-$2.3 billion).
    Balancing the budget by adding $1biĺlion requires a payment of $1biĺlion = (-$1billion).
    (-$2.3 billion) + (-$1billion) = (-$3.3 billion).
    Therefore deficit is (-$3.3 billion) – ($1billion) = (-$2.3 billion).
    X must then = $2.3 billion. Trump better be reaching into his own pocket, and the pockets of his buddies, if he is going to balance the budget. Raise your middle fingers if you think Trump and his cronies are going to do this!

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    • Your math is spot on! Only thing is, we’re talking TRILLIONS instead of billions. But hey, once you get past the sixth figure, what’s another 3 zeros, right? 😉 Good job on the calculations, though … I knew if anybody could figure out this complex equation it would be you!

      How are you doing, my friend? Thinking of you …


      • Thanks, Jill. Hanging in, but just barely. Having little desire to talk about our “favourite” topic lately, it just makes me feel worse and worse. Yeah, should have realized those were trillions. Guess I’m too used to the Canadian deficit, which I think is still in the billions, but not really sure anymore. With the amount of money our government is spending on making it more and more impossible to talk to an actual person these days, we should soon be in the trillions too.

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        • Sorry to hear you’re still under the weather, but I certainly understand why you don’t feel like talking about “that topic” these days. I don’t much feel like it either, but … I’m seemingly unable to step away from the train wreck. Take care of yourself, my friend.


          • You too, Jill. He is a train wreck, and isn’t worth anyone’s life or sanity.
            I’m on an anti-depressant right now, but I have a few more weeks to go before they kick in. Hopefully I will get my mojo back, but at present I need help for the time being. But I will keep you posted…

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            • Yes, please do stay in touch … I think of you every day and wonder how you’re doing. I’ve been under the weather a bit too, but mine is simple physical exhaustion … diabetes is being stubborn at the moment. Hang in, my friend. Hugs!


              • Yeah, I have diabetes too, along with a heart arrhythmia, inoperable arthritis, and a few other things besides, and that makes up half of my reasons for my depression, because when one acts up, they all act up. And since you say you have exhaustion, I might as well say I do too, cuz I would be lying to say I don’t. The other half is spiritual, because I’ve let myself get too far away from my spiritual self. I’m just not feeling connected these days, and it worries me.
                But I am seeing my heart device specialist tomorrow, so maybe he will have good news for me. I sure hope so..

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                • We’re both a couple of broken-downs, aren’t we? I do hope your heart specialist has some good news for you … sounds like you’re past due for some! Take care of yourself, my friend. Perhaps a bit of warm weather and sunshine would help us both.


                  • That would definitely be nice. The doctors in the Heart Device Clinic are making me part of their “complex case discussion” this coming Monday, and hopefully they will decide how best to help me. Surgery WILL be involved probably later this month. The problem is the degree of invasiveness in comparison to the efficacy of the expected results. I won’t go into the choices but my body is abnormal and I’m missing a lot of blood vessels that most people have, so nothing is easy. And everything holds a risk. But doing nothing is not an option.
                    I wish I could say no sweat, but at our age that isn’t an option anymore. Hopefully I will still be communicating with you in May.
                    I hope at this point you are not facing anything like this.

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  6. I was reading up on the republican plan in regards to the balanced budget bill. They admit they couldn’t pass it with their own members even. No the plan is two fold. Force the democrats to have to vote no on balancing the budget so they can use it for advertising and talking points during the election. Remember they claimed for decades to the the fiscally responsible party, even though it was not true. Second they can use the numbers to claim we suddenly need to cut social services as we suddenly somehow have a lot less money coming into the government. They overspent on purpose so they could then say we have to make up that loss by taking away benefits of social security and medicare / medicaid. After all Ryan is on record saying he has wanted to kill social security and medicare since collage. I do not understand his thinking, but that is his goal. Hugs

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    • Both good points! I hadn’t gotten that far along in my thought process on this topic (mind bounce keeps me hopping from topic to topic without ever settling long enough on one), but both of those things make sense. So … we must educate the people, but sadly, a lot of republicans will buy into the rhetoric. Have we ever had a more corrupt federal government than we have today? I don’t think so. Hugs, dear Scottie!!!

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  7. Arpaio? You mean that old goat has slipped the leash out of his care home?
    Anyway what kinda name is Arpaio anyway? Don’t sound true USA to me? If you ask me this is all obfuscation, so folk won’t be checking on his birth certificate. I mean like was he ever entitled to be sheriff or any office holder anyway? Has anyone checked public records OR his bank accounts…. This needs looking into, if you ask me
    (See Mr Arpaio, anyone can play ‘silly-buggers’ just as much as you can)

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    • Yep, ol’ “I am da law ’round here and don’ anyone forget it” Sheriff Joe is back in the news. He’s planning to take his dog-and-pony show to the Capitol, and he genuinely believes he will get there, as more than once he has said, “When I am in the Senate …” I cannot imagine that the people of Arizona would actually elect him, but then … I couldn’t imagine that the people of this nation would actually elect Trump, either, so what do I know?

      I just did a quick search for the origin of the name Arpaio, believing it might have been Spanish, but turns out both of his parents were Italian. But here’s the fun thing … one site that I checked said “origin unknown” … so perhaps he not only lacks a birth certificate, but he, himself is a fake! 🙃

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    • the epa regulations providing a safety zone between communities and pipelines was thrown out by Scott Pruitt…along with the clean air regulations and the watershed regulations. Welcome to trumplandia!

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    • Actually, they began it in 2014, and the biggest concern of the people, a valid concern, is that it goes right next to a quarry where dynamite is detonated daily. Residents managed to hold up the process for quite a while with their protests, but in December 2016, just a month after Trump’s election, it moved forward. Coincidence?

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