More Clowns Join The Circus Of Horrors …

The Trump administration is having trouble finding people to fill positions.  Recently, two attorneys declined an offer to join Trump’s legal team, which has lost one person and another is set to leave.  Another lawyer was disqualified due to conflict of interest.  Few people are masochistic enough to actually want to work for Donald Trump, to join in the chaos and toxicity that defines the atmosphere in the White House.  So, what to do?  Look to different venues for a pool from which to hire, of course.  And that is just what Trump & Co are doing.  What venue, you ask?  Well, television, for one …The most recent, announced on Wednesday, is Caroline Sunshine.  She is 22-years-old and was hired as a ‘press assistant’.  Her qualifications?  Well, she was in a Disney series about teen dancers, called Shake It Up for three years, from 2010 – 2013.  And … um … she has had a role in a few movies.  And … she … well, let’s cut to the chase, people … she is young and pretty.  That is her biggest qualification.

Then there was Larry Kudlow, who was hired from CNBC to replace Gary Cohn as director of the White House National Economic Council.  Kudlow’s qualifications include a stint on Wall Street with Bear Stearns, a position he was forced to resign in light of his drug addiction.  Since then, he has been a host and commentator on CNBC.  He’s the one I wrote about before, the one who said the Bush economy was alive and well in December 2007, just days before the financial crisis of 2008 began.  And now he is Trump’s top financial advisor.  What could possibly go wrong?

Let us not forget that earlier this month, Trump hired Fox News contributor John Bolton to replace H.R. McMaster as National Security Advisor.  Bolton is a warmonger, a man whose motto would seem to be, “bomb first, ask questions later”, since at various times he has advocated bombing both North Korea and Iran.  He briefly held the position of Ambassador to the United Nations under George W. Bush, but stepped down when it appeared that the Senate would not confirm his appointment. What qualifies him for this position?  Nothing that I can see.  He has never served in the military, has never studied another region of the world, or another period of history, and he is a strong advocate of using war rather than diplomacy to solve problems.  I repeat, what could possibly go wrong?

And some of you may not have heard of Heather Nauert, a former Fox News contributor and correspondent.  She was hired in April 2017 to be the State Department Spokesperson.  And then, just this month, with the firing of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Nauert was promoted to acting Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs.  What qualifies her for either of these two positions?  Darned if I know … I think the blonde hair may have something to do with it, though.

Mercedes Schlapp, a Fox News contributor and occasional columnist for other publications, was hired in September 2017 as Director of Strategic Communications.  Strategic, eh?  The latest rumour is that she is likely to be tapped to replace Hope Hicks as White House Communications Director. Her qualifications include that she is against same-sex marriage, hated Obama, and is a member of the National Rifle Association (NRA).  Oh, and like Sunshine and Nauert, her looks  may well have given her an edge.

And finally, there’s Tony Sayegh.  Tony was also a Fox News contributor (anyone starting to see a pattern here?), and also a correspondent for Talk Media News, and even once served as deputy mayor of Tuckahoe, New York, population 6,615.  Tony was hired in March 2017 as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury.  Tony, at least, has a degree in Political Science, which none of the aforementioned do, but he is, nonetheless, misplaced in his job, for his position would be better served by degrees in economics and finance.  At least we know he didn’t likely get hired for his blond hair or other physical qualifications.

Now, I ask you to think about this for a few minutes, dear readers.  Apart from the most obvious concern, that none of these people have the experience needed for the positions they are in, there are other potential pitfalls.  First, at this rate, Fox News will have to shut down for lack of people to fill the airwaves with propaganda!  But my concern is … what are the other possibilities?

Think about the uber-obnoxious Tucker Carlson to replace Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Or … what about conspiracy-theorist Sean Hannity to replace Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General?  What’s that you say … Sean doesn’t have a law degree?  So what … this is the alternative universe of Trump, where the only real requirement for a job is that you are the least qualified candidate, that you are loyal to Trump, and that you understand the concept of un-truth.  That makes Sean a perfect fit.  Or, picture the foul-mouthed Laura Ingraham replacing John Kelly as Trump’s Chief of Staff?  Feeling sick yet?  🤢Oh … and there is one more newly hired person who did not come from television, but in fact was Trump’s personal doctor!  David Shulkin was fired from his job as head of Veteran’s Affairs this week (I will have more on this later), and is being replaced by doc Ronny Jackson.  Personally, I think this is Ronny’s reward for lying and saying that Trump was mentally and physically fit for his job.

And there you have it, folks.  No more looking to top, qualified and experienced people to fill the positions that our tax dollars pay for … from this point forward, they will come from television, most likely Fox and Breitbart, and from a pool of personal acquaintances to whom Trump is indebted in one way or another!  I guess if we cannot get good governance, we may as well enjoy the entertainment value of this Circus of Horrors.

46 thoughts on “More Clowns Join The Circus Of Horrors …

  1. This is a perfect title “Circus of Horrors”, Jill. We have the most unqualified person as president in history, so it makes perfect sense that he’d hire other people like himself. Actually, when you think about it, it doesn’t matter who is advising him. He doesn’t listen or care. They should leave the vacancies open and save the taxpayer a bundle!

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  2. Dear Jill,

    I have figured out the president’s standard operating procedure. You see, he only has contempt for government, and plus, as Russia’s asset he is supposed to sow discord and chaos among the peoples. What better way to do this by not even filling key positions like an ambassador for South Korea or the director for the US Census Bureau. But then filling other key positions with totally unqualified candidates works just as well.

    So what he does is save the firing of reasonably competent individuals to use as deflection weapons for bad news days, and then he keeps a list of names of folks that he thinks will be kiss-ups who he likes and who look great on TV. This way he doesn’t have to put up with qualified individuals turning down invitations to work for him.

    Heaven forbid, these suck -ups are so unqualified that he can berate them at will, and they won’t put him in the position of having to worry about looking bad when he fires them with a tweet.


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    • I’m convinced you are right. And when one fails to properly fall down and lick his boots on command, they are next in line to receive that tweet that says “You’re FIRED!” I imagine he’s had enough practice that he can spell that one right. Sigh. It would be funny, if only it weren’t so sad, frightening and dangerous. He spends so much of his time playing stupid games that if there is ever a national emergency, he will be totally unprepared to deal with it.

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  3. It appears that he’s surrounding himself with people who have no clue about anything and won’t get in his way. It’s hilarious to me that the only person he required ANY kind off qualification from was a man! What does that tell ya!

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  4. Wow! What an opportunity for on-line gambling. What are the odds going for how long any of these last….’Place your bets ladies an’ gentlemen’
    Presumably there is someone in the Whitehouse who is wondering what might happen in the mid-terms.* This revolving door policy can hardly send a message of stable govt. It might work in some sectors of the Business World, but this is such a different environment. Does no one get that?
    * Anyone?

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    • Apparently no one gets it, but here’s an interesting bit of trivia. His approval rating has edged up … only slightly, but still … I keep thinking surely it must take a nosedive soon. AND … I was reading this evening that according to at least a couple of polls, the dems odds of sweeping the mid-terms have been cut in half lately. Now, I am left scratching my head … 😳

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      • Uh-oh. Believe it or not, sounds like a portion of the population are losing interest and getting on with their own lives hoping it will all go away. Time for the Dems to close ranks and ratchet up their game with arguments with strike a chord in the heart of people. In politics nothing is a given, as the Labour Party of the UK will tell you about the 1992 General Election…

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        • Exactly … people are getting tired of it all and just assuming it will all work out in the long run. I’ve even had friends tell me that. “Strike a chord in the heart of the people” is precisely, I think, what the democrats are failing to do, and it could carry a heavy price tag. I think voter apathy is going to be one of the biggest hurdles we have to overcome, and I don’t really see the dems doing much about it. I keep cautioning that we cannot assume too much, despite the recent wins in special elections, I don’t think we can take that “blue wave” that everyone is talking about for granted. Look what happened in 2016 when we took for granted that Trump couldn’t possibly win …

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          • Seriously Jill, stepping back from whose side I am on….
            This was a blunder made by the political left of centre, moderate, call it what you will.
            It denigrated a populous opposition and suggested anyone who supported them was stupid. There was a kick-back
            Now matter what you feel personally when you are out there in the arena, you have to win the argument and you have to make a connection of some sort.
            I know what I am talking about after all those years in the Civil Service.
            For those hoping to get the ‘Bully Pulpit’ to preach to the converted will not cut it, the essential is the galvanise the apathetic and seek out to convert those hostile, you won’t convert all, just enough.
            Trump won because folk invented him into something he is not and a lot of folk would not commit to Clinton.
            Basics, basics, on the stump.

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  5. It sounds like they’re being hired to provide entertainment, perhaps so we can all go down laughing. The history books will one have a field day in future. The evening talk show hosts are having a field day with it now. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • Yeah, it would be funny, if only it weren’t so … real. Such a turnabout from the last president … 180 degrees. Yes, I keep saying I want to be around in 100 years to see how history treats this era. He makes past scandals seem like kindergarten antics.

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    • That’s for certain. They lack cojones AND they are hypnotized by the shiny things being offered them by the big industrialists, the oil and gas industry, the NRA, and the like. Fingers crossed that we get a good housecleaning in November.

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    M’gawd!!! Could it get any worse? I really get now the ‘reality TV’ White House shyte!!!
    “No more looking to top, qualified and experienced people to fill the positions that our tax dollars pay for … from this point forward, they will come from television, most likely Fox and Breitbart, and from a pool of personal acquaintances to whom Drumpf is indebted in one way or another! I guess if we cannot get good governance, we may as well enjoy the entertainment value of this Circus of Horrors.”

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  7. Jill, this might be a good time to repeat Lt. Colonel (ret) Ralph Peters’ resignation letter from Fox News regarding what the network has become and how ashamed he is of what they are doing. Then you might add Politifacts measurement of the veracity of Fox revealing that 60% of the comments made are mostly false, false or paints on fire false. With Trump having a 69% such measurement, this talent pool will actually improve his lying rate by 9%. Keith

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    • Excellent points! I wonder … if the Three Stooges were still around, I imagine they would fit quite well in the administration. I was going to say I was just thankful he hadn’t tapped Breitbart for ‘talent’ yet, but then I remembered where Bannon came from.


  8. We live in the age of the image, and Caroline Sunshine has the right name the media will love her. In the UK we have the weather forecast ladies and what a sparkling bunch of beauties they are. No more fat middle-aged matrons for us Brits only the best that fashion can offer.
    Already one has been called the ‘ hot weather lady ‘ and there are endless discussions not about her forecasting abilities but what clothes she wears.
    My wife was quite taken with Mr Putin stripped to the waist on horse back and yesterday I saw him riding a huge motor bike alongside other leather-clad hipsters boosting his strong man image. If Mr Trump is as sensible of public opinion I would advise some shirt-sleeved club- swinging golf pictures . He is doing well on Twitter but must focus on his image to match his Russian Rival.

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    • You are so right that society is more image-conscious than it ought to be, at least in my opinion. And yes, I’ve seen the images of Putin, and … well, I don’t think Trump in the same pose and same state of half-dress would compare favourably. I have seen too many pictures already of him bent over to swing a golf club and … well, my friend Roger refers to him as ‘old wobble belly’, if that tells you anything! 🤢


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