Republicans Lied About The Conditions Of FBI’s Andrew McCabe’s Firing

If you had any doubt that our government has completely lost any and all integrity … you need to read Gronda’s post. We The People have been so duped that I almost hope for an invasion of Canadians to come take us over! Thanks Gronda!

Gronda Morin

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What else is new! “We the people” know that the republican President Donald Trump and his republican cronies will stoop to just about any low brow action including resorting  to outright  fabrications to cover for the Trump team. Unfortunately, this includes setting up a 21 year competent, dedicated civil servant, the former FBI acting director, Andrew McCabe to be fired just hours before he was scheduled to retire with his pension benefits, intact.

Here is the rest of the story…

On March 30, 2018, Frank Vyant Walton of the DailyKos penned the following report, “Andrew McCabe has emails proving the Republicans have lied about him”


After Jeff Sessions decided to fire Andrew McCabe just hours before his scheduled retirement which denied him his full benefits package, Republican Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Mark Meadows (R-NC) claimed the FBI’s disciplinary office found that McCabe lied to then-Director James Comey about leaking…

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22 thoughts on “Republicans Lied About The Conditions Of FBI’s Andrew McCabe’s Firing

  1. Allow me a little interjection of TRUTH. McCabe LIED at least SIX times to investigators. He would NOT recuse himself from the Clinton investigation EVEN with his wife accepting money from Hillary’s people. He misused his FBI resources to help his wife’s Congressional Campaign. Emails and text PROVE his motives and disdain for Trump. Again, he LIED and attempted to cover-up his crimes. McCabe is a piece-of-shit. As I write this, Mueller is backing down from President Trump. Nearly TWO YEARS worth of “investigations,” and still NOTHING but old “crimes” committed by people who had limited or no part in Trump’s campaign. NOT ONE shred of EVIDENCE proving or even implying Trump did anything unethical let alone illegal. People within the Department of Justice and the FBI are resigning/dropping like flies. LOL! But y’all keep wishing for that magic Trump bullet that is NEVER coming. Question, will you all give up after 2024??


    • Dear Mr. Singer,

      I for one respectfully disagree with just about all of your assertions. On this post it is okay to disagree.

      But what bothers me the most is this need for some to jump on the band wagon to disparage a civil servant who has devoted 21 years of his life to the FBI. I do not know exactly what happened as to why he was fired because the Inspector General’s report has not yet been made public.

      I do believe in fair play and due process. Mr. McCabe was denied this. In the entire history, there has never been a review process done in this short of a time span. I will not jump on that band wagon that you are traveling on because it is one that demonizes someone before all the facts are available for review.

      If that happened to you, you would want folks to treat you with fairness.

      Mr. McCabe has been a life-long republican who just happened to marry someone Jill McCabe who is a pediatrician. She was talked into running for an elected position because she believed in medicaid expansion. She was not a politician by nature but more of an accidental one.

      The monies her campaign received was exactly the same amount that other democrats received in a competitive race by the democratic party.

      What you may not know, is that Mr. McCabe approached the FBI ethics office about what steps he should take in this situation and he followed its guidelines.

      For me, my bias is to give Mr. McCabe the benefit of the doubt until the facts are revealed which indicate something, different.

      Best Wishes, Gronda

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      • We DO know some of what is in the OIJ report because the Attorney General used it as a basis for his decision and made it public.
        McCabe WAS given due process. Accusations were made, evidence support those accusations. He was interviewed multiple times by the OIJ and “lacked candor”. He LIED or purposely omitted facts…again, an omission of truth/facts IS Lying.
        More B.S. As a retired Detective, if my wife were accepting money from the same organization financially supporting a candidate under an investigation being overseen by ME, I would at the very least recuse myself. Common sense.
        There is a ton of EVIDENCE of the malfeasance and misfeasance of the FBI/Justice Department and CIA “leadership”.
        When the OIJ full report is released will you believe its contents, or call it a “vast right-wing conspiracy”?


        • Dear Mr. Singer,

          I am willing to wait for the Inspector General’s report. As for the review process, there has not been one in all the previous history of the FBI that met this time frame parameter.

          Fairness counts and whenever it is short changed, I have doubts as to its integrity.

          I can admit to the possibility of being wrong but for now, I will give a 21 year FBI professional the benefit of the doubt until facts prove me wrong.

          There is a blog that presents a point of view that counters mine but it is a fair analysis. It is: “Another Perspective on Andrew McCabe’s Departure “- Lawfare

          At this point, I am waiting on the IG final report.. Gronda

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            • Very true. I am always amazed at how one, small, seemingly-insignificant event or decision can alter the course of the entire world. But then, isn’t it the same with out personal lives? Back in 1969, having decided to postpone college for a year, I had a choice between two job offers: the telephone company or a bank. I chose the bank, whereby I met my husband, as every day he brought a deposit and always came to my window. If I had chosen the telephone company? Who knows … perhaps I would have become an engineer and never married … no Chris, no Miss Goose, and probably no Significant Seven.

              But still, I do think we fail to learn … no, that’s not quite right … I think we fail to RETAIN the lessons of history. I think that with each passing generation, the lessons fade, and as they grow dimmer, less personal, then we go right back and make the same stupid mistakes all over again.

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              • That’s a lovely story Jill and sums up so many. If we weren’t both writing poetry, liked |The Moody Blues or my friend had not been going to the same college as Sheila….
                Yes Humanity does forget, and worse some get caught in a fictional, ‘romantic’ version of the truth. How many of these idiots who idolise Hitler would have gladly taken the place of a German soldier in Stalingrad (for instance… I could go on….)Blood and Soil…HA! They don’t even known the beginning of it from their comfy little attic rooms at home with Mom

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                • And now I have a mental image of you and Sheila sipping tea in a small campus cafe, reading poetry to each other and discussing music! ♫

                  You are right … they see only the parts that they want to see, then romanticise those, but I still cannot see how anybody other than an insane person can find anything to idolize in a person who took 6 million innocent lives! There’s something wrong about that. But then there is ‘us’ to shine a light on them and say, “look at these nutcases!!!”. Ah well, gives us a reason to hop out of bed each morning. 🛌🏼

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  2. It was a disgusting act of spite not worthy of a person in that position. To be a President you must at least try to be Presidential. Instead the office is now a laughing stock that no-one takes seriously, even by many Republicans.

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    • Yep, just when you think we cannot possibly sink any lower, we find a way. Act presidential? Bozo wouldn’t know presidential if it slapped him in the face. All he knows is how to be what he is … a rich guttersnipe. Sigh. We really need you guys to take us back … we’ll even learn to drink tea and play cricket.
      xxx Cwtch xxx

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