Snippets of Stoopid …

First, let me preface that no, this “Snippets of Stoopid” will not become a weekly feature, so don’t even ask!

I get up every morning, take care of personal ablutions, meds, etc., straighten bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, feed kitties, toss in a load of neverending laundry, then settle into my chair with a cup of coffee, pack of smokes and with trepidation log onto the news, usually beginning with the European venues:  The Guardian, Reuters, and BBC.  Then I do a quick glance at The Washington Post and New York Times before deciding where to light. And within 15 minutes I am typically inundated with the stupidity of humans, and for the rest of the day I am a shaking my head, rolling my eyes, grumbling and muttering about the human condition.  Today was no different.  If there is a buzzword that can be applied to what I see in the news today, it is ‘stupidity’.  ‘Idiocy’ and ‘delusional’, ‘criminal’ and ‘moribund’ also work well.  Take your pick.  Trolling for a topic that did not involve guns today, I settled on a few snippets to support my premise that there is far too much ‘stoopid’ in the news.

Bob Nonini is currently an Idaho State Senator who is running for Lieutenant Governor in November.  Bob Nonini is a republican (surprise!) and is a pro-life supporter, meaning he is against abortion – all abortion, regardless of cause.  Bob Nonini believes that the legal punishment for any woman who has an abortion should be the death penalty.  Yes, you heard me right.  You may remember that Kevin Williamson, the journalist recently hired by The Atlantic whom I wrote about last week also had such notions.  What I find odd is that republicans say they support individual freedoms and less government intervention in citizens’ lives, and yet … they wish to execute a woman for her choices regarding her own body.  Pro-life, but only if that life is smaller than a thumbnail, apparently. What a contradiction in values.

Nonini is now arguing that no one in Idaho will be prosecuted for undergoing an abortion and that the primary goal of re-criminalizing the medical procedure is simply to deter people.

“I have always been a pro-life supporter. That means classifying abortion as murder. Since abortion is murder, I believe we should consider penalties for individuals involved in these procedures. There is no way a woman would go to jail let alone face the death penalty. The statute alone, the threat of prosecution, would dramatically reduce abortion. That is my goal.”

Okay, then … Mr. Nonini obviously fails to understand the complexities and emotions involved in a woman’s decision to have or not have an abortion. Perhaps Mr. Nonini and Mr. Williamson can put their heads together … preferably in a land far, far away …

Dana Rohrabacher is a republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from California.  On Tuesday afternoon, as I’m sure you all heard, there was a shooting at YouTube headquarters in San Bruno, California.  It just so happened that Mr. Rohrabacher was in the studio of Fox Business Network preparing for an interview when the news of the YouTube shooting broke.  At the time of the interview, less than an hour after the shooting and before police had released a single shred of information about the identity of the shooter, Rohrabacher shamelessly used the event to put forth his own platform.

“You were going to talk to me about sanctuary cities and the sanctuary state movement, and it fits right into what you are talking about right now. Would anyone be surprised? Would anyone listening to you right now say: ‘Well, this certainly wouldn’t be an illegal immigrant’. It could be!”

Rohrabacher said the shooting proved that “any illegal in this state should be sent back whether he’s a criminal or not.”

ExxonMobil got shown the door for its stupidity.  ExxonMobil, tied up in so many lawsuits and investigations that I have lost count, pulled a trumptactic (my alternative word to describe a Trump-like tactic) last week and got ‘boo-ed’ right off the playing field.

Two of the open investigations are by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Massachusetts Attorney General, Maura Healey. Both are investigating whether Exxon misled investors and the public about its knowledge of climate change and the potential effects that climate change may have on Exxon’s business.  Exxon, in an effort to shut down the investigations or else to redirect attention away from them, filed a lawsuit against both Schneiderman and Healey, claiming that the investigations are being conducted to retaliate against Exxon for its views on climate change and thus violate Exxon’s constitutional rights.

Schneiderman and Healey filed a motion to dismiss the suit on numerous grounds, and U.S. District Court Judge Valerie Caproni said, “The motions to dismiss are GRANTED, leave to amend is DENIED, and the Complaint is DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE.” (‘with prejudice’ is permanently, once and for all, no appeal)  The judge also noted that Exxon’s suit was both implausible and their claims unsupported.  Nice try, Exxon … obviously your CEO completed his coursework at Trump University!

A couple of friends ask me why I only pick on republicans in my blog posts.  Well, heck, the republicans are the ones who are a) causing all the problems in the nation, and b) capable and culpable of the greatest idiocy.  Take, for example, Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin.  As you are probably aware, Oklahoma teachers are on strike, fighting for better pay.  According to 2016 Bureau of Labour statistics, Oklahoma teachers are the lowest paid in the nation! But they are also fighting for more funding to provide better conditions for their students.  Current conditions include aging textbooks, crumbling buildings and reductions in actual teaching time. About 20 percent of Oklahoma’s school districts have gone to four-day weeks.  Worthy causes?  I think so.

But apparently Governor Fallin doesn’t, for she compared the striking teachers to a teenager who wants a better car!  “Teachers want more. But it’s kind of like having a teenage kid that wants a better car,” she said in an interview with CBS News on Tuesday.  Teachers were, needless to say, infuriated, as should we all be.   Hey … come to think of it … wasn’t Scott Pruitt from Oklahoma?  I wonder if he’s related to Fallin?

Well, now you’ve had your daily dose of stupid people doing stupid things for the day, and I thank you for allowing me to share my own angst with you all!  Now go share it with some of your friends!

16 thoughts on “Snippets of Stoopid …

  1. Jill you need to observe the Sabbath day , not to read the Bible ( not that we can’t learn from that ) but to rest and devote yourself to do exactly what you wish. I’m not a member of the Sabbath day observance society but I do believe the seventh day has been totally abused by modernism. Perhaps the Evangelicals should take up their placards ( assuming they are not in business) and make a case for our Sundays , our family days , our days of REST.

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    • Ah, but you see, I am doing just what I wish. I am not religious, so the sabbath has no meaning for me, and I am not one who can be content to simply ‘sit and rest’ … I am always doing something, and if it isn’t pounding the keyboard, it’s laundry, cooking, cleaning, walking, reading … something. I do take time for myself, have a relationship (yes, even at my old age!), and give myself an hour every night to read. But I am very much doing what I enjoy! Life is short, and I’m on the downside of it … I fill my days, always wish I had a few more hours in them, and usually end the day with a sense of satisfaction.


      • You partially set my mind at rest , I must admit I was a little shocked when you admitted you had no time to read. I believe we all owe ourselves some time and we need to consider that our fellow man is sometimes best left alone to sort himself out.

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        • I’m glad to have at least partly put your mind to rest. I strive for balance … don’t always achieve it, but always try. And I do steal some time for myself, just sometimes not as much as I need, perhaps. As to leaving our fellow man alone to sort himself out … I’m not so sure that is a good idea … look where it’s gotten us thus far! 😉 But seriously, thank you my friend for caring. You are a good man.


  2. Jill, interesting reading. Where to begin? ExxonMobil seems to forget that the investigation against them is regarding misleading shareholders about the impact of climate change on their business. They also seem to forget that shareholders voted last May to require management to update them on what they are doing about climate change.

    The Oklahoma Governor should be reminded they are dead last in teacher pay and some teachers are moving or working across the state lines. I would call that a problem,

    There is not too much to say about politicians who violate the covenant “It is better to be silent when people think you are an idiot than to speak and remove all doubt.”

    Good post. Keith

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    • Thanks Keith!!!

      ExxonMobil has fists up and are on the defensive … it is the only way they know to respond, given that they know they haven’t a leg to stand on.

      Sigh … there is so much stupidity, so much cruelty out there today. How did we ever get to this point?


  3. Dear Jill,

    Someone beat me to it. The Atlantic had second thoughts about Mr. Kevin Williamson to where they have parted ways.

    The pro-lifers drive me crazy. They have one solution only, to end Roe vs. Wade. But I was here on planet earth when abortion was not legal. I know with absolute certainty that making abortions, illegal will not end abortions. When women fell desperate enough they will seek to end a pregnancy, putting their own lives at risk.

    But there are numerous things that could be done to reduce the number of abortions which these same pro-lifers object to like properly educating young peoples, letting them have access to inexpensive medical care like with Planned Parenthood, giving them access to affordable contraceptives and insuring that there is a safety net for young pregnant women, etc.

    Exxon took a page from President Trump but its executives are now eating crow. Its executives remind me of the Tobacco idiots who all swore in front of a US congressional hearing that Tobacco did not constitute a health problem to the American peoples.

    The republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher is a well known Russian stooge and apologist . I surprised he hasn’t somehow been caught up tn the Trump-Russian saga especially since they have quite a bit in common.

    Please Gorgeous, tell me it’s not true. You still smoke?

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I did a happy dance when I read Mr. Williamson was fired from The Atlantic … his job there lasted what … all of 3 days? It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy!

      I, too, remember the days of ‘coat-hanger abortions’, and have no desire to see this nation go back to that. This is why I am so hoping that Justice Kennedy can hold on for another few years, despite the rumours of his retirement this year. And isn’t it odd how the ones who scream the loudest against abortion support the death penalty? And how those same ones do not want their tax dollars going to support single moms trying to feed their kids on a minimum wage job. Oh, and they also don’t want to raise the minimum wage. And… they are so pro-life, yet they don’t bat an eye at the senseless killings by police of unarmed black men! Pro life? I think not.

      And yes, my dear friend, ’tis true that I still smoke. I started 53 years ago, when I was 13, and have only quit once for about 15 hours. I did cut back to 1-2 packs a day after I retired, but thanks to DDT and his antics, I am back to 3-4 packs a day. At least I roll my own, so I save nearly $2,000 a year!!!



    • Yes, there certainly is enough fodder out there to make it a daily feature. But, with three weekly features already, I am lief to take on another. Though this one may well crop up from time to time, just not on any scheduled basis. 😀

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  4. W.W.S.D: News Reports have a way of watering down our confidence in the one’s in charge out there. It seems somethings are out of control including the cost we pay for this incompetence. You would think since we foot the bills we should be at the very least be entitled to have the best money can get but it seems not.

    I like your cartoon and often ask myself WWJD:
    What would Jesus do?

    But when it comes to those who for some reason or another do not believe in being the best they can be I say WWSD:
    What would Scooby DO?

    Keep writing you have a gifting there….

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    • Yes, our best interests are definitely NOT being looked after, and we are the losers, the pawns in a game of high stakes being played by only the wealthy. Sigh. I do like your WWSD, though! And thank you so much for your high praise!!! I’m honoured.


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