An Open Letter To Congress …


09 April 2018

Dear Member of Congress,

I am told that you have concerns about your upcoming performance review on November 6th, as well you should.  Your employers, I and many others, are very displeased with your job performance and frankly, I am already seeking your replacement in the event you do not turn things around very quickly.  It appears the problem lies with the fact that you have forgotten to whom you owe your allegiance.  It was I and my fellow citizens who hired you, and it is to us whom you have a responsibility … all of us, not just some.

First, allow me to make one thing perfectly clear:  Donald J. Trump is not your employer!  He may have given you to believe that he is, but he is not.  He is merely another employee of the organization that is run by We The People, and his job is also in jeopardy, so you would do well to put distance between you, lest you be caught up in the maelstrom that is in the making, even as I write this.  Your mandate is not to do his bidding, but to do the bidding of the citizens of this nation.

Second, you are not employed by industries such as the oil & gas industry, the auto industry, nor the manufacturers of firearms.  If you are taking money from these in exchange for pandering to them, then you are in breach of your employment contract with your constituents.  The aforementioned industries provide no benefit for the citizens of this nation other than that for which we pay dearly, so there is no justification for your close ties to them.

Third, while it is true that you have many employers, and that we may not always agree on what we expect of you, we all trust that you will make sound decisions that benefit the nation as a whole. You got this job because we believed you had the ability to do that. To date, you have failed miserably in this task.  You seem to believe that the few with the most wealth are the only employers to whom you are accountable, and nothing could be further from the truth.  When the time for your performance review comes in November, those with great wealth will have only one, single vote, that will count no more than mine will.  You would do well to remember that.

Frankly, I would terminate your employment tomorrow, were it in my power, but per the terms of your employment contract (the U.S. Constitution, Article I), I must wait until November.  Understand, however, that I and my fellow citizens will be watching you even more closely than ever for the next seven months and there are certain expectations that must be met, else you will be seeking employment elsewhere.

Here is a partial list of the things that you must work on before November:

  • We The People have made it clear that we want stricter control over firearms in the hands of civilians. We want a ban on assault weapons, waiting periods, and stronger background checks that are actually enforced in all venues.

  • We want you to re-instate the environmental protections that have been rolled back over the course of the past year, for we believe that our health and the health of our planet are more important in the long run than the profits of the fossil fuel industries.

  • We want you to work on making necessary repairs to the Affordable Healthcare Act so that all of us will be able to receive medical treatment when we or our family members are ill.

  • We want you to serve as a safeguard, just as the framers of the Constitution intended, against radical and damaging policies put forth by Donald Trump. You are supposed to challenge him, hold him accountable, but instead, when he says, “jump”, you are asking “how high?”  This cowardly behaviour must stop once and for all!

  • We want you to legislate campaign finance rules that will severely limit the amount of money you and your fellow legislators may receive from wealth donors.  It appears that your conscience shrinks in direct proportion to the amount of monies you receive, and this is not conducive to good governance.

  • We expect to see, prior to November, your plan for a balanced budget. You have unconscionably cut revenue, while at the same time increasing expenses.  Even the most uneducated among us can understand what a disaster this is going to be.  You will likely find that you need to repeal your ‘tax cuts’ to the wealthy in order to increase revenues. It was just announced that the national debt will top $1 trillion by 2020!  This is disaster in the making and does not give us much credibility in the eyes of the world.

  • We want you to work on a realistic and fair proposal for immigration reform, including protections for the young DACA immigrants. There are far too many Middle-Eastern refugees for us to simply ban people from certain countries.  Other Western nations are trying to help these people, and we must do our fair share.

  • We expect you to block nominations of persons who are not qualified for the positions for which they are nominated, and that includes both cabinet members and judges/justices. Political party should not be a consideration.  Education, experience and other qualifying factors should determine whether a person is confirmed or not.  We all know that Trump would nominate an ape if he thought said ape would do his bidding.  It is up to you to be the voice of reason and block such ignominious nominations.

  • We demand protections for Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team, who are investigating the possibly treasonous activities of Donald Trump and many of those in his inner circle. We cannot trust that the executive branch will step back and allow Mr. Mueller to finish his job and issue a final report, so it is up to you to draft legislation with all due haste to protect this investigation.

As I said, this is a partial list, but if you manage to clear even as much as 85% of this list by November, we may consider allowing you to stay on the job.  Otherwise, I’m afraid the writing is on the wall and you might do well to polish up your resume.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns, for it is our opinion and ours alone that you need to be concerned with.




We The People of the United States of America

90 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Congress …

    • Yes, and I cannot help wondering if this means he does actually possess a conscience and is just sick of the whole mess, or if he sees the writing on the wall and is getting out while he can? I caution that his replacement could always be worse. Sigh.


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  2. Reblogged this on Peter's pondering and commented:
    This letter could apply to so many countries, legislative bodies, ruling parties, and politicians. Just change the titles accordingly – but don’t forget that there are also many dedicated, honest, hardworking people in both local, and national, politics who deserve our sincere thanks and praise.

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  3. FYI: I emailed this to all my reps and a canned response back from one of them saying thanks so much for you letter, blah blah blah…..I did stick in the missive “this was written by a friend, and I couldn’t have stated it any better myself, so I am sending it to you as written. Please pay attention as we are serious. Either begin working for the PEOPLE or be prepared for unemployment benefits.”

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    • Thanks for the update … and I am deeply honoured that you thought the letter good enough to send to your congressmen! I have sent it to mine also, and got back one canned response as you described, one response addressing a completely different issue, and no other responses. How the heck are we supposed to make ourselves heard if they don’t take our calls and don’t even bother to read our letters??? I am eagerly looking forward to casting my vote in November!!! Thanks again for your support, Suze!


  4. Sadly, if you actually send a letter of any kind to an elected official you get a standard response thanking you for your interest. And when you do get a real answer to what you have said, nine times out of ten the facts they present are wrong. My state senator’s defense of daylight saving time looked like it was written by a ten-year old. She couldn’t even get the dates right.

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    • Yes, I sent three letters today. I received a canned “thank you for contacting me” response from one; a response to an issue totally different than the one I wrote about from another; and nothing from the third. Batting 0-for-3 here so far! Sigh.


  5. Will it be read and noted, I doubt very few, if any MPs here in the UK ever get to read letters from their Constituents, and if they do very few ever bother to give a decent reply. We elect them, pay them and what do they do, as little as possible. The majority of the British Public have been cast aside here, “Free Speech” is now a “Hate Crime”, your system seems much more fairer. Excellent letter.

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  7. Scottie, this is brilliant. Every politician in every democracy in the world needs to become reacquainted with these facts. And so do the voters. Perhaps if they truly believed that their vote matters, more of the silent ‘middle’ would get out there and make their voices heard. Your children are doing it. Time for the adults to follow their lead.

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  8. Hear, hear, Jill. Well said. I commend your tone, mission and action summary. My only revision is we need more revenue than expenses, so a balanced budget does not get us all the way there. CBO said today our $21 trillion debt will increase by $11.7 trillion by 2027. Nice job. Keith

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    • Thank you, Keith!!! It was a bit of a rant, but I tried to keep a moderate tone … sometimes hard for me, as you know. Yes, you are right about the economics, but I figured at this point, there is no way in heck they could balance the budget short of each of them getting a fairy godmother, so I gave them a short-term goal. Thanks again, my friend!


  9. If you have the facility over there to reach your congress men & women by email, you should send this to everyone of the Republican side.Maybe the office junior will print it off and stick it in their in tray. They should read it.
    Cwtch Mawr

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    • I have sent it to all in my own state this afternoon, as well as tweeted it to them directly. It is tedious, for there is no way to send it to all globally, but I plan to do as much as I can before my fingers fall off my hands. Thanks, David!
      Cwtch Mawr

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  10. Amen! I’m tired of this so called presidency. This circus show needs to stop. People need to stop ignoring facts and stop calling everything they don’t agree with fake news. We need to hold the 1% and our congress accountable. Let’s ACTUALLY make America great.


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