The Rats Know

Blogger-friend Erik Hare of Barataria has some interesting thoughts about the November mid-term elections. Some I had already considered, but one point he makes that I hadn’t thought about is valid, I think: the election “won’t be about policy or anything substantial, it will be about getting rid of Trump. ” I think he is spot on! As is the title of his work … every time another member of Congress announces that he/she won’t seek re-election, the very thought comes to my mind, “rats deserting a sinking ship”. Please take a minute to read Erik’s post … it is food for thought. Thanks, Erik, for implied permission to re-blog!

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

Like all mariner tales, the story slips in like a schooner on a foggy, becalmed day. Rats, the story goes, might leap off the lines that held a boat fast to the dock if they knew the next voyage was doomed. And rats, as creatures of the bilge, always knew. When you see them on the lines do not sign on to that ship for she is bound for Davy Jones’ locker.

People today are rarely as superstitious as ancient sailors. But when you have far too many hours adrift at sea with no winds, like this Congress, the mind does wander. A change of leadership isn’t always up to the voters, as it were, but up to the crew and their desire to not miss the message of the rats.

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2 thoughts on “The Rats Know

  1. Erik’s “conventional wisdom” analysis seems accurate. A Democratic wave this November should happen. However, conventional wisdom was proved wrong in 2016, and the ideologically-split Democratic Party has a habit of snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. Still, anti-Trump sentiment runs strong, and there are structural developments which are more favorable to Democratic candidates such as the judicial ruling on gerrymandering in Pennsylvania.

    I’m very concerned about the internal division within the Democratic Party as well as the political priorities of its leadership. Currently, there is a hotly contested Democratic runoff race in Texas’ 7th congressional district between centrist Lizzie Pannill Fletcher and progressive Laura Moser who was recently vilified by the DCCC (see: Apparently, the Hillary Clinton versus Bernie Sanders split has not healed, and this could negatively impact turnout for Democratic candidates in the fall as it did two years ago. If it is wise, the Democratic Party establishment would support whatever candidate has the best chance of defeating the Republican opponent regardless of their ideology. Sometimes I get the feeling that the Dem establishment has more animosity towards progressives than it does towards conservatives.

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    • I agree with you … while others are predicting the ‘blue wave’ and seeing it as inevitable, I still have concerns. One of which is the divides and fissures within the Democratic Party, such as this one in Texas. Another is gerrymandering … the courts in Pennsylvania stepped up to the plate, but what about other states? Attempts at voter disenfranchisement is a major issue for the poor and minorities. And, of course interference from outside sources. But, my biggest, perhaps, is voter apathy. Far too many voters are disenchanted, disillusioned, sick of the whole mess, and likely to not even bother to vote if we don’t find the candidates and the means to excite, inspire and motivate them.

      Sometimes, too, I think that the Democratic Party is still licking its wounds over the 2016 loss and has not been able to pull itself back together. I often wish we had a multi-party system, but that is light years away, if ever.

      Thanks for the link … I was not aware of that one. Sheesh … just what we need right now … infighting.

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