Guess Who’s Baaaaaack?

Some things just keep coming back, over and over again, for no discernible reason.  They are not usually good things, but more like things that once you think you’ve gotten rid of it, you hope never to see it again.  Bathtub mold, stink bugs, a 6-month old potato, that ugly sweater from your Aunt Hester, etc.  Today, we have the displeasure of the return of Steve Bannon into our lives.  I thought we had gotten rid of him and he was over in France, helping Marine LePen, or some such thing.  The headline in The Washington Post read …

Bannon Pitches White House on Plan to Cripple Mueller Probe and Protect Trump

Why, oh WHY???  Whatever have we done to deserve yet another round of Bannon?

His plan, in a nutshell, isn’t really anything that we haven’t all discussed over the past 2-3 days anyway:

  1. Fire Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, who oversees the work of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III and in recent days signed off on a search warrant of Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen.
  2. White House cease its cooperation with Mueller, reversing the policy of Trump’s legal team to provide information to the special counsel’s team and to allow staff members to sit for interviews.
  3. Create a new ‘legal battleground’ to protect himself from the investigation by asserting executive privilege — and arguing that Mueller’s interviews with White House officials over the past year should now be null and void.
  4. Fire lawyer Ty Cobb, who has encouraged White House cooperation with Mueller’s team.

The first and second on the list are predictable and Trump has, no doubt, thought of those all by himself.  The third is unique, and legal analysts say they doubt it would be possible to render past testimony as null and void, since those who testified did so willingly and of their own volition.  His rationale for firing Ty Cobb is that then Trump can say he was given bad advice by his lawyers.  John Dowd already resigned, and Don McGahn has said he would leave if Mueller were fired, so if Cobb were also out of the picture, then Trump would be free and clear to say they all gave him bad advice.

Now, those close to Trump say that Bannon is still persona non grata because of the revelations critical of Trump and his family that were included in Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, published in January.  If so, there is some doubt whether Trump would welcome Bannon back into the inner circle, but … in my view, Trump would welcome a wild boar hog if he thought said hog could help him out of this mess.  Consider that Trump has recently told friends and aides that he is willing to engage in political warfare in the coming months to stop his presidency from being consumed by the investigation.  I believe there is no low to which he would not stoop in order to save his own arse.

Bannon, meanwhile, has reportedly been meeting ‘through back channels’ with Trump confidants, proposing the above ideas, and knowing Bannon, a few more that we don’t know about.  Most agree, however, that almost anything Trump does at this juncture will serve only to make him appear even more incredibly guilty than he already is.  Almost any move he makes in any direction is likely to set off a domino effect, possibly causing a mass exodus from the Department of Justice and even more divisiveness within Congress.  None of which, of course, is good for a nation already divided and nearly a tinderbox, to say the least.

As I noted, after his ouster from both the White House and Breitbart, Bannon took his show on the road, spreading his populist ideas in Europe.  In March, according to the New York Times, he was in France, supporting Marine LePen, and then in Hungary, working with Prime Minister Viktor Orban. In Zurich, Switzerland, he met with leaders of Germany’s far-right Alternative for Germany party, and then he settled in Italy.  He claims to be working on a project to create a think tank to “weaponize” populist economic and social ideas in the U.S.  And as for his ‘work’ in Europe, he is doing nothing more, he says, than building a vast network of European populists to demolish the Continent’s political establishment. “All I’m trying to be is the infrastructure, globally, for the global populist movement.” Just that.

Go back to Europe, Mr. Bannon.  Go to a desert island in the Pacific.  Go to Russia.  Go anywhere, but just get the heck out of the U.S.  We have enough troubles without you adding to them.

40 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Baaaaaack?

    • Yeah, I don’t think he will ever be back in the White House in any official capacity, but it wouldn’t surprise me to find that he is giving advice unofficially. Trump listens more to Sean Hannity, after all, than to his own advisors! Sigh.

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  1. Dear Jill,

    Mr. Bannon is doing his best to somehow insert himself back into the game. If the president were going to act, he needed to do that before the president’s personal attorney’s office, house, hotel room were all raided by the FBI with a ‘no knock” warrant which included charges like campaign law violations, bank and wire fraud.

    It was the Southern District of NY judicial offices that oversaw this raid. This means that whoever is now fired, the investigation will continue from this NYC office and the presidential pardons can’t be used in this jurisdiction. And guess what else? It was President Trump who personally interviewed the head of this NYC office and placed him there. Geoffrey Bremen is a Rudy Giuliani protégé. His second in command is a staunch republican. Yet this same office chose to conduct this raid. This tells you all you need to know.

    Mr. Mueller will be working overtime to complete the report on his findings pertaining to “obstruction of justice” and the president, asap.The president just helped this process by refusing to testify. Mr. Mueller doesn’t need the president’s testimony to make his case. I wouldn’t be surprised if this initial report isn’t close to being finished already.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Yes, I had a good laugh when I learned that, despite his cries that the democrats were responsible, he was the very one who had appointed the man who opened the NY investigation! The old expression “if it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck” comes to mind. Trump is acting more and more guilty by the day, and sooner or later, the truth will come out. Sooner would be nice.


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  2. I would say at this point that Trump is in checkmate. No matter WHAT move he makes somehow that curtain is going to be pulled on him and reveal the true him for the WORLD to see. Let’s just hope they don’t blame us!!!

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    • Yes … first off, he is in WAY over his head with the Syria situation, for he has no knowledge of the Middle East and its problems and no skills in diplomacy. And second, Mueller obviously has some pretty damning evidence against Trump and he is between a rock and a hard place there, so he is bouncing off the walls, changing his mind on a variety of issues almost as fast as a model changes outfits. The end result is already obvious, but which path leads to it is the burning question, and at what price?

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  3. I’m reading a translation here:
    ‘Oooh Mr President. My President. I am so very, very, very sorry that I per chance annoyed you with some careless words. Please, please, please let me back in. It is cold and lonely out here and people are beginning not to care what I say and worse (sob) not recognise me! Oh woe! Thrice wretched am I!’
    (Mr B. Pauses to rend garments and rub ashes into his stylish hair)

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    • Many thanks for the re-blog, sweet lady! As I was telling Keith, if Bannon had played his cards right, he could have posed a much bigger threat to this nation than even Trump, for he is far smarter than Trump. Lucky for us, he made a few mistakes and became persona non-grata in the regime. Hugs!!!

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  4. Jill, many things puzzle and concern me about this President and his relationship with people who want to tear down institutions. Bannon is on record as saying Trump’s firing of James Comey was a horrible decision. Now, he wants Trump to double down on stupid. As Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy said about Trump is he is innocent, he should probably act like he is. That is the problem – he is not innocent. Keith

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    • No, Trump is anything BUT innocent. Bannon, had he played his cards right, could have posed a very great danger to this nation. Lucky for us, he made a few mistakes along the way. Trump is so far in over his head that he is grasping at any straw he can find. None of which bodes well, but hopefully the end of his reign is coming. Hopefully that light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t turn out to be a freight train.


    • There’s a thought! Putin might really enjoy having him there, as it’s been rumoured there is a bit of a ‘bromance’ going on between the two. I can only say they deserve each other. Halfway through April … that much closer to Christmas when I have to expend all my energy dragging decorations out and baking … BAH HUMBUG!!! Just kidding … actually, today was 78 degrees and sunny, so for the first day in a few weeks I was able to get a nice 4-mile walk in. But guess what? Snow is in the forecast for Monday! BAH HUMBUG!!! 😒

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        • I know! I’ve come to think of this as The Never-Ending Winter!!! Hugh, in Minnesota, was telling me that they are having a blizzard all day today, and we will get whatever doesn’t dissipate on Monday. I found myself whistling Christmas songs earlier! On the flip side, though, overnight our back yard sprung hundreds of beautiful little yellow dandelions, which made my heart sing!

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          • This is late Sunday morning and the ice storm that started Saturday at noon is still going strong. Looks like we’ve had almost 2 inches of ice and ice pellets built up on everything. When this is finished, we’re supposed to get 2 more days of heavy rain. Sigh…

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            • OH YUCK!!! I would rather have almost anything than ice!!! I hope you and Anne are staying indoors and not planning to drive anywhere until the ice is all melted! Poor trees … their little limbs will snap under the weight of all that ice. 😞 Keep warm and safe, my friend!

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                • Won’t they cancel the exams if the roads are not clear? Heck, here they cancel everything it it snows 6 inches! I will never forget one night years ago when I worked at Standard, which was typically about a 25 minute drive. It sleeted and then snowed on top, and it took me 4.5 hours to get home that night! I wouldn’t have minded nearly so much, but I smoked my last cigarette around the 3rd hour and had to make it the rest of the way smoke-free! 😱 At any rate, you two be careful tomorrow/today!!!

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                  • I had the devil’s own time getting out of my driveway and then off my own street. All the other roads were wet and a bit slushy in places – not a bad ride. I dread driving on my street and driveway again when we go home. All schools, colleges, and universities are closed – but businesses are open. Only 3/22 didn’t make it in to write their exam this morning. I thought it would be worse.

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                    • I trust you got home safely? Yes, I would have expected only about 3 to show up! I wouldn’t have! I don’t mind snow, but the only way you’ll be me to drive on ice is if I have chains on my driving tires. I hope it melts soon!

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  5. Oh great, this one again? Life was so much better without him in the news! – And NO THANK YOU, he is not going back to Europe! We have enough raving madmen of our own, we don’t need to import more! Can’t he go and research some volcano that is about to erupt?

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