Jolly Monday … WHAT??? Already???

I’m not quite sure how it came to be Monday again already, but according to all my calendars, the one on my phone, on my laptop and the wolf calendar on the kitchen wall, it is once again Monday.  I can account for only 5 days since the last Monday, so perhaps Congress passed legislation making the weeks shorter, and nobody thought to tell me.  But alas, it is my duty … and pleasure … to start your week out with a chuckle, a smile, a hug and some love, so that is what I will do today.  Grab a cup of coffee and pull up a chair, and let me show you what I’ve found for us to smile, chuckle, and ‘awwwwwww’ about this morning!

You all remember Necco candies from your childhood, right?  It was never my favourite, rather a ‘meh’ sort of candy, but they seemed to always be popular.  It seems that New England Confectionery Company, the makers of Necco candy, are seeking a buyer.  The company, which has been around since 1847, has said that if a buyer is not found by early May, it will begin the process of shutting down as early as May 6th.  Now here’s what’s interesting … the candy is not popular, is often referred to as America’s least favourite candy, and yet people are going wild over the news that the candy may soon be no more.  I don’t get it!  The candies have been described as “tropical drywall” and “plaster surprise,” according to The Wall Street, a Los Angeles-based bulk-candy retailer, reported that people began “panic-buying” the wafers on March 12, the day the Boston Globe reported Necco chief executive Michael McGee’s announcement that the candy company could shut down if it did not find a buyer.

Floridian Katie Samuels made an offer to …

“I offered to trade my 2003 Honda Accord for all of their stock. I knew it was kind of a silly thing to say, but I’m serious. I don’t have much right now, so I was like, ‘I’ve got this car, and I want all that candy, so maybe they would consider it.'”  They didn’t.

Another online retailer, sold more Necco Wafers on Wednesday than it would normally sell in six months, depleting 90 percent of its Necco Wafer inventory, said owner Jon Prince.

“We’ve had people offer to purchase our entire inventory. I had an older lady who offered to send me chocolate chip cookies for the entire year if I were willing to sell her beyond our limit. I was tempted because I love baked goods. But I didn’t do it.”

While a box of 24 rolls of Necco typically sells for between $21 – $35, they are now going on ebay for as much as $300!  People are apparently thinking to get rich off these undesirable little sweets!

And for your daily dose of cuteness …It was windy in upstate New York last week.  So windy that it blew a little baby girl squirrel right out of a tree.  The squirrel broke the bone in her tiny left-front leg.  But take heart!  She was rescued by the Orphaned Wildlife Center, who took her straight to the Catskill Veterinary Services in Rock Hill.  They are taking good care of the little girl squirrel, and put a bright green cast on her little arm.  Awwwwwww ….

I bet you cannot watch this short clip without saying “awwwwwwww” at least once!  You can check her out on Facebook.

I have long bemoaned the state of higher (and lower) education in the U.S., the fact that we seem to be ‘dummying down’, the standards are not as high, and the focus seems more on job and techno skills than on the humanities, social sciences, literature, and teaching young people how to actually think.  A professor at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) has driven my point home.

The class project was to compare a social norm between the U.S. and another country.  Student Ashley Arnold chose ‘social media use’ for her norm, and for her country she chose Australia. But when Arnold got her grade back on Feb. 1, she was shocked to see her professor had failed her. Why? Because, according to the teacher, “Australia is a continent; not a country.” The professor, who has a PhD in philosophy, had given Arnold zero points in multiple sections of the assignment because she believed that Australia wasn’t a real country.This led to a bit of back-and-forth via email:

Ashley: I believe I got zero or partial credit because the instructor said, ‘Australia is a continent; not a country. However, I believe that Australia is a country. The research starter on the SNHU’s Shapiro library written by John Pearson (2013) states, that Australia is the ‘sixth-largest country in the world’ (n.p.). The full name of the country is the Commonwealth of Australia, meaning Australia is both a continent and a country. Therefore, these sections of the rubric should be amended.

Prof: I will gladly re-examine your week 2 milestone project report. But before I do I want you to understand that any error in a project can invalidate the entire research project. Research is like dominoes, if you accidentally knock over one piece the entire set will also fall. Australia is a continent; it is not a country. That error made it nearly impossible for you to accurately complete your week 2 research outline correctly. As I mentioned above I will look over your week two paper once again and see if you earned more credits than I gave you.

Ashley: Australia is both a country and a continent. It’s the only country that is both. I provided a resource in the first email that clarifies that for you. If you need further clarification google or the SNHU Shapiro Library has that information you. Again I mean no disrespect but my grade is affected by your assumption that Australia is not a country when it in fact is. Thank you and let me know if I need to provide further resources proving Australia is a country.

Prof:  Thank you for this web-address. After I do some independent research on the continent/country issue I will review your paper.

No, folks, sadly this is not a joke … it really happened.  Ashley was ultimately given a grade of B+, refunded her money for the course and received an apology from the university.  The professor is no longer employed at SNHU.

And finally, in Austria (which is also a country, by the way), a man posted a snarky warning about speed checks on his Facebook page, whereby he referred to police as ‘Smurfs’. Authorities in Tyrol province imposed the fine of €160, or nearly $200 USD, for violating “public decency” by “defaming two police officers.”  As I’ve said before … you want to be careful what you post on Facebook!

And that, my friends, depletes my supply of ‘jolly’ for the week.  Time for me to tackle the never-ending pile of laundry and start a bit of spring cleaning, on this snowy Monday in April!!!  Today I will tackle the baseboards, walls & trim in the downstairs bathroom.  Wish me luck!  Have an awesome week … and friends … please make sure to share those smiles I am seeing … they are far too gorgeous to keep to yourselves!  Keep safe, my friends.  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!

20 thoughts on “Jolly Monday … WHAT??? Already???

  1. Dear Jill,

    I wouldn’t have been as patient as the student was with the idiot professor. It would have taken him few seconds to Google the information that Australia is both a country and a continent. I guess he doesn’t read the news.

    The baby squirrel was so fortunate to fall into kind hands.

    I feel culturally deprived as I never ever knew about this candy Necco.

    I have a hard time thinking that the Austrian folks who referred to police officers as Smurfs, being that derogatory. In this country, it wouldn’t raise an eyebrow.

    Thanks for your Monday cheer!

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • No need to feel culturally deprived, my friend … you didn’t miss anything. If you’ve ever eaten those little candy hearts, it’s about the same thing. I watched that squirrel video over and over … I just couldn’t get enough of it! Have a great week, dear friend! Hugs!!!

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  2. Jill, reading your Australian portion reminded me of a question I have. Why is it only US citizens are called Americans and not Canadians and Mexicans, since they join the US to form North America? There is no counter part in South America. The answer is likely due to our full name of the United States of America, yet it seems a little possessive does it not?

    As for the Australia issue, talk about something that got out of hand. It could have been remedied so easily. Now, someone has lost his job and a good story is enshrined.

    It reminds me of when a very smart fellow student solved a statistic problem in an unusual, but brilliant manner. His answer was marked wrong initially until he showed the professor the logic. He was then given full credit. A little conversation goes s long way. Keith

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    • Actually, your question is spot on! I have a Latino friend … U.S. citizen born of Mexican parents … who gets furious over that. She says, and I think she’s correct, that it is arrogant to refer to U.S. citizens as Americans but others as Canadians, Mexicans, Peruvians, etc. And I usually try to write “U.S. citizens” as opposed to “Americans”, but lately I have become somewhat lax about that, simply out of laziness. And, the Europeans refer to only people in the U.S. as Americans.

      Yes, that prof seemed a bit unbending and unwilling to even listen, to even consider for a moment that he might be wrong … which he was. A lesson for us all … we should at least listen and consider when told we are wrong. I’ve been guilty of this too, although not in such critical circumstances. But heck … in this age of ‘alternate universe’, perhaps Australia is no longer a country! One never knows anymore.


    • Hey, Keith,
      Although I have wondered the same thing many times, we Canadians know Americans live in the greatest country in the world–they remind us of that daily. Even National Geographic believes that implicitly. They recently ran a contest for ideas on how to make the “world” a better place to live–THE CONTEST WAS ONLY OPEN TO RESIDENTS OF THE US of A.
      Now, really, I do know not all US citizens feel that way, but you can bet all Orange Clown fans do, plus plenty of others. I don’t know about people from Mexico, but we are happy to not be Ametican…

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      • You are right, rawgod … there is definitely an arrogance here. While there is … er, was … much to take pride in, this nation is no better than most other Western nations, and in many areas we fall sadly behind, such as education, health care, racial equality, etc. Today, national pride unfortunately seems to be intertwined with white supremacy, making it into something ugly. Sigh.


  3. Fun stuff! I must admit I believe Necco wafers were the only candy I didn’t like. Strange goings-on, though in the wake of the news they will shut down. End of an era?? Nostalgia?? Can’t be the taste of the candy! And SHAME on that narrow-minded professor, though I’m not sure his approach warranted firing (if that’s what happened. And, thanks again for Maxine. She’s the best!!!! 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Hugh! I don’t think anybody liked Necco … it’s a wonder it stayed around as long as it did! I don’t know if he was fired or resigned, but … he seemed rather unbending and unwilling to admit that he might possibly be wrong … it seems odd to me. The more I see of Maxine, the more I can relate!!! 😀 Have a great week … has your snow melted yet? John in Toronto said they had an ice storm for 2 full days, and it has been snowing here all day long. Isn’t it the middle of April?


  4. Loved your post! Such fun! Yes, I remember the Necco candies. Never liked them!! The squirrel is so cute!
    Can’t believe the professor would fail the student regarding whether or not Australia was a country or continent! Wow! What a great start to a Monday! Your post today is delightful! Hope you have a great day!!!! ❤️

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  5. You got me with the Austrian smurfs! 🙂 The police uniform in Austria is blue … 🙂 but actually not that bright blue… :-))) What really sent me off was the Australia-not-a-country thing!!! I know the problem that many people in the US confuse Austria with Australia (hence a popular tourist t-shirt with the text “no kangaroos in Austria”), but this tops it of nicely! – A very jolly Monday to you too! It is sunny here, the tulips are out (to cover another cliché), and the birds are singing!

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    • Ha ha … yes, I rather loved the smurfs pic. The story about the professor not knowing that Australia is a country just blew my mind! I like the t-shirt idea … No kangaroos in Austria. Well I’m glad at least somebody is seeing the sunshine, for we surely aren’t. 0- degrees Celcius here and it’s been snowing all day, though luckily not sticking. Have a great week, dear friend!

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        • Yes, the first time in over 30 years that schools have been closed in April!!! I think Mother Nature had too much wine and got confused! The sunshine found it’s way out from behind the clouds this afternoon for about 10 minutes, but it has been c-c-c-old today!!! Enjoy your sun and warmth for me … perhaps you could send pictures?


          • It has been a strange winter, coming late and staying long. Today I read in the newspaper that all the tourists visiting the tulip fields are quite disappointed, because they find mostly closed green tulips … but as they promise us sun for the next few days, maybe the will open op soon (the tulips, not the tourists 😉 )

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            • It was indeed a strange winter. We had more snow in March than in Dec/Jan/Feb combined! Too bad about the tourists missing seeing the tulips, though … I think for those of us on this side of the pond, tulips are the first thing we think of when we think of the Netherlands. And Anne Frank. 😉


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