The President’s Is Saying That His Recent Hard Line Stance Against Russia Was A Fluke

Friend Gronda has once again done an excellent job bringing us up-to-date on the latest about U.S.-Russian relations, sanctions, etc. Sub-title should be “Putin and his favourite puppet, li’l Donnie”. Please take a moment to read. Thank you, Gronda, for all your hard work on this one. Excellent post.

Gronda Morin

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Remember when the republican President Donald Trump recently took what looked like a real stance against Russian oligarchs. I was pleasantly surprised that he had finally taken a tough position for the first time against the country that attacked our US democracy on numerous fronts having to do with our election infrastructure in 2016. In addition this was supposed the send Russia a message that the US was backing our ally Great Britain where two Russian expats were poisoned by Russian agents on UK’s territory.

Then very recently, I was beside myself with joy when the US Ambassador for the United Nations Nikki Haley had announced that the US was poised to enact additional sanctions against Russia that would be announced by the US Treasurer Steven Mnuchin on the 16th of April 2018.

Image result for photos of nikki haley and larry kudlow NIKKI HALEY

I did openly wonder about how this momentous event had happened as I…

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12 thoughts on “The President’s Is Saying That His Recent Hard Line Stance Against Russia Was A Fluke

      • How is that possible????? I am so afraid that he will be impeached, but not imprisoned….then released back into society and allowed to continue to scam and cheat! Above all…. not accountable!!!! He has NEVER been accountable!!!!!!

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        • How is that possible? Heck, I’ve been trying to figure that one out since before he was elected. Apparently his brashness appeal to some, to those who are tired of slick politicians who are politically correct on the surface, but not quite honest underneath it all. I still don’t get it, but …

          I take some comfort in the fact that he is 71, overweight, and has a terrible temper. Surely at some point he will have a fatal heart attack or stroke! Note that I’m not typically a cruel person who wishes death on another, but he has brought out the very worst in me. 🙄

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          • I am also not a cruel person, but…….. I totally agree! I!!!!!!!! I am a Physician Assistant. I am suppose to want to help people. I swear I would be HAPPY…. if he went down!!!!!!! I do not want to see him released into the general population…. to wreak havoc everywhere he goes!!!!! As I’ve said before…..I want him to be accountable!!!!!! I can’t believe that someone hasn’t taken him out, already!!!!! I would like to see him in prison for the rest of his life without hair products for starters! No book deals and a limit on his spending allowance, while behind bars. He needs to be in prison for the rest of his life!!!!!! I was not into politics until he ran for office. Now I am glued to MSNBC …. Day & Night! In the event that he is re-elected…..I have my passport ready!!!! Sorry to ramble! Hope you have a wonderful day! ❤️

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