Raising the Rent …

Dr. Ben Carson, formerly a pediatric neurosurgeon, is the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) under the Trump administration.  Dr. Carson was, by all accounts, an excellent surgeon, but as I have mentioned before in this blog, he should have stayed in the medical profession and out of politics.

Yesterday’s news, widely reported among the media, floored me – a jaw-dropping moment.   It turns out that Dr. Carson has a plan … a plan to raise rents on subsidized housing, in some cases as much as 300%.  This comes on the heels of an executive order that Trump signed earlier this month to expand work requirements for low-income Americans receiving Medicaid, food stamps, public housing benefits and welfare.

Hey … somebody has to pay for all those tax cuts we gave to the already-wealthy last year, right?

Carson also wants to scrap rules allowing deductions for medical and child-care costs when determining rent, which Carson says gives some tenants an unfair advantage.  Now think about this one.  He wants to impose a requirement that all adults under 60 must be employed, but take away the credit for child care?  If I’m a single mom, and I have to work, most likely at a minimum wage job, and I have to pay for child care … ???

Trump, in his budget proposal, suggested that families on food stamps be given, instead, a box of government-issued non-perishable food.  No fresh veggies or chicken, just canned beans and peanut butter.  Oh yeah, that’s healthy.

Let us not forget that it was just last May when Carson said that “poverty to a large extent is also a state of mind.”  And let’s also remember that Mr. Carson and his wife like to live well … they really like nice things.  Such as the $31,000 dining room set he ordered for his new office.  Once the public became aware of it, he canceled the order, but still …

And let’s take a look again at Ben & Candy’s 6,400 square-foot, five-bedroom house …

Carson-house-1And now, how about, just for comparison purposes, some of the homes he plans to triple the rent on …

I do not suggest that Dr. Carson should live like a pauper, but rather that his lavish lifestyle prevents him from having any sense of what those less fortunate go through simply to survive in the world.  Just how little Dr. Carson understands about anything can be seen in his remarks last December when he offered a prayer at a cabinet meeting that included thanks for “the unity in Congress that presented an opportunity for our economy to expand so that we can fight the corrosive debt that has been destroying our future.”  He was referring to the wealthy donor tax cuts that will dramatically increase our national debt!

Dr. Carson’s own net worth is said to be around $30 million.  And although he claims a ‘rags-to-riches’ story of childhood poverty, I am willing to bet that this man has never missed so much as a single meal in his entire life!

Carson justifies his stance by saying he is doing poor people a favour, because the current system creates …

“perverse incentives, including discouraging these families from earning more income and becoming self-sufficient.”

While nobody expects cabinet members to be selected from among the poorest of poor, it would be nice if they weren’t so far removed from the day-to-day reality most of us live with that they cannot even relate to the very people they are supposed to be helping.

28 thoughts on “Raising the Rent …

  1. Dear Jill,

    This was why I wrote the post regarding the GOP talking point myths about poor people created by GOP in the US Congress, the White House’s administration and others who don’t want to deal with facts like most of the poor do work but they don’t make enough monies. This is why they are forced to resort to accessing government welfare programs.Those who don’t work include the elderly, the severely disabled and sick.

    They create the lies about the poor so that they can justify cutting safety net programs including increasing the costs for poor folks to live in government subsidized housing.

    It is up to us to expose the GOP’s lies about the poor and to expose their lack of a conscience especially when it comes to raking steps like increasing the minimum hourly wage rate.

    What is Hannity (FOX TV host) doing being a slum landlord owning HUD (government properties) where he enriches himself off of increasing rents on poor folks?

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Yes, it is now more important than ever that we keep letting people know what is being done behind closed doors. During his campaign, Trump noted the unemployment rate, and his numbers were different than the official ones. A bit of digging showed that he was including retired people in his numbers!!! They will tell whatever lies they think helps their cause. If they would raise minimum wage, more people would make a decent living and not need government assistance, but not only will they not raise minimum, but they proposed allowing businesses to take tips away from servers and other tipped employees! It’s a shame, but it requires full-time watchdog groups just to report on the variety of ways they are finding to cheat We The People. As for Hannity … he is scum, pure and simple.

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  2. Don’t you wonder how such an intelligent man can be so stupid? And these are probably the same people he was making his fortune off of when he was a doctor. How many of them went bankrupt trying to save their kids? I dislike him almost as much as I do the Strumpet…

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    • Yep, every bloomin’ last one of them is self-focused and has no consideration for the people they are supposed to be helping. And you are right … our elected representatives shoved these jerks down our throats. November … November … November …

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  3. Jill, I have friends that are very conversant and data-driven who met with some of Carson’s new staff last summer. While my friends said they were smart, they were largely uninformed and misinformed about the audiences (which are varied) their department was trying to help.

    There are some audiences with chronic problems that require a different kind of help from those with acute problems that can be aided with subsidies based on the ability to pay.

    The far greater percentage is the latter who have jobs. Using working homeless families as a subset, since I have worked with these folks, these families have jobs, often more than one, and are homeless. Living beneath paycheck to paycheck, it took one event to force them into homelessness – DV, loss of hours, loss of one job, medical situation, car problems or predatory lending.

    We have an affordable housing crisis in America and this is what we were waiting for from Carson? This is yet one more example of how this Administration does not represent the people, just the wealthy. We should not forget within two hours of being sworn in, the President reversed a planned mortgage insurance premium reduction that would have helped 1 million lower paid homeowners. This Carsoj move is highly disappointing, but not surprising. Keith

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    • I found it telling that, before Carson was confirmed by the Senate, he said that the reason he felt qualified for the job is that some of his patients had been poor. That’s about as smart as me claiming to be qualified to be a phlebotomist because I have red flowers in my yard! I was thinking tonight … can you name a single one of Trump’s cabinet who you consider qualified for the job they have? I cannot. And truly, we are heading for a plutocracy … our government is one “by the rich, of the rich, and for the rich”. They were all born with silver spoons in their mouths and have no concept of what it is like to live below the poverty line.


  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Oh. m’gawd … ‘Dr. Carson has a plan … a plan to raise rents on subsidized housing, in some cases as much as 300%. This comes on the heels of an executive order that Trump signed earlier this month to expand work requirements for low-income Americans receiving Medicaid, food stamps, public housing benefits and welfare.’
    When will it stop? There’s no semblance of even trying … it’s right out in the open!
    America … you’re in bad shape!!

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    • Sure ’nuff we are in bad shape, dear Horty! And until we oust the man in the Oval Office, I fear it can only get worse. Now he is saying that he’s going to start ‘managing’ (translate as manipulating) the Justice Department much more closely. I see that as a threat to Rosenstein & Mueller, which I’m sure is how he intended it. He must go before he is given the keys to the throne room! Bah!!! Thank you for the re-blog! Love ‘n hugs, sweet friend!

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  5. An excellent analysis and conclusion Jill.
    Another example of a wealthy and fortunate person who really does not have a clue about day-to-day life for those on lower incomes.
    Normally they are just very annoying, it’s when they get into positions of influence they are a menace.

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