The Diamond & Silk Show

integrity quoteUntil yesterday, I had never heard of “Diamond and Silk”.  In fact, I had to Google them.  Turns out they are actually two sisters from North Carolina, Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson who are live-stream video bloggers and social media personalities best known for their very vocal support of Donald Trump.  (Obviously not too well “best-known”, since I never heard of them).  Apparently the sisters were registered democrats until mid-2015 when Trump threw his hat into the ring.

“When he announced and we heard everything that he stood for, it was on and poppin’, and we’ve been on the Trump train ever since.”

Oh my head!The main venues of these two appear to be Twitter and Facebook.  Last September, they claimed that Facebook had banned them, was restricting access by viewers to their account.  Data, as reviewed by ThinkProgress and others, show their claims to be false, for their average views have been consistent for the past year.  However, some of our esteemed men & women in Congress believed them without bothering to check the data, and they were hotly defended by the likes of Ted Cruz, Joe Barton and Marsha Blackburn, all republican members of Congress.

Which brings us to yesterday, when Diamond and Silk popped onto my radar because they were testifying, under oath, before Congress at the House Judiciary Committee hearing on alleged filtering practices of social media platforms. Under oath.  But, like the ‘man’ they so admire, Donald Trump, that oath seems to have little, if any, meaning, for they told more falsehoods than truths.   A few snippets of their testimony:

“Facebook censored us for 6 months. Facebook censored our free speech.”

“… subtle and slowly, Facebook used one mechanism at a time to diminish reach by restricting our page so that our 1.2 million followers would not see our content, thus silencing our conservative voices. When we reached out to Facebook for an explanation, they gave us the run around.”

All of which are blatant lies, as proven by the data of views to their Facebook page.  And then came this question:

“Ms. Hardaway, have you ever been paid by the Trump campaign?”

And another lie …

“We have never been paid by the Trump campaign.”

The denial was repeated not just once, but at least four times.  And it is untrue, for there are FEC (Federal Election Commission) records showing various payments to the women during and shortly after the 2016 election.  Those records were provided to the FEC by the Trump campaign itself.

Then later in the proceedings, once they had been apprised of the FEC filing, they did that old standard Trumpian trick of going on the defensive:

“We’re familiar with that particular lie. We see that you do look at fake news. What should’ve happened is you should’ve come to our mouths to see what exactly happened, before a false narrative was put out there.”

Representative Hakeem Jeffries then asked the women if Trump had ever asked them to “monetize” their official Diamond & Silk Facebook platform, to which they responded ‘yes’, but added …

 “You, as an African American, are not going to make us feel guilty because we’re going to get out here and take advantage of these platforms and monetize. I don’t see you walking up to a white person and saying ‘Oh you shouldn’t be monetizing that,’ so why are you, as an African American, making it seem like we’re doing something wrong …?”

Now … why is any of this important?  We have a couple of vociferous, obviously attention-seeking women playing a Facebook version of Fox and Friends in their spare time, and they falsely claim that Facebook banned them and that they never received payment for some obscure services from Donald Trump.  Big deal, right?  Well, it is a big deal, but perhaps only because it speaks to the value of “testimony under oath”.  If they are lying, under oath, then who else is?  They did such a bad job of lying that it is nearly a joke, but others are more experienced, smarter at it, and not so easily caught in their lies.  When we cannot trust those who testify at congressional hearings to tell the truth, do the hearings, then, have any value? Does anything that happens in Washington have any value anymore, or is it truly all a circus act?

52 thoughts on “The Diamond & Silk Show

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  4. Dear Jill,

    It’s no wonder that the GOP who have drunk the President Trump’s kool-ade think that there are a lot of democrats implanted in government offices as part of the “Deep State,” or that protesters are paid and that democrats are cheating at the voting booths. They think these dark thoughts because this is what they themselves do.

    This includes these two ladies who are making monies from their lies, and support for President Trump.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • You are so right! The guilty man always assumes everyone else is doing the same as he. These two girls are amateurs and will be off the grid by this time next year, I’m betting, unless Trump & Co. give them a voice as they have Hannity & Jones.

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  5. When we cannot trust those who testify at congressional hearings to tell the truth, do the hearings, then, have any value? Does anything that happens in Washington have any value anymore, or is it truly all a circus act? Well THAT pretty much says it all. It makes you feel we need to scrap this government and start all over again.

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    • Well, that is the initial thought, of course, but then … a government designed by the current crew would be a disaster. We would need to find conscionable and capable people to design a new one. And when you get to that point in the thought process, you realize that there is nothing much wrong with our system of government, only the people running it. Let’s just get rid of ’em all and start over. Or perhaps that was just what you meant! 😉

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        • Ah, don’t put yourself down … you are one smart lady! Yes, Civics, or Government. I had the misfortune to discover a love of politics at age 5, and it’s never since diminished. I’m sure that sometimes my family wishes I had found a different passion, like perhaps painting or quantum physics 😀 Still, I am honoured and pleased to know that you are learning something here on my blog! That makes it all worth while!

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          • I guess maybe as we get older we stop seeing ourselves as quite so invincible. Maybe that’s why we start to get interested in things that really matter later in life… I have really appreciated how much work you put into these posts. I know that must be grueling at times — even WITH the passion. 😉

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            • It is so true that our priorities change as we age. We realize some of those things we thought were all-important really didn’t matter at all, and some of the things we gave barely a passing glance are the things that sustain life. As either George Bernard Shaw or Oscar Wilde said, “youth is wasted on the young”! 😉

              Thank you so much … yes, I put a lot of time into this blog and try to make sure I get all the facts right, try to keep it interesting, and you are right … sometimes just by the nature of the content, it is depressing. I liken it to being down the rabbit hole (aka Through the Looking Glass). But to me, it is an endeavour worth doing, and the encouragement I get from you and others makes it worth the effort. Thank you again, my friend!

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  6. Perhaps I should say this but listening to these two ladies I get the impression that what they see as politics is really a form of tribalism and they are determined to be in the winning tribe. It reminds me of those TV programs which are really shouting matches ; they are becoming more and more prevalent.

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    • You are correct, of course. But even with tribalism, why must everybody scream and rant and curse to get their point across? I don’t watch t.v. these days, but I have seen clips of programs like the Jerry Springer show, where the entire hour is spent listening to people scream at each other. I prefer Teddy Roosevelt’s approach: ‘Walk softly and carry a big stick’.


  7. “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” – Albert Einstein. I was raised being taught that truth is black and white, there are no shades of gray…something is either true or it is a lie. At present it seems that truth is unimportant and well on the way to complete extinction in our government. Is this how we wish to be remembered by future generations?

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    • In politics the truth is nearly always a shade of gray , but we must not blame politicians they are in the game of persuasion as are lawyers. A totally honest politician would never survive , exaggeration is the name of the game .

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    • I mostly agree with you, that a thing is either true or it is a lie. There are some exceptions, but in the case of Trump and all those surrounding him, the lie has become far more common than the truth. Remember just a day after his inauguration, when he and Sean Spicer both declared the crowds to have been among the largest ever, which was a blatant lie, as they were far smaller than Obama’s 2009 inauguration. The next day, Kellyanne was on one of the morning talk shows, and when asked about it, her reply was that there are “alternative facts”. Think Orwell’s 1984 and Newspeak. This administration deals in alternative facts … the facts are whatever they say they are at a given moment, and subject to change without notice. What a wonderful example to set for our children, yes?


    • Well yeah … look at the cretin sitting in the Oval Office for a prime example! And there are hundreds of other examples. And then the expression comes to mind “Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t necessarily mean you SHOULD”.

      You have proven to be an astute observer … has this gone beyond what you thought it would, or is this about what you figured would happen when Trump was elected?

      And this is for your wonderful wife: 🌹🌹🌹

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      • Aww thanks Jill I’ll pass the flowers on!
        I had hoped for a month or so that maybe the professionals would gather around and explain things to him and a bit overwhelmed he would comply.
        Well that was but a hope.
        So, sad to say….. Not surprised.
        This much I will repeat. He is not big enough to bring down the USA as a nation. That will be the responsibility of The People. By The People I mean everyone in the USA and a lot of strident narrow minded folk had better start reading history and wake up to the fact that they could be the cause of a large nation being pulled apart into lotsa little nations, which happens.
        So unless they want to live in the fine states of ‘Squeal Like A Pig’ or ‘Tax Dodge for Rich Foreign Folk to Play With’ then they had better get real and work together with everyone, everyhow, everywhere, everywhen.
        Thus speaketh History butt-brains!

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  8. Never heard of these ladies, but, that said, now that I have, they come across like everyone else associated with Draft Dodge Don–as liars. Lies and Trump are synonymous. Did you hear Trump’s insane rant on Fox and Friends yesterday? What a lie filled diatribe that was. I’m ashamed of my country. This is truly SAD.

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    • I couldn’t bring myself to watch the clip, but I read the transcript and was sickened. He never misses an opportunity to toot his horn, does he? And the blame game … nothing is ever his fault, always somebody else’s, usually the democrats. Even from the transcript, I could tell that even the Fox anchors, his loyal lapdogs, were getting disgusted with him. And yes, lies, but sadly even if he up and told the truth one day, we wouldn’t believe him. He is the little boy who has cried ‘wolf’ far too many times. I look forward to the day that the wolf eats him. Cruel? Yes, I have discovered in the last 3 years that I am capable of cruel thoughts. Sigh. And like you, I am very ashamed of our nation right now. To the rest of the world, we were the laughingstock back in 2016, but now we are becoming more the ugly cousin who you cannot turn your back on. They don’t trust us, and who can blame them? I’m sad, yes, but I am even more angry … angry with Trump for ruining this nation in such a short time and having no conscience whatsoever, but also mad at that 40% or so who are still blind to the train wreck he is.

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      • I question the 40% number. I know it’s what some polls show, but, IMO, I think it’s more like 33% of Americans, but they’re loud, angry and screaming in favor of all things Trump; thus they seem like many more. My hope is this that idea many in the media have that Trump is this superbly powerful guy with an army of Orcs and Goblins behind him who’ll help him win elections for decades to come is highly over-exaggerated. Based on the outcomes of recent special elections in deep, deep red districts and states, I’d say evidence is proving me right. As long as people VOTE in November and 2020, Trump will fail. If not, we’re in trouble because his people will vote, and that’s how a minority of blithering a-holes win our country over and over again. He is truly the most vile, despicable creature I’ve ever seen. I also keep hearing how Trump is still popular with “White Males.” As a white male, I’m deeply offended by this. I HATE the guy, and no one has EVER asked me my opinion on him in a poll or in the media. If they would, I’d tell them exactly what I think of this piece of garbage.

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  9. Jill, one of the primary reason I left the Republican Party in 2006, was their tendency to make things up at a far greater rate than the Democrats did. The advent of Fox allowed an evolution toward spin doctoring and even propaganda.

    Since Social Media took off, the truth has suffered and now so-called news sources need not even worry about whether the story has veracity. And, as one former founder of Facebook said, the untruthful stories are more alluring.

    After hearing some of the stuff these two ladies were circulating, I had little doubt why Facebook restricted them. It seems that is weighted to the right because the level of propaganda is more significant than on the left. Yes, both sides have such purveyors, but with Limbaugh, Jones and Breitbart leading the way on an unprecedented level of untruthfulness, it is not a surprise that these two ladies may have been caught up in passing along BS either unwittingly or worse. Keith

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    • Naturally the untruthful stories are more alluring … if you aren’t confined to those pesky little facts, then you can add all manners of embellishments like conspiracies to appeal to a broader audience. I am concerned that the media venues we trust may also be skimping on facts from time to time, and that will not do! I read yesterday that something like 45% of all republicans think the mainstream media, WaPo, NYT, etc. are ‘fake news’. Some days I do find the EU news sources like BBC, Reuters and The Guardian to be more helpful than our own.

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      • Jill, the BBC, Guardian, etc. are very good sources. But, so is WaPo and NY Times. Remember Fox has been touting “Fair and Balanced” for a long time and that is not close to being accurate but even moreso now. Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters’ resignation letter reveals how propagandized Fox has become.

        What troubles me is people want someone to tell them what they want to hear versus informing them. At some point, they need to get mad at being lied to. Did you see the faces of the Fox and Friends crowd as they listened to the President noticeably change his story to his own detriment. Theur faces betrayed that they knew he was screwing up. Keep doing what you do, as the veracity of what you say far exceeds that of Fox. Keith

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        • Oh definitely … I use WaPo and the Times, as well as Politico and ThinkProgress more than most any other. But sometimes the domestic ones seem to get caught up in one stream and everything is about that … nearly every story, every OpEd. Whereas the EU ones step back a bit from the trees and are able to see the forest. And as for Fox & Breitbart … I only go there when I have to do some digging for a piece. And immediately afterward, I take a long, hot shower!

          You are right … people want to hear the things that are in line with what they already believe, rather than cold, hard facts. And the other aspect is they want blood and gore, which is what makes the conspiracy theorists so sought after. And oh yes, I could tell that the Fox anchors were disgusted with him and couldn’t wait for this interview to be over. Says something, doesn’t it?

          Thank you for your kind words, Keith … it is those that keep me going, for some days I just don’t want to do this any more, y’know? Thanks, my friend!

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          • Jill, one thing you should take pride in is you have an informed opinion. That puts you way ahead of the game especially when confronted by someone who disagrees who smug statements of opinions like they are fact. Like when the President says “a lot of people are saying” or “everyone knows.” Keith

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            • Many thanks, Keith. Yes, Trump’s ignorance is so transparent, and yet there are far too many who cannot see through it. Even when I was nearly blind, i felt that I saw more clearly than many.


  10. Like I’ve said…. I keep thinking things can’t get any worse and there you have it…. two “Cray Crays!”
    Not only do they lie, but repeating it over and over seems to cement it for them!!!! I just don’t get it! Trump does it all day long! Now he’s calling fox and putting it all out there…. He is absolutely bat shit crazy!!!! And in the end…all that matters to them is money!!!! I keep waiting …. I am praying for Mueller to turn this all around!!! Just can’t believe this has happened!!!!! I’ve gotten involved with some local political groups. I was at the local library…trying to get people registered to vote. Not just dems!!!! U wouldn’t believe the hostility from the Trump supporters! It’s astounding!!!! 😕

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    • Remember that things can always get worse. I, too, am hoping for a definitive conclusion from Mueller’s investigation, and I’m sure that, with the threat of his firing in the news every day, he is doing his best to get his ‘i’s dotted and his ‘t’s crossed as quickly as possible, but there are just so many threads and so many people involved that I’m sure it’s a major mess. What you are doing is great! The more people that vote, the better off we are, and yes, I am aware well aware of the hostility that emanates from some of the more radical Trumpeters … I have been on the receiving end of it more than once.

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