Good Guy With A Gun??? Guess Again …

According to Wayne LaPierre, all members of the National Rifle Association (NRA), and most gun-toting civilians in the United States, there is a mantra, almost a religious chant, that goes something like:  The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

Well okay, I don’t buy it for a number of fact-based reasons, but then there are a lot of things I don’t believe that many others do.  But here’s the thing … if those who chant this mantra almost religiously truly believe it, then why has the NRA said they will ban guns from their annual convention during  Mike Pence’s and Donald Trump’s speeches on Friday?  What are you guys afraid of???  I mean, this is the NRA, so surely there will be at least one hero, one ‘good guy’ with a gun to stop the baddies, right?  And … aren’t guns supposed to make us ‘safer’?  And didn’t you say that ‘guns don’t kill people — people kill people’?  So … wouldn’t it make more sense to ban people?

The notice on the NRA website reads …

“Due to the attendance of the Vice President of the United States, the U.S. Secret Service will be responsible for event security at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum. As a result, firearms and firearm accessories, knives or weapons of any kind will be prohibited in the forum prior to and during his attendance.”

‘Prohibited items’ include selfie sticks, backpacks, signs, drones, laser pointers, toy guns and weapons of any kind.  Since when is a sign, a selfie-stick or a laser pointer considered a ‘weapon’? My, but it seems that ol’ Pence and Trump are afraid of a lot of things, doesn’t it?  I wonder why?  I mean, they will be at the NRA’s annual convention.  Surrounded by all their NRA friends (read: donors).  What could possibly go wrong?

They can talk the talk, but they cannot seem to walk the walk. The NRA claims, probably correctly, that the rules were imposed by the U.S. Secret Service, the agency charged with protecting the president, vice-president and their families.  However, if any other event were being held, and the event organizers tried to ban guns, the NRA would be screaming “FOUL” so loudly that they would be heard in Central Africa!

The administration, starting with Trump himself, has quite vocally supported near-unregulated gun ownership for all in the U.S. And Pence is a life-long member of the NRA.  And yet … they now seem to be saying they want all of us exposed to the risk of being shot and killed, but that it is a risk they themselves are not willing to take.  What’s wrong with this picture?

Fred Guttenberg, whose daughter, Jaime, was among the 17 people killed in the Parkland, Florida mass school shooting on February 14th, said …

“On so many levels, this is enlightening. According to the NRA, we should want everyone to have weapons when we are in public. But when they put on a convention, the weapons are a concern? I thought giving everyone a gun was to enhance safety. Am I missing something?”

One member of a Texas gun rights advocacy group said …

“If I was a [Democrat], I’d have a field day with this. Obviously even republicans and so called leaders don’t trust the ‘good guys.’ I realize it’s the VP, but still makes our whole argument look foolish. You may disagree … but in my opinion the very people that claim to protect the 2A should never host an event that requires disarming the good guys. Sad. No excuses for this … it makes us look stupid.”

Now, before you think I’ve lost my bloomin’ marbles, NO, I do NOT think that guns should be allowed into the convention during Pence and Trump’s appearances.  I have no desire to see the vice president shot.  BUT … I do not think guns should be allowed into any public venue, and am merely trying to point out the hypocrisy of both the NRA and Vice-President Pence.  Obviously, this shoots down the tired old ‘good guy with a gun’ theory, doesn’t it?  Next time somebody spouts that one, remind them of this.

And one last thing, that has nothing to do with the banning of guns during the speeches … Why are Donald Trump and Mike Pence using the time that we are paying them to govern the nation,  to attend the annual convention of the NRA, a lobbyist group that should have nothing to do with governing this nation?  Think about that one for a while.

55 thoughts on “Good Guy With A Gun??? Guess Again …

    • He never saw that as an obligation or a responsibility. Funny, though, isn’t it … he is planning this big military parade where the military will march down Pennsylvania Avenue and salute Trump as they pass by the White House. Just what the Sam Heck are they saluting??? A draft dodging, spoiled-brat, lying narcissist? If I were among those expected to be in the parade, my silence would be deafening. Wouldn’t it be something if they all refused to even look in the direction of the White House, let alone salute??? Yeah, my humour is a bit dark these days.


  1. Jill, the hypocrisy is indeed showing. I have never bought this argument, as it seems after every mass shooting or killing of relatives, the neighbors say about the killer “he was such a nice quiet man.” Plus, with those 2,000+ accidental shooting and 20,000+ suicides, tell me which one would be the good guy? Keith

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    • And that is a point I have been trying to make for years. How do we know … what defines a “good guy”. Under the right circumstances, any one of us, even me or you, can turn from a ‘good guy’ to a ‘bad guy’ in about a heartbeat. Whose job is it to label me as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Can I be trusted with a gun? Probably not, for I have a temper. We all do. And then, as you mention, the suicides. Girlfriend just broke up with me … BANG. Lost my job … BANG. It is too easy to act on the emotion of the moment, and never be able to go back for a do-over.


  2. Perfection , irony at its best , do as I say not as I do. Those who society considers important are shrouded in protection but a few college kids must take their chance and anyway the country can carry on perfectly well without them. Have you seen those cavalcades of police and body guards that protect the wealthy and the important? If your rich you need burglar alarms , high fences , and when you step outside body guards.
    Gone is the bold statement all men are equal and it is replaced by order of importance.
    About 5000 Liverpool fans are in Rome and some have taken body guards to step in if the tribal warfare gets too dangerous , all this over a game of football so imagine what lengths men will go to over worldly affairs.
    ‘ The worldly hope men set their hearts upon,
    Turns ashes or it prospers ; and anon,
    Like snow upon the deserts dusty face
    Lighting a little Hour or two is gone’

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    • Oh yes, I’ve seen them. My daughter works about 25 minutes away, and the last time Trump was in town for one of his insufferable ‘rallies’, it took her nigh on 3 hours to get home, for they completely shut down the Interstate highway for his safety! You speak the truth when you say “Gone is the bold statement all men are equal and it is replaced by order of importance.” But I would ask the rhetorical question: who gets to decide the order of importance?


      • It’s a very important question ; where does popularity come from ? Do the media have some responsibility ? Are they reporting news or inflating the importance of individuals ? Is it possible to pour out news and not focus on the prime movers? Is the universal interest in Trump due to his position or personality ? Are those with unsavoury characters such as murderers , rapists , psychopaths a source of endless fascination to the public? So the answer is no individual decides who is or is not important but it would appear that the generous , good and we’ll behaved are of little interest in this world. That is why your post about good people doing good things is important and attempts to redress the balance.

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        • All valid questions. The media plays for profit, and scandal, blood & guts are what sell. A few of the biggest players admitted after the 2016 election that their non-stop coverage of Trump gave him free advertising and might have had a role in the outcome. They said they learned a lesson, but … doesn’t much look like it. Trumps ‘claim to fame’ is certainly not his policy, but his persona … the crudity, the ugliness that defines him. He is, though, like a bad highway accident … one cannot take their eyes away.

          Thank you … yes, I think those ‘good people’ posts help us all … sometimes it’s hard for me to change gears, but always worth it, as it reminds me that the entire world is not filled with evil.


  3. With regard to the list of other prohibited items…I think Trump + Pence are even more afraid of signs and the opinions that might be proclaimed on them than they are of guns. Exhibit A: the President’s cowardly avoidance of the Correspondents’ Dinner…

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    • You are undoubtedly right on that! You’ve heard the expression “the pen is mightier than the sword”? In this case, I’m pretty sure they are more afraid of the media than guns, as well they should be. And Trump, as we all know, cannot stand criticism, so it was a foregone conclusion that he would skip out of the WHC dinner, just as he did last year. Sometimes I post my more snarky posts to his Twitter feed. I doubt he reads them, but I take some pleasure picturing in my mind his face if he DID read it. 😀

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  4. Hi Jill… came back on board to check up on you… 😉  A simple comment: inside every dictator resides a paranoid sociopath. Inside every bully resides a pathetic little quivering coward. I like the way you stand up to those bullying brain dead dick heads.

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    • Thanks, Sha’Tara!!! Good to see you again … I wondered where you went. Hope you are well. Yes, I stand up to them, but I am basically spitting in the wind. Still, I try … if nothing else it is a release of angst for me. 😉


  5. Jillybean I have little use for guns and even less for those who use them, other than as a not very good tool. Even so, guns get a bad rap. Better to focus on the ammo. Alfred Nobel, came up with explosives like dynamite and that is why there are things like high explosives today. Eventually his dynamite became smokeless powder and variations of them, fuel the ammo of today. The actual gun is but a vehicle to discharge a projectile. If the ammo was cut off? Then the guns would be just poor hammers. Cheers Jamie

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    • True … and while I claim total ignorance here, logic tells me that it would be easier (not to mention cheaper) for people to learn to make their own ammo than their own guns. There are even instructions, I am told, on the internet for making homemade bombs. So, I stick with thinking that we should get rid of the guns altogether. But I will be a little jar of ashes before that happens, and I am enough of a realist to know this. Cheers!!!

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      • True enough but the smokeless powder is likely difficult come by? We’re not talking black powder here. The powder used in modern cartridges is more sophisticated. Maybe if the sale of it was curtailed? The ammo would be difficult to make and the “right to bear arms” might not be affected? It is difficult for me to understand, why the world needs the automated weapons in the first place? I wonder if automatic love could be introduced? Overall, I see satanists and their ilk running our globe; trapped into greed and lust, etc…. Sigh. “More dangerous than standing armies are the bankers” ~ T. Jefferson. Cheers Jamie

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        • Perhaps. It would be funny to let them keep their bloomin’ “right to bear arms”, let them have as many ‘arms’ as they wish, but … sorry, folks, there are no more bullets to be had anywhere in the world. Yeah, I’m dreaming. And Jamie … I’ll take my chances with a banker rather than a guy with a gun anyday. 😉 Cheers!!!


  6. Forgive my ignorance but if both Trump and Pence are due to make an appearance at this Cowboy Convention, why am I only hearing that nothing must happen to Pence. Have they made Trump a legitimate target at last?

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    • Hah! I had the same confusion, so I had to go digging. Pence is the only one actually scheduled to speak, but Trump will be there, and it is anticipated that he will speak, for you know that he is incapable of being silent. 😉


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  7. The NRA annual convention minus the guns…whatever will they use for entertainment? Oh, is that what Pence is supplying? Maybe the Secret Service can show them there guns, just so the NRA members don’t begin experiencing the early stages of acute gun withdrawal. Thank-you! P.S. On your one last thing, maybe a campaign donation guarantee. Trump IS campaigning, still and again.

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    • Hah! With Pence and Trump, not to mention all the other NRA fools, they should have plenty of entertainment. They may have twitchy fingers by the end of the day, though. Oh yes, there is no doubt in my mind that there will be promises of money flowing. Isn’t it nice they have time to go socialize with their rich friends in the gun lobby, and I’m sure the CEOs of all the big weapons manufacturers will be there, too! Grrrrrrr …. 😬


    • I think there is just so much going on, so many things to be up in arms about, that this one slips by unnoticed. And of course those 40% who love Trump also love the NRA and see no problem whatsoever with it. Welcome to the Plutocracy of America!


    • It’s rather like the entirety of the past year in our government, isn’t it? Funny/sad/illogical … and dangerous. It was in the media, but not widespread, so no big splash. Rather like James Shaw, who stopped the Waffle House shooter, but did it without a gun. Haven’t heard near as much about him as you would have if he had a gun.

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  8. Hello Jill. Speaking of the “good guy with a gun…” Idea have you wondered why we have not heard much of the hero in the Waffle House shooting? Yes an unarmed man wrestled the weapon from the near naked shooter, getting hurt doing so, and saved many people. I have not seen the president tweet about it. I have not seen much coverage in the news. Do you think it is because the hero is a black man, while the shooter, who is not labeled a terrorist, was a nude white man? Oh and they started a go fund me for the hero and he used the money to pay for the funerals of the people killed. A really great thing and he deserves a lot of credit. Hugs

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    • Hey Scottie! Funny you mention James Shaw, the Waffle House hero, for I decided a few days ago to make him the focus of my “Good People” post tomorrow a.m.! The way he was underplayed angered me and I felt he deserved the spotlight far more than he got it. My blog is not the New York Times, but I will give him a hero’s honour! To answer your question, I think the colour of his skin may be a factor, but I think the bigger issue is that he did NOT use a gun. If a “good guy with a gun” had stopped the shooter, it would have been splashed all over the headlines and he would be getting a White House dinner in his honour. Sigh. Hugs!!!

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    • JB!!!!! Great to see you … I see your tweets all the time and think … I really need to pop into his blog and say, “HI” … but obviously I haven’t managed to do that yet. I miss you! Had 2 surgeries on my eyes, and my vision is much improved. Hope you are doing well and are happy? Thanks for the re-blog!!!


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