A Rudderless Ship — Part III

I think I can honestly make the statement that the United States of America is adrift with no leadership.  Donald Trump is more concerned with almost anything except the myriad of troubles facing this nation and its people, and the majority in Congress are more concerned with staying on Trump’s good side, if he has one, than with serving their constituents.  Perhaps of equal concern is that a significant portion of the adult population of this nation seem content to remain bobbing in a vast sea of nothingness, just so long as Trump rants and talks ‘tough’.

We do not have a president at the helm, but instead we have an entertainer, a circus clown.  Trump’s personal lawyer (one of a cadre) is under investigation and has, it turns out, done so many shady deals that the sun may never shine in his presence.  I’m betting a good number of those deals were done on behalf of Trump.  His current doctor is an alcoholic candyman and his former doctor is a looney bird who, it turns out, let Trump write his own health report in which he said he would be the ‘healthiest president in history’.

The man who sits in the Oval Office does not understand foreign policy in the least bit, and worse yet, sees no reason to learn anything about how the U.S. does or should interact with other nations.  Instead, his foreign policy consists of one and only one goal:  to undo anything and everything that was done during the eight years of the Obama administration.  Thus, he has announced his decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord, leaving the U.S. the only nation on the globe that has said, “oh well” and shrugged its shoulders to the ongoing devastation caused by carbon emissions into the atmosphere.  He has destroyed important international trade agreements without even knowing what the terms are, and further, imposed damning tariffs on friends and foes alike.  He is likely to cancel the Iran deal that was making the world safer.

He is under investigation for collusion with Russia in order to buy the election, and for obstruction of justice in trying to interfere with investigations into his wrong doings.  And instead of being cooperative or showing even a modicum of concern, he acts for all the world as if he is guilty and spends his time ranting about being a ‘victim’ of a witch hunt.  Although he did not win the election honestly – that much is already proven – he is still spending time pursuing his opponent, Hillary Clinton … even after he has been in office for fifteen months!  Talk about a witch hunt!

His intent was never to govern or to lead … his intent was always to rule.  He does not insist on knowledge or intellect from his staff, but rather asks for blind loyalty and empty, inane praise.  He does not wish to hear from his advisors what he needs to hear, but rather what he wants to hear.  And thus far, most of his staff have been happy to comply.  Those who didn’t, such as James Comey and Rex Tillerson, are no longer part of his staff.  His lawyers are making a mad dash for the exits, much like rats deserting a sinking ship.

Donald Trump is tearing this nation apart.  He is making horrible decisions affecting humans, the environment and the economy … decisions that will carry a high price tag well into the future.  He has the mental capacity of a five-year-old and the linguistic skills of a teenager.

So with all that said, could somebody please tell me why his overall approval rating, as based on an aggregate of polls, keeps edging up???  What the Sam Heck are people finding to approve of?  What’s to like?  Not. One. Single. Thing. Granted, there is some skewing of the polls, for people like you and I rarely if ever respond to unsolicited phone calls, meaning that the average person polled is likely a bored housewife with nothing better to do who will say she likes Trump because he “tells it like it is”, as she read on a Facebook meme one day.

Instead of worrying about important issues both at home and abroad, he is planning a military parade whereby the armed forces will march down Pennsylvania Avenue and salute him.  Instead of trying to actually understand the complexities of the Iran deal, he is busy threatening Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over a closed case against Hillary Clinton.  Instead of taking time to study the data on climate change, he is trying to figure out a CYA plan to counter a lawsuit by a former mistress.  THIS IS NOT A PRESIDENT!

The United States was once considered a world leader, was once referred to as the land of opportunity, but in just fifteen short months we have started down a path toward being barely above a third world, underdeveloped nation.  Our leaders care not if we have health care, if we have air that is breathable or water that is drinkable.  They care not that we are so far in debt and getting in deeper every day.  They care not that racism and white supremacy are on the rise.  It is time for the people … yes you REPUBLICANS … to wake up and smell the coffee!  In the Capitol we have a majority of wimps who are too afraid of Trump and the GOP to do the right thing.  WAKE UP, Congress, and realize that Donald Trump is NOT your boss – We The People are!  If they have not stood firm and begun the process of removing Trump from office by November, they better be voted out of their own offices, else by the next election, this rudderless ship will have hit the iceberg and be on its way to the bottom of the sea.

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  1. Not only has this president made mistakes up to now, he seems to be continuing to make them, some even worse. The only person he seems to take the advice of is the last person he talked to. Even his press secretary can’t keep up with his whims and gets embarrassed. It’s a catastrophe. 😦 — Suzanne

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  2. In 1887 two Royal Navy ships collided and the HMS Victoria sank, Admiral Tyron was implicated due to his inflexible style of orders along with and a lack on initiative of his staff. He being manner of old school honour went down with his ship apparently his last words to be heard were. ‘It’s my fault’
    Can’t see the same behaviour being conducted this time at the Whitehouse.
    With reference to the Whitehouse…..Nixon resigned.

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    • Nope … I’m pretty sure the ‘man’ in the White House would shove the women and children out of a lifeboat to have it all for himself … and perhaps a bimbo or two. And he would be blaming everyone from the ship builders to the guy who swabbed the deck. Integrity … a funny word you don’t hear much in this country anymore.

      Yep, Nixon resigned … First, I imagine, because he knew the ultimate outcome, but also, I think, because he knew the toll an impeachment and the surrounding chaos would take on the country, and I believe he did care for the nation.

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      • I agree in his own dark and complex way Nixon cared. If Shakespeare had been around today he’d have at least one play out of Nixon and another on LBJ.
        Men who worked their up from nothing and who could have offered so much, but in the end listened to their demons. Tragedy.

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  3. Calensarial actually has a good idea. Why not send this to all the major national newspapers as a letter to the editor. If even one prints it you get a whole new readership, if only for just the one post. Some smaller newspapers might pick it ip too. And, if you are truly unlucky, FOX might pick it up as a prime example of fake news, which could spread it nationwide. Go for it, my friend. This is that good.

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  4. Thank you for your well written article!

    I keep trying to explain what is going on to my teens. I guess they are baffled by my incredulous response. They say, “He’s a crook, end of story.” I don’t think they have any idealism left in them. They have seen so much corruption, collusion, and flat out lying in their short lives. I wish the rest of the country could see things from the jaded eyes of my children.

    This is a turning point for the individual states. I don’t know what’s going to happen next.

    I do disagree with one point. I don’t believe this man is a clown. I think he is a very savvy narcissist with a ton of money and connections who know and understands exactly how to play the game without bothering to pretend to care. That’s why rural Americans like him.

    He doesn’t like foreigners that don’t look like him.
    He insults them knowing they have no real recourse.
    He blames poor people for believing in a broken system while trying to shut it down.
    He blames immigrants for taking jobs working for slave wages in fields from white Americans who won’t work these jobs. (What happens to the social security funds that these immigrant employees paid into the system while they worked here for years when they get deported? The government gets to keep the money. I think people believe that migrant immigrants get paid in cash. Most of them get a social security number and think they are working legally. They don’t have the same rights as English speaking employees, because they are uneducated. That doen’t make them any less hard working to come to a foreign country hoping to make a new life.)

    Companies have to appear to do things the right way. Big and middle sized businesses are employing these low paid, unskilled workers so they make a greater profit. This is the middle class in America.

    I think the middle class wants to believe that President Trump is some type of savior that will bring things back to the way they were. Where woman were silent, people of color were seen not heard, immigrants came here and were taken advantage of without help, support or acknowledgement from the government, minority groups segregated themselves, there was less integration. Less regulation and oversight will mean the ability for companies to hire people under the table with no benefits or rights again. Isn’t this country about making a profit? I thought it was about freedom from persecution, the right to education, affordable medical care and human decency. I guess I’m still idealistic.

    I see homeland security vans pulling cars over on the highway every day. I live in Northern Ohio. This is scary. The government has been given permission to harass people in America again. People on the fringe with few supports and no voice.

    There are reasons that things have changed. People understand the inequities that have occurred. The system that was put in place to support the needy has been constantly undermined. How can poor people get educated if the teachers in their neighborhoods can’t provide a quality education? It is convenient for private school educated individuals to condemn people who have to go to public schools in poor cities. I also love when those same congressmen and woman talk about unemployment rate being down. There are people in this county who drop out of school who can’t get full time jobs. Without a GED job prospects are slim.

    Well, that was a rant. Sorry about that. I probably should have just written a blog instead of spewing all over yours. I guess you struck a nerve.

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    • I agree that he is a narcissist who has enough money that so far in his life he has been able to buy whatever he wanted. But when I call him a ‘clown’, I am referring to the buffoon-ish persona. The man who repeats a partial sentence thrice, who cannot string a coherent sentence together, and … the man who cannot even keep his lies straight from one day … nay, one hour … to the next. He is an entertainer, a character, but not an intellectual.

      Yes, frighteningly and sadly, he has opened the door to bigotry, to xenophobia, to racism and hate. During his campaign, when he kept saying he was going to “make America great again”, I kept asking … what? Is he planning to take us back to the days of school segregation, the days when a woman’s place was in the home, barefoot and pregnant? To the days before Equal Opportunity, before Civil Rights? That was my fear, and I think it is being realized a little bit more every day.

      I didn’t know you lived in Ohio. I live in the northern suburbs of Cincinnati. Almost neighbors 😉

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  5. And the rats are leaving the rudderless, sinking ship. When your legal team starts to quit when the special counsel gets close to taking action, that’s not a good sign. Bringing Rudy Giuliani on the legal team, a man he made fun of during the campaign, is an interesting move. He made his career putting away dishonest organized crime figures. I guess he has the expertise to defend one.

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        • Again, I question these poll numbers. Where do they get them from? I’ve NEVER been asked a poll question on Trump, or any other political candidate, in my 5 and a half decades on earth–neither has ANYONE I’ve EVER known for that matter. Who is being asked? Old fuddy-duddy’s in a retirement home in a Florida somewhere? Racist white males in Alabama? Where are these polls taken? How are the questions asked? Ask me if I’ve any negative feelings on the Dems, and you’ll get such an earful you’d SWEAR I was a conservative Repukelican, but I’m not, nor have I ever been. Ask me if I think it’s an OK thing the tRump talks to ‘lIl Kimmy in North Korea and I’ll say yes, even though I’d vote for, and approve of, a bag of horse shit before I’d approve of tRump or the Repukes. I’d truly like to see how these polls are done and how big of a sample of people are questioned.

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          • It is true that all the polls have a certain amount of bias built in. And, like you said, I’ve never been asked to answer a poll, but then I don’t answer my phone unless it’s somebody I know calling, either. But … look at his rallies … people are still turning up and still hanging on his every word, praising and cheering him on. Go to Facebook and look at some of the posts … people are still saying how great he is and how the “liberal snowflakes” are just sore losers. So even though the polls are not, cannot be, accurate to the nth degree, I think there must be some validity, for I keep seeing and hearing an awful lot of the obnoxious fans cheering his every word.


            • Oh, his followers are a cult. He’s a deity to them, and every time he does one of his rallies, it’s in a place, a “safe place” where he’s loved and adored. I’m convinced that nothing will change these people. Nothing. And as for polls, welp, according to them, Hilary was gonna win the 2016 election, fairly handily, too. I do not think that happened.

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              • True … and I, also predicted, all the way up to about 1:00 a.m. on November 9th, that Hillary would win. I remember the moment when I did the math in my head and said … “is there any alcohol in the house?” Since then, my predictive skills, which were once pretty good, have failed more often than they have succeeded. Which is why I’m not predicting the massive wins in November that some are, for it just seems … too pat … too easy … and I see too many pitfalls that are being largely overlooked. Hopefully, if I err in my predictions, it will be on the side of caution.


            • And you’ve got a good point. I don’t answer my phone for unknown numbers either. So, if the primary group of people are those who DO answer their phones and talk to people they do not know about such things, we may have to question their stability on a mental level. I’m sure millions do it, however. I think I should become a bridge salesman and start selling people the Brooklyn Bridge, randomly over the phone. I think there’s millions to be made at it.

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              • HOLD ON there!!! I have already sold the Brooklyn Bridge several times in the last year or two … go find your own bridge!!! The Verrazano-Narrows is still up for grabs, I believe, as is the Golden Gate out in California! 😄

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    • I absolutely agree! And … when Cobb quit, it seemed Trump already had Emmit Flood, Bill Clinton’s former impeachment attorney, lined up. Perhaps he was eager to get somebody with impeachment experience? 🤔

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Seems like a long time ago … 15 months ago!!
    ‘The United States was once considered a world leader, was once referred to as the land of opportunity, but in just fifteen short months we have started down a path toward being barely above a third world, underdeveloped nation. ‘ #Sad …

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  7. Jill, well done. His history defined everything he is doing now. Decisions, tweets, comments, attacks are traceable back to his ego. Money is a way of keeping score, so even the money is traceable back to ego.

    He did not want Mueller to follow the money. There is a reason for that. This overarching problem is with six bankruptcies, American banks would not lend him money. So, he gets it from Deutsche Bank which has been convicted of money laundering for Russian interests. Plus, real estate has been another easy source for Russian money laundering.

    This may be more than collusion. It would not surprise me that Trump is a compromised Russian asset. This is why we must get to the truth. Republicans who remain willing sycophants truly do not know fully what they may have wrought with their blind eye. The question to ask them is this the man for whom you would spend your brand name?

    With Bolton added to his team, he has another man who is like Trump – willing to lie about data and beligerance toward staff. Keith

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    • Thanks Keith!!! Funny thing … as I was writing this, I thought of you. I thought, “Keith will be disappointed, for I am pulling no punches, this is a pure and simple rant …”

      It would not surprise me to find that he is a Russian asset either. Quite frankly, there is little that could come out of this that would surprise me. Trump & Co are a vile cast of characters. And Bolton? Just another clown added to the circus. Another jerk among many. Sigh.

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      • Jill, the fact that Bolton would go to lengths to have intelligence officials fired for giving him intelligence that did not agree with his conclusions speaks volumes. People who know him say he kisses up and kicks down. In my many years of working and just interacting, one of my pet peeves is when managers treat subordinates poorly while appearing so wonderful to their senior managers. So, he is working for a man who lies and fudges facts to meet his decisions and requires people to cater to him. What could possibly go wrong? Keith

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  8. >>> “His intent was never to govern or to lead … his intent was always to rule. He does not insist on knowledge or intellect from his staff, but rather asks for blind loyalty and empty, inane praise. He does not wish to hear from his advisors what he needs to hear, but rather what he wants to hear.”

    Exactly, and in a word it’s called megalomania.

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  9. Right On!!!!!! Beautifully written and so well said!!!! I too cannot comprehend how in the world his ratings are going up! He is a sick, demented , unhinged sociopath!!!!! Not to mention the nepotism and the emoluments! He is without any morals or conscience!!! He’s got to be impeached and IMPRISONED!!!! He is a detriment to society!!!!!

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    • Thank you! Wow … I should hire you as my assistant, for there is fire in your veins!!! Truthfully, I thought this post might have been a bit too much of a rant and might not go over well, but I was mad this morning when I saw his ratings had gone up, and I needed to get this off my chest, so to speak. Thanks for your support!!!

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