Pruitt’s Got To GO!!!!

pruitt-4.jpgWhy is Scott Pruitt still the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)?  In fact, I might even ask why Scott Pruitt is still a free man, for he has violated enough laws to have gotten most people put in jail by now.  The Washington Post refers to him today as a ‘swamp monster’, and I would agree that seems a fairly good assessment.

Since taking over the EPA last February, Pruitt has been on a one-man mission to violate every code of ethics possible and to use our hard-earned tax money to support his lavish, hedonistic lifestyle.  And he is still doing it, and nobody has made a move to fire this man!  WHY???  Oh … perhaps it is because he slavishly goes along with the destructive ‘policies’ of Don Trump, eh? Remember, when you finish an 80-hour work week, come home too exhausted to even enjoy the weekend, that Pruitt is off on some jaunt to Morocco or somewhere, staying in luxury hotels and eating gourmet food!  This is why you worked those 80 hours, so you could pay taxes to support this buffoon.pruitt-1As EPA administrator, Pruitt reversed and delayed numerous environmental rules, relaxed enforcement of existing rules, and halted the agency’s efforts to combat climate change.  Wait a minute … isn’t it called the Environmental PROTECTION Agency?  How is any of this considered protecting the environment?  Oh … I remember now … that new ‘alternative’ vocabulary.

Scott Pruitt is under at least 11 separate investigations by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the E.P.A. inspector general, the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and two House committees over his spending habits, conflicts of interests and management practices.  I ask the question again:  WHY is Scott Pruitt still in his position?pruitt-5Pruitt made frequent use of first class travel, as well as frequent charter and military flights. As EPA administrator, Pruitt leased a condo in Washington D.C. at a deeply discounted rate from a lobbyist whose clients were regulated by the EPA. Pruitt further caused ethics concerns by circumventing the White House and using a narrow provision of the Safe Drinking Water Act to autonomously give raises to his two closest aides of approximately $28,000 and $57,000 each, which were substantially higher than salaries paid to those in similar positions in the Obama administration, and which allowed both to avoid signing conflicts of interest pledges.

Last September, Pruitt spent $43,000 of our money to build a soundproof booth in his office, supposedly to protect against ‘hacking and eavesdropping’, even though there is already such a secure booth in the building.  And what, for Pete’s Sake, is so top secret about his job that it must be kept top secret???  Methinks he has an over-inflated sense of self-importance.  Last month, the GAO found this purchase violates federal spending laws.

Pruitt has 18 people in his security detail guarding him round-the-clock.  WHY???  An internal EPA report showed that EPA intelligence officials concluded there was no justification for the expansion of Pruitt’s security detail and that there were no specific credible security threats against Pruitt.  He also insists that if, as he is riding through D.C. in his bulletproof car, there is traffic, the security detail is to use flashing lights and sirens to clear a path for him.  He is the administrator of the EPA, not a heart surgeon whose patient might die.  One such instance happened as Pruitt was heading to his favourite French restaurant in D.C.  Seriously???  People trying to get home from work are forced to move over so this ego-bloated man can get to his dinner quicker?  A number of officials at the EPA have questioned Pruitt’s unconscionable spending, and have promptly been “reassigned”.pruitt-2But Pruitt’s failings in ethics and judgment are only part of a much larger problem: Pruitt has failed at the core responsibility of his job. He’s not protecting the environment. Pruitt has become a one-man public-health risk to the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. From day one, he has worked to gut the EPA and hamstring its ability to protect the environment and public health. He works on behalf of the fossil-fuel industry and other industrial polluters, not the American people. That’s the greatest scandal — and the reason, first and foremost, he’s got to go.

Pruitt has been working to weaken standards designed to clean up dirty power plants and to walk back fuel standards for cars. He has put a hold on vital safeguards that would limit the amount of mercury, arsenic, lead and other toxic chemicals that industry can spew into the air or dump into our rivers. Speaking of water, he’s working to repeal the clean water rule that ensures protection for wetlands, rivers and streams that provide drinking water to a third of all Americans.

The EPA was established to protect the environment and public health for everyone. It is no longer doing that, and Scott Pruitt seems hell-bent on destroying it, while living a life of luxury on our nickel.  Remember how Trump & his fans used to chant “Lock her up”?  My chant is “Get Him OUT!!!”pruitt-3

26 thoughts on “Pruitt’s Got To GO!!!!

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  3. Trump does have this immature idea that everything done by previous administrations including President G W Bush has to be undone because it will annoy everyone apart from his own followers; they being content with it because as they see the matter it annoys ‘liberals’.
    Of course the fact that this enriches his own circle is simply coincidental.

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  4. Dear Jill,

    In any other administration or public corporation he would have seen the exit doors ages ago. He obviously has the backing of some very deep conservative pockets. He is the poster boy for the SWAMP. it galls me that my tax dollars are being foolishly spent on this creep.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • It galls me too, and makes me so angry … he is as much a narcissist as Trump! And did you hear about his staff member starting stories about Zinke to draw attention away from Pruitt? Is there no conscience anywhere in the administration? Apparently not!

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  5. No kidding. The news today that he got his staff to push a phony story about Zinke’s staff to “take the heat off of Pruitt” is just so GAH that I can’t stand it. Every day that man stays in office, the administration and the silent GOP looks worse and worse.

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  6. Guys you seem to forget , he is a multi-millionaire before he got his current job. This is how he sees the rest of us, as unimportant things to be shoved aside for his own convenience. He really doesn’t care about us, the country, anything other than his own money and worth. That is his need for security, his won worth. If he displaces you, uses you, or sells the public land for his own good that you used, heck no problem, he is wealthy and more important than you. I am sick and tired of these people, and tRump has brought them out in droves and made them unashamed of what they are. Self important, wealthy people, who see the world as only for what they can afford to buy and all humans fit in that category to them. Yuck. Hugs

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  7. Jill, one thing that does not get enough press is several of his changes have been so sloppily done, the judges have either kicked them back or sided with the plantiffs, usually the states. The environmental judges have an understanding of science and data and have told Pruitt’s team they have not done their homework. This is a man who denigrates and runs off scientists. So, to me this man is failing to uphold the mission of the EPA, he is doing it sloppily, he has demeaned his scientists and has been unethical to boot. Finally, one key character glimpse – under oath he denied knowing the amount of raises given to his two compatriots, blaming others. That is throwing someone under the bus and it is extremely poor form . And, he is Trump’s favorite? Keith

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  8. The EPA under Scott Pruitt has suffered atrocity upon atrocity with no end in sight. The unconscionable behavior and choices of this man are beyond endurance. Scott Pruitt is not worthy of the air he breathes or the earth that he inhabits…while brazenly destroying both and every other part of the planet within his reach. I truly do not care why he is still the EPA’s administrator, just remove him now. The why is undoubtedly someone just as unscrupulous as Pruitt. Thank-you

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    • I am astounded … as many others as Trump has fired for far less, but Pruitt is still in office. I think it’s time we launch a concerted effort at making it known to our representatives in Congress that we want him fired immediately! I would love to see him prosecuted, but we both know he could easily buy his way out of any charges.


    • I wish I could say I believe that will happen, for I certainly agree with you that he belongs behind bars. But sadly, I’m sure he has enough money to buy his freedom. He has made the EPA the laughingstock of the world, except it’s not funny. It no longer serves any real function, except to give Pruitt an excuse to travel, dine and whatever else on our dime. Sigh.
      xxx Cwtch xxx

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