Our friend Hugh, aka the Professor, is a deep thinker, as one would expect of a former professor of philosophy. Today (actually a few days ago) Hugh delves into the effects on society, on humanity, of television and other electronic media. It is something we often don’t think much about, but … we need to … we really need to. Please take a few minutes to read Hugh’s post, for it is, as always, food for thought. Thank you, Hugh, for both this post and permission to share it!


I have suggested on occasion, sometimes generally sometimes pointedly, that the entertainment industry has been one of the more pernicious influences on the development of such things as intelligence and character that have been seen of late. It’s influence is felt everywhere and since we know that animals, including the human animal, learn from imitation it follows that the ubiquitous television and the social media (of late, especially) have had a tremendous effect on the development of young minds and hearts.

Robert Hutchins once pointed out that the invention of  television held out the greatest of possibilities for humankind. It could be an educational tool like none other and could bring about the elevation of minds and the enlargement of experience among all those touched by it. But we know that has not happened. Not only does public television — which was the last bastion of hope — struggle against…

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13 thoughts on “Entertainment?

  1. A quick note to simply say, Thank-you! You have led me to wander through some amazing places. To hear voices that I most likely would have missed. To stimulate my brain with the thoughts of these brilliant minds. To open my eyes and heart to different perspectives. One is never to old to learn!

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    • Thank YOU, dear Ellen!!! You have made my day and brought a smile to my face with your kind words! You are quite right … we are NEVER too old to learn new things, new concepts, new ways of seeing the world! I am 66 and never a day goes by that I don’t learn something. And by the way … Welcome!!!

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