Blowing in the Wind …

We have descended into lunacy, my friends.  Can we claw our way back out?  I’m beginning to have doubts – serious doubts.  My fear is that there is a master plan … that by November, we will all be declared incompetent to vote in the mid-term elections, for we will be sitting on the sidewalk in our underwear babbling incoherently while dribble runs off our chins.  Welcome to 2018 – the not-so-brave-new-world of the D.S.A. – the Divided States of America.

To prove my point, I offer a number of exhibits:

Exhibit A:  The chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives is asked to tender his resignation because his prayer included something about equality and justice for all. (Really subversive stuff, eh Padre?)  He tenders the resignation, then re-thinks it and rescinds the resignation.  And then, a week or so later, a shouting match erupts on the floor of the House over the chaplain.  According to Politico, “The exchange was so heated that some lawmakers and aides watching worried they’d come to blows.”  Over the chaplain.

Exhibit B:  The president of the nation has been involved in some 5,000 lawsuits and has no less than 19 women accusing him of sexual abuse.  He has been married three times and cheated on every single one of those wives. He is also under scrutiny for an affair that he had with, of all things, a porn star, and the payoff of ‘hush money’ to keep her quiet until after the 2016 election.  And to ice the cake, said president is under very serious investigation for the role that he and his family played in colluding with the Russian government to buy his electoral win in the 2016 election.

Exhibit C:  The D.S.A. has become the only nation of the 195 countries on the globe that refuses to believe in science, and has committed to a course of action that will lead the entire globe to a cataclysmic end if not quickly reversed.  But to take it a step further, said D.S.A. has also committed to destructive environmental practices, removing safeguards for both the environment and for human life.

Exhibit D:  In the past six months we have seen a neo-Nazi, a handful of white supremacists, a pedophile and a convicted felon run for election to the U.S. Congress.  And people actually voted for these jerks.

Exhibit E:  The lawmaking body, in fear or awe of the president, have passed legislation that is designed to ensure the demise of the poorest 15% of the nation’s population.  These include making affordable health care unavailable, taking away subsidized housing, refusing to raise the minimum wage, which has not been raised since 2009, and despite the fact that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) has risen some 37% since that time.

Exhibit F:  The word ‘freedom’ has been officially re-defined as the right to discriminate against anyone who does not, a) agree with you, b) look like you, and c) think like you.  Not only, might I add, discriminate, but if you feel your ‘freedom’ is compromised by, say, somebody whose skin is darker than yours or whose sexual orientation is different, you have been given the right to cause bodily injury to that person, and then have them thrown in jail for … the crime of … being different.

Exhibit G:  The leadership of the nation is now directed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), and any of our ‘elected representatives’ who do not support giving every white male the right to shoot and kill another with a big, bad gun that can mow down hundreds within a minute or two, is threatened with political extinction.  Worse, the majority of the people in this nation believe that they have a “God-given” right to own as many weapons as they like and to use them however they see fit.  In some cases, these people even put the love of their guns ahead of the love of their own children.

Exhibit H:  The so-called leadership of this nation has decided that education is not important and there is a concerted push among our government to promote illiteracy.  How?  By making student debt so daunting that most would prefer to leave high school and go work in a factory than to attend college.  By eschewing a sound public education for all, in favour of ‘charter schools’ that benefit few and teach little.  And by ensuring that students are not encouraged to think for themselves, but rather to ‘follow the yellow brick road’.

Exhibit I:  The nation’s already-wealthiest people and corporations have been given a huge gift in the form of reduced taxation, thus setting the nation on a collision course with financial disaster.  Despite a significantly reduced revenue in the national coffers, more money is being spent on the military – a military that already operates on the largest budget on the globe.

Exhibit J:  There is a madman at the helm who seems intent on giving himself the opportunity to “push the nuclear button”, a button that he has thought of as a toy to be played with and brandished about ever since his election.  For those, and there are some, who agree with the madman, I would suggest a glance back to August 6, 1945 (the bombing of Hiroshima) and August 9, 1945 (the bombing of Nagasaki) – look at the pictures, see the people, and ask yourself, “Is this what I want to see in this, the 21st century?”

I could go on, but my muse tells me that I have made my point and that it is time to stop, for the sake of my own mental and physical well-being.  Yes, we have descended into lunacy, a free-fall that must surely have a bottom, but that we have yet to find.  None of what we are seeing in this nation today is ‘normal’, none of it is wise, and none of it is leading us to a good place. Where does it end?  Are there any limits in this nation today?  Is there a point at which even the blind who are playing follow-the-leader realize that they are following him into a dark place from which there may be no return?  I cannot answer these questions, but it is imperative that we keep asking them.  It is imperative that we make our voices heard, for it is our only hope to return to a world of sanity.

56 thoughts on “Blowing in the Wind …

  1. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Where are the answers?
    ‘ My fear is that there is a master plan … that by November, we will all be declared incompetent to vote in the mid-term elections, for we will be sitting on the sidewalk in our underwear babbling incoherently while dribble runs off our chins. ‘ … they are ‘blowing in the wind’!!

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    This about summarises the terrible state that America has descended into. There is madness at work and it is so corrosive that much will be irreversible. You can’t bring animals back from extinction.

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    • Thank you so much for the re-blog, Opher! And you are right … at least some of the damage will be irreversible, and the longer it goes on, the more will be permanent. You cannot bring animals back from extinction, you cannot bring back children who died because they had no health care. And you cannot regain the trust of allies overnight, either. A dangerous game is being played out, and the most frustrating part is that our voices are being ignored, since our elected representatives are too busy licking Trump’s boots to listen to us. I have grave concerns about the November mid-terms, but … we simply must get some fresh blood in Congress! Thanks again!


  3. Dear Jill,

    What a list but thorough but I can think of a few more disasters in the making.! It makes one want to hide under the covers and not come up for air until the storm has passed. But we need to fight and push against this wind but it is so exhausting..

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Thanks! Yes, I could have gone all the way through the letter ‘Z’ I’m pretty sure, but I was getting tired. Like you, I AM tired in general. Every day there is a new barrage of indignities and destruction. But, we keep on, for what choice is there, really? Hugs!!!


  4. Hi Jill
    To borrow the phrase ‘We The People’ if I may.
    ‘We The People’ of the World have been here before. The phenomena mix of narrow-mind oafs supported by a crew of opportunists and servile courtiers is not a new one, and the USA is not the only nation at present with problems of a similar stripe. Nor is the list unfamiliar. Some in the minority groups such as African-American, Native American and Puerto-Ricans might say ‘What’s new? Welcome to my world’ In many nations across the globe folk might well say ‘Oh, you too huh?’
    We in the UK have been in a self-inflicted downward spiral since the 1970s where apart from the NRA issue all these in broad measure could have been levied at one govt or another by one group or another.
    I’ve gone down this road before but will repeat from a slightly different angle:
    ‘If there had not been Donald Trump. They would have had to invent him’
    If USA history is examined from each decade since the 1950s you will see underlying tensions (usually multiple which pits would part of the nation stridently against another part). With the elections of Obama and Trump each side threw down a challenge.
    The crossroads is within sight and History beckons.
    The People of the USA can either get together or they can follow the path of many before them and morph in separate nations. Some many thrive, many will diminish though.
    In the latter case the guilty will be those who hid behind the their perception of the US Constitution and did not embrace it.

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    • I can always count on you for an apt analysis and historical perspective. This time seems … it seems more like a permanent, unsolvable divide than the ones before. And yet, when you talk of morphing into separate nations, I’m not sure I can see that happening either, for the divide isn’t geographic at all. And yet, I also don’t see us getting it together, for both sides seem determined that it must be “all or nothing at all”. Compromise doesn’t seem to be an option. And you are so right that we are not alone in our troubles. We just seem to be sunk so deep into the muck that we cannot turn our heads enough to look at others’ troubles. Sigh. It’s time to wake up from this nightmare now. 💤

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      • Thank Jill for your kind words.
        Here lies the problem for the USA.
        In the long term, History teaches us this cannot continue in its present form. To go into more detail
        1. A quasi-authoritarian form of govt imposes its will (right, left or extreme-center-conservative) and faces down all forms of opposition with a strong hand. This would be a new experience to ‘White’ America and would not be pretty as those militia groups and gangs would have a very hard time, along with many of the more far left groups. conspiracy folk would be living their nightmares.
        2. A weak and ambition filled legislative/executive class strive only to get into power and ignore the chaos going on below them as battle-lines are drawn, concerned only with keeping it very low-key.
        3. The ‘morph’. This is secession through the courts and the ballot box, with social media making things worse. The result would be separating states or regions or cities. These would nominally acknowledge The President and ‘The Hill’ in some matters but normally go their own way. This would result in population movements either by choice or by low-key intimidation as folk head towards like minded folk. The problem here would result in states having large minorities who would either be aggressive in the defence or persecuted.
        4. The colonisation in reverse. In this case the USA is so polarised it is unable to function geo-economically or geo-politically and thus becomes prey to outside influences who pump capital into its structure and the pockets of those at the top. This results is a USA for hire, along with enclaves where outside powers effectively rule (see 19th Century European Empires as to how this works).
        A 300 million, five time zone, from artic to desert nation with an ingrained culture of dogged personal independence cannot survive unless by consensus and an increase in personal responsibility.
        This may well be a new experience for the USA (although the Civil War comes close).
        It is not for the rest of the world.
        At the end of the day Consensus is your way forward as The USA

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        • Ahhh … and now, yes, I can see it. Much as I wish I couldn’t. Much of this is already happening, and what you say makes a great deal of sense, especially #3 & #4. And you are right … consensus would be a much better path, but not many seem interested in finding any middle ground. I better start packing, for I’m pretty sure I would be one of those who would find myself in the minority where I live now. Perhaps New York of California would be a nice change of scenery. Or perhaps I would do better to exit the U.S. altogether. I have many friends in Canada …

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            • I just started a book today called The Soul of America by Jon Meacham, one of my favourite historian/biographers, and his theory in the book is very similar to yours, that we’ve been here before, that the ‘spirit’ of partisan divide is nothing new and that we’ve overcome it before. I thought of you when I first picked it up. I also thought of you when I saw something else today at our favourite Barnes & Noble, and I took a picture of it, which I will attack to an email later tonight, for I think you’ll get a kick out of it!

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    • Hah! No, no bad roll of the dice or conspiracy theory. Well, in truth, Trump could certainly be considered a bad roll of the dice, but one must look at why he succeeded in his bid, and that has its roots in the populist movement. The populist movement, which is also driving them crazy on the other side of the big pond, has its roots in the Arab Spring, which led to the refugee crisis. And … add in the fact that in 2008, the U.S. elected its first African-American president and that somehow brought racism back out from under the rocks where it had been hiding … well, a recipe for disaster.

      Welcome, by the way! I hadn’t seen you here before, so I checked out your blog. You’re an interesting lady, so I chose to follow, though I warn you that I don’t get to visit friends’ blogs nearly as often as I would like.

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  5. Jill, while I am very frustrated by this President, if I were a millennial, I would be even more so. With our growing debt, worsening environmental degradation, belittling of allies and increasing bigotry, we are paving a much more difficult road for them. Keith

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  6. Reblogged this on Impromptu Promptlings and commented:
    There just are no words.I could hear the air leaking out of my balloon as I read Jill’s post. And I want to add, what will happen to the children of the poorest poor when DCFS comes to collect them because they’ve been left home alone while their single parent works two jobs to try and put food in their mouths. OR the children who are being separated from their parents when they cross the border. How long before there are “academies” to care for and guide these children to become an army maybe???

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    • Many thanks for re-blogging, my friend! There are, indeed, many injustices that we can imagine, from children dying due to a lack of medical treatment, or starving to death. I think that the best we, as citizens, can do at this point is rally behind the democratic candidates for Congress in November, for that is key. If the republicans continue to hold both chambers, Trump could well serve out his term, for no matter how much indignity he has brought to the White House, this republican-led Congress cares not. If we look at the damage he has done in just 15 months, and then ask ourselves how much more he could bring in another 33 months, we must work tirelessly to shake things up for the GOP, for Congress, for our very republic. I apologize … this was rather a bleak post, but it spoke of my mood last night and today.


  7. You forgot to wonder what will happen to the children of the poorest poor when DCFS come to collect them because they’ve been left home alone while their single parent works two jobs to try and put food in their mouths. OR the children who are being separated from their parents when they cross the border. How long before there are “academies” to care for and guide these children to become an army maybe???

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    • No, I didn’t forget … just had covered about all i could for that one post. There are many, many such things to wonder about, to ponder, and we cannot possibly predict them all, nor should we. First things first … we need to get the ‘man’ out of office so that we can begin to repair some of the damage he has caused.


  8. We will overcome, and the next president can undo everything that this person has done. All the sane citizens of this country should vote out this person , and his minions in Congress… they should take time to vote , just an hour or two of their time…. otherwise, we all truly deserve the government that we have. No more complaining.

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    • Sadly his minions and the entire party have made it more than an hour or two to vote for a lot of people. Restrictive new voting laws, from cutting back early voting days, to almost jim crow like ID laws have made waits of 6 hours or more in some places where I live. It is totally against democracy , but as the one party can’t win anymore in a fair vote, they need to rig the system as best they can. And winning is all they care about. Hugs

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      • yes, they will do anything to win. That’s why everyone has to vote, no matter what. If voters have to wait for 6 hours, so be it. . Make sacrifices. Vote. ( and bring snacks and water. ) If IDs are needed, make sure they get one, no matter what. IDs are just an inconvenience. It’s another matter ,of course, if voters are prevented from voting , at gunpoint.

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        • Sadly many people have to work and if they try to take the day off they have to do so in advance and use personal time. I agree we need to all vote. I think it should be on a holiday with mandatory voting. I have used mail in ballot when I couldn’t get to the polls. I normally use early voting. But I have it easy. I am a an older white male. My drivers licence doesn’t even look like me and I have been questioned only once. But others get hassled in the southern state I live in. Be well. Hugs

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    • Ah, but therein lies the problem … a multi-tiered problem. If Trump is impeached, we are left with Pence who, while less dangerous, less volatile than Trump, comes with his own set of problems. If we get him out at the polls, and even if we elect the most wonderful president, some of the destruction Trump is causing will not be easily reversed. Our relationship with our allies, for one. The additional damage being done to the environment every day as a result of his policies on fossil fuels, and the deregulations he has put into effect. And what about people who die because of lack of affordable health care? The next president cannot reincarnate them. So, yes, we shall somehow get through this, but it is my opinion that the U.S. will never be the same again, that some of the things he is destroying are forever gone. Your point about voting is an excellent one, and the best way in which we can use our voice to get rid of the madman at the helm, and also his boot-lickers in Congress.

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