Yesterday, a madman made a very stupid decision, against all advice. Today, tomorrow, and for a very long time, the repercussions of that decision will be felt globally. Our friend David Prosser has written about this much more sensibly than I can at the moment, for I am engulfed in a fury that only allows me to rant and curse. Dear readers, dear friends, please take a moment to read David’s post and ponder on how the world just changed. Thank you David … I did not ask your permission, but am taking the liberty of assuming implied permission to re-blog.


It was one of those very rare occasions when the majority of the World’s powers came together in agreement. It was not a good idea for Iran to have the capacity and the equipment to build a nuclear weapon. An agreement was made instead of putting sanctions in place, for the agreement to stop their building there would be concessions.

This year, this month sees the renewal of that agreement which will only go ahead if the signatories of the original agreement accept that Iran has honoured it’s side of the bargain. The European powers France, Germany and the UK all agree that Iran has kept to it’s word as do China and Russia. However, Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu of Israel has approached the other main signatory, the U.S.A.with a story that Iran has not held up it’s end of the bargain and had been secretly working to continue making a…

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23 thoughts on “Destabilisation.

  1. Good share Jill….
    Everyone else is distancing themselves from Trump as if it were ‘the obnoxious guest at the party’ scenario.
    Pity the White House was built on flat ground.
    ‘The Fool on The Hill’ would be most apt.

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    • Thanks Roger! Yes, if he somehow manages to stay in office for his full term, by 2020 the U.S. will truly be isolated, for he is rapidly alienating all our friends. And I am serious when i tell you that Fool on the Hill is the song that runs through my head almost all the time these days! I used it a couple of months ago in a post, and ever since, i cannot get it out of my head for more than a few hours at a time! Fortunately I don’t actually sing much these days, else my family would be throwing rotten tomatoes at me on a daily basis! 🍅 🍅 🍅

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        • Oh Roger … if you ever heard my singing, you would want to go buy rotten tomatoes, or more likely duct tape! I even make myself cringe, and until the last few years, i wouldn’t even sing in the shower. Somehow, once I retired, it all ceased to matter, so now … well, until 2018 … when I am in the kitchen or going about my chores, I am singing — very badly, but still, singing. But we discovered something interesting. If I am disturbed, unhappy or in a bad mood, I whistle instead of sing. This is entirely subconscious, for I only began noticing it after the girls pointed it out to me. The upside? Despite my horrible singing, my inability to remember lyrics, so I make them up, they would still rather have me singing than whistling, for it means I am happy. So far this year, I have nearly worn my lips out whistling, but have yet to sing a whole song. Sigh. ♫

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          • Seems to me Jill singing and whistling are all ways for people to communicate how they are feeling, as well as how to take their minds off of things.
            Talking about lyrics:
            One of the earlier albums to my collection was ‘Days of Future Past’ by the Moody Blues- one of the first concept albums, about a day (Nights in White Satin?). Anyhows, ‘Tuesday Afternoon’ had a line which on my old mono-player sounded like:
            ‘Gently swinging with the ferret and the dove’…OK, so I knew the Moody Blues were in lsd….. But’ Ferret and the Dove’….Nah… too freaky even for a trippy song.😵
            When I finally purchased a new copy of the CD and placed it on a good player, mystery solved..
            ‘The Fairy Land of Love’…Of course..made sense!😃
            I never did sing the perceived version out loud….

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            • Hah! That’s funny! The difference between you and me is that I DO sing the perceived lyrics … usually because I think they are right. Do you recall a song by Aaron Neville called All My Life? At one point, the lyrics are “Hey, I’ve looked all my life …” I always thought it was “Help me Agnes, on my life …” One day daughter Chris heard me singing it and said, “What the HECK are you singing???” And to this day, I still sing it with the ‘help me Agnes’ part! ♫

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      • Throughout history, there have been many who favoured war for a variety of reasons, and that mentality still exists today. BUT … with the nuclear card on the table, more are exercising caution, for “war” has taken on a whole new meaning now. That said, Trump’s new National Security advisor, John Bolton, has spoken in favour of bombing both Iran and North Korea on more than one occasion. I believe this was part of why Trump wanted him on his team, for he is a firm believer in bullying tactics rather than diplomacy.

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    • It’s a complex situation, but the bottom line is by failing to uphold our commitment, we have shown our allies that they cannot trust us, we have given Iran an out, a license to begin building a nuclear arsenal for which they already have the technology, and we have set the stage for even greater turmoil in the Middle East. And why? Because Trump feels so threatened of President Obama’s legacy that he has pledged to destroy every single thing Obama did, and he’s determined to keep that pledge, no matter how many lives it ultimately costs.


      • I think, at least to an extent, respect has been lost for the nation as well, for it was the citizens of this nation that put him on his ‘throne’, and enough still support him to keep him there. If we don’t even respect ourselves, how can we expect others to respect us? Sigh.

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        • My blogging activities connect me with people from all over the world – the U.K., France, Germany, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Canada, and several other countries. Their overwhelming consensus opinion is that we Americans have lost our minds and that Trump is indeed a very dangerous madman. I recall an old saying parroted in a classic war movie: “If one person says you’re drunk, ignore them. If ten people say you’re drunk, you better lay down.”

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          • Yes, like you I have a global readership and they do think this nation has lost its bloody mind! Great analogy about listening to people when they tell you you’re drunk! Rather like, “if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably IS a duck”.

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