N Korea Is Responding To John Bolton’s Hard Line Rhetoric For Libya Style Deal

Yesterday, the North Korean government announced that the summit scheduled for next month between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump may not come to pass. Frankly, this news did not surprise me one bit, as when the meeting was first announced, I made a bet with myself as to which leader would be the first to find fault and cancel the meeting. Frankly, I lost the bet, for I thought it would be the petulant Trump who would cancel first. Our friend Gronda has done a fine job of bringing us up to date on the situation as it presently stands, and the reasons for North Korea’s stance, and so I am sharing her excellent post, rather than re-invent the wheel. Please take a few minutes to read, for this is a situation that is likely to be volatile for some time to come, and we need to be aware. Thank you, Gronda!

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of john bolton JOHN BOLTON

Well the inevitable happened. North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un has just put the US on notice that the talks scheduled between the republican Donald Trump and he for June 2018 may not happen. A top level Korean official, Kim Kye-gwan specifically took aim at the president’s new National Security Advisor John Bolton’s advertising this past weekend of May 12, 2018 that the US is anticipating a Libya type deal. In the Libya scenario, its former Leader Gaddafi gave up his nuclear stockpile only to end up brutally murdered as a result of US intervention.

This hiccup was to be expected as it is in line with what had happened in past attempts of US to construct a peace agreement with N Korea, going back decades.  The planned summit will likely go forward but it behooves the president…

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14 thoughts on “N Korea Is Responding To John Bolton’s Hard Line Rhetoric For Libya Style Deal

  1. Another good share Jill.
    I read Gronda’s post and groaned.
    Is Bolton been aware of the resonance that ‘Libya’ has? It’s a failed, chopped-up parcel of land with so many armed groups running their areas you could loose track. You do not use the term ‘Libya’ in diplomatic circles as a term of favourable comparison… Individual words count in high-level delicate diplomacy!
    Where do they get these people from?…. They remind me of the sort of goofy characters you used to see drawn in crowd scenes on the pages of MAD in the 50s & 60s

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