There Once Was A Time …

There once was a time when the United States was a trusted ally to all the nations in the EU as well as the UK.  There once was a time when we had the respect of our allies, and even the grudging respect of some who weren’t.  There once was a time that the U.S. was considered a world leader and looked up to, looked to for solutions to global issues.  There once was a time that the U.S. had a leader. Tusk tweetWhen Donald Trump made the decision to pull the U.S. out of the Iran nuclear deal, he set off what will become a series of events that will inevitably re-shape global politics and alliances.  Iran has every right to be angry, for they were upholding their end of the bargain and Trump failed on his end.  The other nations in the agreement, the EU, UK, Russia, and China have the right to be angry, for Trump single-handedly destroyed an agreement without consideration for the other signers.  The citizens of the world have a right to be angry, for Trump single-handedly made the world far less safe than it was a short few days ago.

It was not that Iran wasn’t upholding their end of the deal, as Trump falsely claimed.  There was only one problem, in Trump’s mind, with the deal …trump-iran-dealThe deal was working, Iran was keeping to their promises, and there was no reason to scrap it.  However, having pulled out, the team of Trump/Bolton now plans to re-impose economic sanctions on Iran.  And if that weren’t enough, Trump is threatening to impose economic sanctions on our friends and allies if they continue to do business with Iran.  This is unconscionable behaviour from the leader of a once-respected nation!  An analogy …

I come back from the grocery one evening and I’m fed up with my local store, Kroger, because once again they were out of celery.  I’m never shopping there again!  So, I go round to all my neighbors and tell them that they must not ever shop at Kroger again.  Period.  “But, it’s only right across the street – so convenient, and we get coupons and discounts,” they reply.  Fed up, I tell them, “If you ever shop at Kroger again, I will break every window in your house … and kill your dog for good measure!”

Ludicrous?  Sure.  But it is the exact thing, only on a much smaller scale, that Donald Trump and John Bolton are doing.  Now, under the above scenario, how long do you think it will be before my neighbors run me out of da hood?  And perhaps even more importantly, if my car won’t start one morning, or I become ill, or my house catches fire … how willing do you think they would be to come to my rescue?  International relations work much the same way as personal relationships do … it is a series of give-and-takes.  Donald Trump is all about the taking, and not at all about the giving.  And this is the man who believes he deserves a Nobel Peace Prize???

trump vs alliesWhile we have alienated our allies, there are a couple of groups who are seeing Trump’s foolery in a positive light:

  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wanted the United States to exit the Iran nuclear deal. He gave a televised presentation of Israeli intelligence last week that was a naked attempt to convince Trump to quit the deal.

  • Saudi Arabia’s young crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, has long opposed the agreement and mounted a quiet lobbying campaign to kill it. He has befriended Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner to lobby for his cause.

  • Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the man who makes the final decisions in Iran’s political system, always seemed inclined to favor the hardliners, Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard, over the Rouhani faction. Now Trump has given him reason to continue down that path — meaning more confrontation with Iran’s regional rivals in the Middle East and with the United States is practically certain.

map of alliesTake a look at the map above, then get out your crayons, for the colours are soon likely to change. I see the greens being exchanged with the orange/red if we stay on the current path. Trump panders to the likes of Putin, Duterte and Netanyahu, while slapping our friends.  Make no mistake … there will be a price to pay for his foolishness.  Just how great a price remains to be seen.  There is no doubt that because of Trump/Bolton, tensions will increase throughout the Middle-East.  Will it lead to a full-fledged war?  I cannot predict, but don’t rule out the possibility.  It does not appear that Trump has a strategy beyond bullying friend and foe alike, and unraveling every agreement that carries President Obama’s signature.  John Bolton has long been a graduate of the school of ‘bomb-first, talk-later’, and he is now our National Security Advisor.

Trump’s followers and the Israelis are applauding and cheering in the street.  Believe me, folks … there is nothing for us to cheer about today.  Not one single thing.

43 thoughts on “There Once Was A Time …

  1. Now an astute, hard-bitten, hard-assed professional would be inclined to get a small select group together who would shuffle back and forth between Iran and Israel with the message (although not the literal words) ‘Hey you got a bomb. Big whoop. They’ve got one too. Do the maths. Now you’d best play footsie like India and Pakistan does and we do with Russia and everyone is happy,’
    Cynical? Yes. But effective.
    The classic line from West Wing was:
    ‘There are two things you do not want to know how they are made. Sausages and Forigen Policy’


  2. Dear Jill,
    I am praying that the UK AND THE EU countries stand up to the bully-in-chief with his cohort with the mustache to give them both the bloody noses that they both deserve.

    It is hard to tell which one who is more dangerous as one is woefully devoid of knowledge/ history while having a penchant to act on impulse while the other is smart, calculating and a true believer.

    It is my opinion that Mr. Bolton did his level best to sabotage any attempts for the US to make any peace agreement with N Korea, which admittedly is a long shot. His words about a Libya style deal were not delivered by accident.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I think you are very right and that they are BOTH extremely dangerous. Remember how in the beginning of Trump’s term I had grave concerns about the influence Steve Bannon had on Trump? Well, Bannon is gone, but I have equally serious concerns about Bolton, for he is a warmonger. He is itching to start a war, and now he has the idiot-in-chief at his fingertips. It is not a good situation, and I hope that the EU and UK are able to stand their ground and not give in to him. It will be tough for them, but so far it looks as if they will. Did you see the cover of the German publication der Spiegel? Check it out!

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  3. Jill! Jill! Jill!
    Please stop insulting those poor lemmings. That they run blindly off cliffs was TRULY FALSE NEWS! A HOAX! They deserve to get their good name back. Lemmings are cute little rodents just trying to live good lemmings lives.
    Now, if you want to insult the Deceiving Toenail, please be my guest. He deserves it!

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  4. Jill, Dean Tusk’s statement needs to be routed to every member of Congress, every Governor and every news outlet. The question to be asked along with the statement is simple – is this the position you want America to take with our allies? A former ambassador said last week that America’s strengths are its military and its allies. If we throw the latter away, what good are we as the bully on the hill? Keith

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    • I fully agree!!! Some Tusk went too far, but I think he was spot on! I would love to see it circulated far and wide, for this is how we are now thought of. I cringe to think what the coming months will bring. And if the dems don’t gain a majority in at least one chamber of Congress in November, I really dread seeing what comes next.


      • Jill, I read a couple of years ago that Japan may be the US’ staunchest ally. Yet, for some reason Japan was not given an exception to Trump’s poorly thought out tariff scheme. Yesterday, Japan announced to the UN they will respond with $409 million in tariffs on US.imports. Now, we should all reread Dean Tusk’s statement.

        I feared a Trump presidency with our becoming a pariah a key concern. To be frank, I am amazed at how quickly Trump has caused our allies to devalue a relationship with us. Keith

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        • Sigh. Our own economy can only suffer, and probably sooner than later. Who can blame Japan? Yes, I think everyone should read Tusk’s tweet. I am not surprised that he has denigrated us in the eyes of our allies, but like you, I am surprised by how little time it took him! I bet when he was a child he had all his Christmas toys broken before Christmas dinner was served! His alliance with John Bolton frightens me, for Bolton is a warmonger. Did you see the cover of this week’s German der Spiegel publication? You should check it out.


          • I have not, but saw a new post you wrote on it. As for Bolton, Trump misinterpreted Bolton’s meaning as Trump does not care to learn history and insulted Kim Jong Un in a far worse manner.


  5. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Like a fairy tale … “There once was a time when the United States was a trusted ally to all the nations in the EU as well as the UK. There once was a time when we had the respect of our allies, and even the grudging respect of some who weren’t. There once was a time that the U.S. was considered a world leader and looked up to, looked to for solutions to global issues. There once was a time that the U.S. had a leader. ‘
    That time has come and gone … America is a rudderless and compassless nation now!!

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  6. Your scenario is spot on. This was a ludicrous move for Trump to make. Add that to his decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem alienating the Palestinians and their supporters, and added to this the killings that took place when Palestinians rightly displayed their anger which I feel can be laid at the doors of Netanyahu and Trump alone. The man is dismantling the US law by law and damaging the people in the process.Russia will approve.

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    • Thanks. Yes, he is treading into very dangerous territory of which he is largely ignorant. And still, his lemmings dance, clap and party at his escapades. I dunno … I don’t see a good ending for this.


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