Many, Many Thanks, Dear Friends!!!

Dear Friends and Readers …

I was truly amazed and thrilled by the interactions generated by the post “Give-and-Take”.  This, my friends, is what civil discourse looks like.  Nobody likely changed their minds, their opinions or their ideologies based on the discussion, but … we talked to each other respectfully and more importantly we listened to each other!  I thank you, Lisa Jensen, for bringing this idea to Filosofa’s Word, and I look forward to more interactions, more meaningful dialogues where, perhaps we don’t change our minds, but perhaps we at least begin to understand one another.  I am so chuffed, for this far exceeded my expectations when I first seized upon the idea.

And I thank you all, my wonderful friends and readers, for your participation, for your thoughtful and thought-provoking comments, and your willingness to listen.  You guys are wonderful!

Lisa and I will be communicating about ways in which we might carry on with this sort of dialogue, and I will keep you all posted.  Imagine what this country might look like if everyone took part in these sort of dialogues, keeping an open mind, finding common ground, even if only small specks of it!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I am still trying to read and respond to the comments, so please bear with me … I am old, slow, and somewhat over-extended in terms of time & energy at the moment, but I will respond to those I haven’t yet.

Love ‘n Hugs to all of you!

Civil-Discourse 1

25 thoughts on “Many, Many Thanks, Dear Friends!!!

  1. In history’s past I participated in a number of forums, national and international, and had quality discussions about many a subject matter with people from all over the world… over time those with closed minds tool over and the forums suddenly became unintelligent shouting matches and downright hostile at times… I left them many years ago and believe that most, if not all, of the forums no longer exist…
    I feel the same way towards social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), I don’t see much about them that is “sociable”… 🙂

    “It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt” Mark Twain

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  2. Jill, Lisa, thanks for the terrific exercise. Maybe a future exercise could be do this on an issue basis – increasing debt, environmental protections, healthcare, eg, asking for fact based thoughts. Keith

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    • Once again, you and I are on the same thought-train, my friend! I am going to be putting out a list and let my readers choose the first topic, then we will initiate a conversation about that topic. Thanks for the ideas. I had initially thought to perhaps lead with gun regulation, but after today’s school shooting, I think it is too much an emotionally-charged issue … at least for me it is … and I fear it could get out of hand, so I’m taking that one off the table for a bit. Lisa is going to be off on a business trip for a week, so I will use that time to do some preparation and we will tackle a topic the following week. I think every other week is enough, for this generated so many comments that I have been kept hopping and still haven’t caught up! Thanks for your support!


    • We are definitely going to try! Much depends on you guys … if enough people will participate, I’m pretty sure we can have some really great conversations! This first effort turned out far better than I anticipated, and I am thrilled!

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  3. Good luck to the two of you, and to all of us. And don’t mind me, I just like to get my two (million) words in edgewise. By the way, Lisa, my tablet ran out of power, and my hand cramps went away while it was charging. Thus I was able to go beyond expectations. I have not answered to your second set of responses, but I will if you want me to. Just say the word…

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      • Hi Lisa,
        My hand id’s okay today, thank you for caring. But when I read your last list of answers to me today, and started to wonder: what is it that makes you feel it is necessary to keep any kind of firearms in your house? Who and what is it you are scared of?
        I personally cannot think of any sane reason to keep firearms. So I thought I would ask, seriously, why do you have them?

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  4. As a new blogger, I must say I was prepared for the usual antics from Facebook where my online presence is more known, so I was thrilled and thankful to all of your readers for taking the challenge and finding even small things of positivity about how Trump is changing America (or the world).

    I look forward to future collaborations. More on that soon as Jill and I find interesting ways to share both views.

    All are welcome to follow my blog – the purpose is to call out the absolutely ridiculous things people say hidden behind the anonymity of their keyboards.

    I welcome and encourage discourse there as well.

    More soon – mwah!💋

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