Is It Any Wonder That …

“We have people coming into the country, or trying to come in — and we’re stopping a lot of them — but we’re taking people out of the country. You wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people. These are animals.” – Donald Trump, Wednesday 16 May 2018

“Frankly, I don’t think the term that the president used was strong enough.” – Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Thursday, 17 May 2018

Trump and Sanders both claim that he was referring to members of the gang known as MS-13.  Perhaps so, but it doesn’t matter, for it is not appropriate for the ‘man’ who is supposed to set an example, as leader of a republic, to refer to any human being as an ‘animal’. And in context, it sounded as if he were referring to immigrants in general. But either way, words are important, especially when they are heard by millions of people, and most especially when they are uttered by a man who is supposed to be the leader of a nation of more than 300 million people.  So, is it any wonder that …

New York City attorney Aaron Schlossberg probably wishes he had a chance for a ‘do-over’ of Wednesday.  The man went into Fresh Kitchen in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday, presumably to get some lunch.  Something must have given him a brain fart, though, for all of a sudden he went off on a rant to one of the employees of the eatery, yelling …

“Your staff is speaking Spanish to customers when they should be speaking English. Every person I listen to: He spoke it, he spoke it, she’s speaking it.”

He then threatened to call immigration enforcement authorities on the employees, alleging, apparently with no evidence beyond the language that they were speaking, that they were not legal residents of the country.

“My guess is they’re not documented, so my next call is to ICE to have each one of them kicked out of my country. If they have the balls to come here and live off my money — I pay for their welfare. I pay for their ability to be here. The least they can do — the least they can do — is speak English.”

Obviously somebody peed in his corn flakes that morning.

A bystander captured the entire rant on video, posted it on Facebook, and from there it went viral.  Two New York lawmakers, Representative Adriano Espaillat and Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., happened upon the video and filed a misconduct complaint …

“What was witnessed in the vile video from Mr. Schlossberg, which has since gone viral, is a humiliating and insulting attack on the more than 50 years of progress that this nation has made since the civil rights movement. The audacity to profile and verbally assault innocent bystanders and customers in a public commercial location is a violation of our civil society.”

Ironically, Schlossberg’s law firm advertises that it can take phone calls in four foreign languages, and Schlossberg himself claims to speak Spanish.  Corporate Suites, the company that operates the business center in which Schlossberg leases office space, has terminated its agreement with him. According the company’s president, Hayim Grant …

“His actions are just not consistent with our community and rules and regulations,” the company’s president, Hayim Grant, told the Post. “It’s totally contrary to everything we believe in as a company and personally.”

A petition has been started on calling for Schlossberg to be disbarred, and has already gained more than 10,000 signatures. A GoFundMe page has been set up to raise money to send a mariachi band and taco truck to Schlossberg’s office.

Or is it any wonder that …deportation bus.jpgMichael Williams is currently a Georgia State Senator who is running for governor of Georgia this year.  Since he is currently polling in last place, he decided to spice things up a bit, rally the troops, so to speak.  Or, perhaps I should say ‘rally the racists’.  Williams has converted a school bus (see above) to a racist-mobile, complete with slogans like “FILL THIS BUS WITH ILLEGALS” and “DANGER! MURDERERS, RAPISTS, KIDNAPPERS, CHILD MOLESTORS [sic], AND OTHER CRIMINALS ON BOARD.”

Nice, huh?  This week he launched a ‘bus tour’ with scheduled stops at Georgia restaurants, including at least 10 Cracker Barrels.  Only thing was, he didn’t clear it with Cracker Barrel, and it is definitely not okay with them!  Cracker Barrel issued the following statement:

“We are not sponsoring this event or supporting Mr. Williams’ campaign stops in any way, and per our company policy, we will not allow him – or any political candidate—to host an event on Cracker Barrel’s property. We take pride in showing our communities and our country that the hospitality we practice is indeed welcoming and inclusive to all.”

Another restaurant where he planned to take his road show, Brian’s Buffet in Griffin, Georgia issued a one-sentence statement on its Facebook page:

“We do not support Michael Williams running for governor and he is banned from the parking lot.“

So far, Williams’ bus tour has been marked by protests from people who want him there even less than the restaurants do. On Wednesday, the first day of the tour, Williams allegedly threatened the throng of protestors, threatening to run them down with his bus and have them arrested.Last summer, Williams posed with a white supremacist militia group, where he urged voters to “unite against Sharia law.”  I am always amazed when people in the U.S. protest against something that is not a problem in the U.S. and about which they know almost nothing.  Anyway, one of the men in the picture, Alex Ramos, was convicted this month for his role in beating a counter-protester at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia last August.

And is it any wonder that …

In Pennsylvania, U.S. House Representative Mike Kelly is very upset that Democrats think racial discrimination is still a problem.  (So is boot-licking, Mikey)  Needless to say, he voted in favour of rescinding regulations put into place to protect minorities from discrimination in auto-lending.  Coincidentally, Kelly owns a group of auto dealerships. Mike KellyReferring to the debate on the House floor over the legislation …

“I just think that if you come to the floor and there are 60 minutes to debate. 30 minutes on each side. But as I was sitting there, I had 30 minutes of Democrats coming down and talking about how bad automobile people are because they discriminate against nonwhite buyers. I said that’s not America. We don’t talk about those things.”

We. Don’t. Talk. About. Those. Things.  Really, Mike?

And is it any wonder that …Donald Sherman, was pushing his son Caleb in a stroller through a local park in Washington D.C., and instead of having a peaceful and very normal walk through the park he was approached by a police officer who told Sherman she received a call about a “suspicious man” with a baby.  Sherman said there had been only one other person in the park that morning, a white lady on a bicycle who veered off as he and his son approached.  Apparently she saw fit to report the man and his baby.  For walking.  In a public park.

These are only four incidents from the past week.  There are more, but I am out of time and space for the moment.  When the ‘man’ in charge says it is okay to hate based on race, skin colour, or whatever other criteria, then those who follow his every word, take it to heart.  Yeah, words matter, folks.

69 thoughts on “Is It Any Wonder That …

  1. Ok, just a crazy Brit-thought for all American Politicians….
    What ever happened to ‘Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness?’
    ‘Cause it’s written down……..
    Just asking, that’s all.

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  2. Stupid people say and do stupid things. You can’t fix stupid.

    But we can always take phrases out of context.

    Full text re: Trump:

    Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims brought up the gang and her department’s ability to combat them: “There could be an MS-13 member that I know about” and yet can’t report to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    Trump replied, saying in part, “These aren’t people. These are animals.”

    I think we can and should ALL agree that vicious gang members who murder, rape, send videos detailing their murder to victims families are in fact, animals.

    Don’t defend MS-13 or pretend they are valuable human beings. They aren’t.

    The rest of your stories makes me sad that there are people who really think the majority of American voters would think it’s cool to stage a bus to cart the illegals away (most of which are law abiding – sigh). The actions of a few rotten apples does not represent me – that’s for sure.

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    • I had read the full transcript of Trump’s meeting, but am still not convinced that he was referring only to MS-13. Now, don’t get me wrong … I have no use for the likes of those particular gangs, BUT … I still call them human beings. Cruel, evil human beings without conscience, but they are human beings. And part of the reason it is so easy to believe he meant all immigrants dates back to June 2015, when he announced his candidacy and referred to Mexican immigrants as ‘criminals and rapists’. To me, that spoke of bigotry and he hasn’t proven me wrong yet.

      But to the point, yes, some people are narrow-minded and shallow, and it seems to be becoming more prevalent of late. ACLU and SPLC both report a surge in the incidence of hate crimes, racial-based crimes. And no, I know it doesn’t represent you, me, or any of my readers. It is a small minority, but so vocal, so … ‘in-your-face’.


  3. And, how about Christopher Barnett? He’s a Republican candidate for Governor in Oklahoma who allegedly posted comments on Facebook calling for poor disabled people to be euthanized. Why? Because they can’t take care of themselves and Mr. Barnett (and his fellow right-wing extremists) don’t want their taxes to be used for keeping these people alive. I suspect that Barnett has rationalized in his twisted mind that a quick death is a far more humane fate than living in poverty. Such “logic” could also be applied to him. What if someone asserted that people who lack human empathy would be better off dead?

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    • Hell, I don’t like my taxes being used to support billionaires who get massive tax cuts. I think it’s awful I have to pay more because they don’t have to pay at all. Maybe it would be better if they were all gone, eh? This clown is a class act idjit.

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    • This one hadn’t crossed my radar yet until you mentioned him, so I went in search of. He is claiming that his Facebook account was hacked and that he didn’t write that. I’m not sure I believe him … something just seems off about his claim. But, until I have some firm facts, I cannot really write about it, either. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, though, and I will be keeping an eye on Mr. Barnett. Sheesh … so damn many idiots out there this election season that I cannot keep up with them all!

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    • Wouldn’t that be the sort of thing that people on the right (and some in the centre ground) of American politics worry could happen in a socialist state?
      He sounds positively Pol Pot-ish.
      The Nazis did the same sort of thing with those they considered too disabled (especially mentally)
      I sincerely hope he has been misquoted, otherwise he deserves The ‘Big Smack In The Mouth’ award of the month.

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  4. I wonder how these folk would like to know that amongst sections of the UK, they would be referred as
    ‘Typical fat gun-crazy yanks. Probably history of marrying cousins’
    If they turned up in the UK there would be a loud recation to have them packed-off out of the UK as fascit trouble making gun-crazy idiots
    How did you like the profile lads?
    Incidentally, how many of thes folk have ancestors who when they arrived in America were considered forigeners who should have stayed where they were for all the same accusations?

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    • Hi Roger, right?

      I live in the Southern part of Virginia. It’s the south. We get called that and more by Elitist Yankees.

      For the record, I don’t racial slur.

      My point of course is that it is seemingly OK for intolerant Leftists to generalize, mock, and shame entire groups of whites but who are appalled when the same is done to them or others. All of it is pointless.

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      • Name calling and profiling by any group is something I loath Lisa.
        A community is a community and that should be respected (with allowances for traditional gentle inter-neighbourly ribbing) .
        One of the reasons I parted company with many of my fellow left-wingers was the racism against Americans in general masking as ‘political’ statements.
        My stance is the only respectable Intolerance is Intolerance of Intolerance. (I tend to go into red mist mode over Intolerance- ask Jill)
        Best wishes to ‘Old Dominion’


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    • Every single one of them had ancestors that ought to have stayed where they were. It’s too bad, really, that the Native Americans didn’t build a wall and put a stop to immigration before it got our of hand and they started letting the riff-raff in, for now we are stuck with them. Grrrrrrr. Fat gun-crazy yanks says it all. And nothing will change because the gun lobby is all powerful.

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      • We shall see.
        I have a feeling there may be folk who own guns and are members of the NRA who may start lobbying for a higher profile for ‘Responsible Gun Ownership’.
        There may be folk without guns who will say. ‘So this gun-thing. How does it work?’
        That’s the tipping point it be hoped for.
        The middle ground. Always The Middle ground.,

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  5. Our daughter Stef and her family lived i College Park, Maryland. Jesse worked for the Department of Education. She got all kinds of looks when she’d take the kids to the park. She was even asked once if she was their nanny. It always worried us that she might be accosted b y police and have the kids taken from her. It was a real fear…

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  6. Over 40 years ago, I taught my children to heed the adage of Socrates before speaking : “Is it true; is it kind; or is it necessary?” I cautioned them to pass their words through their brains before their mouths. It never ceases to amaze me that in this age of near certainty that one’s every word and action are recorded and publicly shared…many proceed to behave and speak horrendously and feel justified to do so. Is it the result of over inflated ego, self righteousness, self entitlement or sheer cruelty and stupidity? “Man’s inhumanity to man” remains one of the greatest deterrents of harmony and peace in the world today. Thank-you for an excellent post!

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  7. Jill, the best thing that can be done is to highlight bigotry and shame it. We all have biases and prejudices, so we must constantly shine a spotlight on inappropriate behavior. While most religious leaders seek to do the same, we have too many strident ones who promote bigotry from the pulpit, as does the man in the White House. Bigotry has to be carefully taught; so is the converse.

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    • I agree, which is why I write so many posts about it, trying to keep the spotlight on the bigots, whether they be racists, homophobes, anti-Semites or whatever. Intolerance is … intoleerable. And the ‘leader’ is perpetuating it, which is not acceptable either.


  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    M’lord … where has the American heart gone? Was there ever one?
    The ‘Ugly American’ rearing its head!! Has a mask fallen off … to be swayed so easily?
    ‘When the ‘man’ in charge says it is okay to hate based on race, skin colour, or whatever other criteria, then those who follow his every word, take it to heart. Yeah, words matter, folks.’

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    • I just don’t know anymore, my friend. It’s like there is something turning people who once had good hearts into evil, greedy creatures. I keep having the feeling that I have outlived my usefulness in this world, that it is no longer a world I belong in. Sigh. Thanks so much for the re-blog, dear friend. I don’t know what I’d do without you! Hugs!

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