Meet The Significant Seven …

I promised this post last week, as a few of my friends had asked to meet the Significant Seven, the family members who walk on all fours. But for reasons best left alone, I was not able to make any headway last week.  So, I promised, promised, promised it this week.  Now, the funny thing is that I started to write about my band of warriors, my ragtag crew of moggies, but when they saw what I was doing, Ollie made it clear … no uncertain terms … that they would much prefer to write about themselves than to leave it to my possibly biased opinion.  We sat down together, me, Ollie and Boo, and came to terms.  I am allowed to introduce them, but then I am to step back and let each tell a bit about themselves.  I am allowed a brief blurb at the end, but otherwise, as it is their story, they will be the tellers.  (Just don’t believe everything they say, especially Tiger!)


This is what happens when Miss Goose gets comfy …

The Gang, oldest to youngest:


Princess Nala

Oliver (Ollie for short)

Pandora (Pandi for short)

Booker T. Washington (Boo for short)

Tiger Lily (Bitch for short)

Isabella (Izzy for short)

OrangeOrange-2Hi!  I don’t like my name, but sometimes they call me Big O or Old Man, and I like those better.  Miss Goose named me when I came here, but I don’t remember, ‘cause I was just a tiny baby.  Some kids found me somewhere, and they took me to every house on the street, but … 😢 … nobody wanted me.  And then they brought me here, and Mom-mom (Chris) and Miss Goose wanted to keep me, but Grammie said “NO”.  So, on down the street we went, but Mom-mom told me later that in just maybe one minute, Grammie changed her mind and said, “Go get ‘im”.  And I’ve been here ever since.

The thing is, though, that I’m getting very old, ‘cause I came here in 2000, so I’m, like 18 years old now, and that’s pretty old.  A few weeks ago, I had something happen to me and I couldn’t stand up.  Grammie said she thought it was a ‘stroke’, whatever that is.  But, I got some better, and I still fall sideways sometimes when I walk.  I used to be really fat, but now my hip bones stick out and I’m just like a furry skeleton.  But I’m happy, and I get lots of pats, so life isn’t all bad.

They tell me I’m an ‘Odd Bodkins’, ‘cause I like some foods, like oatmeal, yoghurt, pumpkin goo and ice cream that moggies aren’t ‘posed to like.  I ran away from home last summer, and Grammie & Goose had to spend hours trying to find me.  That was fun, but now, anytime the front door is opened, they lock me up in the bathroom.  Hmph … nothing like trust!

Ollie is my bestest friend and he takes care of me sometimes, especially when I get all dirty.  Grammie calls us ‘the gay hombres’, but I’m not sure what that means.0203141522a

NalaNala-1Hey!  Introduce me properly, Grammie – you’s supposed to curtsy to the princess.  Oh … eh … heh heh … hi.  My name is Princess Nala, but you can just call me ‘your highness’.  I’m the second oldest and I’m special.  If I need to go to the litter box, I just let out a cry, and somebody comes and picks me up and carries me.  An’ when I’m ready for bed at night, my servant Miss Goose carries me up the stairs. That’s ‘cause I’m royal and shouldn’t have to wear out my beautiful royal paw-pads walking all that way.  (It’s actually because she’s fat & lazy, but don’t tell her I said so)

I got in trouble a few nights ago, but it wasn’t my fault. They left me in the bedroom too long and I peed on the bed.  Oopsie!  It was mom-mom’s bed, but Grammie got the maddest, ‘cause she had to wash the sheets and it was some special day called “Mother’s Day”.  But she’s not a ‘mother’ anyway … she’s just Grammie.

I get picked on a lot by Tiger.  Don’t let her pretty face and fluffy fur fool you … she’s vicious!  I don’t play … play is for juveniles like Boo.  I am above that, ‘cause I am a Princess.nala-2.jpg

OliverOllie-1Hi, I’m Oliver, but they call me Ollie-bug, cause when I was a baby I always rolled up in a ball, and Grammie said I looked like a pill bug.  When me an’ my sissy, Pandi, was just teenie, tiny babies, we got throwed into a big trash dumpster.  I took care of my sissy, an’ I got out of the dumpster and went across the street, screaming!  I can scream real good!  I screamed and screamed, and then Mom-mom was walking back from the mailbox and she heard me, an’ she picked me up an’ brought me here.  But I kep’ tellin’ her dat my sissy was still there.  Finally, she listened an’ she went back an’ found Pandi an’ we’ve been here ever since.  I guess we have a pretty good home … I never had any other, so I don’t know.  But they buy us good food and we get lots of pats and sometimes catnip.

Every mornin’ I wait outside Grammie’s door for her to come out and she ruffs my head an’ always says the same thing: “Hey bud, how ya doin’?”  I think she forgets that my name is Ollie, not Bud.

I love to chase mousies.  Not real mousies, but we gots mousies with catnip in ‘em and I can even throw dem in the air and catch ‘em!  Grammie says I’m the best behaved of the bunch … ‘cept Izzy, but she’s artistic or sumpin like that.


They’ll never find me here!

PandiPandi-1My name is Pandi and I’m really, really nervous of just about everything.  My favourite room is the bathroom, ‘cause I can sit and look at me all day in the shiny thing.  Ollie already told you how we wuz found, yeah?  I was so scared, and I’ve never stopped bein’ scared, even though we get so much love.  I bit Grammie the other day, and I felt bad.  I wanted her to pet me, but when she did, I just … bit her. I dunno why.  I think I’m a mean kittie, an’ I really don’t wanna be … I just get so scared.

Sometimes I do play, though.  I even take the mousie back to Miss Goose when she throws it for me!  She tells me I’m smart, and then I get all happy.  I got in trouble once.  Grammie had some flowers that Maha gave her and I knocked them off the shelf and the water went in some electric thingy and ruined it.  I got yelled at, but then Grammie said she was sowwy.Pandi-2


Boo-2Hi!  It’s me, Boo!  Booker T. Washington is my whole name, but folks around these parts just call me ‘Boo’.  Me ‘n Ollie, are the only normal moggies around here, but don’t tell that to the girls, ‘cause they get … well, you know how girls are.  I am educated … more than my sibs.  I love to read books … if Grammie or Mom-mom leave a book open, I’m on it!  Literally!  I even loves to sleep on books!  Annndddd … I can send emails and write notes!  One day I wrote a big long note on grammie’s computer when she forgot to close the lid.  I had more than 1200 letters in it!  I kinda got in trouble, though, ‘cause I typed the word ‘shit’.  😏

The humans?  Well, we all (mostly) love ‘em, but they’re weird about some things, like that word I just told ya.  Every time I call one of my sissies a bit–, I get squirted with the water bottle.  Heck, I learned the word from Grammie!

I like to play.  Do you like to play?  Wanna play wif me?  I gots a stick thingy wid feathers on the end and I loves it when people play that with me.  An’ my favourite thing is to pull the legs off o’ these things they call ‘crickets’.  Grammie yells and take them outside, but I like to play with ‘em.

Well … gotta run now … I see mom-mom left the lid up on her computer and fell asleep … gonna go write to my girlfwiend!  Tee hee …



TigerTiger-2I am Tiger Lily and I am the most beautiful of all the kitties!  My fur is thick and fluffy, my tail is so fluffy that everyone who sees it wants it for their own.  And I am tiny and … what’s that other word?  Petite … I am petite and dainty.  I am not mean!  I just don’t like anybody else, for they are all inferior to moi!  I especially don’t like Nala, ‘cause she thinks she’s a princess and she tries to boss us.  So I attack her every chance I get!  I get squirted with the water bottle a lot.  😔

I only let Miss Goose hold me or pet me, and even then, not for long.  I don’t pick on Orange, though … none of us do, ‘cause he’s old and sick, so we all leave him alone.  Miss Goose named me Tiger, ‘cause I have such beautiful stripes!  An’ since my name is Tiger, I feel I must live up to the name and be vicious!  ROAR … 🐯

Grammie said she was gonna give me away a few weeks ago.  I don’t much like Grammie.  She calls me a bad word sometimes.  She did say she was sorry later, though.  I still don’t like her.  I almost shredded her hand and bit her too, one time when she tried to pet me.  Tee hee heeeeeTiger-1

IzzyIzzie-2My name is Izzybelly an’ … an’ … I askeered of you … ‘bye  💨

Sorry ‘bout that, folks, but Miss Izzy has some issues.  She lives under the sofa, only comes out on occasion, and has to be coaxed out twice a day to feed.  If we have visitors, it is often a full day before she can be lured out. Depending on which professional you believe, she has either the feline equivalent of Down Syndrome or Autism.  I lean more toward autism, but we will never know for sure.  And really, it doesn’t matter.  We just give her as much love as she will allow us to and make sure she eats.

So there you have it, folks, the Significant Seven in all their glory.  Once upon a time it was the Terrific Ten, then the Notorious Nine, then the Enduring Eight, and now the Sig-Seven.  All are rescue kitties and have their own special needs, some emotional, others physical.  At least once a day I threaten to trade the whole lot for a good dog, but the truth is that we love them dearly … and they know it, too!

One final note:  Please do NOT give Boo your email address, for he has been known to send ridiculously long, rambling emails!

Photo credits:  Natasha K. McClain (aka Miss Goose)

54 thoughts on “Meet The Significant Seven …

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  2. At last I am honoured to meet the legendary Significant Seven.
    They certainly look like each one is a character. I love the photos and the bios

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Dear Jill,

    It has been a pleasure to meet the magnificent seven that we have heard so much about in your posts. They are a delightful crew with their own ways and personalities who obviously feel very much at home. You have even been injured when acting in the line of duty. When you start yelling, do they know to run and hide for cover? You must have that water bottle ready at all times.

    They add so much class and character to your abode. And they do love the beautiful, Miss Goose.
    Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Gronda

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you, Gronda! Oh yes … I am frequently injured and my arms are typically covered in scratches! Worse is that I have very few shirts that don’t have tiny claw-holes in them! 😀 They keep us on our toes, and there is rarely a dull moment … rather like living in a zoo, but we wouldn’t want it any different. Oh yes … when I start yelling, they all scatter in different directions!!! I yelled at Boo one night and he wouldn’t come near me for two days! We eventually kissed and made up, though. And yes, Miss Goose and I each keep a spray bottle filled with water next to our chairs. Mostly we only use them to break up arguments, or if they are somewhere they ought not to be. Miss Goose said ‘thank you’ for the compliment! Hugs!!!

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  4. Lots of tabbies! Oliver and Boo both look a bit mischevious! This is our Miss Twitchington (named after our favorite dance team on So You Think You Can Dance from years ago). Twitch for short. She thinks she’s a librarian… 😀

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  5. What a fun post of your kitty crew bio’s. I won’t even attempt a limerick as I couldn’t possibly do the, ‘Significant Seven,’ any justice. Great charatars, one and all. I quite enjoy kitties… They are the most discerning of companions… Can’t pull any punches with a cat… They just let you have it with all claws extended! 😄

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hah! And when i posted this, I said to myself, “I bet Colette will have a great limerick for the moggies”. 😉 Glad you enjoyed meeting the Sig-7. You are right … they are sharp critters. And, they sense when you need some loving, even if you didn’t realize it at the time! All claws extended is for certain! My arms look like they’ve been used for a scratching post … oh wait … I think they were! 😼 😺

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      • Cats, cats, glorious cats…

        Great for catching the pesky old rats

        Your heart they’ll pierce

        With enemies fierce

        And with love they’ll adorn your mats.

        I can only generalize in a poor limerick. Cats are the most complicated of pets. They are pretty quick witted, aloof and alarmingly feral when prey is in view. But there is something so wonderful when a cat bestows its love on you unconditionally.

        Witches were always renowned to keep cats. If one looks deeply at the whole aspect of Witches and their ability to use energy and herbs to heal (therefore not bad people as legend would paint it), they also recognised the significant properties of cats.
        Most people are aware that their kitty somehow knows when a little love is required. Cats will seek you out when you feel low and need a bit of a lift. What they may not know is that cats seek negative energy, absorbing it and somehow not affected by it (unless they are sickly). It is also one of the reasons that older, infirm cats may not approach you when you aren’t up to parr. An older cat cannot deal with negative energy quite so well.
        Witches used their cats as healing tools… And so can we!😉

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  6. Thank you, Jill. I wish I knew how to put pictures on here so I could show you my kitties. We have some similar ones, personality-wise, but none too close in colour, unless you count Tecumseh who is an orange tabby with a white neck and chest.
    All our cats came to us as kittens, some who mother’s had been rescued, and others that just happened along. But they all say “Hi!” to your moggy crew, and wish they could come to visit.
    Their names, in order of age, are: Diabolo Blanca (white devil woman), her ex-husband Smoky (who took 3 years to learn his name, but now he answers to whatever name gets called), Tecumseh (Come See for short), Haverstock (our resident scaredy cat if he cannot see his sister), and Millicent, Havi’s bossy sister.
    We are sorry to hear Big O is having aging problems, we recently went through that with our orange female Aztec, who is no longer with us. It is not an easy process, so we feel for all of you.
    Thanks again, Jill. I always love to meet new pussycats, they are the joy of my life.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Awwww … I would LOVE to see pics of your kitties! Perhaps you could send them in an email? Yes, we have lost three — Spooky, Pickles and Tofu — in the past two years, and it is always hard. They are not ‘pets’, but truly part of the family. We take comfort in knowing that in all likelihood, they wouldn’t have survived infancy had we not rescued them, and we gave them love, and a happy life, so what else can you do? Still, we miss them. Tofu had only three legs, so he was always my special guy … for months we didn’t know if he would survive, but he finally pulled out of it and learned to get around as well on 3 legs as on 4. Which of yours is the ‘Plus 1’?


      • Oops, I just realized I am answering the wrong comment below, but I don’t feel like re-writing all this, so I am going to finish up as quickly as I can. My apologies for bringING politics into a nice discussion on pussycats. Yikes!
        Now, on another part of your comment, you say “borderline socialist.” Can I ask why borderline? Socialism is not a disease, or a crime. Socialism works, look at Sweden. They have one of the best living standards in the world. They are one of the most-fulfilled people in the world.
        Now, I do not know how they became socialist, but I can see it working for them. They are the role-model for others. A man like Trump could never rise to power there.
        As for the USA, I know there are socialists there, but not enough by far. Free enterprise has convinced most Americans that socialism is bad, it is only a step away from communism. What is wrong with communism? Aside from the fact there are no true communist nations in this world. The leadership always sees themselves as a virtual upper class, so really the way communist countries of today work, they are virtual free enterprise states with millions of slaves supporting the greedy leaders.
        It scares me, Jill, when you tell me you are far left, but stop at borderline socialism. When I say 0I am far left, I am talking about left of communism. I know where your heart is, Jill, so please forgive me when I say that to me you are almost right wing. The borderline for “the middle” is the line between liberal and socialist. I am not trying to criticize you or your beliefs, but what I am trying to show you is there is a lot more to the left than you can imagine.
        And please let me add, I am glad you are almost borderline socialist, but I would be gladder if you could step over that line.


        • Well, I say borderline because while there are many tenets of socialism that I strongly support, there are others I do not. For example, I definitely support an equitable distribution of resources. Nobody should ever go hungry or without clothing, shelter, medical care, etc. But, I don’t agree that all resources should be shared equally. I think there have to be some incentives for those who are willing to work the hardest. Let me give you an example. Before I retired, I worked for a publishing company. Annual raises were based on merit, anywhere from 1% to 10%. I always got between 8%-10% and I worked damn hard. I often, during tax or budget times, worked 12-14 hour days, seven days a week, and I did good work. I managed people and was fair, but the job got done. Then the company was sold, and raises were determined by the CEO and were across the board. You could work hard or be a slacker, and you got the same. I had a little problem with that, for it de-motivated a lot of people, and it didn’t seem fair to take away the incentive. I kept working hard, because that’s how I am, but I definitely saw a difference among some of my co-workers. So, this is one of the reasons I cannot fully embrace socialism.

          The other reason is that while socialism looks fine on paper, put into real-world application with human foibles and flaws, I don’t believe it could ever actually work well. I am certainly more ‘middle-of-the-road’, more moderate, than you. I do not believe in ‘social classes’, don’t believe in royalty, don’t believe that any one person is inherently any better than another. I do believe some people act in a way such that they are a menace to the rest of us, and that those people should be removed from society. And I do not believe that anybody is deserving of or in need of millions or billions of dollars, especially when they hoard money while others go hungry.

          I know you’re disappointed in me … but we all think just a bit differently, largely I think because of our life’s experiences, our education, and to some extent, perhaps our DNA. No matter that we’re different … I still like you, my friend … you’re a good man.


          • Ah, Jill, I hope I did not insult you or your beliefs, but I did succeed in getting you to tell me what they are. This is the most direct answer you have ever given me, so thank you.
            It is true that socialism does not reward hard work, and that you were feeling slighted under the new ownership. The thing is, not everyone is capable of working like you. Some people don’t learn how to focus, or they are in the wrong job, or all kinds of things. That doesn’t mean the work they do do is not contributing to the overall wellbeing of the company. Comparing how hard we work to how hard others work is not a true test of value. And I am talking to myself here as well as you. I remember feeling pissed off that others hardly seemed to be doing any work compared to me, yet they were getting the same pay as me. But in the final outcome, the work was getting done. And people who were slacking usually quit, though some got fired. Where there is no job satisfaction, there is no reason to come to work everyday. You were obviously satisfied with your job, as was I (sometimes). I tried to always give my best. But that was a personal choice for us. For others it was a choice they could not make, no matter what the reason.
            I’m going to stop these here, because this is a conversation I don’t think we really need to have. We more or less know how the other thinks, and we think very similarly. Deep down we both want the same things, peace, and love, and the freedom to do as we please without hurting others. You would have made an amazing hippie. But that was your choice too, lol.
            As for our differences, they are more matters of degree than principles, in my opinion. Now that I have met you, you will always be a part of me, and that is about the highest praise I can give to another being. It is usually reserved for cats and other animals. They give back what they get, plus more.
            You give me so much more than I give you. And others you have introduced me to through your blog are also nice people to know, though so far I haven’t gotten to know many of them as well as I have gotten to know you. There are more special people in the world than it sometimes seems.
            So, thank you, Jill, your friendship means more to me than you can ever know.
            Now, get back to work, and ignore our mutual admiration party. Trump needs to be cut down even lower than he cuts himself down, and you are one of the best who try.

            Liked by 1 person

            • No no … you did not insult me at all! I truly did not realize that I had been holding back on sharing my thoughts and beliefs with you, and for that I’m sorry. I’m typically all to happy to climb up on my soapbox and expound! 😉

              Would have made an amazing hippie? I lived just outside of San Francisco during the ’60s and more than once hopped a train into the city to ‘hang out’ with the cool people! I even had a pair of flowered bell-bottoms! I wasn’t completely into it all, the ‘free love’ put me off, and I wasn’t as anti-Vietnam as most, but I enjoyed the culture. And yes, I even tried smoking weed once or twice, but actually just didn’t like the way it made me feel, as if I wasn’t completely in control of my words or actions. But I was, I suppose you could say, a quasi-hippie! I tried … 🙂

              And thank you so much for your friendship and the kind words. We got off to a rocky start a couple of years ago, as I recall, but I’m glad we ended up being friends. You make me think. And you’re a nice guy! So, okay … as you said … back to work!!!


              • Our term for you would have been a “weekend hippie” which we meant with derogatory overtones, but some weekend hippies were just believers too scared to commit to “dropping out” of society. Glad to hear you at least skirted the ideas. Smoking weed was not a necessary part of being a hippie, a lot of people had experiences similar to yours. But living that close to Mecca, I hope you were at least able to meet some nice people, and groove to some nice tunes. I tried to make it there, but never quite made it. Ended up in San Diego instead, two years too late. The scene was falling apart by then, guns and harder drugs ruining the beauty and the beat. But still a good experience for me. Wish I knew then what I know now. Things could have been different, but that is life. The only way to learn is to try.

                Liked by 1 person

                • Yes, I suppose I was a ‘weekend hippie’, for I was never committed to the movement, but rather viewed it as a way to have some fun and give my parents some well-deserved grief on the weekends. But yes, I met some awesome people, had a lot of fun and have many fond memories of the time, especially the music.


                  • I’m glad. And I’m glad you have fond memories of that time. You missed out on the days of no food, sleeping where no cops or greasers (those who still used brylcream in their hair) could find you, panhandling, and otherwise surviving day-to-day, and all the other fun we had. This was the best time of my life. You learn a lot about yourself living on the streets, though I think those lessons are a lot different today. Most of us did this by choice, not by necessity. Things have changed…

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • Yeah, I did miss out on all that, but I was still a minor with fairly strict parents, so … I would have been killed! The most I did was jump out of a moving train! 🙂

                      I did receive the two pics you sent via AOL … adorable! Thanks! And now for the rest of the clan …


  7. Not an easy task but kindness is always worth practicing. Eighteen is old for cats or dogs , we had an old one years ago who got very thin and lite ; she had liver disease and we had to let her go. The local rubbish tip has two quite fierce feral cats I think the men feed them sometimes but they supplement their diets with rats.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, it IS hard when they become old and ill … we have lost three in the past two years. But, when you know you’ve given them a good life for many years, it is all you can do. We do enjoy our moggies, though, even though sometimes they drive us nuts! 🙂

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  8. I am owned by two cats! Thus, I spend much of my day scooping two litter boxes, cleaning and filling food /water dishes, grooming long fur, vacuuming up puffs of fur and stepping in the occasional yucky furball. The remainder of the day is spent giving and receiving Cat Love and their questionable devotion. They allow me to sleep with them on my bed, often times on top of me. They are Persians and require much attention, actually one demands it. The “blue” is Elvis Asher Pawsley (Asher) and the “chocolate” is Coco Puff Chanel (Coco). My darling Children gifted them to me Christmas of 2010…two, so one wouldn’t be lonely (?)! I am awed by your Significant Seven…that is a lot of litter boxes and scooping. Thank-you for a fun post! P.S. Benjamin will be enchanted by your crew of cats. He’s very good at giving hugs and kisses and the occasional chase to mine!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Awww … yours sound adorable!!! Yes, with kittens you must always have two. Pups are content to be the ‘only child’, but not so cats. Persians … I’m sure you DO have a lot of cat hair & furballs! We have three litter boxes that are scooped 4 times a day, three food dishes for kibble, and in the evening they are given canned food, but Izzy will only eat her canned food on my desk! They keep life from ever becoming boring! I hope young Benjamin enjoys them!!!

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  9. Thanks for this wonderful post, Jill. Cats are such interesting characters. I don’t have pets but I’ve yet to visit a home, store or office with a cat and not enjoy spending time with them and talking to them. A great introduction, and now I even get to have a clue as to who “Miss Goose” is!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I am so glad you enjoyed meeting the Sig-7! They definitely keep life interesting! As does Miss Goose … a 24-year-old artiste who has more of my fire than is probably healthy for her. Then again, it could be the red hair! 😉 Have a great weekend, my friend!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Awwww … they and I thank you! Yes, the demographics in this house keep life from ever being boring! And we, the 3 humans, always remember that we are outnumbered if they ever decide on a hostile takeover! 🤣

      Liked by 2 people

    • I always thought of myself as more of a dog person, but … when Chris moved back home some 24 years ago, I had a dog (a 125-pound dog!) and she brought cats. And from then on, this has become a ‘cat-house’ … though not in the traditional sense of the word 😉 Have a great weekend, my friend!

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