A Squirrelly-Jolly Monday …

Good Monday morning friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to head back to the salt mines!  Do any of you actually work in salt mines?  No?  That’s what I thought.  Where did that expression come from anyway … I’ve never in my life known anybody who worked in salt mines.  Sigh … now you know my curiosity is stoked and I have to know … hold on a sec …

According to one site,  “This term alludes to the Russian practice of punishing prisoners by sending them to work in the salt mines of Siberia. Today the term is only used ironically.” So now you know … you’ve already learned something this week, and it’s only Monday morning!

Since I was lazy last Monday and didn’t provide coffee & donuts, I got up extra early this morning to bake some special treats.  So, grab a cup and a snack, pull up a chair, and let’s see what fun things we can find to start out the week!

Squirrels, squirrels, squirrels!!!

squirrel clipartEverywhere I looked for fun stories, it seems I came across … squirrels!  The first one involves six baby squirrels who had the most unique problem … their tails were all tangled together!!!squirrels-1squirrels-2Luckily, some good Samaritan noticed that something was not quite right, as the squirrels were all moving together as a single unit.  Closer inspection showed their tails all tangled together.  Animal control was called, and the babies were taken to the Nebraska Wildlife Rehab center where Laura Stastny gave them a mild sedative, covered them with a towel to comfort them, and went to work untangling.  It turns out that tree sap was the culprit, making their tails sticky.  After snipping off as much as she could of the sap-covered fur, Laura gently untangled them.  They are doing fine, according to Laura, although several of them will need surgery to remove parts of their tails that were damaged while tangled.

One day last week, Kellen Moore of Gaylord, Michigan, started his car, but noticed a really strange noise that seemed to be coming from the air-conditioning.  So, he turned the car off, got out and popped the hood, to find …pinecones under hoodThat’s right, folks … pinecones!  About 50 pounds worth of pine cones, in fact.  Turns out squirrels had been stashing the pinecones there … and it took Kellen and his co-worker Gabe Awrey nearly an hour to remove them all.  Now … I’m a little puzzled and wondering just how long the car had been parked in the same spot, because it seems to me that it would take quite a long time for squirrels to carry that many pine cones and stash them under the hood. squirrel with pinecone

A resident in the Southwark neighborhood of London last week called the RSPCA to report there was a squirrel stuck in their toilet! squirrel in toiletAnimal Collection Officer Kirstie Gillard was able to put the handle of a mop into the toilet, the squirrel climbed onto the mop handle, and she was able to pull him out to safety.  He was uninjured, and was released back into the wild.

Karamel is the squirrel’s name, and she lives in Turkey.  No, not the bird, Joe, the country!  Karamel was caught in a hunter’s trap 😠 and both her front legs had to be amputated.  But now for the good news.  In Istanbul, about 700 miles from Batman, Turkey, where Karamel was rescued, there is a man named Tayfun Demir, who is a rescuer of squirrels.  Karamel was taken to Mr. Demir, who saw to her recovery and adopted her into his family of squirrels.

But Tayfun wanted more for Karamel … he wanted to help her regain her mobility, so he enlisted the help of professionals from Istanbul Aydın University who had experience in building prostheses and other mobility devices.  It took a while for Karamel to recover, and a few tries before the mobility device was just right for her, but … well, see for yourself …

A squirrel-less tale …

Dushaun Henderson-Spruce submitted a U.S. Postal Service change of address form on Oct. 26, 2017 requesting a change of address from an address in Atlanta to the address of his apartment on Chicago’s North Side.  The post office duly updated the address, and Henderson-Spruce began receiving mail at his new address.  Only problem was, it wasn’t his mail he had diverted, but that of the United Parcel Service, commonly known as UPS!

UPS truckNo, he wasn’t receiving packages, but the address in Atlanta that he had changed to his own was the business office of UPS, and he began receiving mail addressed to UPS. The scam went on for three months, and prosecutors say that he deposited ten checks totaling $58,000 to his account during that time.  The mail contained personal identifying information of employees, as well as business checks and invoices, according to the affadavit. He was also sent American Express corporate credit cards.

Finally, on 16 January, UPS realized something was not right and contacted the Postal Service.  It took another 12 days, but finally on 25 January, postal inspectors searched Henderson-Spruce’s apartment in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood and found about 3,000 pieces of mail addressed to the company in Atlanta.

Now, Dushaun wasn’t too bright, for he tried briefly to claim that it was just a mix-up that wasn’t his fault, and that his identity had been stolen.  Obviously that didn’t fly, and he now faces federal charges of mail theft, which carries a maximum sentence of five years, and mail fraud, which can be up to twenty years.  I will refrain from any snarky comments about the efficiency of the USPS.

And last, but not least … take a look at these pictures.

Great photography, yes?  No! These are not photographs, but paintings by Kei Mieno, a 33-year-old Japanese artist born in Hiroshima who has been painting professionally for more than 10 years.  Kei specializes in hyperrealism, and the details and texture of his paintings are so precise that it‘s not difficult to confuse them with a photo.

Okay, my friends … let’s get this week started, shall we?  It might help if I remind you that next Monday is a holiday in the U.S., Memorial Day, so you’ll be getting an extra day with your weekend, followed by a short work week!  I hope you all have a wonderful and maybe even productive week this week.  Please do remember to share those gorgeous smiles I see on your faces … they are too precious not to share!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa.

An’ from me, Boo!  ‘Member me?
Boo  pawprint


46 thoughts on “A Squirrelly-Jolly Monday …

  1. Plain old Monday here in Rhode Island! That is, until Benjamin and I opened this Squirrelly-Jolly Monday post. Benjamin is a devoted squirrel, chipmunk, rabbit and bird watcher…all from my kitchen sink window. He thought the tangled squirrel were “so cute” and I neglected to share the sad end to some of their tails with him. The video of Karamel had him totally entranced, he watched it 3 times and kept repeating “WOW!” Karamel and Boo got kisses on their noses. Thank-you for adding a holiday feeling to our Monday! P.S. You won’t get away with posting this photo of Thanksgiving turkey donuts as being fresh baked this morning, had they been squirrels…maybe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know what? I thought of Benjamin as I posted that video and hoped he would like it. Here are links to two others of Karamel that were a bit too long for me to use on the post, but I think he will enjoy them:

      Tell Benjamin that Boo said ‘thank you’ for the kiss! And yeah, I figured I wouldn’t get by with the donuts … sigh … I admit it … I cheated. 😉 Hugs to you and Benjamin!


      • Benjamin wanted to revisit Karamel’s video this morning. We were so pleasantly surprised to find two more videos of his favorite squirrel. He loves the last video the best of the three, watching it over and over again. We watched several other animal ones that we were led to from Karamel’s video. The Dodo is a regular to my inbox and a great source of learning and enjoyment for both of us. Thank-you so much for this thoughtful kindness and Benjamin has placed a thank you kiss on your little photo. I admire your honesty regarding the attempted donut duplicity!

        Liked by 1 person

        • Awwww … I am so happy that Benjamin liked them! The last one was my favourite, too, seeing Karamel running all over outdoors and having fun! Isn’t it amazing how well she adapted to her ‘wheels’? And tell Benjamin thank you for the kiss … it made me smile! And here is one back for him ❤ I have promised another reader tea and homemade cinnamon rolls next Monday … no cheating then! 😉


  2. Dear Jill,

    The poor squirrels and poor car. I love peoples who rescue animals and then care for them when they are helpless.
    The paintings are so detailed that I would have sworn they were photos. The portraits are absolutely amazing.

    The US Post office was a little slow in uncovering criminal activity done right under its officials’ noses.

    I can’t believe that Memorial Day is almost here. We need a reprieve from all the rain.

    The plumber butt isn’t really helped with a belt, or is it?

    Thanks for a great Monday!

    Hugs, Gronda

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you liked the squirrels! No, the plumber’s butt would still be ugly, but at least we wouldn’t have to see quite so much of it if he wore a belt! Yes, we DO need a break from all the rain! It is to the point that when the sun does peek out, I run screaming … “WHAT IS THAT BRIGHT LIGHT???”

      Have a great week, my friend! Hugs!!!

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  3. Jill, we have an abundance of squirrels who chase each other down the trees, up the trees, across the roof. A good thing about squirrels is they unnerve snakes who slither off. Apparently, they have a way of making themselves intimidating to snakes. This may be a wives’ tail, but we see few snakes. Keith

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  4. Victoria Day here in Canada. Why do we celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday? She’s only been dead for over a hundred years? And we don’t celebrate Lizzie’s birthday, she’s only been Queen for 70 years. Go figure! Guess she has to die first…
    Meanwhile, great stories as usual, but are you ever going to serve that tea you promised about a year ago? I’m still waiting…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, one must be dead to have a holiday or a highway named after them! Here, they named a new highway Michael Fox highway, after a county commissioner who is well-liked and respected. Then someone found a law on the books that said you cannot name a highway after a living person, so they changed it. I still call it Fox highway. 😉

      I served tea every Monday for about a month, but nobody ever drank it … I think that’s when you weren’t coming around as often … and I kept pouring it down the drain. I promise you tea next Monday. And would you like scones with that?

      Liked by 1 person

      • The British holiday is simply known as the ‘Spring Bank Holiday!’ Most of our holidays where an extra day (usually a Monday) is added to the weekend, are known as Bank Holidays… Simply because the banks are closed. We don’t have state holidays named after people, independence, or labour… I guess we just never thought to give people a paid holiday on the Queen’s birthday, or as a recognition of the Autumn Festival, or Remembrance Day (Nov 11th). It seems that the banks are the kingpins here!😶

        Liked by 1 person

        • Thank you for explaining that!!! I keep hearing from my UK and Canadian friends about ‘bank holidays’, but was never quite sure how that worked. Enjoy your bank holiday next Monday!


  5. Squirrels are great! 🙂 And for us it is not a normal Monday … it is a holiday here: Pentecost Monday 😉 But, before you imagine me sleeping in and enjoying a lazy morning: youngest son had a tennis competition where I needed to ferry him to… so actually we got up the same as if on a normal day… pfff. But now we are back home and have a lazy rest of the day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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