17 thoughts on “A Reprieve …

  1. One of the best comic strip teams ever, I wish I had Bill Waterson’s imagination. (Hope I spelled that right!) Calvin cared about having fun, and his imaginary pal Hobbes was wise far beyond his years. I think I cried when Bill hung up his pencil.
    So, Jill, please take a tip from me. I’m going to cry when you hang up your e-pen. Please don’t make me cry.
    By the way, since I know there will come a time you can no longer do another post, I hope you will write one special post to say goodbye to all your ifriends. Teach Miss Goose how to post it for you, and show her where it is, just so we will know when the end of the blog has come. It is the one thing I dislike about the internet, people who just disappear, for whatever reason…
    I think I speak for all your ifriends when I say, we want to be able to say goodbye to you, and let you know how much we love and appreciate you.

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    • Yes, Watterson was one of a kind, and I dearly love Calvin & Hobbes. Some nights it is actually my bedtime reading!

      Now, my friend … I am not planning to hang up my e-pen for at least a few years yet. And interesting you should say that, for I have already written exactly such a letter, though I hadn’t yet decided who would post it on WordPress for me, for I really think I’ll be ’round for a while yet. I can’t leave before I help straighten out this mess in Washington, y’know! And I promise I won’t just go POOF into thin air as some do, but will say ‘good-bye’ to each of my friends. Awwww … I love you guys too!!! Don’t worry … I may take a break for a day every now and then, but I plan to stick around for a while yet. Now let’s talk about something more cheerful before I start crying over my own death! 😉


      • I just wanted to make sure you are prepared. But don’t you dare go anywhere anytime soon. Yes, you have to help get rid of Trump, and I still need to read those emails you promised to write. I need to explain why I said some of those things the way I said them, because I have no intention of “convincing” you to do anything. I hope you will want to do things of your own free will. That should sound nice and mysterious to anyone reading this comment without reading the one I am referring to. Oooooooohhh, secret messages on WordPress. Yikes.

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