Jolly Holiday Monday!!!

Okay, folks, here we are at Monday morning once again.  But this one feels a little different, doesn’t it?  I wonder why … ???  Oh YES!  There is no work today for most of you, since in the U.S. it is Memorial Day, and across the pond it is a banking holiday, I am told.  But still, it is Monday and so we will make it jolly, and then you can go to your picnics, fireworks, grill-outs, or whatever your plans for the day are.  Just don’t be expecting a ‘Jolly Tuesday’ post tomorrow as you head back to work!  I can only manage to be jolly once in the course of a week.

My friend, rawgod, took me to task a few days ago for not providing tea, as he had requested some time ago.  I explained that I had tried offering tea, but nobody drank it and it was wasteful, but then had to promise him tea and a naked cinnamon roll for today (I put some icing in a separate bowl for any who want it).  So, pull up a chair, friends, and we shall have a Monday chuckle or two.

Have you ever been driving down the highway and saw something airborne just before it hit your car?  Sure, all of us have.  Usually it’s just some small piece of debris the car in front of you ran over, sending it airborne to hit your car, hopefully not in the windshield.  Well, this very thing happened to a man driving on Interstate-5 near Lakewood, Washington.  The man saw something black go airborne, then felt a thud on the front bumper.  Thinking it was just a piece of road debris, the man drove on until about 18 miles later he decided to stop for fuel, and this is what he found!car-with-gunThe man called the police, who are checking to see if the gun might have been used in a shooting earlier that morning.  I had to laugh at some of the comments on the officers tweet, including these:

Oh dang the liberals were right. Guns are now attacking on their own.

Ban bumper stocks!

Imagine it had gone trough [sic] the windshield and injured the driver. That would have been a whole new level of gun violence😖

The Fulshear, Texas, Police Department received a ‘thank-you’ letter of a different sort last week.  The letter was from an apparently disgruntled child whose mother had been pulled over by the police …

“Dear Fulshear Police Officer,

Thank you for pulling my mom over because she deserved it because she took my phone away and I did not like it. And how she always brags about how good of a driver she is. And it just annoys me. And how that one time she got pulled over because she did not have a ezsticker on her window and when she came home and told me that I just laughed. And I also remember that time when one of my mom’s back lights weren’t working and she got pulled over.”

I feel a bit sorry for this child’s mother!

collieA farmer wants to know how many sheep he has in his field, so he asks his border collie to count them. The dog runs into the field, counts them and runs back to the farmer. The farmer says, “How many?” The dog says, “40.” The farmer is surprised and says, “How can there be 40 – I only bought 38!” The dog says, “I rounded them up.”

The State of Maine and its people are known for being somewhat laconic.  This holiday weekend, some interesting safety warning signs began popping up around the state on the electronic billboards:

What would you do if you decided to get tattoos of your children’s names, but the tattoo artist couldn’t spell too well and misspelled one of the names?  That’s just what happened to a woman in Sweden who had the names of her two children, Nova and Kevin, tattooed on her arm.  But … the tattoo artist was either not a great speller, or mis-heard the woman and Kevin’s name came out ‘Kelvin’.

Rather than spend the money to have the tat surgically removed, she had little Kevin’s name legally changed.  Fortunately he is only two-years-old, so won’t likely be too traumatized by the name change.

Kelvin brought back memories of the refrigerator we had when I was a child … a Kelvinator!


Okay, folks, it’s time for you to get out there and enjoy your holiday, your extra day off!  Spread some good cheer today, share those beautiful smiles, and have a wonderful day!  Love ‘n hugs from Filosofa!


This is sooooooo ME!!!


19 thoughts on “Jolly Holiday Monday!!!

  1. A wee bit of frosting on my cinnamon bun, if you will. Nice buns by the way! I have a preference for flavored coffee, cream and no sugar…but a flavored tea with a 1/4 tsp. of sugar is just as enjoyable. My dear old “Mrs.Tea” is often put into service in the afternoon, tea and cookies just go together. A Jolly Holiday Monday to you as well! So kind of you to bake fresh treats to enjoy while reading these entries. Love the cartoons, Maxine and I must frequent the same plant stores. Thank-you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Why thank you!!! 1/4 tsp of sugar in your tea, eh? I take no sugar in either tea or coffee, but my daughter puts 4 heaping spoonfuls of sugar in a 8-10 ounce cup of tea. Ick. I drink plain black coffee and only drink tea on very rare occasions. A glass of wine on occasion is nice, too. 😉 Glad you enjoyed this morning’s treats! 😀 Now have a great week!!!


    • Hah! I retired in 2008 and envisioned lots of time to visit with friends, knit Christmas presents, sew, sip my coffee while reading on the patio. Oh yeah. Right. I work harder and longer hours now than I did when I was working 12-14 hour days! (I was/am a CPA, so tax & budget times meant long hours). Retirement is not quite what I envisioned, but … I am enjoying the heck out of it, so it’s well worth it.


  2. Glad you enjoyed my menu, John. And thank you very much for providing it Jill. You’re the best. The added oddities took me through a range of emotions, mostly various levels of laughter. But that kitten is so cute! Definitely a good breakfast appetizer.

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  3. Tea and cinnamon rolls… you saw me coming, Jill!!! That piece about the gun in the car bumper made it to the morning news on our local TV station. Imagine, the guns are attacking now! Enjoy your holiday – we had ours last Monday – Victoria Day. Queen Victoria’s was on the throne when Canada became a united political entity in 1867, so we celebrate her birthday on the Monday that falls closest to May 24th each year.

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  4. I wonder how old the “child” is who wrote the letter too the police officers that pulled his Mom over. If he’s a high school student (as I imagine) then I feel sorry for him — and embarrassed for our schools!! But it’s Monday and no time for a rant! Great stuff as usual. And thanks again for Maxine — and I think I will have a cuppa!

    Liked by 1 person

    • What’s really funny is that I assumed the child to be a girl, probably around the age of 13, while you assumed it to be a teenage boy.
      I had the post ready to go, was doing one final skim for typos when I realized that I had forgotten to include Maxine! I said to myself, ‘this will never do! Hugh would be so disappointed!’ 🤦
      Have a great week, my friend!

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