Max Boot: President Trump Has Been Working To Normalize Racism

Most of us do not rely on others to set an example for us of how we should think, speak and act. Most of us have functional brains and were taught by responsible parents. But there is a contingent in this nation who will play “follow the leader” and “monkey-see, monkey-do”, and those are the ones who are following Trump’s example of blatant racism. Gronda, with just a little help from Max Boot of The Washington Post, has written an excellent post tying the racism that is Donald Trump to some of the events happening today. Please take a few minutes to read and ponder. Thank you, Gronda!

Gronda Morin


As a former republican until 2016, I have become painfully aware that there is a racist living in the white House but President Donald Trump could never have been elected without the help and support of the current republican party which created the environment to guarantee his success.

In 2013, I had started to become painfully aware of a strain of racism that had permeated the republican party to where I finally left it in 2016. It started with the Trayvon Martin case. Too many in my former party (2012-2013) were propping up as a hero the likes of a bum, George Zimmerman. Then there was the demonizing of Trayvon Martin as a pot smoking thug when he was just a kid walking home from a store. When George Zimmerman was declared “not guilty” by…

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8 thoughts on “Max Boot: President Trump Has Been Working To Normalize Racism

  1. Ummm …. The United States of America was founded on racism and bigotry. As too, the United Kingdom and my own country of Canada. We may suppose the Greeks and Romans practised the subtle arts also? It’s part of the human condition that love should overcome. The only love that power produces, is self love. Love of self.

    The definition of racism by Webster, may be found here.
    If you go there, you’ll likely see a cute cat picture?

    Now Donald Trump may be a racist? Zionist, likely? It’s a common condition of the Zionists? The ruling elite in USA, UK, Canada, Israel, EU and many other places. There is a saying. “if you wish to change the world, change yourself”.

    I believe in that fundamental, as I also believe that God is Love. I do not expect people like Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Barry Soweto, or the Clinton crime family; to understand that. Actually I expect the kind or dross we get from them. They use the PT Barnum approach. Thanks Jillybean, Cheers Jamie

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    • Ahhhh Jamie … some days you exhaust me! First, I would argue that the U.S. or Canada or the UK were founded on racism. And yes, I already knew the definition of racism and no, I didn’t see a cute cat picture … I did look for one! I do wish to change the world, for frankly the way it is right now makes me wish I didn’t belong to it. And I do try to change myself, to be a better person, every single day. Some days … most days, actually … it doesn’t really work and I am still a crotchety, grumpy ol’ hag. But I care about people and I don’t judge them based on their race, but rather on their actions. I would still argue that Barack Obama tried to do what was best for the nation. Did he make mistakes? Sure. But I think he might have had much more success had certain elements not blocked his every move. And why did they do that? Hmmm … perhaps something to do with the colour of his skin? I do love it when you call me Jillybean! My friend Linda used to call me that all the time, too. Cheers!!!


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