Tell Him to Stay Home!!!

statement by aidThe G7 summit, a meeting of the leaders of the world’s seven largest advanced economies, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States, is scheduled to start next Friday, June 8th, in Quebec, Canada.  With just a short five days left, one would think that the agenda would be set, yes?  Well, it is not.  Not even close.  I will give you only one guess as to the reason the summit plans remain in chaos.  Think hard, now …

Ugly TrumpYou got it!  None other than Donald John Trump, the one who notoriously acted as a stubborn, unsupervised toddler at last year’s G7 in Taormina, Italy, when after three days of meetings and countless discussions, he refused to reaffirm the U.S.’ commitment to cutting greenhouse-gas emissions. In addition, he scolded Germany for its trade practices and lectured NATO members, saying they don’t pay their fair share. But this year is even worse … apparently he has single-handedly blown up the entire agenda!

My humble opinion is that, since Trump has, by his actions, ceded a global leadership role, the summit should be changed to the G6 and Trump considered of no value to the summit.

Initially, the agenda was slated to include such topics as climate change, women’s empowerment, peace, economic growth for all and jobs for the future.  Well, while the other six leaders are in tune with those goals, they are not in keeping with Trump’s “America First” agenda.  The only topic on which Trump did not disagree was ‘women’s empowerment’.  That Trump agreed to this topic is one of life’s great ironies!  Think about it … he calls for de-funding Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of women’s health services in the nation, and froze the equal pay rule, aimed at fighting employer discrimination against women and minorities.  Not to mention that he is currently embroiled in a scandal over paying ‘hush money’ to a porn star after an extramarital affair, and has been accused by … I think the number is up to 19 now … women of sexual misconduct.

As if trying to find common ground for the agenda wasn’t hard enough, Trump’s decision last month to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal left our allies scrambling to try to salvage what was basically a working agreement.  And then, just a few days ago, Trump imposed harsh and unnecessary tariffs on Mexico, Canada and the EU, further angering other G7 nations.  Boy, he sure knows how to make a party fun, doesn’t he?

Then there is the concern that Trump will use the G7 to publicly take Germany to task over its military spending, for it is a known fact that he has no filter and blurts out whatever he is thinking at any given moment.

trump-bully-3The purpose of the G7 summit is to serve as a forum for highly industrialized democracies to coordinate economic, security, and energy policy.  It is a venue where ideas are exchanged and problems discussed.  It is a venue for global cooperation, not for one player to bully all the rest.  These seven leaders are on equal footing … they are each elected leaders of their nations and their interest is in global cooperation to help make the world a more prosperous, safer place.  When one player comes to the table believing that he is somehow superior to the rest, believing that he, somehow is the leader of the group, then nothing good can come out of it.

I seriously think it would be in the global best interest for Mr. Trudeau to call Mr. Trump and rescind his invitation, rename the summit the G6 summit, and move on with an agenda that addresses the pressing issues of the day, starting with climate change.  Let the bully stay at home and spew his hateful bluster here … the rest of the world should not have to contend with him, and when he leaves home, he does nothing but cause us shame and embarrassment anyway.

46 thoughts on “Tell Him to Stay Home!!!

  1. The world has moved on Donnie. It no longer ‘relies’ on the USA to protect it from ‘The Communist Menace’. Trade and associated economic practices are the weapons of choice in the Big Boys & Girls’ playground.

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        • To a degree, you are right. There are states, cities and corporations finding ways to circumvent his ‘edicts’, and there are many of us who gleefully argue every time he opens his mouth. But unfortunately, at the end of the day, the only resistance that can have an effect is Congress, and he has found some stranglehold on the majority republican Congress such that they as “how high?” when he says “JUMP”. If we don’t replace the current Congress in November, I’m unclear what will stand in the way of his march to the throne. I keep thinking that surely there must be somebody among the White House staff with the courage to slip some arsenic into his Big Macs … that person would be hailed a hero and many of us would send him/her care packages in prison.

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          • Thing that concerns me Jill is as the USA is not inclined to a one person rule bits of the nation will simply drift away from his direct rule.
            It is one thing to bluster and boom around an insipid congress; it is quite another to order in Federal forces to establish dominion over a state or city.
            They really do not know what they are playing with do they?…….Read your histories folks!

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            • You have a valid point there. Perhaps that is why he is so determined to increase the already bloated military budget, for he is planning on having to put down internal insurrections. This nation has never known the sort of conflict and strife that many have, and we have become complacent that one way or another, all will be well. I’ve had many a friend tell me that I need to stop worrying, everything will be okay, just as it always has been. Perhaps it was time we had an awakening. Meanwhile, I still like the idea of arsenic in his Big Macs 🍔

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              • I can’t see that working Jill, there is a lot in the USA culture which is ingrained. Whereas the army has been used to quell local disturbances (Whiskey Rebellion, New York Draft Riots during the Civil War, Veterans Marchs 1920s) the idea of a President trying to stamp out nation-wide discontent? ….See how well that’s worked in authoritarian states, never mind a cantankerous democracy.

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                • You are right … but it just seems today that everything is turned upside down and what was once unthinkable has become the norm. It is a nation I no longer recognize, and it is spinning ever faster out of control, so it’s easy to believe that what wouldn’t have worked 100 years ago might well work today. But I will take comfort in two things: 1) you don’t think it can happen and you’re one of the most savvy people I know, and 2) I am old. 👵

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                  • Aww thanks Jill.
                    Anyway, you’re not old; mid-sixties doesn’t count: Lawrence Ferlinghetti (born 1919) once of the ‘beat poets’ has just published a book at the age of 99…….

                    Wish for cool heads and warm hearts ✌️

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                    • Oh I definitely do wish for cool heads, but they keep getting hotter and hotter! Global warming, perhaps? Warm hearts, though, are pretty prevalent and I can usually find one or two when I need them. And if I live to be 99, I will likely be sitting in a padded room, babbling, interspersed with maniacal laughter! 🤣 Blame it on Herr Trump! 👉

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                    • Trump?…..HA! That small quirk of the voting system. That which will be judged by History as a nothing more an oddity.
                      He’ll never get the better of you Jill.

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  2. Dear Jill,

    I’m with Scottie on this one. They’ll keep up appearances if he shows up as if they are managing the drunken family member. They’ll figure out a way to keep him occupied while they do business around him.

    If he does show up they will not waste words on him as he doesn’t listen. I don’t think that he will show up.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  3. I can think of no compelling reason that the other 6 members of G7 would want Trump’s presence at their summit, other than everything is printed with G7 and it’s too late for changing to G6. His presence is of less than no value. I suspect that is going to require every bit of diplomacy and self control on the part of many of these leaders to even tolerate Trump at all. Will we ever recover from the destruction that this man leaves behind here and abroad? Thank-you!

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    • Oh yes, I am sure there will be many sore tongues from being bitten during the summit! Will we ever recover? Yes, though I’m not sure this nation will ever return to the state it was 10-20 years ago. But will we recover in our lifetime? I’m doubtful. Sadly, I think it will take decades to repair the damage.

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  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    In my humble opinion too … ‘My humble opinion is that, since Drumpf has, by his actions, ceded a global leadership role, the summit should be changed to the G6 and Trump considered of no value to the summit.’
    He’s going to be an embarrassment!!

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  5. Jill, i was reading a New York Times piece about the Trump tariffs and retrenchment from the global stage. I have a post coming tomorrow along these lines. In addition to the tariffs, many are have a hard time with his chaotic back and forth. They don’t know what to expect and businesses need predictability. The other interesting comment is the observation that Trump is only interested in a photo shoot at a manufacturer. One European said he has a very naive way of thinking about trade looking only at zero-sum gain. Trade deals must offer gain to both sides or they will not last. Keith

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      • Jill, I would love your comments on “The unraveling accelerates.” His business acumen is oversold and overhyped per financial reporters. His greatest talent is selling himself. When Disney World added him to the Hall of Presidents, an accurate figure would have him patting himself on the back. Keith

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  6. Hello Jill. I hope you are having a good day. I think the problem is they are more afraid of what tantrums he will pull if they do rescind his invitation or even make a show against him. So I think they will do “make nice” stuff to let him think he is still important, but the real work and talks will happen without him. Growing up in a dysfunctional family with people who could blow up at any time you get to see how this game is played. He will be diverted, kept busy with things centered on him, and the others will arrange innocently sounding things where he simply won’t feel the need to attend if he is told of them at all. They will give him lip service and pretend around him, but in truth they have already moved on without him. Remember Angela Merkel already said that Europe could no longer depend on the US and that Germany would have to step up and be the leader. After she gave that speech tRump started saying worse things about Germany and now the ambassador to Germany is openly supporting the hard right seeking to “empower the far right leaders who back tRump”. So we now are interfering in the government and elections of our allies while at home tRump still denies Russia interfered in our own election. As these same goals are shared with Russia it really makes me wonder. Hugs

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    • I think your point is well-made about his “tantrums.” Even if he maintained his cool during the Summit, he would return to the U.S. and come up with all sorts of ways to “get even” with any country that stood against him. That’s been his pattern all along so why would it be different now? Just because he’s dealing with entire countries (and not just individuals) wouldn’t matter one iota to him.

      (Like my recent post title says: “Don’t mess with me! I’m the King!”)

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    • Thank you for sharing that link, Scottie! Much there that I was not aware of. Yes, I think you are quite right about how the other G7 leaders will handle the situation tactfully and diplomatically, while getting the real work done amongst themselves. I don’t even wonder anymore about the Trump/Russia connections. Putin was patting ol’ Donnie on both shoulders when Donnie decided to renege on our commitment to the Iran nuclear deal. Trump is, I believe, a puppet or a pawn. And by default, so are we.

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  7. I’m not sure what its internal rules are, but the G7’s sane 6 should treat “Donald the Menace” like a bad boy in grammar school:

    “Go sit in the corner with your face towards the wall, young man, if you can’t behave properly! If you cause any more trouble, I’ll make you write ‘I WILL BE GOOD’ a thousand times on the chalkboard after class. If that doesn’t work, I’ll send you to the principal’s office and notify your parents! DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?”

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    • I’m not sure of the rules, either, but I do like your idea. If he’s going to act like a contrary, sulky child, let’s treat him that way. The world has enough troubles without adding Trump’s ugly mug!

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  8. Instead of Trudeau telling him to stay home, his own party should tell him to stay home. Seeing as they care more about winning than they do about the USA, you would think they would want him to stop embarrassing them.
    Or maybe someone should just take his cell-phone away from him and put him in a cage. There he might not be able to do any more harm…

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    • Certainly one would think that his own party would want to save the nation embarrassment and rein him in, but they are still operating under the misguided notion that his words make him “tough” and that everyone else will cower in fear and bow to his wishes. I rather like your idea about the cage … I’m thinking one where he would wear an orange jumpsuit and peer from behind the bars.

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