Another Open Letter to Donald Trump

Mr. Trump,

Once again it seems that I need to set you straight on a few things.  You are rather like the child who has been allowed to play with the bully down the street, and now you are beginning to act like him.

On Tuesday you met with Kim Jong-un, the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), or North Korea as it is commonly called.  You seem to have come home with some wildly mistaken notions about both Kim and your own role in the U.S.  I am not sure why your many highly-paid advisors are failing to advise you, leaving it to me to do.  Have you simply surrounded yourself with stupid people who do not understand global relations any better than you do?

First, allow me to set the record straight.  Kim Jong-un is a dictator.  He is not elected by the people of his nation, but rather inherited his position from his father.  Kim will stay in power indefinitely until either he dies, chooses to step down, or is overthrown.  You, on the other hand, are an elected official and answer to every citizen of this nation.  Your term of office will end – sooner than later if you don’t change your attitude toward We the People.  So, when you say of Kim, “He’s the head of a country and I mean he is the strong head. Don’t let anyone think anything different. He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same,” you are asking for trouble.  We are not “your people”.  We are, quite frankly, your employers!  You do not have the same power that Kim has, and never will, for the United States is a democratic republic, a nation guided by a Constitution that gives the power to the people, the citizens.  It is imperative that you understand this, for comments like that are offensive to every citizen of this nation!

Second, contrary to your inane comment, Kim Jong-un does not “love his people”.  In order to consolidate his power, Kim had his uncle executed and ordered the murder of his half-brother.  There are as many as 100,000 people being held in gulags in slave-like conditions in North Korea. These are not murderers, thieves or rapists – they are simply people who crossed Kim in one way or another. He orders public executions and allows ‘his people’ to starve to death.  And have you forgotten Otto Warmbier?  Mr. Warmbier was a 22-year-old U.S. citizen who was held prisoner in North Korea for over a year on orders by your buddy Kim. Warmbier’s crime?  Trying to steal a propaganda poster. Last year, he was sent back to the U.S. in a coma and died just a few days later.  Remember way back when you called Kim a ‘madman’ and a ‘killer’?  You were spot on then, but now you are either blind, stupid or simply don’t care about the human race.  Which is it?

Third, your treatment of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is despicable.  You have acted just as I would expect a five-year-old child to act – a spoiled brat!  Trudeau has, I’m certain, bit his tongue on more than one occasion, has tried very hard to be nice to you and to compromise on issues such as trade between our two nations.  But it seems that the word ‘compromise’ is not in your vocabulary and you insist on a game of winner-take-all, where you are the winner.  That is not how politics work, not how international relations work, and is not, in fact, how life works.  Your parents must have been very self-focused people, for they failed to teach you manners, failed to teach you that there are other people in this world and that life is not all about you and what you want.  While you were campaigning for the office you now hold, you said one of your goals was to make America safer, and yet, by pushing away all our allies, you have done just the opposite.  You brag and take credit for a strong economy, for low unemployment numbers, even though they are not yours to take credit for, but allow me to speculate that since you have imposed unreasonable tariffs on Mexico, Canada, the EU, and China, that economy will not remain strong for much longer.  I anticipate prices of goods and services will rise, people will be unable to afford to buy those goods and services, companies will lose money and begin laying off people, and there you have it – a new recession.  And believe me when I say that you will deserve every bit of the credit for that!

To summarize, Mr. Trump, you are doing a lousy job as leader of the United States.  Were it up to the majority in this nation, you would be fired today, but democratic processes take time.  I realize that you are not much of a reader, but the best advice I can give you at this time is to read about the French King Louis XVI and the fate that befell him for ignoring the needs of “his people”.


Jill E Dennison, citizen/voter

46 thoughts on “Another Open Letter to Donald Trump

  1. Did he really say ‘My people’????? I might have heard it but thought he was using the phrase as in the business with like ‘my people will talk to your people,’
    You send your letter Jill, it a powerful statement.
    They might not read them, but it makes you feel better (I e-mailed an MP Christopher Chope for his reprehensible action in Parliament yesterday, so I can testify it does get it off the chest)

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    • Dear Jill and Roger,

      Idiots exist around the world. Jill this Tory Christopher Chope single handedly held up a Voyeurism (Offenses) bill which was a bill to prevent someone from peeking and taking pictures by looking up a woman’s skirt. How innocuous could a bill be? But he couldn’t stand it and objected to its passage in the name of parliamentary procedure and men’s rights to do whatever.

      I am a believer in letters. I’m infamous for sending those to CEOs and legislators. Good for the both of you!

      I believe that President Trump is the #1 clear and present danger to the US national security interests. He is a chronic liar, a bully-in-chief, a Russian asset, a racist, misogynist, Xenophobe, vulgar and thin skinned where he has a need to be affirmed. He has proven that he is the face of evil with his April 6, 2018 Memo ordering children to be separated from their parents as they cross the US southern border to ask for asylum. One of these days or maybe never, he’ll figure out that he should NEVER have taken this job to be the 45th US president.

      Hugs, Gronda

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      • Thanks for the enlightenment about Chope, Gronda! How utterly ridiculous! The one thing I will say is that it’s nice to see we haven’t completely cornered the market on idiots!!! Although I still believe we have the head of the idiot clan sitting in the Oval Office. Perhaps he even called Chope to congratulate him! It wouldn’t surprise me. I doubt Trump will ever figure out that he isn’t qualified for the job, but I hope to heck Congress wakes up and figures it out soon!

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      • Not infamous Gronda, you are one of the folk who keep the lights of liberty a’ glowing.
        Chope is basically in typical british style an Old Fool, trouble is he is a disruptive old fool; a bit like one of those congress folk who filibuster over sensible legislation.
        Trump is one of the best arguments you could ever have for compulsory voting.

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    • Yep, those were his exact words! Later he tried to say he was joking, and perhaps he even was, but it was, given how the majority in this nation already see his autocratic tendencies, an incredibly stupid thing to joke about! You’re right about getting it off one’s chest … rather like writing that letter to a spouse or significant other that you never send, but it felt good to write it! I shall have to look up Mr. Chope to see quite what reprehensible action he took yesterday … you’ve piqued my curiosity 🙂

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      • Chope’s actions beggers belief. He has a history of doing this, the man is the quintessential character to which Oliver Cromwell said:
        “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!” Address to the Rump Parliament (20 April 1653).

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  2. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    FRENCH KING LOUIS XVI .. I’m sure he doesn’t even know about this, don’t expect him to read!!
    ‘ Mr.Drumpf, you are doing a lousy job as leader of the United States. Were it up to the majority in this nation, you would be fired today, but democratic processes take time. I realize that you are not much of a reader, but the best advice I can give you at this time is to read about the French King Louis XVI and the fate that befell him for ignoring the needs of “his people”. … Beyond lousy , in my humble opinion!!


  3. YOU have written what every freedom loving citizen of this country should also be writing and SENDING to this poor imitation of a POTUS! We the People are a “Government of the people, by the people, for the people”…and must make a united stand, so that we “shall not perish from the earth.” Thank-you!

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    • Thank you so much!!! I am indeed planning to send it to him, though I do not know if he will actually see it or not. But I will take pleasure knowing that they will waste their time scanning it for white powdery substances 😀 Thanks again … you have made me smile! 😊

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  4. I hope the Republicans who voted for Trump were as scared by his remark about ‘His people sitting up and taking notice’ as were those who didn’t vote for him. Believe me if his narcissism puts him on the ‘Throne’ he won’t care who voted for him and who didn’t, you’ll all be his slaves.

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    • Once he started to catch flak from that remark, he tried to walk it back and say it was a joke, but I think we all know it was no joke … if he could, he would have us all line the streets and salute him! And you are quite right … he is using those who are caught up in ‘Trumpmania’, for lack of a better term, and once he has what he wants, they will be treated no different than us “bleeding-heart-liberal-snowflakes”. But try telling them that today! Today they still wear their blinders and earplugs and drink that funky water.

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  5. I just posted a link to this excellent letter on Twitter. I don’t have many followers, but hopefully the few that see it will “pass it around.”

    And I agree you should send it direct … except that it will probably never get to the one that needs to read it the most.

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    • Thank you, Thank YOU, THANK YOU!!! So many have said I should send it that I will do just that tomorrow morning! Your kind words and confidence inspire me and bring a smile to my face. 😊


    • Thank you for the vote of confidence! Since the general consensus seems to be that I should send it, I shall do just that! I don’t expect a response, but at least I will have the satisfaction of knowing that they probably scanned it for white, powdery substances before they tossed it! 😊 And I think your comic book idea is great, but I can not draw anything beyond an eggshell, and my resident artiste, Miss Goose, is tied up with preparing art for a magazine contest. Perhaps Kellyanne can read it to him, yes?

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  6. Jill, the slip up on Fox that went unnoticed for thirty minutes regarding “the meeting of two dictators,” is not far fetched. If the GOP sycophants in Congress do not check this man, we will inch closer to the dictator role he admires and craves. Maybe that is why he keeps his family involved to create a dynasty. I gest in part. Keith

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    • I think we are already inching closer, my friend. He seems to get more brazen by the week, and also seems to be convinced that he is above the law. I blame Congress for allowing him to continue this illusion. Sigh. Like you, I gest about some things … until all of a sudden they don’t seem humorous any more.

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  7. Bravo! Trump should resign immediately because he is obviously not sufficiently competent for the office of the presidency; and, he should subsequently seek professional care. From:

    Based on Donald Trump’s public behavior, some of America and the world’s leading psychologists, psychiatrists and other clinicians have concluded that the president of the United States is mentally unwell. Trump appears, in their opinion, to suffer from malignant narcissism. He is also a compulsive liar who lacks empathy for his fellow human beings and shows no remorse for his bad behavior. Most importantly, Trump’s personality defects amplify his authoritarian values, beliefs and behavior. The results of this could be catastrophic.

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  8. Hear! Hear! Very nicely put.
    I had not read the “I want MY people to do the same”. Un-freakin-believable. “MY people”? Really?
    Maybe someone should tell him that the NFL players are kneeling before him? (Joke of course)
    And the G7 was a “farce”. Manners indeed. When America is finally alone, I suppose Mr Kim will come to the rescue?
    Worriedly yours,

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    • Thank you! Once he started catching flak for the comment, he backpedaled and said it was meant to be a joke, but frankly I think he meant every word of it. If he could get people to line the streets and salute him, he would do it! I think we have good cause to be worried, but I also believe that we can turn things around if we can get everyone out to vote in November.

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        • It is all over the board, according to which polls you believe. If you want my humble opinion, though it is far too soon to make meaningful projections, I think the democrats really need to stop counting on that ‘blue wave’, stop believing that the abomination in the Oval Office will drive voters in hoards to the polls, and get off their patooties and do some solid campaigning. To be honest, I fear for the midterms, for if the republicans are able to maintain control in both chambers of Congress, the damage done over the next two years will be irreparable in large part.

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          • Agree with you. This confirms the Democrats are just waiting for a miracle to happen. Ain’t gonna work. They need to stand up. Argue. Fight every move and propose an alternative. Otherwise people just won’t go and vote. And the Tramp will have free rein…
            I mentioned to another blogger, it seems to me the only option now is to sue. Sue every move, every tweet, every decree. As some brave judges did at the very beginning…

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            • Yes, I think the democrats are placing entirely too much faith in both that ‘blue wave’, and in the historical data that the party opposed to the president typically fare better in mid-terms. This is about as effective as the ‘thoughts and prayers’ sent by members of Congress after school shootings. About as valuable as dust in the wind. The only appealing democratic candidate we hear much about this year is Beto O’Rourke. Where are the rest???

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