An Idiot of Long Standing

I do try not to rant very often … I really do.  I try to remain professional, keep my speech and tone well-moderated, not use profanity and … and … not beat the paint off my poor little laptop keyboard.  I apologize in advance, for this post is indeed one of those moments when the story simply pushed the wrong buttons at the wrong time.

Coulter2In July 2016, I awarded several Idiot of the Week awards, one of which went to Ms. Ann Coulter.  The others were Pat Robertson, Roger & Ann Stone, Phyllis Schlafly, and Newt Gingrich.  Less than a month later, I did a follow up on Ms. Coulter, for she continued to shriek and clamour for attention.  In recent weeks, I have seen her name, occasionally her picture floating about on my screen, but I have largely ignored her, for she is one of the few people that I simply cannot stand to watch nor listen to.

But tonight I could no longer resist the urge to slap the smile off her face.  However, since I am several hundred miles away, I shall settle for a written slap.  In a rather juvenile expression of angst, I did send her a tweet with a link to the Idiot of the Week award post.  Yes, yes … I already admitted it was juvenile, but sometimes it’s fun to get down ‘n dirty.  I needed the comic relief … my blood pressure needed it.

What has she done now?  She’s apparently been taking private lessons from Alex Jones on how to invent a totally off-the-wall conspiracy theory using kids as pawns.  The most egregious news this week is the separation of children from their parents at our southern border, per orders of none other than Donald Trump, though he has a convoluted way of trying to point the finger back on the democrats.  Pictures and sound tracks of crying children being taken from their parents, detention centers cloaked in mystery that even an elected senator was not allowed to tour … Americans are up in arms, and not just us ‘bleeding-heart-snowflake-liberals’, either. coulter-jones.jpgSo along comes Coulter and says, aka Alex Jones, that she has knowledge that the children portrayed are actually child actors who have been coached!  Sound familiar?  Of course it does … there was Sandy Hook and the Parkland, both of which Mr. Jones claimed the survivors were ‘child actors’ and had been ‘coached’.

An estimated 2,000 children have been separated from their parents and are being housed in overflowing ‘detention centers’ – abandoned stores such as the Wal-Mart in Brownsville, Texas.  Some are teens, others much younger children, even babies.  These are not … I repeat not … child actors!  These are children, for Pete’s sake!  INNOCENT CHILDREN!  Ms. Coulter … please sit down and shut the f— up!

coulter-5Coulter’s apparent ‘concern’ is that Trump, upon seeing the images on television, will have his heart softened and loosen his ‘zero tolerance’ policy.  No need to worry, Ms. Coulter, for Donald Trump has no heart to soften!

“These child actors weeping and crying on all the other networks 24/7 right now, do not fall for it Mr. President. I get very nervous about the president getting his news from TV.”

Now, why does she think that these children are little Shirley Temples being coached to cry and wail on command?  Because, she claims, she read it in the New Yorker.  Only problem is, she didn’t reference the article directly, and several news sources – reliable ones – tried every combination of keywords and came up blank.  Finally, Ms. Coulter, with her usual dripping nastiness, said  …coulter … and finally provided a link to a 2011 New Yorker article about a woman from Africa seeking asylum in the U.S.  Hellooooooooo???? And just how does this make the case that the children on the Mexican border are coached child actors???

Excuse me, but can somebody tell me why Ann Coulter is even allowed to continue breathing the same air as the rest of us???  Why she is taking up precious resources on our planet???

Sorry … I’m riled, in case you hadn’t guessed … probably wore the paint off three more keys on my laptop tonight.

Donald Trump is using 2,000 children as pawns, as bargaining chips to obtain funding in the budget to the tune of $20 billion for his damned wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.  Not, mind you, because there is  a need for the wall, but because he promised his followers.  Of course, he also promised them, foolishly, that Mexico was going to pay for the wall, and all of us who ate our Wheaties for breakfast knew from the start that was never going to happen.

And now this blonde bimbo comes along and further denigrates these innocent children whose only crime was being born???

I fully support the right to free speech, but I am also a big fan of truth, of honesty.  Coulter is lying through her teeth, Trump is lying, and innocent children are paying the price. Coulter is an avowed white supremacist who supports white nationalist and ‘scientific racism’ causes … why would anybody listen to her???  I don’t know, but apparently some do.  And that, folks, is reason enough for this rant … that we cannot even trust the people of this nation to think with their brains.

60 thoughts on “An Idiot of Long Standing

  1. Jill Dennison, you said in reference to Ann Coulter, “What has she done now? She’s apparently been taking private lessons from Alex Jones on how to invent a totally off-the-wall conspiracy theory using kids as pawns. The most egregious news this week is the separation of children from their parents at our southern border, per orders of none other than Donald Trump, though he has a convoluted way of trying to point the finger back on the democrats. Pictures and sound tracks of crying children being taken from their parents, detention centers cloaked in mystery that even an elected senator was not allowed to tour … Americans are up in arms, and not just us ‘bleeding-heart-snowflake-liberals’, either.” A lot of this would not be happening if the people coming over the border from Mexico actually came here legally.

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    • They’re trying! But the courts, etc. are overwhelmed and the administration won’t direct more $$$$ to help out. They’d rather spend it on Trump’s Idiotic July 4th ego-stroking extravaganza.

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    • We definitely agree on this one, or at least the fact that the treatment of these children is beyond horrific and is, in my book, criminal. Certainly your last statement is true, but doesn’t take into account that these people are fleeing from violence in Central American countries, and haven’t really got time to spend the 2-3 years it takes to go through the legal process.


  2. Dear Jill,

    Ann Coulter is one of the top 5 right wingers that do the most harm to the discourse in the USA. The others up there are Sean Hannity, Alex Jones, whoever writes for Breitbart, and Rush Limbaugh.
    Their favorite way to discount the voices like David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and these crying children being separated from their parents is to accuse them of being actors.

    This must be because this is what they do as with James O’keefe in his “Project Veritas” films.

    Hugs, Gronda


  3. You are allowed to rant Jill. I have no words for this woman. I think she must be one of those Lizard people that conspiracy theorists like David Icke maintain are feeding off humanity. She is certainly alien to me!😖

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  4. I am a voracious reader, but I proudly state that I have never read any book written by Ann Coulter. The titles alone suggest that they would be of no interest to me…”In Trump We Trust”…enough said! What a despicable human being.

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    • Thanks! I think I shall do more ranting … it felt pretty good, except it left me with a headache! 🙂 Yes, if she believes even half of what she is, she is indeed a sociopath. I wonder, though, if it isn’t all put on for effect?

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  5. Oh please let her precious little hymen remain unbroken to save us suffering any issue from her. The World can’t cope with much more stupidity and it does look like she’s almost cornered the market.


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    • Interestingly, according to her Wiki she has been engaged a number of times, but they all fell through. Gee … I wonder why? And fortunately, she has no children. Since she is 56 now, the odds are slim that she will reproduce, luckily for the world!

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  6. Child actors, eh? The depth of muck people like Coulter swim in is truly inexhaustible. She’s worse than a Nazi. At least the Nazis fessed up to what they were doing. “Yeah, we’re killing Jews and taking away kids from parents, but so what. We hate Jews and they deserve it.” Now bring in Herr Trump and a-holes like Coulter who aren’t only yanking children away from their mothers, they’re lying about doing it. “Naw, we ain’t doing that. It’s the dems! And, anyway, all those kids are simply actors. See, no harm really done. Now piss off.” Spineless, worm-filled cowards. It’s bad enough they act like Nazis, but then, knowing how effing awful that makes them look, they lie about it. Total. Fabricated. Nonsensical. Lies. Cowards. I hate them. I hope karma bends them over one day and inserts all of their hatred and lies back up into them through their anuses. Sideways.

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    • Perhaps this is the face of Nazism in the 21st century? It is every bit as evil, though I am thankful that, at least thus far, nobody is talking of sending them to the gas chambers.


      • Not YET. But give Trump another 6 years with a complacent Republican Congress and….I don’t think we’re far from it. Who’ll stop him? He’ll blame the dems when he does it, so maybe it’ll be their fault. I see no one stopping Trump for any reason. Hope very much I’m wrong, but until I see it happen, I don’t believe it will.

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        • You are right … who could stop him? The republicans in Congress are scared little wusses, and the democrats in Congress decided to lie down and sleep until November. He has surrounded himself with ‘yes-men’. It is up to us, but we call, we write, we take our protests out to the streets, we sign petitions … and we are ignored. It is up to us to vote these jerks out in November, but are enough of us committed? I wish I could be sure.

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  7. Jill, seeing a picture of Ann Coulter and Alex Jones together makes me believe the word “truth” fled screaming while holding its ears. People in the public forum who purposefully lie and lie often damage our country discourse and influence inane decisions that have to be defended with lies. Jones is a flat out con artist, selling high margin products to gullible watchers. The fact the President listens to both speaks volumes.

    Again, I ask Republican leaders (and followers), is this the man you want to stake your dear reputation on? Cognitive dissonance may get assuaged by the liars, but it does not change the result. Why people cannot see through the fact my old party must lie to defend the President is truly beyond me? If he was consistently right, you would not need to lie as much. Keith

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    • I had a vision, when I read the words, “the word “truth” fled screaming while holding its ears” and I pictured the Pillsbury dough boy dragging a shredded banner with “TRUTH” written on it, holding his ears and running for his life! 😀 I’m trying to talk Miss Goose, my resident artiste, into creating it for me 😉

      I wonder if Jones & Coulter actually believe the garbage they speak, or if it is all just for profit? If they believe it, they need mental help. I saw that Giuliani, on his round of Sunday morning shows last week, was asked about Trump’s lies, and he actually said, though he did sputter a bit, that to the best of his knowledge Trump had never told a lie! I couldn’t believe that he could say that without choking to death or being struck by lightening!

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This is Ann Coulter … doesn’t surprise she’s a ‘Repuglican’; never has!!
    ‘An estimated 2,000+ children have been separated from their parents and are being housed in overflowing ‘detention centers’ – abandoned stores such as the Wal-Mart in Brownsville, Texas. Some are teens, others much younger children, even babies. These are not … I repeat not … child actors! These are children, for Pete’s sake! INNOCENT CHILDREN! Ms. Coulter … please sit down and shut the f— up!’
    KARMA will come for you and I’ll be watching!!

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  9. The Democrats have to field a candidate with street cred to provide a rallying point for everyone because anger doesn’t last. People get used to terrible things being the new norm.
    Is there anyone amongst the Democrats or even some other party who is charismatic enough to act as a touch stone?

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  10. I have listened to her on utube , she is very harsh and shows little sign of mercy towards those less fortunate than herself. It is hard to pin point the source of anger in many with her outlook , although anger is something we must all guard against.
    I notice that some religious republicans are trying to use Biblical authority for the heartless seperation of children from their parents.
    The Jews lived and died by the law in those days and many still do today. Jesus Christ taught the law must be tempered by mercy , we need laws but they must be wisely applied and broken where necessary for human well-being . ‘ The Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath.’
    ‘ The quality of mercy is not strained ;
    It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
    Upon the place beneath.
    It becomes the throned monarch better than his crown.
    Earthly power doth then show likest God’s
    When mercy seasons justice. ‘

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    • Yes, she is very harsh. I wonder, though, how much of her spiel she really believes, and how much is just sensationalism for profit? I have asked the same about Alex Jones.
      It is interesting to watch those such as Jeff Sessions and some of the religious right attempt to justify the heinous policy of separating families try to put a positive spin on it. First they use religion, saying it is ‘biblical’, then they say it isn’t abuse because they give the kids meals and videos to watch, then they remind us what a danger, a threat the kids pose to the security and safety of the nation. If only they took a good look in the mirror of their souls, they might actually see how foolish they look!


  11. Some people are ill. Their brains have been conditioned, probably by wrong-thinking relatives, to become racists Some in their family might have been wearing sheets (possibly some still are) and hanging blacks not too many years ago. Before the present administration, they would have probably been ignored by most unless caught in crimes. We should still ignore them. It’s a waste of our valuable limited time on earth to go after them. I can understand your feelings. 😦 — Suzanne

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    • I have to wonder if she actually believes what she says or if it’s just sensationalism to earn money? I’ve asked the same about Alex Jones and Sean Hannity. If she believes it, she is seriously messed up, but if it’s just lining her pockets, then she is purely evil. Sigh. She infuriates me every time I see her. Fortunately for the world, she has no children! You are right that we should ignore them, and I do try, but sometimes … sigh.

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