More Tears of Shame …

Trump signed an executive order earlier this week that did … nothing.  Nonetheless, that didn’t stop him from preening and patting himself on the back.  While thousands of children remain terrified and separated from their parents, held in old warehouses, tent cities, and wherever the U.S. government can find room to stow them.

Administration officials admit that there is no immediate plan to reunite these children with their families.  Melania Trump visits them wearing a jacket that says, “I don’t care, do U?”  Fox television host Brian Kilmeade says we should not be concerned because “These aren’t our kids … it’s not like he is doing this to the people of Idaho or, uh, or, uh, Texas. These are people from another country.” Members of Congress, congressional candidates, and the press have been denied entry to tour the facilities.  A senator was escorted from the premises by police, while Zak Ringelstein, a candidate for senator from Maine, was handcuffed and arrested for bringing toys, blankets and food for the children.

A number of NGO’s (Non-government organizations) are attempting to help re-unite children and parents, but it is an onerous task.  One such agency is the Texas Civil Rights Project.  The organization has been working with over 300 families and so far, has only managed to find two of the children!  The record-keeping is either poor or non-existent.  Natalia Cornelio, a lawyer with the project, said “Either the government wasn’t thinking at all about how they were going to put these families back together, or they decided they just didn’t care.”

Lawyers from across the country have shown up in Texas to volunteer their services. Since government resources proved unhelpful, they’ve been collecting information about the children from their parents and passing that on to legal organizations that represent undocumented children.  What in the Sam Hell did the government, did ICE, think they were doing when they took these children???

In spite of Trump’s executive order, many parents are not being told where their children are being held, are only allowed to call twice a week for 15-minutes, are not allowed to visit, having been told not to expect to see their children for at least a month, perhaps longer.  The executive order has no teeth, apparently.

Inaccurate date, misspelled names, incorrect birthdates are all contributory factors to the virtual chaos found in a system that doesn’t appear to even be trying very hard to match these 2,300+ children to their parents.  Emily Kephart, a program coördinator at an immigrant-rights group called Kids in Need of Defense (KiND) was recently trying to locate the daughter of a Guatemalan father who had been separated since May.  After many calls, she finally contacted somebody who thought she might know the whereabouts of the girl, but it was unclear, for the name was spelled differently and the birthdate was a month off.

In the past two months, under Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy, some 2,300 children have been taken from their parents for no reason other than … Donald Trump wants his wall and knows that if anything will tug at people’s heartstrings, it is the cries of frightened, hurt children.  No protocols have been put in place for keeping track of parents and children concurrently, for keeping parents and children in contact with each other while they are separated, or for eventually reuniting them. Immigration lawyers, public defenders, and advocates along the border have been trying to fill the void.  Most parents are not even given the ‘alien number’ assigned to their children.  One official said it is quite possible that some children may never be reunited with their parents!

So what, you may ask, did Trump’s executive order actually accomplish?  Well, purportedly no new separations will take place and parents will remain with their children in detention centers operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).  The order does NOT make mention of reuniting the 2,300 children already separated!  The order also directs the Department of Defense to prepare military bases and facilities to accept detained immigrant families.  And the order, in typical Trump-fashion, places the blame for this entire fiasco squarely on the shoulders of Congress for not passing immigration reform that would fund Trump’s wall.

For seventeen loooonnnng months we have put up with the ineptitude, the vengeful policies, the destructiveness and the hatred of the ‘man’ who illegitimately sits in the Oval Office.  It is enough.  Donald Trump is rapidly turning this nation into something it was never meant to be.  We are becoming a nation led by a cruel dictator who would use innocent little children as pawns to get his way.  Congress has enabled him from day #1 and continues to do so, perhaps out of fear, perhaps for personal gain.  Either way, folks, change must happen! Please, please, folks, let’s make that change happen by our vote in November.

86 thoughts on “More Tears of Shame …

  1. I follow US politics very closely. This was all part of his plan for more greed. His camps and hostage tactics were all part of his money making plan. It wouldn’t surprise me if he sold the girls and the babies are being sold for adoption. Follow the money and Betsy DeVos. This is a cruel and fascist regime. His poison spreads throughout the world. I am Canadian and fear what him and his complacent rethuglicans are doing to the US, and the fallout on the world.

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    • Let us hope that it doesn’t go that far, that Congress would step up to the plate at some point. Actually, my biggest hope right now is that November brings big changes to the demographics in Congress. He has treated your country abysmally and shamed us all in the process. Let us hope changes do come soon, else I fear the eventual outcome.

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  2. Jill, your posts are so heartful and so dynamic. We cannot – CANNOT – fall victim to fear. Trump is counting on it, and fear is what drives his base. While keeping abreast of his heinous words and deeds, we have to rise above the treachery and focus on positive change. We need to envision that change with every ounce of our beings, and then direct that energy toward ousting the GOP in November. We can and will neutralize the bigoted tyrant!

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    • Thank you so much for your kind words!!! That means a lot and I especially needed a boost today. You are right … we must rise above the muck and be better, be smarter, for I truly cannot imagine the damage that will be done if the republicans maintain a majority in both chambers of Congress for another two years. I fear the energy just isn’t there … not to the extent it needs to be. And there are several hurdles, such as the Russians (make no mistake, they are already poised to ‘contribute’ to the mid-terms), gerrymandering, stricter voter ID laws, and voter apathy. We have much to work on in just over 4 months!
      Thanks again!!!

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      • Jill, the good news is that people have awakened. (Trump is making America great again in spite of himself!) Dems are doing well in the primaries, and this is projected to carry over to November. Let’s focus our energy on making that happen 🙂


  3. Dear Jill,
    Thanks for another great post. Here’s the deal There are way more that 2300 children separated, This is a number that was as of June 9, 2018. There are 11 more days before the practice of separating children supposedly ended. This means that we are talking about 3000 children. The media keeps missing this point.

    The president claims that he is creating a task force to help with the reunification of families. I believe in the tooth fairy first.

    The president asked the US Congress to give up on trying to pass a comprehensive immigration bill because he wants this issue. He plans to run on his being tough on immigration and this will motivate his base to get out to vote.

    This is why this November 2018 elections is so crucial. Anyone who qualifies to vote needs to register asap and we them to VOTE.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • Yes, I would believe in the tooth fairy or Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny before I would believe a word out of Trump’s mouth. Trump seems to be bouncing off the walls on this one and I wonder if he isn’t beginning to be a little afraid that the walls are closing in? Maybe not, but there is no rationality in the reversals of position he has taken just in the past few days. First he demands that Congress pass an immigration bill, then tells them to just forget it until after the midterms. First he is separating children and blaming the democrats, then he signs his fairly meaningless executive order, but with no plans to reunite the children. And now he is demanding immediate deportation, circumventing rule of law, saying the immigrants should not be given a trial or be allowed to speak with a judge. He is acting, for all the world, like a man who has lost the last bit of sanity! How can we trust our nation to this person???

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  4. This horrific situation is a horrendous evil wrong crying out to heaven for relief. The blame falls squarely on the shoulders of President Trump and will likely go down historically in infamy. I think it was planned from the time he heard a group of people was traveling from Latin America to the U.S. border to seek help. Instead of help, they had their children stolen from them. This is worse than the U.S. government’s internment of Japanese in the U.S. during WWII as at least those families were kept together. I suspect even Melania’s coat was planned. Some of it has just backfired on him and he’s clumsily trying to justify his actions. Of course, his base accepts everything he does and act as though they’re either mesmerized or brainwashed. Some, of course, are white supremacists who think it’s great. There are twisted minds at work here. —- Suzanne

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  5. Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    It seems to me that Brexit and Trump have brought out the very worst in people. We have a new age of callousness, hatred, division and racism. What a giant leap backward.
    The sooner we put a stop to this nastiness and start to care for each other the better.

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  6. *Turning* this country into something? Trump is the culmination of an evil that has long been present. I grew up in a backwards Red state that elected Trump types further back even than when Trump was still just a buffoon taking uppers on his gold-plated toilet in New York. The abuses I’ve seen committed in that hellhole destroyed my faith in this country before it ever formed as a child. It breaks my heart that Trump and his Republican allies – many in Congress who make him look tame when they open their mouths – are committing atrocities on a national scale instead of state by state. But, Trump isn’t the reason our country is becoming something horrible, he’s the final undeniaundeniable proof of what it has been for some time.

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    • Trump is the one who turned the rocks over and let the disease crawl out from under, gave it legitimacy that it never should have had. That evil has existed in this country, I cannot deny. However, I would argue that the evil outnumbered the good in the days pre-Trump. I think there is much good in this nation, but it is being systematically destroyed by the madman named Trump. Change needs to come soon, before it cannot.


  7. Reblogged this on Words To Captivate ~ by John Fioravanti and commented:
    Jill Dennison has penned an excellent post describing the tragedy surrounding the 2300 children brought across the southern U.S. border by illegal immigrants and ripped from their families. This tragedy was not brought to an end by Trump’s executive order earlier this week, and Jill is asking her American readers to stand up and be counted in the upcoming November elections. Amen!

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    • Thank you so much for sharing this, John. I am ashamed to the core to even admit to being a citizen of the U.S., in light of this horrible event. We can no longer claim to be a leader among nations, and I think that now we all see the real reason that the U.S. pulled out of the U.N. Human Rights Council. It is a dark day in the history of the U.S. I hope we turn it around, but … I’m not holding my breath, for there is a dark cloud above our nation today. Hugs.

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  8. Though I don’t usually re-blog I had to put this up on The Buthidars with this message.
    A heartfelt plea from a dear friend to bring some kind of sanity to the U.S. And some kind of Hope and Love to the poor children separated from their parents and parents separated from their children. The man ultimately responsible for this evil blames everyone but himself for what has happened.


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  9. Reblogged this on The BUTHIDARS and commented:
    A heartfelt plea from a dear friend to bring some kind of sanity to the U.S. And some kind of Hope and Love to the poor children separated from their parents and parents separated from their children. The man ultimately responsible for this evil blames everyone but himself for what has happened.

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  10. Trump’s executive order was simply another of his political ploys. Truth be told, it was just smoke and mirrors. Is this surprising to anyone? In another attack on Democrats, he accused them of telling “phony stories of sadness and grief” for political gain. Apparently, he has advised the GOP to “stop wasting their time” on immigration until after the November mid-term elections. Republicans have sold their souls to maintain their power. VOTE to defeat Trump and his party, they must be stopped! Thank-you!

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    • When I first heard the ‘breaking news’ that Trump was poised to sign this ‘executive order’, I knew it was to amount to naught beyond a photo op, a “oh look how wonderful I am” moment. And I was right. Smoke and mirrors. Gaslighting. Pulling the wool over the eyes of the nation. His order did nothing, was not intended to do anything except shut the people up. Oh yes, and garner praise among his base. Let’s get the word out and keep it in the front of everybody’s minds. Midterms. November. Vote Democrat. Oust the dinosaurs!!! Sigh.

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  11. I wonder whether this is not America’s “Nuit de cristal”? Not sure how it is called in English. When the shopwindows, buildings, synagogues of German Jews were shattered by the SA in Germany. 1933 if I recall?
    Lemme see how it’s called in English. Wait a sec. The night of broken glass, 1938.

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  12. Jill, I heard on PBS Newshour that many Congresspersons and Senators have been reaching out to DHS about what is happening to reunite these kids. They are not getting any answers. I heard on the BBC that the separation was not well thought out to begin with.

    As one former DHS person said, we don’t have a border security crisis. This is a Central American humanitarian crisis. Keith

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    The New America … created by the ‘Fool on the Hill’ and his minions!!
    ‘Inaccurate date, misspelled names, incorrect birthdates are all contributory factors to the virtual chaos found in a system that doesn’t appear to even be trying very hard to match these 2,300+ children to their parents. ‘

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