Sinclair + Trump = State-Run Media

You may remember that back in April I wrote a post titled Freedom of the Press … Abused!!!. The subject of that post was Sinclair Broadcast Group, owner of 193 television stations nationwide.  Sinclair struck a deal with the Trump campaign in 2016 that granted them extended access to Trump in exchange for running all his speeches without commentary.  Sinclair stations lean toward conservative ideologies as it is and have come under fire before for biased news reporting.  When I wrote in April, it was because Sinclair had come onto the radar for what Dan Rather referred to as “an assault on our democracy”.  They were sending scripted ‘must-run’ segments.  The one in April was about ‘fake news’ and implied that Sinclair stations were the only ones not biased.  How can that be true when they are tied to Trump?

Once again Sinclair is back in the news, this time because of controversy surrounding a ‘must run’ editorial by Boris Epshteyn, Chief Political Analyst at Sinclair, that each station is being forced to air (I am so glad I do not watch television!!!). This latest segment blames the media for ‘overreacting’ to the separations of immigrant children from their parents.  OVERREACTING???  Excuse me, Sinclair Broadcast Group, but there can be no reaction too strong to the horror, the abomination of 2,300 children taken from their parents for no reason!  Freedom of the press … remember that???  That is where the press is free to report the news as it sees fit.  Not to be dictated to by a corporate giant who is in bed with Donald Trump!

I am including both a clip of the forced segment, as  well as the written transcript:

“Our immigration system is undeniably broken and the discourse around this topic is toxic.

A perfect illustration of these facts is the recent firestorm surrounding President Trump’s decision to enforce a “zero tolerance” policy and prosecute all adults illegally crossing our borders.

Many members of the media and opponents of the president have seized on this issue and have worked overtime to make it seem as if those who are tough on immigration are monsters. Let’s be honest, while some of the concern is real, a lot of it is politically driven by the liberals in politics and the media.

Some have even gone as far as comparing American immigration policies to the Holocaust.

It should go without saying that keeping children in a shelter is not equal to the Nazi slaughter of 6 million Jews and millions of others.

President Trump has correctly decided to step in and sign an executive order that will stop the separation of children from their families at the border. The president is working to show that it is possible to balance humanity with security for our borders.

Here’s the bottom line: the view that border security and humane treatment of families are mutually exclusive is wrong. That narrative is also incredibly harmful to finding a comprehensive solution to the problem of illegal immigration.

President Trump did the right thing by addressing the separation of families from their children on his own, but it is shameful that members of Congress continue to drag their feet on addressing all of the many holes in our immigration laws.”

Toeing the party line, isn’t he?  Of course, he fails to mention a few dozen facts, but guess what else he failed to mention?  Epshteyn is a former Trump advisor who is part of the investigation by Robert Mueller and his team into the Trump campaign’s ties with Russia.  Ahem.  Epshteyn is a Russian-born republican strategist who resigned from a White House communications job under Trump after only two months. He confirmed that he has been contacted for information for the House investigation, but little is known about his suspected campaign activities.

Freedom of the Press.  Most people never realize what a tenuous thing it is, how easily it can be undermined, shattered.  Sinclair, along with Fox News, has essentially become state-run media. My personal recommendation here is to boycott all Sinclair stations completely.  Unsure which stations are owned by Sinclair?  Check it out here.  If nearly 200 stations nationwide can make false claims, eschew facts, and convince their viewers of the lie that is being promoted by none other than Donald Trump, America’s #1 liar-in-chief, then freedom of the press is in grave danger. And make no mistake, folks, without freedom of the press … well, The Washington Post logo says it best …Democracy dies in darkness

17 thoughts on “Sinclair + Trump = State-Run Media

  1. It’s scary as hell what’s happening to the sheeple in this country. They are so willing to just sit back and let someone else do their thinking for them, like the Sinclair stations…


    • You’re right … that is THE MOST frightening thing … that some people … far too many people … are falling for his b.s. and not listening to anybody but him and his minions. Sigh.


  2. I first came across the Sinclair Broadcast Group through an August 2017 article in The Guardian. Michael Copps, the former FCC chairman under George W. Bush, said that “Sinclair’s probably the most dangerous company that most people have never heard of.” I was not yet aware of your blog when the April 1st. post appeared, so I went back to read it. The John Oliver video was included in The Guardian piece, but was so good that I watched it again. I do not watch TV at all, even for the news.I prefer to get news from the newspapers that I can trust. “Freedom of the press is not just important to democracy, it is democracy.” – Walter Cronkite. Thank-you, it is always wise to keep informed.

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    • I would wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Copps’ statement. They may well be more dangerous than Fox, for fox is blatant about their bias, no attempt to hide it, whereas Sinclair comes across as legitimate, unbiased media. We must shine a light on this and hope that people use their noggins for a change. I am a fan of John Oliver!!! I wish he were in the Oval Office!!! And that is a great quote by Cronkite that I had not heard … thanks for bringing it to my attention! Hugs to you and Benjamin!


  3. Thanks for the link to Sinclair stations. I believe we have the ability to listen to a news commentary, not knowing the source, and determine its political philosophy. I know what lives inside of me and I have to judge what I see and hear by that inner truth. When I first saw trump on the campaign trail, having never watched his reality show, my heart said, “WTF”…….still screaming that today.

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    • Ahhhh, but there’s the rub. Yes, you and I and probably everyone who reads our blogs have the ability to discern truth vs fiction, or at least to say, “hmmmm … that sounds suspect, let me do some fact-checking”. But there are far too many who don’t. They buy into whatever they are told and either cannot or simply do not look any further. That, I think, is the real danger.

      I am with you … in June 2015 when Trump first announced his candidacy, never having seen any of his stupid t.v. shows, I said exactly what you said … WTF??? And not a day goes by that I don’t repeat that! I’m still hoping to wake up from this nightmare!

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  4. Considering the outcries on matters such as the separation of children from parents I wonder if it’s a case of Sincalir preaching to the converted while anyone who is against this administration instinctively shies away from these outlets. With the Internet and subsequent blogs, independent sites etc, for better or for worse it’s hard for any govt, apart from say North Korea to ‘keep a lid’ on its entire population.

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  5. Dear Jill,

    Sinclair Broadcasting is voicing the thinking of President Trump’s followers. They all think that the the Democrats, the “Never Trumpers,” the establishment media are way overreacting. These are the followers who are hard-line anti-immigrants. They tune out the rest of the world and just listen to FOX news.

    This is what makes Sinclair Broadcasting so dangerous. Peoples who rely on local news will not know that they are listening to a local TV station owned by stanch republican conservatives.

    There is no way that peoples are overreacting to the president’s orders on immigration which led to the wholesale separation of families. It is hard to conflate crying babies with M-12 gangs, rapists and criminals.

    We are going to have to sit on Sinclair Broadcasting to call them out on “Fake News.”

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • In many ways, I think that Sinclair is even more dangerous than Fox, for Fox is obviously biased and filled with the likes of Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham who spew venom. But Sinclair is sending the same message, only more subtle, more palatable to those who are not quite enamoured of Trump, yet are subject to the subtle persuasion. They appear as legitimate news media, when in fact they are strongly biased. I would love to see a large-scale boycott of all Sinclair-owned stations, even if only for a week or two. You are right … it is up to us to shine light on this situation, to call them on their bias.

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