Trump Thumping on the Trail …

On Wednesday night, Trump did what he does best – he hit the campaign trail, starting in Duluth, Minnesota.  I’m of two minds here.  On the one hand, we aren’t paying him to campaign – we are paying him to govern.  On the other hand, the less he does his job, the fewer disasters we are likely to have.  Either way, there is some humour, not to mention some jaw-droppers, in his speech in Duluth, so I thought I would share some of the ‘highlights’, if they can be called such.  My somewhat snarky remarks are in blue

“I hate to bring this up. But we came this close to winning the state of Minnesota. And in two and a half years, it’s going to be really easy, I think.”  Why?  You gonna bribe the ones who didn’t vote for you first time around?

“We are going to win so much, win, win, win.”  When you win, win, win, the rest of us lose, lose, lose.

“The people of Minnesota cannot stand winning so much. Please, can we take it easy? And I said no, we will keep winning, winning, winning.”  How many billionaires in Minnesota? Six, according to Forbes:  Whitney MacMillan, Glen Taylor, Stanley Hubbard, William F. Austin, Martha MacMillan, John MacMillan.  The three MacMillans are of the Cargill empire.  These six may win, but the other 5.571 million people – oh well, sorry ‘bout your luck.

“Those very dishonest people back there, the fake news, very dishonest. They would have said, he is exaggerating. These are very dishonest people.”  I understand that the crowds were chanting “CNN sucks”.  What a circus!

“He will turn that country into a great successful country.” He was speaking of his new buddy, Kim Jong-un

“And the fact that we do get along means we are safe, and I’m not saying that things can happen, things go wrong and mistakes are made, relationships get broken.”  Huh?  Is the bromance over already???

“But right now, you are so safe.”  Somehow, I’d feel safer if I were in North Korea

“Hispanic American unemployment has reached its lowest level ever recorded the history of our country. And remember, I’d go into big stadiums like this that were packed?” Huh?  What has one to do with the other?

“And by the way, you’re very good at real estate. Did you see the thousands and thousands of people outside?”  Again – huh???

“And I usually go home and my wife would say, ‘How was the crowd?’ Although honestly, when you have many thousands of people like we have tonight — you know, I was at an event three weeks ago where a person from The New York Times said, ‘There was only a thousand people.’”  Can anyone find meaning in these 53 words strung together like mismatched Christmas lights?

“And we all have ego, but I don’t want to show my face.”  Um … then don’t?

“I want to show the crowds. It’s much prettier. Because you people are incredible. Unemployment among women has reached the lowest level, as of today, in 65 years.”  Wait … did the Minnesotans do that?

“And the greatest phrase, I think, in the history of politics is on all of those red and white hats that I see out there: ‘Make America Great Again.'”  People got no taste …

“So the Democrats want open borders. Let everybody come in. Let everybody pour in. We don’t care. Let them come in from the Middle East; let them come in from all over the place.”  Um … yeah … we let your grandparents in, didn’t we?  Oh yeah … big mistake.

“Democrats put illegal immigrants before they put American citizens. What the hell is going on?” No, Donnie boy, we place an equal value on all life. Except, perhaps, yours.

“Remember the original speech — right? My original speech. They are sending — you remember those words? Everyone said, ‘Oh, how terrible.’ They are sending — well, let me tell you, they’re sending — and they’re not sending their finest. That I can tell you.”  We The People of the United States of America are sick and tired of your bigotry and racism, Donnie. Get over yourself. Vaya con el diablo!

“We will have the greatest borders, the greatest walls. We’re building it. We’re building the wall. That wall is happening.”  No, Donnie, it isn’t yet, for there is no money in the pot for it.  But keep dreaming.

“And we’ll do it carefully. And maybe, if it doesn’t pass muster, we won’t do it all. But it is going to happen, I will tell you. It’s going to happen. And it’s happening fast.”  Say what???  Either we won’t do it or we will?  Which, Donnie? 

“In 500 days, we’ve cut more regulations than any President in the history of our country, whether it’s four years, eight years, or in one year — in one case, 16 years.”  Yep, in 500 days you have done more damage, more harm, than any president before you has done in 4-8 years!!!  And by the way … no president has ever been in office for 16 years.  Time for a history lesson?

“We were going in for a routine repeal and replace, and he went thumbs down. Not nice. That was not nice.”  He is referring to Senator John McCain’s vote against the attempt to repeal Obamacare.  Two thumbs up to McCain for having the guts to stand up to the bully.

“And you know, I went to people — I thought about it — I thought, oh, I think I’m such a genius.”  Idiocy is often mistaken for genius.

“They’re the smartest people. They work the hardest. They pay taxes. They do all of the things.”  He is referring to his supporters, but the same can be said of the other 60% of us in this country.  He forgets he was hired to represent ALL the people.

“Why are they elite? I have a much better apartment than they do. I’m smarter than they are. I’m richer than they are. I became President and they didn’t.”  And none of it makes a damn bit of difference, for the rest of the world has something you don’t have, DJT – character, intelligence and values.

“So what we want to do is we want to elect more Republicans so that we can deliver on all of the things I’m talking about. And I’ll be honest with you, we’re going to deliver it anyway.”  Good luck with that, Donnie. Even former respected republicans like George Will are recommending we vote against the GOP.  Which, by the way, is now just the OP.  G(rand) got lost on 20 January 2017.

“When I go around and meet foreign leaders, they all congratulate me. ‘Mr. President, congratulations on the growth of the United States. Congratulations.’ Every one of them. First thing they say. First thing they say.”  This may well be the most delusional statement I have heard in my entire life!

Well, folks, that is about as much as I can stomach.  Trump is back on the campaign trail … oh wait, he never left it, did he?  He is a campaigner, but he is not a president, since he has plans to spend most of the next four months on the campaign trail.  deport trump

25 thoughts on “Trump Thumping on the Trail …

  1. Talking to your supporters is easy, like everyone does it…. Big, fat, hairy, deal.
    Now trying to convince the opposition….
    I am minded to think of President Richard Milhouse Nixon who went out of the Whitehouse one night to speak with student protesters. Apparently it wasn’t very strong on eloquence or even rationale, but at least he had the character to make the effort.

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    • Quite so. A coward, however, will use his power to order those who disagree with him out of the room, the building, when he is speaking. He calls them out, ridicules them, then has his guards remove them, forcibly if needs be. For all his faults, Richard Nixon was 1,000 times the man Trump will ever be.

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      • Richard Nixon was 1,000 times the man Trump will ever be……for someone of our generation to say that speaks volumes about Trump!

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        • Agreed. Apart from Cambodia and Watergate, he did a heck of a lot of good in terms of international relations and global peace. And … I believe he genuinely cared about the nation and did not want to see us go through the chaos that would ensue if impeachment proceedings were to take place. Trump will never do the right thing and step down, and will still be kicking and screaming “witch hunt!!!” as they dray him out the door, hopefully in shackles and leg irons. Me? Vindictive? Nah … well, maybe a tad.

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  2. Jill, to me it comes down to a man who is good at selling, who knows the truth is a bendable commodity and whose ego is so fragile it needs injecting of applause and support.

    It is all sales schtick. Take credit for all good things and offload all bad things on others. So, if your border plan blows up in your face, blame others for another issue.

    What is consistent is this man keeps surprising his staff and others with his sudden pronouncements. There is a reason his management skills have been questioned for years – due diligence, planning, vetting and buy-in take too much time for this impatient man. There are too many needed to clean up his messes.


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    • Until recently I never realized that the truth is a bendable commodity. I always thought that once you bent it, it became a lie. Silly me. You are right that it is all sales schtick, all b.s., but the disturbing thing is how many lap it up and then think they now possess ‘the truth’. Yes, far too many are running behind him with brooms, mops and dustpans trying to catch the detritus he leaves behind and likely wondering why they don’t just go to work at McDonalds or somewhere simple.


  3. I love your ‘snark’, Jill!! Let’s fill an arena with the parents of the children his policy took away from them. What would he say?

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    • Yes, but even there he is a danger … he incites the masses. And do you realize that the people who attend those rallies … most just everyday working-class people … actually donate money to him?!?!?!?! How absurd! He is rich and most of them make $10-$11 an hour. How pathetic …

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  4. The saddest part about his speeches? No, it’s not that he hasn’t a clue how to string words together that make any sense. No, it’s not that he can’t open his mouth without bragging about himself. No, the saddest part is the people that attend these “yuge” events actually believe him when he says he’s going to MAGA!

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    • You have hit the nail on the head. The people who believe in him are resolute and wear blinders and ear plugs when we try to show them the reality that is Donald Trump. I don’t know how to change that, and those people are going to suffer the same fates as the rest of us, as a result of his ‘policies’, yet they still won’t blame him, they still will not see, hear or understand. 🙉 🙈

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  5. I find it impossible to follow this man’s train of thought, if there even is one. It constantly derails and never makes it to any coherent destination. My suggestion is to build a wall around Trump, it would cost much less and hopefully restrict his ability to tweet…that would Make America Great Again! Thank-you!

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    • I said from the beginning that his grammar and ability to speak coherently are consistent with that of a five-year-old. Now I have re-assessed, however, and knowing your Benjamin and a few other astute 4-year-olds, I must lower Trump’s abilities to that of a 3-year-old. Don’t even try to figure out what he’s saying, for I honestly believe that even he doesn’t know … he just speaks because he likes to hear himself make babbling sounds.

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  6. Deport Trump, make America great again? Yeah, that would go some ways in the right direction. Putting him in solitary for a year, then lifetime commitment to a maximum security looney bin, that would work also. In a bare room, with a disconnected microphone and a picture of a “huge” crowd wearing red hats. He’d think he was in heaven… Then Americans could collectively shake their heads and think, “What the hell just happened, last couple of years?” You sure do post some great and hilarious stuff about your Donnie Dictaclown.

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    • Perhaps deporting Trump wouldn’t make America great again, but it’s a good starting point. And frankly, it would go a loooooonnnnnngggg way toward making my sleep, appetite and mood great again! 😀 Thanks, Sha’Tara!!! I try to inject humour where I can … sometimes it’s dark humour, but still …


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