Our friend Hugh is a philosopher and a professor who nearly always makes me think, makes me question some corner of the world, of life with questions of his own. Often I find he is out of my league and he makes me think very hard! Today, however, instead of questions Hugh is giving us his insight and, as often happens, I can find not a single thing with which to disagree. When I read his excellent post last night, my first thought is “he must run for president!” But I really like Hugh and wouldn’t wish that on him. Please give Hugh’s post a few minutes of your time, and be sure to let him know your own thoughts on how to fix that which is broken! Many thanks, Hugh, for allowing me to share this work!


One of my favorite readers has expressed her impatience with social critics like myself because we seem to point out problems but never make predictions or suggest solutions to the problems we point out. In a word we are “nattering nabobs of negativism” — remember that!!?? In that spirit I thought I would make a stab at suggesting a few remedies for the many problems we face at this point in time.

Let’s begin with politics. There are a few things that are obvious, but I will state them anyway. There should be term  limits for every elected office at the state and federal levels. And let’s put pay raises for elected officials up to the voting public — they should reflect the rise in the cost of living in the general public and not  be determined by the officials themselves in a closed meeting. And the PACs, especially Super…

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