United We Stand … Divided We Fall

Donald Trump, it would appear, has decided to disavow the very Constitution that he swore to uphold a short 17 months ago.  He has decided to take the law into his own hands and do what he wants to do, deporting immigrants without either trial or appearance before a judge.  This is a direct violation of the Fifth Amendment that states, in part, “No person shall be … deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”  Is Donald Trump above the law?  He obviously thinks he is.

“I don’t want judges. I want border security. I don’t want to try people. I don’t want people coming in. Do you know, if a person comes in and puts one foot on our ground, it’s essentially, ‘Welcome to America, welcome to our country’? You never get them out, because they take their name, they bring the name down, they file it, then they let the person go. They say, ‘Show back up to court in one year from now.’”

Meanwhile, back at the ranch …

Senator Elizabeth Warren visited a detention center where she had been told that separated migrant families were being reunited, but there was no evidence of that happening.  She spoke to nine immigrant mothers, none of whom even know where their children are, and only one of whom has been allowed to speak to her child.

Stepping up onto my soapbox …

Donald Trump does not own this nation and does not make law.  Laws are made by Congress, the legislative branch of the government.  There is a Constitution that provides the framework for laws and every member of Congress, as well as the president, has sworn to uphold that Constitution.  To those who still support Donald Trump, I say this:

I understand that you were caught up in the frenzy of the campaign two years ago, and I understand how you bought into his fear-mongering rhetoric. I hold none of that against you.  But you have now had 17 months of lies, of failure, on which to judge him, and surely you must find that he is lacking in every area.  If you approve of his tax cuts, so be it … you will wake one day and realize that you have less money in your possession than you had a year ago, and you will be in the same boat as all of us, so get over it.  If you approve of his reversal of environmental protections that were intended to try to stop the destruction of the air we breathe and the water we drink, that is on you, also, and I hope you enjoy the 100-degree temperatures with 90% humidity next week.  But you cannot possibly approve of the man you elected subverting the rule of law, destroying families, and sending some people to an almost-certain death simply because it is what he wants.

The two most shameful, anti-humanitarian, and embarrassing things this nation had done in the past, aside from slavery, were the internment of U.S. citizens of Japanese descent during World War II, and turning away thousands of Jewish refugees during the same war.  There is nothing we can do but hang our heads in shame, for we cannot bring back the lost years or the lives we cost those people.  What Donald Trump is doing today is worse than the Japanese internment camps, and every bit as bad as turning away the Jewish refugees.  Have we, in fact, learned not one damned thing from history?  Are we as shallow, narrow-minded and greedy as our ancestors?

How, today, can one single woman who has children of her own support a ‘man’, and yes I do use that term loosely, who would separate 3,000 children from their parents simply because it is what he wants?  Republican, Democrat, Christian, Atheist, White, Black, Male, Female, Straight, Gay … it matters not.  We are all, before religion, before gender, before race, before party affiliation … we are human beings.  We care about one another, regardless of where we come from, what religion or lack thereof, what our politics.  Or at least I thought we did, but today I have to wonder.  Animals in the wild treat each other better than the people of this nation are treating their fellow humans.

Somehow we must find a way to stop this madness before it is too late.  If Donald Trump is allowed to take the law into his own hands, to disavow the Constitution, to deport asylum seekers without due process of law, then we will have slammed the door on the Constitution, on democracy, and on all rights and freedoms we once thought we had.  Our fate is intermingled with that of those migrants being detained at the southern border.  If they lose, then so do we.

This is a nation of immigrants.  You, me, every single person reading these words is here because somewhere in the past our ancestors were welcomed to this country, were given an opportunity to live in a land where our opinions mattered, our voices were heard.  Donald Trump’s grandparents were allowed to come here from Germany.  Mine from Spain and Wales and Germany.  And together our ancestors helped make this nation what it was until 17 months ago when a madman entered the White House.

We the People can only do so much, but we must all be on board.  Yes, even those of you who voted for Trump must wake up and realize that he is not what you believed him to be.  United we stand, divided we fall.  Those are the words of founding father John Dickinson in his pre-Revolutionary War song “The Liberty Song”, first published in the Boston Gazette in July 1768. In the song Dickinson wrote: “Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!”  Truer words have never been spoken, and they are as relevant today as they were in 1768.

Stepping down off my soapbox now … G’day my friends.

43 thoughts on “United We Stand … Divided We Fall

  1. Dear Jill,

    I’m with you on this one. Anyone who now continues to support President Trump are complicit with his evil because they are enabling a child abuser, a racist, the bully-in chief, etc. There is nowhere to hide for these folks.

    Hugs, Gronda


  2. Jill, many thanks for your focus on the issue – the rule of law and our constitution. We must avoid a mud fight as that is what he prefers. It frustrates me that the owner kicked Sarah Sanders out of a restaurant or Kirjsten Nielson getting ridiculed. This plays right into his hands and let’s Trump play the victim. He is not – he has divided America song defamed the office.

    People must not give him props to use as did Congresswoman Maxine Walters did. The one thing he knows how to do well is sell off an angle. What he does not like are facts that make him look bad. Keith

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    • Thanks Keith! My post tomorrow morning is about exactly what you mention … lowering ourselves to the mud-slinging such as the owner of the Red Hen and Maxine Waters did. If we keep on like that, we don’t stand a chance in November, I fear. We must prove ourselves to be above all that … to be better.


      • Jill, thanks. It is bigger than the election. A President must be a unifier and calm situations down. The current incumbent does neither. It is all about him and assuaging that huge and fragile ego. Keith

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            • I read your piece this evening … excellent post and thank you much for the mention! The problem is that you, me, Gronda and others are preaching to the choir, or as Hugh tells me, spitting into the wind. The people who read our posts are already of like minds. And the occasional dissenter we get either goes off the rails like Springer did with me and I had to block him, or they don’t stick around long because they don’t want to hear anything contrary to their own ideas. The key to success is to present our ideas, our facts, in such a way that they aren’t immediately turned off, and thus tune out. And, to find a way to break into a venue that they frequent.


    • Thank you for this passionate post, Jill, which is also honest and sensible. Unfortunately, the current administration is pursuing a political strategy of deliberately destroying social cohesion — the sense that we are members of a society sharing common principles and fate. I’ve just written about this here: https://mitchellpsmith.com/2018/06/24/the-costs-of-destroying-social-cohesion/

      To our great misfortune, the strategy is having some “success” in fostering division (as I’ve written about, the current incumbent of the White House sees himself only as “president of his base”), and we can expect ever more outrageous behavior including the most recent call to deny due process to undocumented immigrants.

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      • Thank YOU for your kind words! I did read your excellent post … thank you for the link, for although I follow you, I don’t get around to reading others’ blogs nearly as often as I would like. There used to be 24 hours in a day, but as I have gotten older, I find only around 18! I believe that Donald Trump is behind the loss of time!

        You are so very right that Trump neither remembers nor acknowledges that he was elected to be the president for the entire nation, not just those who slavishly follow him. Frankly, he does not even have their interests at heart, but only his own and those of his billionaire donors.

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  3. All I can say, over and over again is:
    Sue him. Sue him, left, sue him right, sue him on every word, every decree.
    In Montesquieu’s old “checks and balances”, the legislative is clearly frozen. Democrats are not doing anything. Are they so afraid of their (possible) no-reelection? Shame on them.
    So, what last check is left? Judiciary. As a few judges did at the very beginning, challenge his every word and action in court. Local, state, federal. There will always be some brave judges to do it.
    Sue him. (Can a hashtag be created?)

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    • I agree with you … the democrats are in limbo. I think they are still in shock over their 2016 loss and haven’t yet re-grouped. They are not strong, but instead are mostly silent, causing me grave concern over the mid-terms. Many seem quite positive that we will take a majority in at least one chamber of Congress, but I am not so sure. And now they are lowering themselves to the same low standards that Trump & Co have, asking Sarah Huckabee Sanders to leave a restaurant, encouraging people to harass Trump’s cabinet members. This will not serve us in good stead in the long term! As for suing … I told my daughter that if I die of heart failure, a stroke, or any stress-related illness, I want her to sue Donald Trump for every dime she can! I don’t know much about hashtags, but I’m sure one can, or likely already has!

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  4. I hope your plea on humanitarian grounds works.It’s relying on a number of Republicans to admit they made a mistake and I hope they’re big enough to do that rather than encourage more to be made by the Madman in charge. But if not and they allow him to rewrite the constitution for this then they can’t complain when the next reasonable government does the same with the 1st and 2nd amendments to cut out hate speak and to control guns.

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    • You are quite right, of course, and no, I seriously doubt that any large herd of republicans will read my post and say, “Oh, wow, she’s right … let’s change our ways!” But, I always hope that perhaps a few might stop and at least think. Sigh. I cannot save the world, but I cannot sit in silence, either. Tomorrow’s a.m. post takes on the democrats who are screwing up badly, also. Sigh. Cannot we just get a few things right in this country??? I guess not.
      Cwtch Mawr

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      • You have the right ideas,just not the right person to action them…….so far. There’s been plenty of ‘The will of the people’ in evidence but a shortage of the politicians with the will to take it further. Perhaps tomorrow’s post will tweak a few consciences.
        Cwtch Mawr

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        • Thanks, David. The current lot in Congress have proven time and time again that they are NOT our representatives, but only represent those who have millions or billions to spare. I think our only hope for getting somebody to put our ideas into action comes in November with the mid-terms, but … I somehow see those slipping away if we don’t get busy and do some things right.
          Cwtch Mawr

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  5. tRump has never been told no in his life. He has never been reigned in. He in his companies, allows no one to contradict him, or even tell him he is wrong. It has cost him in his businesses and he never has learned. Even if when people would like to have explained things to him, if things go wrong , he always blames them. Never admits to any wrong or mistake, but it is always someone else’s fault. I remember my anger the day tRump threw a door handle / knob at Ron’s head because he did not like the look of the handle, but he was the one who insisted on choosing the one he then did not like. He threw it so hard that it chipped the new marble floor just laid down. If Ron had not been looking and it hit him in the head, it would have hurt him badly. I never lost my anger at tRump over that. Hugs

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    • Whoa … back up! I’m not familiar with that story … did Ron work for Trump at one time, or was a contractor? How awful!!! I’m not surprised, but just wasn’t aware that you or Ron had ever been directly connected to Trump. Hugs, my friend!

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      • Yes, Ron was the night time Butler at Mar-a-Largo. So when I tell people I knew about tRump and his ways long before he ran for president, that is how I know. It was horrible to work for him and Ron quit after 6 years. The corruption and graft that follows / surrounds that man is horrible. He really is not in the same reality as most of us. IF he had less money and connections, I think he would be declared mentally ill. He does have some really odd quirks. Hugs

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  6. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Things have totally changed in the game that we play in daily life … ‘believe me!’
    John Dickinson in his pre-Revolutionary War song “The Liberty Song”, first published in the Boston Gazette in July 1768. In the song Dickinson wrote:
    “Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall!” Truer words have never been spoken, and they are as relevant today as they were in 1768.

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