A Spot of Humour …

This morning I was desperate for a bit of humour, thoroughly in a blue funk over the state of the world, the state of my carpet, and the state of my mind.  I went just ambling through my stash of files and websites, thinking to start working on my next post.  As I mindlessly wandered through the vast network of ‘everything-you-never-wanted-to-know-about-anything’, I came across this video.  Ho-hum … oh well, might as well check it out … click … and I found myself suddenly with a smile on my face, chuckling mindlessly.  I just had to share it!

Meet Poncho the police dog as he demonstrates his CPR skills on his human partner:

Keep this one somewhere handy, folks, for those days when you think you’ve forgotten how to smile!smile

11 thoughts on “A Spot of Humour …

    • I’m glad you liked it … I watched it several times, for it made me happy. Ah yes, a 5-week vacation would help lighten one’s mood! I hope you have a terrific time! Will Kevin be on vacation during all or part of that time as well?

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      • Nope – Kevin doesn’t take vacation. We like to say his boss is a bit of an a$$ (as an optometrist, he’s considered self-employed…) Nope. Just 5 weeks of doing whatever I want pretty much whenever I want for me!

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        • Awesome! You will have such fun and at the very least get a change to rest your mind and recuperate from all the dramas at work. While Kevin is gazing into people’s eyes, you will be walking through the woods and enjoying nature. Or snuggled up with the kitties taking a nice snooze 😉

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