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Most of us see Trump’s manufactured immigration ‘crisis’ for what it is … a loud and bombastic effort to instill fear in the populace. While it is true that we have some problems in the way we handle immigration, it is by no means the crisis that Trump would have us believe, with criminals and rapists coming in taking jobs and threatening our very lives. Fellow-blogger Erik Hare over at Barataria has put together an excellent fact-based post that I hope you will take a few minutes to read and check out some of his links. Thank you, Erik, for this excellent telling of ‘the real story’!

Barataria - The work of Erik Hare

There isn’t any actual crisis in immigration. If that sentence surprises or infuriates, you’re probably paying far too much attention to the news. The situation which has the entire nation worked into a frenzy was entirely made up for political purposes.

It’s not exactly clear why, either. While Trump aid and Politischertacitischerführer Steven Miller thinks that opposing immigration is a huge winner for Trump, surveys show that Americans strongly favor immigration. It’s as if the nation knows in its guts that we are at or near full employment and there is indeed a net labor shortage. This furor might fire up the base and make sure they show up in November, but that is still a long way away

Nevermind all that. We have a crisis on our hands because for one dumb reason or another Trumplandia thought it would suit them. Let’s look at facts and see…

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20 thoughts on “Fact-Based Policy

  1. Immigration … ? As an immigrant, I can speak to the issue. In Canada; I have met and worked with many other immigrants. Canada has become such a place. Some come to Canada, hoping to move to the US. Most just looking for another life in what is left of wilderness, of this globe.

    Immigration is a globalist agenda. Where the workforce … Us, is a mobile one. How is that achieved? Like what is being promoted by globalists, such as George Soros. Everything is being distorted. Wars disrupt ordinary lives, under a previous order. They force people to uproot and move away from the bombs going off.Then those who wish to jump lines, will push through with the others. The USA and its perceived economic benefits is a major attraction. Wars and propping up fascist regimes, in South America, for one. Force many to flee to the shelter. When less than 5% own !00% of the land. The best land … “nuff said. Eventually the State of Israel will have it’s way. Especially with the power of the bankers. Want to change the world? Change yourself … maxim.

    The national barriers are being eroded, whether the populations like it or not. Mr. Trump made a rash promise to capture the vote. It is likely a sensitive issue for those affected. What they need to do is take it out; on the industrial globalist bankers. Not holding my breath …. Cheers Jamie

    BTW. Washington DC is a Corporation owned by “The Crown”. That’s the City of Westminister and the bankers.Most US Citizens believe they fought for independence? Thought they had won? Whereas it has been owned by “The Crown”, ever since. Sorry to bring the news! J.

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  2. So I guess Clinton and Obama were lying, when they gave speeches on that subject? Trump just repeated what they said. This is exactly why the Democrats will lose the mid terms……

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    • Yikes, Jerry! I don’t like politics and I really don’t see much difference on the long run between the “Rats” and the “Rebugnicans” but in the current situation, purgatory is better than hell. If anyone’s inclined to vote, I’d say at the very least vote “Rats” – anything has to be better than a Trump & Co – anything. Maybe they should run that Fikus tree again…

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    • Clinton and Obama are not president. Trump is fear-mongering, ignoring the statistics, and lying through his teeth. You may well be right about the mid-terms, for I do not have a good feeling about it, but if the republicans maintain a majority in both chambers of Congress, then you should start practicing bowing to the dictator, for I have no doubt at all that will be where we are heading.


    • There is a world of difference between Obama’s policy on immigration and Trump’s, not to mention Trump’s hate rhetoric that refers to them all as either terrorists or criminals, none of which is true. We may lose the mid-terms, we may not. I have concerns, but overall I think we have a good chance at regaining a majority in at least one chamber of Congress.


  3. I, as a white born-in-the-US citizen, have had much more stress from straight white born-in-the-US self-calling-Christian people than from others of any other characteristics, any race or orientation or ethnicity or faith etc. It’s too bad. I hope everyone smartens up now for the highest good.

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    • I fully agree with you. I live in a diverse neighborhood that is predominantly African-American, but also has a large Middle-Eastern refugee population, and whites are the minority here, but still, they are the ones that cause the most problems. And, if you look at crime statistics in the U.S., with the exception of certain cities, most crime is committed by whites.


      • I would think though that the statistics will change, since there are simply fewer whites in comparison to nonwhites these days statistically than when I was growing up and that trend may continue, so if there are a hundred kids in a playground and fewer kids wear a certain type of shirt than used to wear it, then kids not wearing that type of shirt will eventually probably get in more trouble, due to sheer percentages. Does that make sense? In my view, I reallyreally wish everyone had stressfree access to birth control and that the population had not already doubled+ in my lifetime. The planet is finite, as are the resources, so I hope we all smarten up and get along.

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        • Yes, your analogy makes much sense, but contrary to what the republicans would have us believe, whites are not in the minority, and are still the ones who commit the most gun-related crime. That may change at some point, but … I long for the day when it just doesn’t matter who is a majority or a minority, when we just see everybody as a fellow human being. Sigh.

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          • I agree completely. I tend to be an anti-jerkist, more than racist or other -ist: if the person acts like a jerk, I am not likely to personally like them, whatever their brand or ingredients–and if they are not a jerk, then that’s great. Even if I don’t know the people, the more people who are decent of any race or religion or background or orientation etc. the better. I have been married a few times, and never to a white Christian American, even though I was raised Catholic and am a white American–and they were all decent, but sometimes things don’t work out for various reasons. It was never about race or religion or -isms though.

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            • Anti-jerkist … there’s a new one! 😀 But I agree with you … though it is said we should not judge people, we all do it. We deem them to be either worthy or unworthy of our time, our friendship. But we should judge them by their actions, rather than the colour of their skin, their religion, gender preference, or any other superficial criteria.

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              • In Tibetan Buddhism it’s considered crucial to develop ‘discriminative wisdom’ to know what is a virtuous or beneficial action, and what’s going to make more suffering. I think people can go too far in ‘not judging’, since we all have opinions and responsibilities, and things that do harm are generally not the wisest choice. I may or may not like someone’s aesthetics and should probably keep that to myself if they are not seriously harmful, but if someone is doing harm to self or others, then it’s more than a preference. I wish everyone was just decent and good, so people don’t feel like they have to judge and control others. It used to make me feel very impelled to ‘help’–having been a stage manager and therapist and whatever else–but now I feel very hands-off in most things except what I can personally help or what is my responsibility to control. Best wishes to all!

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                • “Judge not lest ye be judged.” If we do not judge, then we also refuse to discern and be discriminative; may as well declare ourselves zombies. I finally had to resolve the problem thus: I judge, oh yeah, I consider it my “sacred” duty to judge. However, I choose not to cross the line into condemnation. To me, what matters is whether we condemn. I don’t mean we should condone, but refrain from outright condemnation. Whenever possible, point out how a person’s words or acts cause harm to another, or others, or have the potential to do so but without turning that person into an enemy. I think that’s why I am following and reading this blog and the comments: I get a lot of discernment and admonition, but I have yet to sense outright condemnation. It’s a learning curve… for all of us and this is a great place to learn it. Hopefully that makes some sense.

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                  • It makes a lot of sense, my friend. And I try not to admonish anybody on this blog, for I always appreciate the thoughtful comments I receive here. I am glad to know you feel you gain something from this blog and the comments! You’ve made me smile 😊 I might not always agree, but all comments are always welcome … it’s a valuable exchange of ideas, yes?

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    • Absolutely! We need to present the facts that prove his lies. The hard part is getting his followers to listen to the facts. They somehow seem averse to facts and evidence. An example … if after all the indictments, they are still calling Mueller’s investigation a ‘witch hunt’, then they are turning a blind eye to all facts. How in heck can anybody say that there is no fire where there is this much smoke? Ah well … tomorrow is another day … I’m going to bed soon and try to put it behind me for a few hours, if possible. Hugs!!!

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