Make America Alone

Once again, our friend Keith is spot on in his assessment about Trump’s current trend to leave us completely devoid of allies. Please take a minute to read … thank you, Keith, for your excellent assessment and permission to share!


Unless you are on a diet or workout regimen, you cannot shrink to greatness. Yet, that is precisely the path America is on under the leadership of a man who announces his intent to make the country great again. Instead, he is pursuing a path of making America alone.

Jim Melville, the US ambassador to Estonia announced his resignation last week. Ambassador Melville, a 33 year state department veteran who has served under six Presidents, four of them Republucan, cited his reasons on Facebook. He said he could not support a President who has belittled NATO comparing it to NAFTA and saying it was formed to tap the American piggy bank. He also noted the President’s attack on the European Union as shameful.

Melville is not a lone voice. Other long service ambassadors have departed under this regime and there are a scary number of open diplomat positions. I have…

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7 thoughts on “Make America Alone

      • Oh they’ll try, they’ll try. Their forebears during Al Smith’s campaign for President were claiming there would be a tunnel from Washington to the Vatican (He was catholic, you see).
        I’ve given up on trying to see their point of view. They are flawed folk with all the perception and composure of witch-hunters of previous centuries.

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        • You may well be right in your assessment of their character, or lack thereof. We will see what happens in November … I think perhaps Trump has shot the GOP in the foot with his tariffs, but we will have to wait and see. Have a great vacation, my friend. Travel safely and enjoy the heck out of yourself!

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  1. Thanks Jill. Your endorsement is greatly appreciated. Well, he did say at the GOP convention that he, alone, could solve our problems. We just did not fully realize he was going make America alone. I feared he would make us into a pariah, I just did not realize it would happen so quickly.

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