Stop Calling the Cops!!!

There seems to be a disturbing trend these days, whereby people with pale skin, on seeing a person with darker skin anywhere in their vicinity, think it is best to call for the police.  The first time or two, I overlooked it, thinking these were isolated incidents.  But this growing trend has now resulted in police being called on an Oregon State Representative because she was doing what politicians do right before an election – going door to door talking to people, trying to rustle up votes.  People, people, people … what in the Sam Hell are you so afraid of???  My goodness … if my skin is darker than yours … so WHAT???

It first came to my notice back in April, when a Starbucks employee called police on two African-American men waiting for their friend to join them for lunch.  Then later the same month, a white woman called police on a few black people who, she said, were using a charcoal grill in an area where it was banned.  Police arrived and left shortly thereafter, leaving the people to their grill-out.  And after that, things seemed to snowball.

Darren Martin worked in the Obama administration, and on leaving the White House last year, decided to move to New York.  Watch him tell what happened to him when he moved into his new apartment …

On May 5, African-American real estate investor Michael Hayes was inspecting a house he’s interested in buying in a Memphis neighborhood. He was pulling a board off the boarded-up home’s front when a woman next door came outside. Mr. Hayes waved to her. The woman, who is white, asked him what he was doing. He pointed to the sign he had placed in the front yard and explained his reason for being there, that he wanted to get inside the house to take pictures. She called the police, who arrived, talked to Hayes for a moment and then cautioned the woman to leave him alone.

Also in May, three black teens were shopping at a Nordstrom department store when a store employee called police and said they were shoplifting.  They were not, and the president of the company later apologized in person to all three teens.

At Yale University, where we might have expected to find a more enlightened population, a white student called police on a black grad student who had fallen asleep in the common room of the dorm that both students live in.

In St. Louis, a black man tried to buy a money order at a local grocery store to pay his rent.  The clerk insisted the man pay with cash, rather than a credit or debit card, so the man called his girlfriend, she brought the cash, and the clerk still refused to sell them a money order for reasons unknown.

Also in St. Louis just this past Monday, a black man was in a Walgreen’s to purchase diabetic supplies when the clerk called the police and accused the man of shoplifting.  He was searched and nothing was found.

At an Alabama Hobby Lobby, an employee called police on a black man returning an item.  He had the receipt and the item, the clerk asked him to wait while she called corporate offices to see if the item was returnable, but instead she called police.  The officer arrived, took the man’s driver’s license, ran a background check, then told him to collect his refund and get off the premises before he arrested him for trespassing. Reginald Fields Last month, 12-year-old Reginald Fields, an enterprising young black man, started a business cutting grass in his neighborhood.  The neighbors of one of his customers, however, called police to report that he had accidentally cut a part of their lawn.  Seriously???  They couldn’t have just walked over and pointed out where their lawn began … they called the cops???  Yeah, they called the cops.  The upside of this story is that Reginald’s business has soared since the incident.  Go Reginald!!!  👍 👍🏿Sebby-StrempelWe’ve all seen the picture of this woman, Stephanie Sebby-Stremple, who was captured on video harassing a group of black teens at a swimming pool, and even hit one of the boys three times.  The teens were respectful, and left offering no resistance, saying “yes ma’am” as they quietly exited the area, though the woman continued screaming, “Get out! Get out now! There are three numbers I can dial: 9-1-1. Get out. Little punks.”Janelle BynumAnd then there is the story I led with.  Janelle Bynum is a democrat, an Oregon State Representative who is running for her second term of office.  Tuesday afternoon she decided to spend a couple of hours going door-to-door, talking to people – voters, citizens, constituents – seeing what their needs are sharing her ideas … the sort of things that politicians do.  Bynum had nearly finished her rounds when a Clackamas county deputy pulled up next to her. The deputy explained to Bynum that they’d received a report that someone was spending a long time in the neighborhood and appeared to be taking notes about the houses on her phone.

Are so many people in this nation truly so backward that seeing a person with skin darker than theirs strikes fear in their hearts?  I don’t care what skin colour my mail carrier has, as long as I get my mail on time.  I don’t care what skin colour my gas/electric meter-reader has, so long as he writes down the numbers accurately.  I don’t care what colour the guys who mow my grass are as long as they don’t trample my flowers.  And I damn sure don’t care what colour skin my elected officials have, if only they would do their damn jobs!

If anybody has a problem with the colour of another person’s skin, if dark skin strikes fear into their heart, then I strongly suggest they seek immediate psychological counseling, for they are the one with a problem.  These incidents sicken me and make me so ashamed of my fellow countrymen.  But more importantly, they are becoming the norm and the danger is that eventually we don’t raise an eyebrow when we hear of such racist incidents.  This needs to stop … we are all on this planet together, all of the same race:  the human race.

This video, The Perils of Living While Black, is well worth the 2:36 to watch … Sorry, but it was not embed-able.

41 thoughts on “Stop Calling the Cops!!!

  1. Hmm… perhaps a ‘nuisance’ ticket issued to ridiculously racist complainers – covering the cost of a police response to the location. Good grief! Hugs!

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    • That was my thought, too. If somebody calls the police without a credible reason for doing so, there is supposed to be a fine. Let’s start enforcing that! Another incident yesterday where a man asked the only black woman in the community pool for I.D. and proof that she had a right to be there. Sheesh!!! Hugs!!!


  2. “I still have a dream. A dream deeply rooted in the American dream. One day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed : ‘We hold these truths to be self evident : that all men are created equal.’ I have a dream…” These words of Martin Luther King Jr. were part of the famous speech given in Washington on August 28, 1963. In nearly 55 years, we still have not fulfilled his dream. We have failed as a country, in our states, and even in most of our neighborhoods. Underneath our skin, there is no difference. Why then, does the color of one’s skin matter? It shouldn’t!

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    • MLK’s ‘Dream Speech’ never ever ever fails to bring a tear to my eyes! That man had more compassion in his little finger than Trump has in his entire body. Sigh. Not only have we failed to fulfill Martin’s dream, but we are on a path backward to the days of his fight, and before. The KKK is on the rise again, white supremacy is gaining ground, and not only in the south! You are right … you know it, and I know it, and almost every one of my readers know it. Over half the nation knows it, but the rest of them are … I don’t know what they are. Are they evil or just plain stupid? I don’t know. Is this fixable? I don’t know. Will we ever fully realize MLK’s dream? I don’t know. The best we can do is keep on fighting, keep on defending equality for all and slaying the white-dragon. Hugs!


  3. This is appalling! What is WRONG with people???? There are OVER one THOUSAND different shades of human skin tone. (Angélica Dass has photographed over 4,000 people for the Humanæ Project, documenting the MANY tones of human skin.) It’s disturbing that this is happening NOW, when we live in an age when education is only a Google search away! Seriously??? This HAS to stop!!!!!!!!!

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    • It is, indeed, appalling. Of all the criteria by which to judge a person, it seems to me that skin colour/tone is the very LEAST important. We have, however, never quite recovered from the Civil War that ended in 1865, and on 08 November 2016, we elected a racist to lead this nation, a racist who has said to the haters, “it’s okay to come out from under your rocks … I will protect you, for I think you are good people.” And in so doing, he unleashed a torrent of hate against African-Americans, Indigenous People, Muslims, Latinos, and basically anybody who isn’t lily white and Christian. Welcome, by the way, and thank you for your comment!

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    • Well, now I sure have. That was scary to watch, and I just hoped like hell nobody was gonna get shot. Frustrating. Frustrating to know that this even exists, when it shouldn’t. Damn it–it hurts to watch this, knowing citizens of our country go through this just because they were born with a certain skin tone. That makes no sense to me.

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      • Yes, it hurts, my friend. It hurts like hell. But that is why it is so important that we watch and share, that we keep making our voices heard, that we keep shouting that racism needs to die … NOW! Discrimination … bigotry … call it what you like, but it is EVIL. It is, in part, what keeps this planet from coming together, working together to save ourselves and our world. We, the human race, are so superficial that we are likely to bring about our own extinction rather than admit that we are all equal, each one as good as the next.

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    • I had not seen this until tonight. While it angers me, nay, enrages me, it does not surprise me. Is this, then, the future of our nation? Thank you for sharing this, Nan. It is important that we understand that yeah, white privilege is real and racism is rampant. Sigh. In the words of Peter, Paul & Mary, “When will we ever learn …?”


  4. How quickly we slip into our tribal ways when anyone different appears it could just be a difference in dress or accent. The ruling order like to keep the rabble separate , they can serve at table or mop floors. Not so long ago women were grudgingly allowed to vote and even go to university. Do not be deceived the practice still exists in the rival gangs , so you better make sure your a member if you want to keep safe.
    If your among the royal elite you can watch the tennis from the royal enclosure but make sure you are well dressed. Kipling saw it very clearly.
    ‘ For its Tommy this , an’ Tommy that , and chuck him out the brute !
    But it’s Saviour of ‘is country when the guns begin to shoot.’

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    • You hit THAT nail spot on the head, Kertsen! Tribalism is just a nicer word for bigotry, for racism, xenophobia. Hate is hate … put it in any pretty package you like, but it’s still hate and it still stinks. AND … I see it as likely to bring about the end of mankind … perhaps that is right and proper.


      • Well Mr Macron had suggest there is no such thing a race except the one human race but he goes on to warn against a Darwinian survival of the fittest as a pattern for human society. Some tongue in cheek humorists have suggested he might go the whole hog and abolish France , but here in England the flag is over prominent as the population goes wild with football fever. I do not think that the top teams will worry too much about race when it comes to selecting their players ; what a charade , but at the bottom line money is all that matters. It would appear that many reserved seats for the match have not been purchased , just how rich do they think the average English fan can be?

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        • I’m with Macron on that one … I’ve said more than a few times that we are all part of the human race and that is all that should matter. So … you guys go wild over football too, eh? Only your football is what we call soccer. I’m not much interested in sports, but you are so right that it is naught but another multi-million dollar (pound) business in both of our countries. Here, they just added yet another .5% to the county sales tax to build yet another new stadium, so that they can charge mega-bucks for a ticket, $5 for a little bag of peanuts and $8 for a beer! I’ll stay home, thanks!


  5. Jill, well done. I responded to Suze’s wonderful comment. I saw Rawgod’s as well. There was an incident in Alabama in the past two years where an Indian father was visiting his daughter’s family in a nice neighborhood. He went for as walk and someone called the cops on him. As he did not speak English well, he was thrown to the ground and arrested. This is why Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling protest should be viewed as intended and not as painted by the opportunistic bigot in the White House. Keith

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    • I agree, Keith! Suze and her fellow-shoppers were the heroes of the day. And rawgod also has a valid point, but it isn’t only the Indigenous People, but Muslims, Latinos and basically any peoples who fail the WASP test! Time for us to put aside the superficial differences and work together in the interest of saving our planet! Once there is no water, no food, and the air is unbreathable, it will cease to matter what colour/religion/gender one is.


      • Jill, I was watching an old episode of “Endeavour” last night. There was arson focused on housing of brown skin immigrants. The police made reference to the folks who want “to make the country great.” Trump is not the first to use that line, but is doing everything in his power to create the converse. Keith

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        • Perhaps that was where he got the idea? I guess it’s all in how one define’s the word ‘great’. By my definition, and yours, he is doing the exact opposite, but apparently by some he is succeeding. I was in a “discussion” on Facebook with one of Herb’s friends the other night and man was adamantly in love with Trump and in his book Trump is doing and has done everything just right! Sigh. They walk among us …


  6. Dear Jill,

    This should be a part of the Democrats plea for being elected in November, a plea against the “war on decency.”
    I love Suze for the way she handled someone being mistreated by store worker because of his color.
    No one can sit back when they see someone being mistreated because of his/ her color or anything else.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I agree, Gronda. Some form of ‘racial parity’ testing should be a requirement for all public office-holders. Yes, I was so proud of Suze and her fellow-shoppers … but so disappointed that this is still happening in the 21st century! No wonder we cannot get along … we cannot seem to see beyond the colour of one’s skin.

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  8. Yesterday, I went to the local wally world to get milk. As I was standing in line to use the checkout a lovely, older African American man was having difficulty with the check out scanner. He politely requested assistance from the Caucasian female employee standing next to the cashiers, who turned on him and shouted “God, why are you people so stupid?”. I was appalled. I said to her “what is your problem?” She ignored me. He looked embarrassed, and once again asked for assistance. The woman said “I don’t have to mess with YOU PEOPLE. Go back to wherever you came from!”…that got the seven or eight of us waiting at different lines to object vocally, and LOUDLY told her that her attitude was totally wrong, completely racist and we wouldn’t stand for it. The clerk shut up. One girl left the line and went to complain to the manager. I helped the gentleman (the stupid scanner wasn’t working) and apologized for the clerk’s attitude. The manager came over, and apologized to the gentleman. It only takes one person to object (then others will object) to shut down the overt racism. I just wish it would also shut down the covert racism.

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    • Suze, well done by you and your line mates. Calling out bigotry when we see it is hard, but there are times when you have a position of power such as being a patron. You are to be commended for speaking up and taking advantage of the unfortunate situation. Keith

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    • INCREDIBLE. It is beyond belief that in this, the 21st century, in this, the United States — one of the most developed nations on the globe — we still have such utter stupidity and hatred! I am appalled! I am … FURIOUS! But I am also encouraged by you and your fellow-shoppers for doing the right thing, for not allowing that b#$%& to get away with her racist rants. Wal-Mart owes that man a lifetime of free groceries for what their employee, their representative, put him through! Two thumbs up 👍👍 to you and the others in line, Suze! I’m so glad you were there and thank you for doing the right thing.


    • Congratulations, Suze. Taking a stand like that is not easy, and you directed your frustration in the best direction you could. Maybe that clerk won’t understand the lesson you taught her, probably she will be angry with you for lecturing her. But maybe, just maybe, you got through to her, and she will understand what she did was wrong. Though maybe she was having a bad day and took it out on the gentleman in front of you, just like I took my frustrations out on Jill just now. I was in the wrong, and I admit that. Maybe she will admit it too. We can only hope…
      Again, congratulations on a job well done.

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  9. Hey, Jill, please remind your readership that blacks are not the only ones being harassed and profiled. Indians, both from India, and America (with apologees to my aboriginal kin, but I am trying to emphasize a point!), are darker skinned than whites, and they too are treated like racial trash. Dark is dark, no matter the race, and whites like the KKK SSS above can only see dark, whether it be black, red, brown, tan, or whatever. Gronda showed us stats the other day that by percentages, more aboriginal people are killed by police and other security forces than blacks, but no one tells their stories. Why not? Aren’t they “dark enough?”
    My apologies to you also, Jill, I know you are not doing the profiling, but I really think it is time the shit gets churned up for everyone.
    I’m actually furious right now that a judge in Canada, presiding over a case brought against the long-dead first Prime Minister of the then new country of Canada was committing genocide and crimes against humanity against aboriginal and Metis people by raping, pillaging, burning their homes and stealing their land, then making them walk for hundreds and hundreds of miles to their new reservation homes on unarable land while feeding them rotten meat to survive on told the descendents of those people that Sir John A MacDonald was not guilty because the incidents were not happening long enough to make them crimes against humanity, and the raping etc. was the work of the foreign soldiers and not the policies of MacDonald because there were no written records of MacDonald telling said soldiers to do as they pleased to teach the bloody red men a lesson they would never forget, was again not guilty because the soldiers were putting down a rebellion and therefore were allowed to get a bit over-exuberant after stopping the rebellion.
    150 years later the whites are still refusing to take the blame for the way my ancestors were treated. The rich farmland that was granted to my great grandfather by the Queen of England herself was stolen from my family by an enterprizing white asshole who got a bunch of people drunk, then had them sign papers they did not understand as deeds of sale due to their inebriation is not being returned to us because other white people bought the land off the thief in good faith! Bloody hell!
    Hell, Jill, please pardon my language but I didn’t even know these cases had gone to court. Oh, one more thing. The judge in the first case, against PM MacDonald, took a whole ten minutes to deliberate on the genocide and crimes against humanity. He didn’t even try to hide his bias. Man, I almost wish I could say I’m speechless, but obviously I am not!!!!!!!

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    • Hey rawgod! I agree and will respond more thoroughly tomorrow … I am simply too tired tonight and want to be able to take the time to respond thoughtfully, as you wrote your comment with much thought. Thanks for understanding …


      • No, Jill, there was some thought before I wrote, but I wrote in the moment. There was very little thought, but a lot of emotion. When I started that comment, it was only intended to be a couple of lines. But I let all my passion out, and what you got was just me ranting, expressing my frustration with life. Catharsis, I guess you could say. And I do apologize for directing it your way, but I really had no idea where to direct those feelings, and my spirit chose you. It was all honest-to-goodness-me, deep-down-me. But thought, no, I wasn’t thinking, just feeling…

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        • Perhaps so, my friend, but I still wanted to respond to your original comment, for you made some valid points. You are quite right that African-Americans are not the only ones who are being discriminated against. In this country alone, we discriminate against our Native Americans, or Indigenous People. We discriminate against Latinos, and the worst of it is against our Muslim community and LGBT community. It seems there is no shortage of hatred. The reason this particular post focused on the racial profiling of blacks is that at this moment, there seems to be a growing trend that I do not like and wanted to shine a light into that corner. I will, in some future post, do the same for the aboriginal people … I had not seen that particular post of Gronda’s (I try to read 2-3 a day of hers, but she is so prolific that I simply cannot stay on top of them all!), but will go back and check it out. And yes, I realized you were ranting … as you have every right to do. Now take a deep breath … please … for I do not wish you to do more damage to your pacemaker!


  10. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    AN AMERICAN TREND … lately, right? It’s the NEW AMERICA …
    ‘A disturbing trend these days, whereby people with pale skin, on seeing a person with darker skin anywhere in their vicinity, think it is best to call for the police. ‘

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