Snarky Snippets To Start The Weekend …

Today I am running short on time and short on patience, so I decided to humour myself by indulging in a bit of snarkiness to start your weekend!

Pruitt Out, Wheeler In …

I let out a WHOOP when I saw the news banner cross my screen, then just a few seconds later heard the ‘knock,  knock, knock’ on my cell phone that indicates breaking news from The Washington Post.  The news?  Scott Pruitt was out … O.U.T. … at the EPA.  I quickly posted the story on my Facebook page, sent Herb a quick message, then sat back to read the whole story and … gloat … only … wait …

My ‘whoop’ turned sour. Turns out, we may be even worse off than before!  My joy dims …

The agency’s deputy administrator, Andrew Wheeler, will be temporarily filling Pruitt’s position, and may end up being Trump’s nominee to fill the position permanently.  Wheeler has a few ‘claims to fame’, but perhaps two bother me the most:

He was a top aide to Senator Jim Inhofe  (you will remember that he is the one who earned the honour of being my first and so far, only Idiot of the Week).  And … this is the most concerning … he was a lobbyist for Murray Coal Company, one of the most corrupt in the industry.

Wheeler is said to be every bit as determined as Pruitt was to follow a path of deregulation of environmental regulations.  Environmental groups say they fear Wheeler even more than they did Pruitt!  “Wheeler is much smarter and will try to keep his efforts under the radar in implementing Trump’s destructive agenda,” said Jeremy Symons, vice president for political affairs at the Environmental Defense Fund. “That should scare anyone who breathes.”

They Can’t Find The Kids …

On Tuesday, 26 June, US District Court Judge Dana Sabraw ordered that the migrant children who had been separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexican border be returned to their parents quickly.  Children under the age of 5 were to be returned within 14 days, and older children within 30 days.

Now, just 4 days before the first deadline, the Trump administration is asking for an unspecified extension of time, saying that the tight timeline is putting them at risk of violating their “statutory obligations to ensure the safety of children before transferring them out of HHS custody.” 

Translation:  We do not know where all the children are, did not engage in good record-keeping when we removed the 3,000 children, and do not know which child belongs to which parent.

They claim they are using DNA testing to match children to parents, saying …

“Given the possibility of false claims of parentage, confirming parentage is critical to ensure that children are returned to their parents, not to potential traffickers.”


The other reason they give is that they are running criminal background checks on all the parents in order to ensure they are not returning the child into the hands of a criminal.  Again … Bullpoop!

The Justice Department under Jeff Sessions has said that if the judge wished, they could prepare an alternative timeline.  They are to have a phone conversation this afternoon with Judge Sabraw.  I hope the judge stands his ground, even though it is highly unlikely that the tangled web ICE has woven will be straightened out by the first deadline, next Tuesday.  But if the judge does not relent, and the government does not comply, watch the lawsuits start to fly!  Personally, I hope they do.  This entire thing is unconscionable and should have already been grounds for the impeachment of the man who came up with the idea.

The Coward Heads Abroad …

Next Thursday, Trump heads to the UK for a few days before heading to Brussels for the NATO summit.  I wish he weren’t going to either, for he will certainly shame, humiliate, and embarrass us again, and I have a number of friends in the UK.  But he will not be spending much time in London.  Why?  Because there are mass protests scheduled, and little Donnie is scared.


Londoners protest ahead of Trump’s visit

The citizens of the UK do not want Trump anywhere near their nation, and frankly I don’t blame them.  I doubt very much that Ms. May or the Queen want him, either, but they have this diplomatic duty thing to consider.  But seriously … Trump should feel honoured, for the Londoners have even made a special tribute to Trump — a blimp in his image!  What could be more fitting?  Take a look for yourself …Trump baby blimp-1Trump baby blimp-2Trump baby blimp-3The best we can hope for in this trip is that we not end up in a war with our friends in the UK.  I’m fairly certain he won’t treat them any better than he has treated our Canadian friends, and I am apologizing in advance to my UK friends for the abomination that is about to be unleashed upon your nation.

And that ends today’s snippets, folks.  I must now go mop floors and start chopping veggies for Pasta Primavera tonight!  Have a great weekend!!!weekend

25 thoughts on “Snarky Snippets To Start The Weekend …

  1. Dear Jill,

    I’m certain that the underground grapevine will be hard at work trying to figure out where President Trump will be staying in the UK. I bet every reporter is scouring their well placed sources. It would be poor manners not to send off President Trump with a proper protest.

    I had given serious thought to flying to London to join in all the protests against President Trump but not knowing where he’ll be dampens my enthusiasm for such an adventure.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • I hope so!!! I hope that everywhere he goes, he sees protesters and that he sees that big blimp of himself in the sky at least a few times! Yes, you might end up spending all that money and not be able to protest where he is. I sure would love to see his reaction to the blimp, though! I’m developing an evil sense of humour, have you noticed? 😈

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  2. I nearly peed down both legs this morning when I read the story about the one-year-old who they took before the immigration judge. OML!!! I ’bout lost it. I think I broke his nib’s ear drums I cussed so loud.

    Liked by 1 person

    • He IS a coward. That’s why he always had protesters removed from his rallies and why he tries to shut down any in the media who speak against him. It’s also why he very rarely gives press conferences. AND … it’s why he canceled his trip to London last year, for there were massive protests and he said he wouldn’t go because of them.

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      • The rather lengthy letter is nauseating…the last paragraph induced the vomiting. I become nauseous just thinking about it and I depleted my Tums supply. A must read anyway, but skip the sherry and go right to the more potent numbing stuff!

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        • AAaarrrrggghhh!!! I made the mistake of reading his letter while eating my morning (afternoon) oatmeal! 🤢 🤢 🤢 What a bunch of BULLPOOP!!! The man needs a lobotomy, for he is relentlessly delusional both about his own self and Trump! Too early for either sherry or the more potent stuff … now where are those Tums???


  3. The departure of Scott Pruitt was very good news. Andrew Wheeler taking over the EPA is not good news at all. The aftermath of Trump’s zero tolerance immigration debacle worsens for these innocent children. Eleanor Roosevelt said : “Some people are going to leave a mark on this world, while others will leave a stain.” The Mayor of London deserves a knighthood! Thank-you!

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    • I think that with Pruitt gone, we will see more of the same as far as the environmental regulations, for Wheeler is also a climate-change denier and radically committed to furthering Trump’s ignoble agenda, but at least perhaps we won’t see our tax money spent for somebody to go shopping for his favourite skin cream! Ms. Roosevelt was a wise, strong woman, and she was quite right in that quote. I think it goes without saying that this entire bunch of circus clowns are gong to leave a stain the size of this nation … one that no amount of Clorox will remove!


  4. Jill, he of course claim how unfairly he is being treated. The Trump arithmetic equation is simple: If you praise me, you are my friend.

    True friends tell you what you need to know. This is one reason FDR sent Eleanor out to be his eyes and ears as he knew she would not sugar coat what was really happening.

    Trump will of course rave about how nice Putin treated him. Keith

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    • No doubt he will have wonderful things to say about Putin, while putting down everyone else. I really dread seeing his behaviour at the NATO summit … perhaps they could just give him a colouring book and some crayons and put him at the kiddie’s table?


    • The mayor of London, who Trump has denigrated unfairly more than once, has given permission for the blimp to fly over London … I just hope Trump sees it! I know you don’t want him there, and I don’t blame you one bit. Sigh. I had hoped he would change his mind as he did last year, but I suspect his advisors are urging him to go. Why, I don’t know, since he will ruin anything he touches. Be thankful that I don’t think he is going to Wales, only Scotland and England.


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