“How do we make people vote?”

The mid-term elections are now less than four months away, and those of us who are determined to get the boot-lickers out of Congress and elect men & women who are willing to rein in Donald Trump, to hold him accountable for his actions and sometimes be willing to ‘just say no’, are concerned. We are hopeful in some of the up-and-coming candidates, we are hopeful because democrats are in the majority, albeit a silent majority sometimes, of voters. But we are also concerned because far too many people do not bother to vote, for one reason or another. My usual tactic is to be a bit of a bully, trying to guilt people into casting a vote. But fellow blogger Tokyo Sand suggests that another way might be more effective, and in many cases, I am inclined to agree. Please take a minute to read this excellent post and give it some thought! Thank you Tokyo Sand for such an excellent post and your generous permission to share.



“How do we make people vote?”

It’s the question of the moment, isn’t it. I get this question a lot. There are millions of us who hate the direction this country is going, and understand that the solution is to vote the Republicans out of office.

We know there are more registered Democrats than Republicans. We also know there are a lot of Independents who could be voting for the Democratic candidates, too.

This country needs a constellation of solutions to tackle our atrocious turnout rates, but what we need is something you and I can do today. Right now. What steps can we take immediately to help us get what we desperately need in November, i.e. votes.

After receiving an odd bit of inspiration, I’ve realized that “How do we make people vote?” is the wrong question. Really wrong.

When you “make” someone do something, you’re forcing them…

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23 thoughts on ““How do we make people vote?”

  1. Well good luck in November. It is great inviting people to vote and reinforcing that their little bit is really important in changing outcomes. You gotta appeal to them with some issue that they really want to change… That is the tricky part.

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  2. That post definitely has some good points. I would also say that it helps to have same-day voter registration, open primaries, early voting, no-excuse absentee voting, and more. Or, in other words, don’t be like New York…

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  3. My usual method to get people to vote has been to walk the streets naked carrying an American flag and shouting, “Vote, you lazy buggers, or else!” So far this method has gotten me several years in jail and very bad sunburn in places I’d rather not mention. I think I’ll try some of these other methods this time. Hopefully I’ll have more success and remain out of prison. 🙂

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  4. she’s absolutely right. encouragement after connecting is the way to go. if all else fails offer to drive them! I was amazed at how many people wanted to go vote in the primaries but had no way to get there..just call me shuttle service Suze!

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    • She certainly is right, at least for the most part. Sometimes tough talk is also called for, but I think that old expression “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar” generally applies. I would love to drive people to vote, but since I have no car, I must find other ways to matter, to help the cause. You, however, are a hero for all you do, Suze!

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