The Rainbow Connection …

I have absolutely no idea why I keep feeling a compulsion to share music with you guys every night, and I don’t imagine this will last long.  I suspect it is my way of working through the mass of angst that resides somewhere in the core of me at the moment. As I chat with you all via comments, write my posts for the next day, and do other tasks such as research, scanning the news, etc., I am most always listening to something (sometimes I am simply listening to the purrrrrr of a contented kittie in my lap).  I cannot write while I listen to anything with lyrics, for I am too easily distracted, so while I am writing, I am usually listening to Beethoven’s Pastorale or other classical selections.  But then later, I come upon something and for some reason just feel compelled to share.  Bear with me, for I’m sure this phase will pass, but meanwhile, I hope you enjoy at least some of the tunes.

Tonight, I find myself softly singing the Rainbow Connection … as sung by my favourite, Kermit THE Frog!  ♫  There is a better version done by the Carpenters, but somehow … sometimes … nothing will do but the Kermit version! (For the record, Willie Nelson even did a version of this, which I have not heard.  I love Willie … in some things, like Blue Eyes Cryin’ in the Rain, and Always on my Mind, but the Rainbow Connection???  NO … just no.)


30 thoughts on “The Rainbow Connection …

  1. Dear Jill,

    Thank you for this respite. I enjoyed Kermit singing his rainbow song as I count myself among the dreamers. I too have Amazon Prime. I love opera. I have no idea what this fire stick is all about but I’ll look it up on Google.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • The fire stick is a small device sold by Amazon that let’s you watch their series, movies, videos, etc., on your television. Once we dropped our satellite account, we got the firestick and can watch just about anything we choose to, mostly without any charge. I’m glad you enjoyed Kermit … he brings a smile to our faces, doesn’t he? Keep on being a dreamer, my friend! Hugs!!!

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  2. While Kermit isn’t one of my favorites, Beethoven is at the top of my list, and kitties in my lap are also favorites, along with puppies and all fur friends. Pastorale is actually one of my favorites, and I have it streaming on my TV right now thanks to my Amazon Prime membership and my Fire Stick, along with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

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    • Welcome and thank you for following my humble (or more often snarky) blog! Except for Kermit, it seems we have much in common, for I am a lover of all critters and of classical music, Pastorale being among my favourites! Plus, I am an Amazon Prime member and also have a fire stick ever since we canceled our satellite account, for nobody here watches television more than an hour or two a week!

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      • Hey, we do have a lot in common. I still have cable because of the extra WiFi I get thru it as well as my phone service, plus we get it practically free because they have a tower on top of my building, but most of my time is spent with my photos streaming across the screen while my favorite music playlists are going constantly, day and night. I need the noise in the background to keep me company, the furry friends from the people on the floor who open their doors and their little 4 legged friends dash out and into my open door and curl up in their baskets or on my lap, whichever is free at the moment. Since I’m in a power chair when I move around I’m afraid to keep little ones of my own, and the visitors know to stay in my lap or the baskets where they are safe so it’s all great! I’m also a big fan of the old folk music, the REAL folk music, not the new age stuff, — guess it could be my Irish roots at work there along with my Kentucky roots which go right along with the Celtic ancestry. I also have a tendency to talk too much at times so feel free to delete at any given time! Just a little bit punchy this time of night! Have a good one.


        • Great to meet you, Angie! Ha ha … we had Time-Warner cable for years, but became dissatisfied when we could not get adequate customer service. So, we switched to satellite through Direct TV, which was fine, but one day I realized that we were paying over $100 per month and the television was only on for maybe an hour or two on the weekend. None of us have time to watch it during the week, so … why pay $136 every month for maybe 6 hours of television?

          When you say ‘real’ folk music, are you thinking Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, PPM and the likes? I think I am older than you … 67 … and I ‘came of age’ in the turbulence of Vietnam and the ‘peace and love’ movement of the 60s, so those are my idea of folk music.

          I was sad to read of your MS … I have a friend who has had it for several years and is now in a wheelchair … but on the flip side, I can tell that you don’t let it stop you from doing what you want to do in life, and I admire you so much for that! I don’t have MS, but have had Type I diabetes all my life, as well as other health issues, and until this spring, was 75% blind, but surgery finally restored my vision. Like you, I don’t let it stop me. I am a stubborn wench, as my friends would say!

          And there’s something else we have in common. I am a night owl, usually falling into bed somewhere between 3:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., and the later it gets, the chattier I get! No, I won’t delete your comments, but will enjoy them and respond in kind …


  3. Rainbow Connection by Paul Williams and Kenny Ascher was written in 1979 for Kermit the Frog to sing in The Muppet Movie…any other rendition is a sad imitation! Perfection can not be improved upon, all attempts are doomed to fail. Benjamin and I loved this video so much, we went and watched The Muppet Movie two times. Benjamin was holding onto the 1999 talking plush Kermit, it usually sits in a place of honor in my hutch. Hours later, I am still humming this tune. Thank-you!

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    • Oh WOW!!! Funny, but I wasn’t even thinking about Benjamin liking it, but I am so thrilled that he did and that it led to some fun movie-watching, too! What special times you have with him … these are the memories he will cherish for a lifetime!


  4. That was lovely, thanks. Incidentally, did you ever hear their Relaxation tape? It’s not only out of production now, apparently, but out of history. I remember playing a copy of it that belonged to somebody else and never being able to find it again. The only words I remember was when you you’re lying there relaxing and breathing the words were “Up goes the castle and down—“?


    • Glad you liked it!!! No, I have to admit that I not only never heard their relaxation tape, but am not familiar with relaxation tapes at all. I wonder why you cannot even find a copy of it … I thought basically everything that had ever been recorded was available on YouTube!

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    • Yes, I was reading about him earlier today and listened to some of his other songs. He was only in his 30s when he died, too. Very sad … I love his voice … it’s mesmerizing. Cheers!


    • I’m so glad you liked it and that it perked your spirits! If you didn’t watch the video Jamie posted of Izzy singing Over the Rainbow, you should … he has a wonderful voice and the video was very uplifting! Have a great rest-of-the-day!

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