The “president” is a Son-of-a-Bitch

Let’s start with a simple question:  If you are invited to visit a friend, and your own house is in a shambles, dirty because you haven’t cleaned it in months, are you likely to harshly criticize your friend’s housekeeping skills when her house if nearly immaculate?  And to do so publicly, announcing to the neighborhood at large?  I think not.  Why? Because you are sensible, kind and truthful.

Who does Donald Trump think he is?  He was, though only by the minority and not the majority, elected to be the president of the United States.  He was not elected Prime Minister of the UK.  He was not elected President of NATO.  He was only elected to be the president (no caps) of what is fast becoming the most despised nation on the face of the earth.

I won’t even bother addressing just now his abhorrent performance – yes, that is what all his public appearances are, performances – at NATO on Wednesday and early Thursday, but will skip right on to his epic failure in the UK yesterday afternoon.

Donald Trump decided to give an interview to one media outlet in the UK, The Sun. First off, guess who owns The Sun?  None other than Rupert Murdoch, the very same Rupert Murdoch who owns Fox News and The Wall Street Journal, among others.  It is considered Britain’s most right-wing newspaper, or actually more of a tabloid.

The SunThe interview had been done on Wednesday in Brussels, and was strategically scheduled to be published during Trump’s first evening in London.  There can be no doubt … no doubt at all that it was an attempt to add insult to injury as Ms. May is struggling to maintain her position in light of the opposition to the soft Brexit deal she announced earlier this week.  Trump also praised May’s antagonist, Boris Johnson, and alluded to him as a future Prime Minister, further indicating his attempt to influence the fate of Ms. May’s government.

A few of his most obnoxious remarks from the interview (and of course I could not resist adding my own commentary):

“I would have done it much differently. I actually told Theresa May how to do it, but she didn’t listen to me.”  (And why should she listen to the words of a dishonest ‘man’?)

“The deal she is striking is a much different deal than the one people voted on.” (He didn’t even know what Brexit was in early 2016!)

“If they do a deal like that, we would be dealing with the European Union instead of dealing with the U.K., so it will probably kill the deal.”  (A mind is a terrible thing to waste)

“I guess when they put out blimps to make me feel unwelcome, no reason for me to go to London. I used to love London as a city. I haven’t been there in a long time. But when they make you feel unwelcome, why would I stay there?”  (You’re finally getting the message — they don’t want you, Bozo!)

On London Mayor Sadiq Khan: “Take a look at the terrorism that is taking place. Look at what is going on in London. I think he has done a very bad job on terrorism. I think he has done a bad job on crime, if you look, all of the horrible things going on there, with all of the crime that is being brought in.”  (Not your place to judge, Donnie boy — you don’t even understand your own job, so don’t try to tell someone else how to do theirs)

“I have a lot of respect for Boris [Johnson]. He obviously likes me and says very good things about me. I was very saddened to see he was leaving government, and I hope he goes back in at some point. I think he is a great representative for your country. I am just saying I think he would be a great prime minister. I think he’s got what it takes.” (Just proves that Johnson is a lousy judge of character)

Last month, Trump very rudely and using false pretenses offended Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after the disastrous G7 summit where Trump should have been put outside with the canines, based on his behaviour.  And this month, he has gone beyond simply insulting the Prime Minister of the UK, but has attempted to undermine the job she is working hard to do.


What the heck is Melania wearing — the curtains???

Although I did not vote for Trump and have never supported him in any way, I still feel I owe all my UK friends a humble apology.  Please forgive us, our nation, for being too stupid to see what an ignominious jackass our so-called president is and allowing him to remain in office.  I’m sorry.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who I actually defended recently, saying that she didn’t deserve the public embarrassment she was subjected to when she was asked to leave a restaurant, went above and beyond her usual dog-and-pony show lies:

“The President likes and respects Prime Minister May very much. As he said in his interview with the Sun she ‘is a very good person’ and he ‘never said anything bad about her.’”


His behaviour and his interview with The Sun were abominable.  Extremely unprofessional, un-presidential, crass, rude and whatever other adjective you can think of to insert.  Make no mistake — this is a serious diplomatic blunder for the U.S., and one that will likely have long-reaching ramifications for both the U.S. and the UK.  I do not see how it can possibly fail to erode the relations between our two nations.  Donald Trump has absolutely no right to interfere in the negotiations between the UK and EU regarding Brexit.  It is not his fight.

It is worth noting that Trump is not capable of taking care of his own house, is doing a terrible job at home, and yet here he is trying to tell all of NATO what they must do, and now trying to tell the Prime Minister of the UK how she should do her job!  As I said in the beginning, the United States is well on the way to becoming the most despised nation on the earth.  All because of one ‘man’.  Well no, wait, actually the blame must be shared by 62,985,115 others.  The 62,984,828 who voted for him, and the 287 republicans in Congress (51 in the Senate and 236 in the House of Representatives) who have been slavishly licking his boots every day since 20 January 2017.  Thank you all for making our nation the worst it has been since 1865.  Each and every one of you deserve what’s coming your way.  Sadly, the other 265,134,207 of us in the U.S. do not deserve the abomination you have unleashed on us, and the rest of the world does not either!

59 thoughts on “The “president” is a Son-of-a-Bitch

  1. We have two arguments in the UK : disrespect Mr Trump and you are disrespecting the office of American president ; since we hate the values Mr Trump stands for we must castigate him with malicious mockery.
    In the not too distant past there was a thing called the Divine right of kings and democracy was a dream but now in a small minority of nations we have democracy. The architect is the person who runs the show not the labourer although they are worthy of their hire. How does the architect get to their elevated position? are they voted in by those who know little about the erection of buildings ? How does the surgeon take his place ? by vote ? Yet we place the highest and most powerful office of the land in the hands of the whim of the masses and we expect excellent responsible government. Fortunately the president or prime minister is not like a King all powerful and stays for a limited term unless they can engineer a longer stay .

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    • To your first argument: Trump is the one who has disrespected the office. I see disrespecting him as respecting the office enough to dislike the person who is trashing it. That said, I love your malicious mockery! Especially the blimp!!!

      Y’know … I’ve read your words a number of times and given them thought, and you are so right! We are entrusting our entire nation, the lives of every man, woman and child, to a majority of voters who are often uneducated, not well-versed in the things that our government must deal with, and often are thinking of naught but what would benefit their own circumstances. Can democracy work? In its purest form, I would say not. But then again, I’ve grown up with the belief that the people of a nation ought to have a voice in the governance of that nation. Where is the happy medium?

      Your final sentence chills me, for it is a topic that has oft been on my mind lately. “… unless they can engineer a longer stay”. I think that is precisely what Mr. Trump intends.


      • Ha ha I wish I could claim malicious mockery but I stole it from the Bard. When they first see the ghost of Hamlets father it will not speak so they attack the apparition with their swords.
        “For it is , as the air , invulnerable,
        And our vain blows malicious mockery.”

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  2. Draft-Dodge Don is, indeed, Putin’ ‘Lil Puppet. The only things I find more despicable than this treasonous piece of orange poop are the mindless, rage-filled drones who STILL support and defend this traitorous baby. I truly hope people vote in November. This simply must end. He has caused decades worth of damage in a year and a half. Shame, ‘Lil Draft-Dodger, shame!

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    • I agree — I have lost all patience with those who still avidly support him and refuse to see what a complete disaster he is making of this country, and what damage he is doing to all of us. They say you shouldn’t let politics come between friends, but frankly when a friend says to me that she loves Donald Trump and calls me names when I try to explain the facts, then I’m done. Oh yes, we damn well better be voting in November, for I think that it may well be our last chance to save ourselves from becoming a full-blown dictatorship.

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  3. I thoroughly enjoyed this post, Jill, not because it is a pleasant topic but because you did a great job on it. I think you’re right. The only leaders who will be inviting Trump to visit from now on will be his dictator buddies. Good grief!

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    • Thank you so very much, John!!! I hope that you’re right and nobody will invite him again! First, because every time we let him out to visit, he shames us and causes trouble abroad. Second, because I am sick and tired of paying for him to go gallivanting about the globe to wreak havoc when I cannot even afford a pair of shoes!!! Nasty little ‘man’.

      Hugs, my dear friend!!!


  4. First, thank you for hanging in. I could not do what you do, taking it all in and writing it, visiting it over and over with edits etc. I can barely watch or read about it. Thank you very much.🌸🤗

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    • Thank YOU!!! It makes it all worthwhile when people read my work and appreciate it. In truth, as I was just telling Mary, I cannot do otherwise, for it is like an obsession. The writing is my catharsis, my vent. Some people can tune it out for a time, but I cannot seem to … I’ve tried, but it just doesn’t work. Hugs!!!


  5. Typhoon Trump has touched down in Brussels and Britain, unleashing Category 5 winds that are emanating from his mouth and another body part, wreaking catastrophic destruction all along the way. Next up, Tea with the Queen?! All one can say is, “God Save The Queen!” Excellent post! Thank-you!

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    • Ahhhh … so THAT’S what that awful smell was??? It even wafted back across the pond! Good job on this, my friend! And you are welcome … I thought the title might put some people off, but I was mad and wasn’t about to change it, for it is exactly how I feel.


  6. If he could … I truly believe tRumpsky would like to rule the world. His head is as big as that balloon.

    I hope the countries he continues to insult recognize that the majority of we the people do not agree or support his idiocy.

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    • I agree with you, I think he sees himself as a leader of at least the Western world. He probably doesn’t want to lead what he refers to as those “shithole countries”.

      The people in the nations like the UK, Germany and Canada, DO realize that we do not support him and that we consider him an embarrassment and we are ashamed. But … to the leaders of those nations, we voted him into office (even though we really didn’t) and they likely don’t much differentiate between him and us. There’s the danger, or at least a part of it. If a leader or a nation declares war on another nation, he declares war on the nation based on the actions of its leader. He doesn’t stop and say, “Well, the citizens of this nation don’t support this leader, so let’s just not declare war.”


  7. Thank you, Jill, for your anger on our behalf. Enjoy the pictures of the very small, very very small, very sad crowds in London today! I hope you will take some time off – thinking about this man night and day is enough to give anyone a heart attack and we do NOT want that! I have to ration my doses of his rude, arrogant, deluded but dangerous behaviour. His performance at the NATO Q&A was preposterous and his behaviour here – well, splutter about sums up my reaction.
    What I find worse than anything else about him is the fact he has made the terrible so normal that no one gets shocked any more. We have horrendous things being uncovered daily and no one bats an eyelid.
    As for Britain, as I said in response to Gronda, we are in a tough place – and of course, he knows it and exploits it to the max.
    Phew. Back to work! x

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    • Awwww … thanks for your concern and for caring, sweet Mary! I’m okay … I’m turning into a surly curmudgeon, but still manage a smile and a hug for those I love. I cannot seem to step back, so I finally figure out that writing about it is my catharsis, my steam vent.

      You are right that one of the most dangerous things about this whole situation is that things we would have been horrified by two years ago and fast becoming the ‘norm’. I saw a story this evening about an ethics violation by Wilbur Ross, the Secretary of Commerce, and I nearly just shrugged my shoulders and said, “Oh well”. I caught myself and admonished myself to not allow me to fall into that stupour, but how many people already have? Look at the sexual abuse allegations these days … people don’t bat an eye much anymore. Sigh. What are we turning into?

      I think that on his own, Trump isn’t intelligent enough to have done what he did in his interview with The Sun. I think there is a more intelligent being pulling his strings on that one. Just my thoughts …

      Hugs, my dear friend! ❤

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  8. Ditto on all the comments. I fear what will transpire after trump has sufficiently licked Putin’s boots and they sit down for a one-on-one. Putin is a master at his “trade” while trump is just another dime-a-dozen wannabe dictator.

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    • That is certainly one of the biggest fears. Putin is far more intelligent than Trump and a sly manipulator, whereas Trump is an in-your-face tyrant, a playground bully. Putin is a sly manipulator, and my best guess is that Donnie is so full of himself that he doesn’t even realize he is being played. You’re right that Trump is a wanna-be dictator, and what if Putin is willing to help him get that, in exchange for following his agenda with things like, oh, say moving the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? Or interfering in the UK-EU Brexit negotiations?

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        • They’ve been loaning him money for years … decades, actually. Best guess is he owes them. I may be wrong, but I think he is too unfiltered to be very sly or conniving. Oh, I wouldn’t put anything past him, but he just blurts out whatever he’s thinking at any given moment, so I cannot see him coming up with some subversive plot. Plus, he doesn’t read, and if you listen to him talk and see some of his tweets, you can tell that he just isn’t really very smart. Just my take, of course … I’ve been known to be wrong before 😉


    • Most of us have had enough of him, but until either we change the demographics in Congress or his supporters finally wake up and see the disaster they have created, I fear we are stuck with him. My bigger fear, though, is that his abominable behaviour seems to be escalating, and that cannot end well. Sigh. Thank you for calling me the ‘voice of reason’ … somedays I feel rather like all I do is rant. :/

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  9. Dear Jill,

    How can we beg the forgiveness of our UK friends enough for having inflicted this nightmare on them?

    This is where I go into fantasy lane. Do you remember that pie scene in the “Help?” If I were President Trump, I’d be very careful about what I ate in the next couple of days.

    He is definitely doing Russia’s bidding. What PM Theresa May was doing was trying to keep the connections between and the EU going but that is not what Russia would want.

    I’m mortified over President Trump’s behavior towards his host, PM May. Frankly, if I were her, I would not deal with President Trump as that would be like cutting her own throat.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • We are between a rock and a hard place, politically and economically thanks to the criminal decision of Mrs May’s predecessor David Cameron to hold a referendum and then fail to tell people why staying in the EU might be good, as opposed to why leaving would be bad. We are now desperate for allies economically and our government has tied its own hands by trying to satisfy the party’s own competing interest (and save its minority to keep power) rather than serving the country’s best interests. . But as you can see from the turnout under the baby blimp today, we the people (if I may borrow the term) are not going to fawn over that man just for a trade deal. Bleeurgh! I wihs I was in London with that crowd!

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      • Dear Memoirsofahusk,

        I also was wishing I had been in the middle of that London crowd.

        We missed out. But I am thrilled that the Brits and the Scots are sending President Trump a loud message that his misogyny, racist and Xenophobic attitudes are not welcome in the UK.

        I think I will be doing a post as to how too many in the UK are in denial as to the degree that Russia interfered in UK politics and the Brexit referendum.

        Hugs, Gronda

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    • It is those who voted for and still support Trump who should be begging forgiveness from our friends in the UK … and Germany … and Canada.

      Yes, I remember that scene! 😀 It would be poetic justice …

      Way back when, probably around the time he first took office, I tossed an off-the-cuff remark about Trump being Putin’s puppet, but I was basically just blowing off steam. Or so I thought. The more time that passes, and the more I watch, the more I am convinced that Putin is indeed using the Donald, that he is indeed the Puppetmaster. I’m guessing at this point that Trump is actually too ignorant and has too much of a bloated ego to realize that he is being played, for he is used to being the one who uses others. And you are right, it is Putin who wants to see the UK fully isolated from the EU. Ms. May already has enough troubles without Donnie having added to them. I was truly hoping that the Queen would rescind her invitation to him, but she has too much grace and dignity to do that.

      I’m with you on this! I could not have acted as gracefully as Ms. May did … I would have picked up a heavy object and aimed it straight at his head! I guess this is why you and I aren’t world leaders, eh?


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  10. Jill, it is all about the Donald. What he and his ardent followers fail to understand that his bullying, lying and denigration of other leaders, especially while being hosted by such person, is off putting. These countries will simply consider other options. One of these options will be reconsidering any possible invitations to the US President to visit, if he is going to pee in your swimming pool. Germany has methodically been increasing exports to China who has been more welcoming to non-US companies. In spite of saying he is lovedin the UK, 73% of the people dislike Trump. And, Brits do not cotton to being told what to do.

    Trump is causing people to reconsider other options. The US has become an unreliable partner who cannot be trusted. Keith

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    • I seriously hope that he doesn’t get invitations to any more countries, for he is an embarrassment, and worse, he is a danger to our relationships with our allies. He thinks the Brits like him??? HAH! I have at least 20 readers from the UK and not a single one of them can stand him! What did he think all the protests were about? He has shown his posterior too many times, and I’m tired of paying for him to jet all over the world leaving behind a stench that will take years to get rid of. We have become an unreliable partner and I fear that one day we’re going to need our friends and they won’t be our friends anymore. The ‘man’ does not have any comprehension, apparently, of the ramifications to what he is doing. And still … his followers support him. Sigh.

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  11. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Any surprise here? Drumpf is a boor … he’s a Baby Blimp!! I truly believe he does ALL this on purpose …. we are terribly underestimating him.
    ‘His behaviour and his interview with The Sun were abominable. Extremely unprofessional, un-presidential, crass, rude and whatever other adjective you can think of to insert. Make no mistake — this is a serious diplomatic blunder for the U.S., and one that will likely have long-reaching ramifications for both the U.S. and the UK. I do not see how it can possibly fail to erode the relations between our two nations. ‘

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  12. Perhaps Her Majesty The Queen will have him put in the Tower? We feel your pain but Trump is correct in one thing, our politicians and the Brexit busines are a total embarassment and we are hoping the England football manager will be put in charge of the country! He is smart, polite, disciplined and sensible.
    We know our problems only too well, but it is not a guest’s place to comment loudly! At least we treat our guests politely and we have had to entertain worse world leaders. At least he doesn’t have people publicly be-headed.

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    • You are quite right … it is NOT the place of Trump or anybody else to criticize, interfere, or offer unsolicited advise. You guys have enough to contend with and certainly don’t need him adding fuel to the fire. But we knew he would misbehave, for everywhere he goes, he shows his ignorance and lack of upbringing, to say the least. I hope you guys don’t invite him back any time soon. In fact, I hope he is persona non grata throughout the world, as I am tired of paying for him to visit other countries and make an ass of himself.

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  13. I am trying not to react to him or his antics but it is sooo hard.
    I have an article I’m working on but its so draining. My head is filled with my own conspiracy theories about him and his relationship with Russia and Putin’s agenda. I agree, he is not an idiot, he is a self-serving sociopath.

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    • It is almost impossible for those of us with functional minds and consciences not to react to the horror that is Donald Trump. I, too, find myself thinking of things that I once would have considered conspiracy theories, but today are altogether too plausible. My sincerest hope is that Robert Mueller can tie him directly to an impeachable crime, and that in November the democrats gain a majority in Congress so that they will have the cojones to start impeachment proceedings. Short of that, I cannot see a solution. Good luck on your article!

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  14. Well, everyone here has been shaking their heads the last few days constantly … I am already getting dizzy from it! But seriously, the whole business around the NATO top and now the visit in the UK is, how should I put it? Strange? Infuriating? A diplomatic disaster? Yesterday my Dutch newspaper published an article about one of Obama’s speech writers. He described how Obama used to prepare for a diplomatic visit, how he requested details about the country’s political situation, current problems, anything that he would need to understand his partners in the meetings. But I guess this is the main difference: Obama saw the other political leaders as “partners”, whereas Trump just sees himself. Everyone else is just an obstacle in his way.

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    • Those of us here who still retain a bit of our sanity are shaking our heads as well. I keep hearing a little rattle in mine every time I shake it, so I can only assume that yet another of my marbles has come loose. His behaviour at the G7 last month was abominable, so I was fairly certain he wouldn’t do any better across the pond. But his attack on Ms. May was … the most abhorrent thing. I was very pleased to see Angela Merkel put him in his place, though he doesn’t seem to realize he was bested, for he came out gloating. You’re quite right … President Obama understood diplomacy and knew how to treat friends/partners. Trump has likely never had a true friend in his life, and therefore has no idea how to act. Sadly, he is turning the U.S. into a pariah, while he entrusts the likes of Putin and Kim with the keys to the back door, and it will bite us before long. His attitude toward everyone … and I DO mean everyone, including the citizens he supposedly represents … is to think “what can I get from them?” Sigh. Be thankful you don’t have to live here. 😥


  15. Since he has an invitation to take tea with The Queen ( shoot the man who sen it) I hope he either clams up or most unusually has something nice to say, perhaps about the dogs. I don’t want him telling Her Majesty how to govern since she’s older than him and has done fine for a number of years now. .

    Cwtch Mawr

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    • I haven’t seen much feedback about their meeting, only that he was rude and walked in front of her, but that was no surprise … remember last year’s NATO meeting when he shoved a Prime Minister (I disremember which country) aside so he could be in the front for the group photo? The man doesn’t know the word decorum or manners.
      xxx Cwtch xxx

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