‘We Are The World’ …. “🌎 We Always have Been, We Always will Be 🌎 …. “!!

It has been yet one more week that has bombarded our sensibilities with hate, with ugliness, with things that we didn’t think could happen, couldn’t possibly even imagine two years ago. The ‘man’ in the Oval Office was allowed out of the Oval Office to travel abroad, where he left a trail of offal, for lack of a better word. Today, I think we all need a break from it, and our very dear friend Dr. Horty Rex has provided a most wonderful and apt respite that I would like to share with you all this afternoon. Thank you, Horty, for this beautiful song to remind us, to give us hope for the future, and for implied permission to share.

It Is What It Is

~~July 13, 2018~~ 


~We Always have Been, We Always will Be~

I find myself so pulled by the negativity and awful events taking place in our world nowadays. Sometimes it’s so overwhelming that I can’t really breathe.

I can’t fathom or wrap my head around the level of inhumanity, greed, vileness, evil, violence, crime, injustice and so much more that inhabits this world.

Music helps me.

Here’s an example.


RedLineBYael Silver (Tony-winning producer Once On This Island), Robin Carus and Van Dean (Broadway Records, President) today released “We Are The World,” a music video featuring an all-star roster of theater artists and calling for healing and unity in the world today.

“More than ever, people need to know that their voices make a difference and their voices together are incredibly powerful,” said producer Yael Silver.

“We Are The World spoke to…

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22 thoughts on “‘We Are The World’ …. “🌎 We Always have Been, We Always will Be 🌎 …. “!!

  1. Dear Jill,

    Thanks for the break. It has been a bit much and this is the perfect intermission. We are the world was brought home as peoples around the world let President Trump let him know what they think of him.
    I just love this song.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  2. Once again I needs be out of step with the balance of your readers…

    You started this post giving us an awful image of Defecating Turdcrumbs leaving an offal trail everywhere he goes, yet just off-trail is an awe-full image, an orange Dump Truck going over Angel Falls and landing (well, disappearing, actually) in Crater Lake. Quick, Silver, throw in all the lime and whatever else you can find in the tarpit.

    Meanwhile, for any 60s acid rock fans out there, try WHAT LOVE (SUITE) by The Collectors from Vancouver, BC, CA

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    • When I wrote the above “offal” comment, I had not gone to listen to the song yet, nor did I knowingly read the credits on Jill’s page. So, when I wrote “Quick, Silver…” I paused for a moment to wonder who Silver was. Now I know….

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    • I think the heat of the day cooked my brain, but I’m confused … My comments about Detritus Tarhold and his activities this week had nothing to do with the song Dr. Rex shared. I was just saying that because of the past week and its angst caused by DDT, we all needed a more uplifting break from it all, hence, the song!


      • Absolutely nothing, everyone else said everything for me. So I keyed on your statement “he left a trail of offal” and turned it into a brainteaser. If you are still befuddled I will translate for you:
        You began this post with an AWFUL image of DJT leaving a TRAIL OF MUSHY TURDS everywhere he goes, yet step off his trail JUST A BIT and you will see a wondrous vision of DJT going over ANGEL FALLS ( the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, in Venezuela, with a height of 979 metres (3,211 feet). But instead of landing in South America, he actually lands in the US at CRATER LAKE in Oregon. (The total fall, top to bottom, is 5,160 ft, a smidgen under a mile.) Once he hits bottom, if Yael SILVER (who organized and produced the Broadway production of “We Are The World”) QUICKly throws QUICKLIME, maybe some FEATHERS, and some tar into the lake we can cement DJT 2000 ft. below the surface, and never see his AWFUL face again.
        Okay, the translation was not necessary, but I enjoyed putting D’orange Tampaxtube through that awful journey all over again, this time in words his Trum-Pets could understand.

        All that, from your word “offal.” Gotta love it!

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  3. The first time that I heard and viewed this magnificent production, the tears just rolled down my face…seeing and hearing it again, elicits the same response. I well remember the Live Aid Concert in London and Philadelphia on July 13, 1985. As everyone probably remembers, the US concert ended with the famous “We Are The World” song. WE must never forget that We Are The World! Now, I must watch it again! A very special Thank-You to Dr. Rex for this excellent post and to YOU for the reblog!!

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