Friend or Foe???

Friend: a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.

Foe: an enemy or opponent.syp-v-spy

Shouldn’t be too hard to tell the difference, should it?  Sure, sometimes we think somebody is a friend, only to learn later that they weren’t at all, but most of us are pretty fair judges of character and we don’t often make serious mistakes in choosing our friends.  Donald Trump is the exception to that rule.  But then, Donald  Trump is the exception to most every rule in the book, so why are we surprised?

On Saturday, Trump was interviewed by CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor in Scotland.  The full interview will be broadcast on Monday, but a few snippets have been released. Asked who he thinks is the biggest foe the U.S. has right now, he replied …

“Well I think we have a lot of foes. I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us in trade. Now you wouldn’t think of the European Union but they’re a foe.”

President of the European Union Donald Tusk had a good comeback: “America and the EU are best friends. Whoever says we are foes is spreading fake news.”

I imagine Trump considers Canada and Mexico among the other foes. Lest you fall into the trap of believing a single word this man says, allow me to clarify.  The European Union and the countries that comprise it are our allies – our friends.  The UK is also our friend and ally. North Korea, China and Russia are not.  They are foes.  They are our antagonists.  They do not seek an alliance where both sides stand to gain.  Russia, in particular, has a goal, an endgame in mind whereby Russia dominates a large portion of the globe, and because of the ignorance of Donald Trump, Russia – specifically Vladimir Putin – views the United States as a pawn in their game.

Typically, a president has many advisors, each an expert in his or her field, and the smart president will listen to those advisors, process the information they are given, then make what seems the best decision at the moment.  By ‘best decision’, I mean that which will keep the world safest, and benefit the citizens of the U.S.  That style of leadership went out the window the day Trump took office and because of it, the world becomes a little less safe every day.

In the past week, Trump has been rude & crude – his trademark – to the Queen of England, to Prime Minister Theresa May, and to German Chancellor Angela Merkel – all are leaders of nations that are our friends, our allies.  On the flip side of that, he has praised DPRK leader Kim Jong-un, saying, “He’s very smart, great personality, he’s funny and tough, good negotiator.”

And, of course, he is meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin tomorrow, just three days after indictments were handed down for 12 of Putin’s henchmen who are accused of having acted as agents to sway the 2016 election in favour of Trump.  Many things are concerning about his meeting with Putin, not the least of which is his insistence that the meeting take place without advisors, staff, note-takers or other witnesses.  This is highly unorthodox and should not be allowed.  Presidential conversations are a matter of record – documented.  Period. One might speculate that Trump has an agenda for the meeting that is not in the best interest of the U.S.  Yep … one might just speculate that …

Trump is very angry over the indictments of the 12 Russians on Friday … angry, but not at Putin, not at Russia … no, he is angry with his own people, angry with Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein.  He says he may ask Putin about the data theft conducted by the 12, but will absolutely not ask for their extradition to the U.S.  Ask yourself “WHY?”

Trump claims the data theft was solely the fault of the Democratic National Committee (DNC):

“I think the DNC should be ashamed of themselves for allowing themselves to be hacked. They had bad defenses and they were able to be hacked.”

Oh yes, I forgot … the democrats are also a foe.  And it was all Obama’s fault for letting it happen.  Barack Obama is also a foe.

The world should be concerned about the Trump-Putin meeting without credible witnesses or documenters.  Trump says he has low expectations for the meeting, but that nothing bad will come of it.  Sorry, folks, this man’s ‘word’ has about as much value as the rotten milk in my refrigerator.  He cannot even tell the difference between a friend and a foe, and in truth, the U.S. may not have many friends left after the past week.  Think about it.

Protest ahead of Trump-Putin meeting in Helsinki

Protesters in Helsinki, Finland, ahead of Putin-Trump ‘summit’

41 thoughts on “Friend or Foe???

  1. The man has learned lesson #1 from the dictator’s handbook: say it often enough and they will believe it. But his minions believe whatever he says, so brainwashed are they! He plays on our fears and our ignorance — which are closely related, of course. Sigh……

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  2. Dear Jill,

    President Trump is so proud of himself for having caused mayhem and havoc at the NATO Summit and then during his visit to the UK that he is looking forward to his meet with President Putin, tomorrow. He knows that his buddy will be ecstatic over the events of the past week.Of course President Putin will lavish President Trump with flattery and praise before he takes the US to the cleaners.

    I wish there was some way that President Trump could not make that meeting tomorrow like catching the flu.

    It is what it is.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  3. “If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.” – Sun Tzu. Although, Trump describes himself as “a very stable genius”, there has not been any sign of it during this past week. The man lacks even a shred of diplomacy or common courtesy, even though it has been extended to him countless times by those he offends. Putin is most assuredly prepared for Trump and will turn him into an asset, if he isn’t one already. Trump does not believe in seeking, much less listening to, any advice other than his “gut” provides. Our country may never know what transpires and that is terrifying. To Trump : A Friend is someone agreeing with him, boosting his fragile ego, accepting his lies without question, and applauding his twitter rants. A Foe is anyone else. Thank-you!

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    • HAH!!! Stable genius my sweet patootie! He has never shown any signs of even average intellect, let alone ‘genius’. He doesn’t read, by his own admission, and cannot even manage to string a sentence together! There is something that has been missing in his makeup since he was born, I believe, for he is incapable of caring for any but himself. He does not even care for his wife or children, let along the nation he was hired to lead. He is, in a word, a monster. And yet … and yet his followers love him. What does that say about them?


  4. Question: If the Russians can vote online in an American election, which I believe is what happened some 5 million times, or some such number, why cannot everyone vote online? And if you can vote online, why do you need polling stations halfway across a city at rush hour? Or is what I remember reading fake news? I just don’t understand!
    Meanwhile, Dumpy is not talking to anyone but his psychophants and his Trum-Pets. He doesn’t care what anyone else hears or thinks they hear, as long as he keeps his sheep misinformed he is happy. And so are they.
    Also, meanwhile, when the Distasteful Toesucker says he has low expectations, and nobody can watch, that is because he will be crouching as low as necessary in front of a naked Vladimir, and when Dumpy opens his mouth Vlad will put-in his membership in the Allies-in-the-Mouth-Club. Oh, sorry, Allies-of-the-Month Club. My, how my spelchek changes all my words into munched-meat. Dammit, minced-meat.
    (My apologies to you and all your readers…)

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    • Just a quick note — It’s been said that states that vote by mail have the highest turnout. And while online voting might be better than “poll voting,” there are a LOT of “old folk” that haven’t a clue about computers, let along how to go online to vote. 🙂

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      • Hi, Nan,
        Then are people allowed to vote by mail, even when they are in their home riding?
        In Canada if you want to get in touch with the
        government by snail mail, you can pop an envelope in the post box without a stamp on it. Can you do that in the States? It would be a helluva good way to get the vote out, without barely getting off of the couch, or while on your way home from work. Or from picking up your kid(s) at daycare.
        And there are a lot of shut-ins who do know their way around computers and the internet. It could be a trade-off for those who don’t. If there is a will, there should be a way.

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        • Not sure what you’re asking in that first question … “in their home riding”??

          Ballots are mailed, along with literature. You read, you vote, you sign, you stick on a stamp, and mail. You can also drop ballots off at drop boxes if you forget to mail by the deadline … or want to drop off for other reasons. At least this is the way it is in Oregon.

          If online voting is added, I agree it could very well increase the number of voters. In any event … something needs to be done to get people to understand the importance of their input.

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          • I guess “riding” is a Canadian term, meaning the area being contested by the nominees. In your case I guess that would be whatever area a House Representative is elected to serve. I just gave a quick look-see, and it said the number of Representatives cannot be above 435. To a Canadian, that makes little sense, the politicians pretty much live in the area they represent, and every riding is voted for in an election. There are always the same number of ridings, unless changes have been made by the incumbent party. The only way a riding can lose its representative would be through death, major illness, resigning, or being convicted of a federal offence.
            So, whatever you call the area represented by an elected Representative, that would be a “home riding.”
            Meanwhile, if ballots are mailed to “all registered voters,” people who want to vote should have no trouble doing so. However, I do know that you have to be registered to vote down there, and that can be made difficult, from what I hear. In Australia, last I heard, you have to vote, it is a crime not to. I could never live there.
            But here in Canada, everyone is registered to vote unless they officially opt out. There is no question of “if” you are registered. Our question up here is, why should I vote. There are a lot of people, including me, who don’t believe in democracy the way it is run. Voting for the least offensive candidate is not my idea of voting. If there is no one who meets my standard of what a politician is, they don’t get my vote. No one has met that standard for the past 40 years at least. And the last guy I did vote for, he resigned early because he wasn’t a game player. He couldn’t take all the political manuevering, or being forced to vote against his conscience. And I don’t blame him.

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            • Rawgod, as a fellow Canadian, I can readily sympathize with your disappointment/disgust with democracy in general. However, the alternative is unthinkable. While I respect a person’s decision to refuse to vote, that act does not improve the system. I believe that political activism is the answer – to get involved and work hard to put forward people of good quality as candidates. As well, the electoral system needs to change so that the rich 1% don’t control elected officials and render the whole democratic process ridiculous. These kinds of changes need to be made from inside the system. Change the election rules so that wealth doesn’t decide outcomes and render the successful candidates beholding to a few. I’m not talking about strict controls on donations (they don’t work anyway), I’m talking about outlawing campaigning that uses costly tactics: outlaw TV and media ads. Have government controlled candidate meeting and debates – televised or not.

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              • I would gladly partake, if there were any chance of changing the politicians. The last guy I voted for was Lloyd something-or-other in the Winnipeg North riding. He was groomed by, and replaced Stanley Knowles. He quit politics when he was bullied to “go along with the party,” both by his own party, and the other parties.
                He went into the election with a plan to help reform parliament, but instead they ate him up and spit him out. That finalized my decision on voting.
                As for what you say about trying to change the system, easier to say than reciting our constitution without notes, but playing the game sustains the game. I outright refuse to believe in a system where you have no good choices to make. The sooner Canadians realize this, and refuse “en bloc” to participate in an election, the sooner we will create change. You, John (and I mean this nicely) are helping to sustain the system. I don’t, and I won’t.

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    • Now rawgod … there is not and never likely will be, online voting, for the security cannot be ensured. What the Russians did wasn’t to vote online, and even if they had, it wouldn’t have been legal, but to steal the data of some 1/2 million voters.

      My, but you are in fine form tonight, aren’t you? Um, conceptually I agree with you, but I would have chosen a bit different way of saying it, perhaps. But that is one of the basic differences between you and I. Hugs, Jerry!


  5. Jill, what he said about the EU is disgraceful. His own party needs to admonish him. With friends like Donald J. Trump, who needs enemies?

    Yes, I also fault Barack Obama for not raising the issue in the late summer of 2016. Yet, candidate Trump was already broadcasting daily how the election was rigged in favor of Clinton. If the President did the right thing, Trump would have screamed bloody murder and would have sued someone, which is his favorite tactic after lying and denigration.

    I had read in July 2016 that someone was up to something. If I read it, why did it not surface more even without Obama. I was hoping for as much distance between the two, so when the influence factored in, she would have still won. Then along came Comey with his bombshell memo that caused Clinton the election.

    Trump often tries to rewrite history. We need to remind him of that when he does. Keith

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    • His own party absolutely needs to take him to task over those comments, but they won’t. Party loyalty today seems to supersede all else, even responsibility and accountability to the citizens of the U.S. I think that Obama did what he could given the hand he had to play. It’s like trying to get a royal flush with a hand of 3s and 4s. Trump voters and supporters still, even today, do not understand what they have unleashed on, not only the U.S., but the world.

      Comey’s October Surprise was definitely the turning point, and I imagine he regrets it now. But there were other factors, the Russian interference no small part. Sigh. Can we do better this November? I wish I had a resounding “YES”, but I am not convinced. For one thing, this administration has not been proactive in taking steps to prevent future abuses of our elections by Russia, despite the insurmountable evidence that they are even now interfering, hacking and stealing data. For another, the Supreme Court has approved stricter voter ID laws, gerrymandered districting, and voter purging, all within the past month. This is sure to set off more attempts at disenfranchising the poor and minorities.



  6. So, getting on for half of America will believe that Western Europe are foes of the US while N.Korea and Putin’s Russia are your friends. This is going to be a very strange War. Russia close enough to commit troops and the N.Koreans either having to rely on their bombs or fly their troops into Russia. America won’t be able to help as they’ll have a new Civil War on their hands. Maybe Russia thinks they can do it as long as neither side have U.S. help. It’s such a shame that the GOP members of the Senate and the House seem to have been as easily taken in as the electorate or they’d put a stop to Trump’s vocals knowing he speaks for himself and not the country.


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    • I don’t think that nearly half actually believe it, so much as I think they are under-educated and just don’t care. You would be amazed at the number of people in this country who have the attitude of “if it isn’t in my backyard, I don’t care.” What’s Congress’ excuse? I don’t know … they want to keep their base, their core voters, all of whom likely are still cheering Trump on and expect their reps to do the same. Sigh.

      xxx Cwtch xxx

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    • Nope … we shall stand up very straight as we walk to our cars on November 6th, drive to our polling place, and vote every bloody republican out of Congress. And then, we won’t have to touch Trump’s ugly butt … our newly elected democratic Congressmen & women will do it for us. 😀

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  7. Traitor: An orange-skinned President of the United States who’s sold out his country to one of its greatest enemies, Vladimir Putin. Trump will meet with Putin to find ways to interfere with the 2018 elections and help Repukelicans win. They can not win fair elections so ‘Lil Draft-Dodge Donny will help them cheat with the help of his lord and master, Vlad. Trump and the GOP are sinful, shameful treasonous dogs. Every last one needs to be deported to Siberia where they can be closer to Putin, a guy they love more than America.

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    • You are right … I do not see how the republicans could win in any fair elections, but as we are aware, there is no effort on the part of Trump or Congress to see that we have fair elections. Treason? Oh yeah … no doubt about it. The question remains, though … what will be done about it?

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  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    ‘The world should be concerned about the Drumpf-Putrid meeting without credible witnesses or documenters. Drumpf says he has low expectations for the meeting, but that nothing bad will come of it. Sorry, folks, this man’s ‘word’ has about as much value as the rotten milk in my refrigerator. ‘

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  9. Sadly, I must agree with everything you’ve written.

    The thing I can’t get past is tRumpsky’s belief that Putin will actually admit to anything! I mean, if he truly believes that, he’s dumber than I think he is … and that’s pretty DUMB!

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    • Don’t let him fool you. He and Putin both know exactly what was done to alter our elections and they will no doubt have a good laugh today over how they pulled one over on the American people. And then, they will talk about how they can thwart the democrats in November. The more I read and hear, the more I am convinced that Trump knew about everything Putin and his henchmen did.


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