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The United States is under attack.

It is not an attack with bombs or airplanes. No one has been killed and property has not been damaged. It is, however, an attack on the most valuable thing that we have, something over a million people have gladly given their lives in the past to protect – our democracy.

This is a highly coordinated and sustained attack by a foreign power. It is still ongoing, and appears to have gradually grown more sophisticated over a period of years. There is reason to believe that will continue unless it is stopped.

Denial of this attack and the perpetrators who we certainly know are carrying it out, Vladimir Putin’s Russia, is hindering our response to this attack and making our democracy more vulnerable. That this effort to thwart our defenses and distract the public’s attention away from the threat comes from the very top…

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12 thoughts on “Treason

    • It would seem that this is worst-case … but beware … I don’t think we’ve seen the worst yet. I’m fairly certain it will get worse before it gets better, and if the democrats don’t pretty much sweep the mid-terms, I will guarantee it will get worse …


  1. Meddling in foreign elections , maybe even going as far as seeking regime change is quite common. The US has a record of supporting those who go along with its democratic principles but of course we we could accuse such a fraction of treason against their own government.
    Not only that but smart cookies who have an eye for cash are quite willing to be a minority inside a majority and if the coup fails they may well be assured of political asylum. Vladimir Putin is up to every trick in the book and it no doubt suits him to have Donald in the White House.
    Sergei Skripal who all the fuss is about in the UK was a double agent , hardly an innocent bystander ; such is the world of political intrigue and the internet has made it all the more complicated.

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    • All you say is quite true, and there is likely much more than the average citizen of any nation will ever know. The internet has made it harder to keep secrets, so the gurus work overtime to find ways. I feel as if we are living in a John LeCarre novel! Or Orwell.


  2. I read Erik Hare’s post and decided to put my comment here, as opposed to there. It is my understanding that for Trump to be convicted of treason several things must occur. First – The House of Representatives must pass Articles of Impeachment formally stating the allegations, in this case treason. Second – The Senate conducts a trial. It would require 2/3 of the votes be for a guilty verdict to remove him from office. I submit that this is highly unlikely, nigh onto impossible, as both houses are controlled by the Republicans. History shows that Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton were impeached, both were acquitted by the Senate. It is also my understanding that only the person named in the Articles of Impeachment would be removed if found guilty…in this case, only Trump. Then again, he would probably simply pardon himself and that has not been proven to be possible or impossible…yet! Thank-you!

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    • Your understanding is indeed spot on. Which is why it is so important that we shake Congress up in November and — fingers crossed — put a democratic majority in both chambers of Congress. But there are a few other points to consider. If he is found guilty of treason, I think it is likely that he would be removed from office. Clinton was only found guilty of obstruction of justice, and that over a matter not even related to policy-making or governance. The other thing to consider is that he may be removed from office under the 25th Amendment before even an impeachment process can begin, if his behaviour continues to be as bizarre as it has been these last few days. We can only hope. Sigh.


      • I would not expect Trump’s removal from office by virtue of the 25th Amendment. This would require a mutiny by the very ones that come to his defense and seems an unlikely scenario. Bizarre is Trump’s modus operandi and apparently accepted by those in the position to address his actions. I fear that our only hope is a triumph for the Democrats in the November elections. A majority in both houses would be ideal, a majority in either would at least be a start. Thank-you, again!

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        • You’re right that at this point, the 25th amendment is unlikely to be invoked. My thoughts, however, are that if solid, incontrovertible evidence comes to light that Trump conspired with the Russians to throw the election, some in Congress and in the administration may actually find their consciences and cojones and do what’s right. Plus, regarding the 25th, Pence is, I believe, biding his time, for his real goal is the top job. It’s a mess, and it’s going to get messier before the clean-up can start, but let’s keep our fingers crossed for the mid-terms, for at least if the democrats can take a majority in either or both chambers, they will be in a position to put the brakes on some things. Sigh.


  3. Dear Jill,

    The republicans are trying to cut off the discussion of treason by President Trump. It’s like them saying after a mass shooting that this is not a time to discuss gun control.

    My answer is that need to debate this issue of treason by President Trump asap. I am not buying the republicans’ BS.

    Hugs, Gronda

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    • No, I am not buying this B.S. either … I’ve about had enough of it to last me a lifetime. I see that the republicans quickly shot down any attempts to subpoena the translators from the private meeting between Trump & Putin. If there is nothing to hide, nothing illegal, then why not be forthcoming? I think we all know the answer to that.

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